Sunday, March 02, 2014

Flyers vs Capitals, Too Bad Someone Has To Lose

Gotta love the ebb and flow of professional Hockey this time of year.  Teams are playing their hearts out as they j(h)ockey for playoff position down the regular season stretch.  As I pound out this post, the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals are coming to the end of regulation where they've played to a 4-4 stand still.

I don't watch hockey enough to know if goalie's habitually block with their skate a missile-like puck traveling at warp speed toward the goal, but this game  has shown me that, and much more, in a classic NHL battle in the Capital. 

They've started the 5 minute overtime and already the Capitals goalie has blocked a Flyers shot.  This one might just end in a tie, something that professional Hockey has over other professional sports.  Gotta go, there's three minutes left and the guys are playing lights out as they skate around like Tasmanian devils in a cold, icy rink .

Oh Wait. Puck deflected by a leg, changes direction, and, and, and,

The Flyers score..........Complete The Comeback..........Win It In Overtime!
Incredible Game


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