Saturday, April 30, 2016

Raiders Draft 5'8 Wrecking Ball RB

Deandre Washington, just what the Raiders needed in their running backs arsenal. A productive competitor out of Texas Tech, Deandre gives the Raiders that tough fire plug out of the backfield who is also capable of catching passes. 

A good switch up from the bigger Latavius Murray. Quick, durable and decisive, Washington is one of those smaller running backs who plays big. He reminds me of Warrick Dunn, Darren Sproles, Maurice-Jones Drew, just to name a few small backs that made big impacts in the NFL.

Dare I say he shares the same body frame and size of the great one, Barry Sanders, who also wore #21 and was fearless as a running back. 

The Raiders did an excellent job on defensive drafting, although I was skeptical about the knee injury of number one draft pick, Safety Karl Joseph. 

Job well done Reggie and crew.  We got defense, we already had offense and now we got mo defense and mo offense. Just Win Baby!


 Exceptional turnover in his feet. Gets up to top gear quickly and plays there. Gamer who lacks no confidence. Short but muscular with well-­built calves and a toughness that belies his size. Is unafraid of the work required as an interior runner. Works to keep his pads square and runs with desired balance. Can push through an arm tackle and is willing in pass protection. Dangerous run after catch ability in screen game and from the slot. Reliable and productive.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Steph Curry Knee Injury

It was an ugly slip that was both shocking and painful to watch as the Warriors leader went down, holding his knee in agony. Replays made the incident look even more painful, as if you could hear tearing tendons pulling away from bone. 

The culprit was a wet spot on the floor, no fault of the Rockets. It's the second injury for Stephen Curry in this first round of these playoffs, and this one could be devastating. 

Tied with the Rockets in Houston just before the half when the injury occurred, the Warriors, minus Curry, came out in the second half and grounded the Rockets.

The Warriors three point shots found their marks in the second half as they sank a franchise record 21 of 40 and won the game 121-94. The Warriors take a 3-1 series lead. With the early prognosis on Curry's knee being a sprain, the team will have to finish off the Rockets minus their star; no problem.

The potential problem though will be winning a championship without Curry or a limited Curry should the injury linger.  An MRI is scheduled for today and I can honestly say that the entire Bay Area basketball world is on edge, holding their breath, waiting for the news.

Can the Golden State Warriors repeat as Champions without Stephen Curry? Let's just say that the odds are definitely not in their favor without him.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

San Jose Takes A Bite Outta L.A.

These are not your same San Jose Sharks who couldn't seal the deal. These are the 2016 version of a predator who no longer lurks around playoff waters letting prey skate out of their grasp.

The San Jose Sharks have chomped down on the Los Angeles Kings playoff swim with a first round 4-1 series win. They await the winner of the Ducks vs Predators match-up in which the Ducks lead the series 3-2.  

Sure would be awfully nice to take down two Los Angeles teams in one postseason. Go Get'em Sharks! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

What Was The Glass-Steagall Act?

IN the news today political commentator, professor and author Robert Reich has endorsed Bernie Sanders for U.S. President.  Despite Reich being good friends with Hillary and former president Bill Clinton, he backed Sanders over Clinton for democratic presidential nominee.

Why? is the question we should be asking ourselves. The answers can be found in this SF Chronicle article: Despite Clinton ties, Reich backs Sanders for economic stance.

One thing I took from the article is Reich's belief that Bernie Sanders has the "passion and authenticity to take on Wall Street and the elites that control the system." The other is Bernie's willingness to re-instate the Glass Steagall Act, a 1933 law requiring commercial banks to separate their banking and investment activities to avoid "conflicts of interests that lead to speculative trading and unprofitable loans." The law was initially instated to ensure confidence in a depressed banking system and safeguard against some of the causes of the 1929 stock market crash.

The bill was sponsored by senator Carter Glass (federal reserve co-founder) and House Rep. Henry Steagall (former treasury secretary). These were obviously men who had experience in the monetary policy and economics.

The Steagall Act was partially repealed and replaced by the Graham Leach Bliley Act, which allowed consolidation of commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies and securities firms, while failing to regulate large investment holding companies.  President Bill Clinton signed the legislation into law in 1999, paving the way for unregulated banking practices.

CNN reported last October that Hillary Clinton dismisses idea of re-instating Glass-Steagall Act in favor of her own Wall Street plan.

The more you watch and read political news, the more obvious it is that money and favors is everything in politics. Follow it and you just might end up discovering the truths behind WHY? Can it be the American people are no longer a good investment and only profitable as consumers?

What if, just maybe, Bernie Sanders has what it takes to bring a good, working government back to the United States; government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth. It's sure an idea citizens don't wanna sleep on in 2016.

Clinton vs Sanders: How their wall street plans stack up

Pacauiao Bradley A Decent Fight

Yeah, the twelve round unanimous decision that Manny Pacquiao won over Timothy Bradley was deserving.  The now older Filipino warrior showed in this his last fight, the skills that have made his career legendary and exciting to watch. His speed, quickness and power just wore Bradley down and made it into almost a Pacquiao boxing clinic.

I give Timothy Bradley credit for trying to make it a fight early. He has mastered the counter punching skill and has enough power and quickness to go up against most.  But boxing is as much mental as it is physical, and mental experience allowed Pacquiao to bide his time and patiently wait for the opportunity to catch Bradley solid.

Though there was what I believe a Bradley slip in the 6th round that was called a knockdown due to his gloves touching the canvas, I believe the true opportunity presented itself in the 7th round. Manny connected with a left that sent Bradley backwards to the canvas and into a somersault roll.  

After that knockdown Bradley was forced to initiate the action. He had some good exchanges, but with the knockdowns, conditioning and quickness of Pacquiao, Bradley seemed to finally concede this third battle of theirs to Pacman.

Good fight, not great. Scoring might've been a bit questionable but a unanimous decision was fair.

If Manny Pacquiao does not fight another professional round, Manny, thanks for the boxing memories. To a fine champion who gave his heart and soul for his fans, family and Filipino heritage.  We salute you!

Warriors Madness

After beating the Spurs in San Antonio yesterday, 92-86, the Golden State Warriors have proven themselves unstoppable and driven toward another title. They've put to bed the questioners, doubters and haters. Now one more win will put them above any teams' regular season win total who came before them. That game is two days away in Oakland against the Memphis Grizzlies. 

Can't Wait!

Monday, April 04, 2016

Sports Monday - Villanova Champions

I suppose it took me some time to bounce back from a sloppy 109-106 Warriors loss at home against the Boston Celtics Friday night.  They did follow it up on Saturday with a 136-111 blowout win over the Portland Trailblazers, but that losing aftertaste from Friday lingered through Sunday.

The Warriors are still in reach of the most wins record in a season. They've come this far, so they might as well get the 73 wins out of the way.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders have re-signed suspended OLB Aldon Smith to a two year deal. He can't suit up until sometime in November, but when he does look out NFL. 

The Raiders also reportedly have free agent safety Reggie Nelson visiting Oaktown for a look-see. With free safety Charles Woodson now retired, the former Cincinnati Bengal would fill a huge hole on defense. GM Reggie McKenzie is definitely trying to get Coach Jack Del Rio the defensive pieces to dominate not only the AFC West, but the whole dang National Football LEAGUE. Just Win Baby! Just Win.

Giants baseball returned today and the boys in orange and black did not disappoint. They opened the season in cold, snowy Milwaukee and put up twelve runs in a 12-3 rout of the Brewers. Mad Bum had to leave the game early with flu-like symptoms, but it didn't stop the Giants.

They recorded the first opening day game with back-to-back-to-back (3) home runs since 1997. The Giants had a total of four home runs in the game.   New Giants outfielder Denard Span started it off with a three run home run, and the rest is History!

I'm trying to stay with the NCAA mens championship game while typing this blog. The announcers have chased me away with their North Carolina Tar Heels bias. Villanova Wildcats have forced Carolina to play a slower game and are currently up five points. 

It's almost sickening to listen to the announcers cheer with every Carolina execution and go flat with every Villanova score.  Come on WILD Cats, show these overpaid crying cheerleaders what college basketball champions are made of. Remember 1985......

Current Score
Villanova 60
North Carolina 55

Wildcats pulloff winning three point shot at buzzer to spoil an incredible Tar Heels comeback and silence North Carolina fans, players, coaches, Michael Jordan and TBS announcers. A post-game sports reporter covering the UNC Dean Dome, where Tar Heels fans had gathered in the thousands to watch the game, said the place went as silent as a morgue when the winning shot dropped. And we all know why;  The virus that is March Madness leaves losing teams and their fans in a comatose state. As for the winners, there's no words to describe their jubilation of surviving it. March Madness!

Congratulations Nova! Last Man Standing

Final Score
Villanova 77
North Carolina 74