Monday, November 20, 2017

Raiders a Mexico City 'No Show'

Monday Morning News:
Raiders Hit Rock Bottom in 33-8 loss to Patriots in Mexico City

At this point I'm ready to ship the Raiders off to Las Vegas in hopes that maybe organized gambling can pay off NFL officials and/or opponents to let the silver and black win some games. How else can they compete? The team is simply done for the season. There's no fire in their play and absolutely no hint of the high-power offense that was the talk of the league last season.

Something happened to the Raiders offensive mystique when quarterback Derek Carr went down with a broken leg late last season. That and the loss of offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has drained the confidence and character right out of this year's Raiders offense. We are left with a disinterested group of players going through the motions while a mediocre coaching staff hasn't a clue as to what's broken.

Time to re-evaluate the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of coach Jack Del Rio staying at the helm. Though he looks and sounds good at the podium in front of reporters, he's become a consistently bad leader on the sideline. In the front office it's Reggie McKenzie who needs replacing. He's always a day late and a dollar short. Its time for a change in the Raiders organization, top to bottom.

I say ship'em off to Las Vegas early. Find some entrepreneur GM not named Reggie; with vision and guts the likes of Moe Greene, who can build them into a powerhouse football team once again. Because what the Oakland Raiders are today is an embarrassment to the uniform. The Raiders are done in 2017, and have been done since late last season; we just didn't want to believe it.

"You son of a bitch. Do you know who I am? I'm Moe Greene! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders."
―Moe Greene to Michael Corleone[src]

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Raiders Need Everyone In Mexico City

So how the heck do you take down Brady and Belichik on the road in a high altitude environment like Mexico City?

Each and Every Raiders player and coach has to show up and contribute every talent in their arsenal. Then dig deep down and pull out something that resembles a win. There can't be any hesitation or second guessing. No confusion or questioning what to do. See ball get ball. See opponent get opponent. Beat your man with your hunger and skill. 

Go out there and lay it down for each other. Hold back nothing. Focus on the task in front of you and trust that your coaches and teammates are doing the same.  Remember it's not just a game, its a commitment to excellence and winning. On any given Sunday, anyone can get got. Now go get me the Patriots.

Be Professionals, Be Fearless, Be Raiders!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Warriors Locked In & Loaded

What more can you say about the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors that hasn't already been said. They were home facing a feisty, young Philadelphia 76ers team last night, finding themselves in a 74-74 tie midway through the third quarter. No Worries, No Panic, just continue working hard and trusting in the championship delivery plan; pressure defense, offensive ball movement, aggressive high percentage shooting.

The Warriors would break the tie and go on a 20-4 scoring run to show the visiting 76ers the dangerous striking power of a championship team.  The formula seems to always kick in during the third quarter and now with both young and old bench  players flexing their muscles, the Warriors can withstand the best shot an opponent throws without missing a beat.

Casspi, McGee, Young, West, Looney, Livingston, McCaw, Bell. All are showing the unique talents that make them invaluable to another Warriors Championship run.

On a night where former NBA Finals MVP Andre Igoudala was given a rest, the bench players gave notice to the league that there's absolutely no rest for opponents of this seasons' Golden State Warriors; None!

Final Score
76ers 114
Warriors 135

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Tai Chi vs Bagua Scene

There's definitely more to these martial arts forms than meets the eye in this fight scene. The chopping, swirling and flipping that goes into preparing the food below is a reflection of the fighting movements being displayed above.

Though made for the visual pleasure of movie going eyes, the fluidity and balance of the forms are not lost. More important, the respect that the styles have for one another, its as if watching the yin/yang symbol swishing around in a circle. Watch as the two forms become one. Amazing!

Almost as good as watching Snake vs Crane. Almost!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

World Series Champions Wearing Orange

Yes Indeed! The Houston Astros closed out game 7 in Los Angeles to earn their first ever World Series Championship. They did it by pouncing on the Dodgers early with five runs over the first two innings and chasing the Dodgers starter out of the game.

Then after the Astros rotated four pitchers through five innings without allowing a run, in comes Charlie Morton to suffocate the Dodgers with four Houston Strong innings.

The home team, wearing that ugly White jersey with Blue lettering and blood Red numeral on front, squeaked out a run in the sixth against Charlie, but beyond that little blip the Dodgers and their fans wore puppy dog eyes the rest of the night. It was a beautiful sight! Los Angeles never looked so good at night as tonight. Seeing Astros orange jumping up and down in jubilation at Chavez Ravine felt like Mardi Gras had come west. But not for Da'Bums.

Astros 5    Dodgers 1

Congratulations Houston Astros
..........2017 World Series Champions..........

News Flash: Astros shortstop Carlos Correa proposes to his girlfriend on the field after winning World Series. Wow!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

World Series Baseball Rocks!

Wow!  WOW!

Nobody can put tonight's game 5 of the MLB World Series into words. Nobody.  It was simply a timeless piece of art that will endure long after the baseball artists who created it are gone!

This one's for the late, loveable Yogi!

Don't just hear about it, don't read tweets or eye Instagram shots, it simply won't give you what watching the game LIVE gave us baseball fans. It was five hours of the most thrilling, terror-filled, nail-biting, floor pacing, cursing and I Can't Take It Anymores that any baseball fan has ever lived through. I've simply never seen anything like it; such power, such timing, so many momentum swings. I lost my last nerve a few hours ago and wanna call my doctor for a prescription so I can go to sleep tonight.

Watching on television the loyal, celebrating Houston Astros Fans, who sat through the entire drama, makes me feel like I'm actually there in the ballpark high-fiving and exhaling with them. How the heck those fans made it through the game without medications I'll never know. For those taking blood pressure pills I'll put in a prayer for them to get home safely and without any medical complications. I'm sure every Astros fan in the ballpark is experiencing stoke-like symptoms right about now;

Whole body: balance disorder, fatigue, lightheadedness, or vertigo
Visual: blurred vision, double vision, sudden visual loss, or temporary loss of vision in one eye
Speech: difficulty speaking, slurred speech, or speech loss
Sensory: pins and needles or reduced sensation of touch
Facial: muscle weakness or numbness
Limbs: numbness or weakness

And as a SF Giants fan the real beauty of it all is that the L.A. Dodgers were the losers. They played like N.L. champions though, I'll give'em that. This game goes down as possibly the best modern day World Series game to date. Instead of lights out pitching, we were served a smorgasbord of power hitting. And I don't care what anyone says, home runs are much more exciting to watch over a five hour period than strike outs.

I, like most fans watching I'm sure, tried distracting myself with all sorts of little activities during the game just to get the tension off of me. From working on reinforcing a bookcase to fixing a leaky faucet. None of it worked.

Some games have a way of taking you over, body and soul; this was that game.

If you're not a sports fan then I'm sure this blog post sounds like some fanatical, sports obsessed, go get a life nutcase that needs a purpose in life.  Well let me tell you, after watching this World Series game 5, I can truly say that yes, I'm a proud member of the American Sports Fandom culture who find brotherhood and fellowship in watching special moments in pro sports. Tonight was without a doubt, special. Tonight, I died and went to sports heaven; ten times. It was......Heavenly!

Final Score (10th)
Dodgers 12
Astros 13

Can't wait to watch the replay, all 5 hours of it!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Me Love You Long Time" 1987

Why is aging so much fun at times? Because we're able to look back on one event or moment in life, and see how it left its mark on future events. Like yesterday when I went to buy a thank you card for an uncle, thanking him for serving our country in the military back in his day. I was rushed and the only card that looked interesting in the store was a 3D version of a Chinese take-out food box. I figured I could come up with some spicy words to write down inside that'll bring back hot and steamy memories my Uncle might have from serving in the Pacific. He's still a ladies man even in retirement.

I can't say all that I wrote inside the card, but there's one phrase that says it all about the theme and humor in what I wrote, which of course involves women:   "Me Love You Long Time"

When I first wrote the phrase I was thinking, of course, of the 1987 hit movie "Full Metal Jacket" with the memorable scene and dialogue involving the Viet hooker. That scene still amazes me with its clean, antiseptic view of life in Da Nang during the ugly Vietnam war. The people and cars moving by in the background look like an Asian Disneyland promotion with palm tree tops and a man dressed in pristine white, directing traffic. Only the hooker, with her cheap, seducing movement and dirty dialogue ("me so horny, me love you long time,) gives the scene a trashy feel that somehow excites our male hormones. When she turns around and flips up her itty bitty skirt to show panties the scene becomes golden.

Some of the Viet hooker's dialogue were later featured in two rap songs that would change how we in the U.S. look at Asian women and how we view big butts on white females. To think that the 1989 song "Me So Horny" by 2-Live-Crew was banned from the airwaves in Florida because of its lyrics. The rap group was prosecuted on obscenity charges that were later dropped.

I don't think actress Lucy Liu could have been so highly viewed as a sex symbol in the 1990's if the Viet Hooker from this movie had not said "Me So Horny" and "Love You Long Time" the sexy way she said it and with her awkwardly sexy movements. She definitely left an impression on the American male psyche.

And I don't think white women with big butts would have become viewed as sexy, outside of the black community, had rapper Sir Mix-a-lot not thrown the "Me So Horny" line into his hit song "Baby Got Back" in 1992. Today, celebrities like Kim K owe much to the Viet hooker actress whose performance began a change in  Film, Music, Sexuality and overall American Culture. Her performance still reverberates down today into the melting pot that is America.

As for who was the actress that played the Viet Hooker in Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket?"

Papillon Soo Soo