Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Baseball Team, My Football Team

Two sports, two teams, opposite outcomes, one goal. Just Win Baby!

Yesterday I attended my first Raiders football game of the season. Granted it was an exhibition game, but I still found the silver & black performance on our home field appalling and as coach cable summarized, "embarrassing." The New Orleans Saints came to Oaktown and made their 44-7 drumming of the Raiders look easy. I refuse to begin my first blog of the Raiders football season in a critically demoralizing way, so I'll settle with stating the obvious; my Oakland Raiders do not appear to have improved this season and just may have regressed substantially.

Meanwhile, my San Francisco Giants have risen from the dying with a three game series sweep of the wild card leading Colorado Rockies. Today's game was one for the Giants scrapbook. Trailing 5-2 in the bottom of the 7th with a struggling offense the Giants managed to rally and load the bases. Up comes Edgar Renteria who takes the Giants gloomy outlook and spins it on its head. Renteria hits a grand slam off Rockies pitcher Rafael Betancourt to put the Gigantes ahead 6-5. Fresno call-up Ryan Rohlinger would add a two run single in the eighth to help secure the 9-5 Gigantes victory and tie the Rockies for the NL Wild Card spot.

September for the SF Giants will be full of excitement for the first time in years. My only wish is that the moxy displayed by these 2009 Gigantes will rub off on my Oakland Raiders across the bay. As they say in geology, Time and Pressure will mold tomorrow's landscape. "TIME & PRESSURE."

Little League World Series Champions

The kids from Chula Vista, California represented well in their World Series win over Taipei, China. Maybe one day a few of these little league sluggers will be belting home runs and turning double plays for the San Francisco Giants.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bridgestone Invitational Sees Tiger Woods Growl

Tiger Woods is phenomenal in his comeback win at the 2009 World Golf Championship - Bridgestone Invitational.

The 80's had Joe Montana. The 90's had Michael Jordan. Since the new millennium Tiger Woods has been the greatest clutch athlete we've seen.

Maybe you don't consider golf a sport, okay. But watch as Tiger puts some nasty spin on the golf ball which he hits at a distance that would give coach potatoes like many of us a stroke to walk.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rookie Safety Mike Mitchell

It's really not football when you don't have pads on."

This character defining quote from Raiders rookie Mike Mitchell when expressing his impatience for putting on pads and doing some hitting (love taps) says it all. Simply put, Mitchell likes to deliver a body jarring load on defense.

Mitchell, a safety out of Ohio University, is a hard hitting missile with what appears to be a knack for delivering crushing hits on receivers at the very moment the pigskin kisses their fingertips. The result is a receiver wriggling on the turf, hands grasping their helmet wondering WTF was that. Video footage don't lie, it was Missile Mike who just knocked the crap out of you.

The Missile comes equip with long range surveillance radar systems for locking in on rushers and quarterbacks alike. He's a quick striking land/air search and destroy weapon capable of causing fumbles, interceptions and extreme pain. All a defensive coordinator need do is to strategically position "The Missile" on the field, giving him optimum striking capability.

Raider Fans........................Assassin 2009 is Assembled and Ready to Defend Our Nation.

Welcome #34 Missile Mike