Thursday, July 30, 2009

1980 New York - CRASHCREW

Reviewer Unknown:
Disco Dave & the Force of the 5 MCs, otherwise known as the Crash Crew, formed in Harlem in 1977 by a group of high school pals, who started by giving performances at neighborhood playgrounds. These cats are mad nice people. The thing with old-school hip-hop is that unless you heard it when it first came out it can sound foriegn and dated. That's not the case with the legendary Crash Crew. The Crash Crew are DJ Daryll C ( R.I.P ), G Man, La Shubee, Barry Bistro, EK Mike C, and Reggie Reg. Every man held his own in the Crash Crew and there was no leader or frontman. The crew wrote "High Power Rap" on their way to the studio and they sold the single out of the trunk and solidified their spot as a force to rekon with.

"High Power Rap" has everything any old-school classic should have: Sing-songy bragadoccio--the line “I got a bunch of girls that wanna bust my nut"--kazoo solos, and harmonized lines. It's also notable in that it spawned jiggaman’s “Girls Girls Girls” and predates Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s usage of Freedom’s “Get Up & Dance” beat. Apparantly that sparked a little beef between the two camps, although not enough beef to keep the Crash Crew from signing to Sugar Hill, where they released a string of pretty hot singles.

Harlem World Crew
Willie Wood Crew
Ya Mama
Catch The Beat
It's Magic
F-Troop Rap
Just Buggin
At The Party
I Go To Work - Kool Moe Dee

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Black Hole of Calcutta

Here's a story for Raider Fans. The origin of the Black Hole and the real terror behind the term. The slide above is a 1908 image of an onlooker viewing a space 14 by 18 feet in Calcutta, India. The space was once a Fort William prison cell designed to house no more than three men. One sweltering hot night in 1756, guards placed 146 men in this space meant for three. On the next morning when the door to the overstuffed cell was pried open, only 23 men walked out alive. The rest had either suffocated, succumbed to heat exhaustion or died under the trampling feet of their cellmates.

Still wanna watch that Monday Night game in the Black Hole?

The Black Hole by Jan Dalley

Anne Garvey

Sunday, 25 June 2006

The Black Hole of Calcutta is still a phrase resonant with terror and mystery. Its impact has ricocheted down the centuries - Mark Twain on his visit to Calcutta in 1846 was keen to see the site of the world-famous atrocity, and every account of Empire since the news first filtered slowly home to the England of 1756, has given a version of it.

The story is starkly simple. The local nawab, Siraj-udûdaulah, an aggressive young hothead who had recently seized power from his peace-loving grandfather, had besieged the nascent British trading town of Calcutta. After a bloody battle lasting five terrifying days, the survivors were herded into a small, airless prison in the vanquished fort. Of the 146 bullied and packed into a space that measured 14 by 18 feet, 123 died an agonising death through the unbearably sweltering night. In the morning, only 23 were alive. It took the weakened survivors 20 minutes to load the bodies from the door so the guards could open it. End of story. Or, rather, start of controversy. Was it an act of brutal barbarism or a bureaucratic blunder? Was it on the scale claimed? Did it even happen at all?

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Another Boxing Champion Killed

This is the third boxing champion to die violently and/or unnecessarily this year. Vernon Forrest, who accumulated a 41-3 professional record with 39 knockouts, was killed by a robber at a gas station in Atlanta, Georgia. He died from multiple gunshot wounds. The suspect is still at large.

Forrest, a former welter and junior-weight champion, is best known for handing Shane Moseley his first professional loss. A rematch six months later ended in a Forrest unanimous decision. Forrest was also on the 1992 U.S. Olympic team.

Alexis Arguello and Arturo Gatti, both great fighters of their time, met untimely deaths in the past month or so. And though his death wasn't as tragic, Ingemar "The Swede" Johansson died earlier this year from natural causes at the ripe age of 76. The Swede stunned the boxing world in 1959 by knocking out then heavy weight champion Floyd Patterson.

My Prayers go out to all of these men and their families. We as fans must remember that we're only losing a sporting icon, while their families are losing a father, brother, husband, uncle or mentor.

May God Grant You All Peace!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cause Of Stench In New Jersey Uncovered

If you've never been on the New Jersey Turnpike, then you've been spared the smell that one never forgets; My first whiff was at age ten when in the backseat of the family automobile heading for a trip to Virginia, my father's home state. That first detection makes you first look at others in the vehicle, then check yourself before realizing that the rotten egg stench slapping everyone around in the car is just the "Welcome to New Jersey" aroma that introduces itself to you on the turnpike. And the nerve of them naming this garbage smelling colony "The Garden State."

Though blame for the stench has been attributed to years of industrial pollution and organized crime's dumping of corpses (see Sopranos), today's news uncovered just what may have been causing the stench all along.

Corrupt Politicians and Jewish Rabbis were round up and arrested today by the FBI in what may turn out to be the scam of the century. The players:

State Legislators
City Mayors
Jewish Charities
Jewish Rabbis
Governor's Cabinet Member

In all more than 40 people were arrested. The thought of FBI agents raiding Jewish Synagogues is unheard of. The state of Israel is even suspected of involvement. What would YAWEH think?

And the man who blew the whistle on it all? An FBI Informant and former real estate developer charged with bank fraud three years ago.

Some of The Charges:
International Money Laundering
Conspiracy to sell human organs (Kidneys)
Sale of Counterfeit Goods
Bankruptcy Fraud

Authorities say the number of arrests are remarkable even for New Jersey standards, where more than 130 public officials have pleaded guilty or have been convicted of corruption since 2001.

So next time you get a heavy dose of rotten egg and garbage up your nostrils, check to see if you've just crossed into the twilight zone that is New Jersey.

Famous Canine Had To Be Put Down

No Michael Vick relapsing story here; it was age and not the loss of a fight that led to the euthanizing of the infamous Taco Bell Chihuahua.

Gidget was her name, and they say she was a natural in front of the camera. You may not have known her by name, but you definitely knew the infamous line in her advertisement; "Yo Quiero Taco Bell."

Thanks for the times Yo.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did The Wife Do It?

Sorry Steve McNair, I'm sad you're gone, but the story surrounding your death just simply won't dissipate.

We're now hearing stories about a crooked police officer, an exotic dancer, a "roofie" victim of McNair's and a wife who had to know he was cheating. I knew the scenario the police laid out sounded too perfect, but I didn't expect the corpse(s), excuse the analogy my man, to come floating up to the top so soon.

People are talking and the more we listen the more we hear how the wife had to be jealous. So instead of a jealous girlfriend behind the slaying, people are asking the question if possibly it was a jealous wife. Could it be that the wife was seeing pictures of her man with another woman and hearing church bells in her mind? Unlike "Etta James," its possible that All she couldn't do was cry.

Its the sad old story that women have lived through so many times in the past. Unfortunately, the dead girlfriend and the suspected wife are both victims of a man who didn't consider the consequences of his actions even if it didn't lead to death.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum Starts All Star Game

Yeah, he looks like he should be skirting across downtown sidewalks with a skateboard, but babyface pitcher Tim Lincecum will be skirting fastballs past All Star sluggers instead. The 2008 Cy Young award winner will lead off the National League All Star pitching staff in what I hope will be a dominating long overdue win for the "pure baseball league."

If they weren't already, the San Francisco Giants pitching staff are now officially on the major league baseball radar thanks to a Jonathan Sanchez No-Hitter last friday night. Sanchez's "no-no," with his dad on-hand visiting from Puerto Rico, is just one of the many stories of this sensational season of surprises for the Gigantes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Art of Deception

One thing about our new Executive-in-Chief. Compared to the leader of France President Barak Obama is either farsighted or the most sly Brotha on the planet. Check this out:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Raiders JaMarcus Russell Taking Command

Despite what you may have heard about Raiders Quarterback JaMarcus Russell missing the final Organized Team Activities today, the Quarterback and team are doing what needs to be done to be a winner, they're bonding.

When I heard the ESPN report about JaMarcus ducking out of team activities today I was puzzled. I knew JaMarcus was committed to being a leader but couldn't understand why he'd cutout on the activities. Of course if ESPN reported it then it must be so.

Well I found a Raiders source who begs to differ with the "Raider Hating" ESPN reportage. At I read where JaMarcus has planned and paid for his receivers to assemble with him in Alabama for a private workout. Is it possible that the quarterback was gone today to make preparations for this private workout scheduled for next week? I don't know their schedule and its obvious neither does ESPN.

The Raiders will be a cohesive team this season. They're doing the things that teams do to become winning teams. I must be watchful for enemy sabotage until the season begins. I can't wait for the real battle day to arrive. I can smell football.


SF Giants Hit 3 Home Runs In Win

The Freak Tim Lincecum was pitching and the hitters were hitting as the San Francisco Giants pistol whipped the San Diego Padres for a 9-3 win.

I watched the game at home and kept kicking myself for not making it down to the ballpark to see the fireworks. No, there were no fireworks in the skies of July tonight, but plenty of baseballs went flying into the stands for homeruns (3) as the Giants hitters came alive for game one of a four game series against the Padres.

Just yesterday the team looked flat on offense as they were shutout by the Florida Marlins, giving the "Big Sadowski" his first loss. Ryan Sadowski pitched a good game in the loss. I suppose the theme for this season rings true; we don't have to win every game, just win every series. The Giants appear to be doing just that.

Though earlier today Giants fans received a frustrating blow when it was announced that Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval lost out to Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino for the final All-Star slot in the National League.

But that didn't stop Panda from going 2-for-5 with a run batted in tonight. The SF Giants are a team to be reckoned with this season.

Panda Quote of the Day: "I got the numbers, I didn't get the votes."

For what its worth Panda, you're an All-Star in our line-up.

Go Giants!

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The Jealous Girlfriend Did It?

Part of me just wants to remember Steve McNair for the tough commanding quarterback that he was on the field. But the circumstances surrounding his death just keep nagging at my assumptions of "Air McNair" as an unflappable leader and family man off the field. I suppose its true that perception is reality until flavored with truth sauce.

Nobody's perfect, but those who take on celebrity status do have an obligation to the fans who are inspired by them, as well as their biggest fans, their children. And if he was such a great dad as they say, then why would he choose to hang out with a twenty-year old waitress for days without his wife and family seeing him? The weaknesses of men are many and fate has a way of revealing those weaknesses. Unfortunately for Steve it cost him fatally.

Was Air McNair a playa who got played? Was he caught up with the good looks and high energy of a young woman who saw him as the answer to all her hopes and dreams? Or was he just the victim of a girl gone wild with passionate jealousy and suicidal tendencies? We may never know.

But I will say this, and I'm sure many others are thinking the exact thing I'm going to say; There's much more to this story than the police, media, friends and family are telling.

Maybe I read too much and have seen too many CSI and Perry Mason episodes. Maybe I just have a hard time believing that the young and pretty waitress could shoot a person multiple times in cold blood then kill herself. The way in which the police have reenacted the crime is just too damn perfect for me. Didn't anyone in the complex hear five shots being fired?

This crime has everything; the football star, the beautiful mistress, the unsuspecting wife, the "Kaylo Kaylen" type roommate, the ex-boyfriend and police video footage of the victims just nights prior during a DUI stop. Its really only missing two things to make it the murder mystery of the new century; The frickin suicide note and O.J. Simpson. Lucky for O.J. he's behind bars or I'm sure he'd be hauled in for questioning, glove and all.

I apologize to Air McNair posthumously for adding to the web rumors of his death. But then again, if a different truth should surface in the future, I'd like to think that my little piece of celebrity gossip and opinion might of helped further the investigation.

As it stands in my book today, someone may just have carried out "The Perfect Crime." And chances are the killer(s) were questioned by the police and cleared. The real perpetrators may be reading this blog seconds after its posting. If that be the case then I must say this for the record in my own defense: I'm a blogger, not a snitch!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Sports Sunday

The Good

My San Francisco Giants pitching "freak" Tim Lincecum extended his scoreless streak to 23 innings after shutting down the Houston Astros for seven innings today. The park was lively, the weather was inviting and the Giants were dominant in a 9-0 win. Lincecum has a tasmanian delivery like no other and seeing it today made me realize how lucky I am to witness the freak in action. The Giants are 6.5 games behind division leading los angeles and their bats have come alive the past two games producing a total of 22 runs. Go Giants!

The Bad

Tragedy struck the NFL and football fans everywhere today when we learned that former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in a downtown Nashville,Tennessee condominium. Police have no answers to the cause of this tragedy, but did say that a second victim, a female, was found along with McNair. I saw McNair play gallantly against my Oakland Raiders in the 2002 AFC Championship game in Oakland. McNair was a true gamer. The game itself is one I finished watching with tears of joy bubbling over from my eyes and heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family as well as the other victim.

Steve McNair

The Ugly

Another 4th of July Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest goes into overtime with the two favorites, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut of San Jose,Ca. and Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi of Japan, battling to the end once again. Jaws was defending his 2008 Nathan's Championship mustard belt against a Kobayashi that was determined to dethrone the two-time champion in winning what would've been his seventh belt.

Although Kobayashi choked down 64 hot dogs, it was Joey "Jaws" who took home the belt, the trophy and the title with 68 Nathan's hot dogs in his belly in 10 minutes, a new record. When asked by espn when he thought he had the championship in hand, Jaws had this to say:

"After the second minute I knew my body was cooperating."

Most of us in sports know this type of statement as meaning the athlete was "In a Zone." We've seen Michael Jordan in it, we've seen Joe Montana in it, and we've seen a basket-full of baseball hitters and pitchers in it. Today, for those who trekked to Coney Island for their Independence Day festivities, a piece of sports history was their treat after witnessing Joey "Jaws" Chestnut zoning out on 68 Nathans hotdogs. Congratulations go out to "Jaws" for his successful eating competition three-peat.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Boxing Loses A Legend

There are times when sports is a metaphor for life. As with the infamous words of the incomparable Ferris Bueller (played by Matthew Broderick in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off):

Ferris: Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Our good fellow Ferris could have been referring to a particular Main Event in boxing some four years prior. If you're a boxing fan and missed it, you're probably still kicking yourself for not having HBO. If you're too young to remember or weren't born yet, go slap your daddy for screwing around too long before starting a family.

It was November 12, 1982, Veterans Day weekend. The following week Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim would die unexpectedly from injuries sustained during a 14-round match against Ray "Boom Boom"Mancini in Las Vegas, prompting reforms in the sport of boxing. The place was the Orange Bowl in Miami,Fl., which had hosted five NFL Super Bowls prior to this event and has since been demolished. The fight was billed as "Battle of the Champions." I must interrupt myself here. I'm getting chills just remembering the fight. If pictures say more than words then it would be wise of me to just shut up and provide you with an embedded video clip of the match.

So below I give you what I was able to scrounge up off the internet of this 1982 Championship bout between the man who is now gone but never forgotten, Alexis Arguello, and the other boxing champion who shares in the glory of this main event, Aaron Pryor.

Alexis came from very humble beginnings yet always carried himself in a manner that garnered love and respect for his being. Always a gentleman and consummate professional.

Watch Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello 1 in Sports | View More Free Videos Online at

Alexis Arguello
April 19, 1952 - July 1, 2009

Managua, Nicaragua

Professional Boxing Record:
82 wins 8 losses
65 knockouts
champion in 3 weight divisions