Friday, February 28, 2014

Only The Cape Was Missing

A masked crusader swooped down onto Gotham's Knicks, showing the New Yorkers what happens when teams visit Miami and wanna play the villain role.  Lebron James, in his first game back since breaking his nose in a game, went up, under and around the Knicks in leading his team with 31 points and a 103-83 victory.

The black protective face mask that Lebron wore gave him a look of super hero invincibility.  Right now, even with a broken nose, Lebron is at the top of his game and simply unstoppable.  He makes other NBA superstars look like mere mortals as he picks and chooses which super power to employ against them.  And though at times it seems unfair that one with such specially gifted powers and talent should be allowed to participate in a 'league of just us' basketball players, we fans of the game can't help but watch in fascination, wondering if there will ever be another to come along and dominate the hearts and minds of mere mortals as has the man in the black mask.  When it's More Than Just A Game!

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