Saturday, July 31, 2010

SF Giant Pat Burrell Homers To Beat Dodgers

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X-Games 2010

I post this bit of information about the 2010 X-Games as a way to connect with the younger generation. I discovered that a young man by the name of Ryan Sheckler is a "Dude" on the board as he won his 3rd gold medal in Skateboard Street today.

I've copied the names of the skateboard moves performed by Sheckler in hopes that someday I'll have an able bodied translator to describe just what the heck the move entails. Judging from the naming of the moves I make a quick assumption that skateboards have finally gone with "Jetsons" technology and are capable of unheard of sidewalk-to-air feats. I hope later to add some video footage of the moves described.

a warmup that included a kickflip backside boardslide on the rail, backside kickflip down the gap, a huge switch kickflip that he barely landed and a backside tailslide down the ledge that earned him a 90.33.

Is Narly still a cool phrase to use? Dude?

Friday, July 30, 2010

SF Giants Cap Dodgers Rally

Tim Lincecum Pitched 7 innings tonight

So it begins, the San Francisco Giants (58-45) are climbing their way up the N.L. West divisional ladder to reach the pennant top. The L.A. Dodgers (54-48) came to town tonight for a three game series, and the Giants smacked them back down to runner-up status.

Oh No!

Just checked in on the top of the ninth inning and the Dodgers rallied for three runs to make it 6-5 before the Giants put a cap on their oil rig in the bottom of the inning and forced the third out.


As I was saying, the San Francisco Giants are clawing their way to the top of the division. Only the San Diego Padres (60-41) stand in their way of reaching the pinnacle. The Dodger rivalry is still special, but right about now the Giants are focused on bigger things than the bums in blue. Much Bigger!

Go Giants!

Breaking The Code

I went into this movie knowing that it might get descriptive with male homosexuality issues in Britain during and after WWII. I didn't know if I, an American male who daily worships the female anatomy in every way, could hang through the full length of "Breaking The Code." In hindsight I must admit, there were some bumps, but the story along with the acting of Britain's' prize actor Derek Jacobi vanquished all phobias and taboos making the movie a joy to watch.

For you numb-nut homo-phobics out there who feel you just can't watch anything relating to non-heterosexual issues, know that this is the story of a man who saved Britain and the Allies asses from Hitler's German submarines in the north Atlantic.

Remember the gutsy guy movie "U-571 and the U.S. submariner mission to capture a German Enigma machine?"
Well this is the movie about the British mathematician genius who broke the complex German Enigma Code of which that machine would broadcast. Alan Turing was that genius.

I gave the movie "Breaking The Code" 5 of 5 stars on my following amazon review:

Excellent Story of an Unsung Hero This movie about Mathematician Alan Turing and the breaking of the German Enigma Code during WWII is brilliant. British actor Derek Jacobi plays the role of Turing with such commitment and believability that you unexpectedly find yourself accepting the character of Turing for all his unnaturalness while at the same time shunning the accepted beliefs of how people ought to be in post-WWII Britain. I must admit that I knew next to nothing about Alan Turing. This movie was a great introduction and summary into his life and heroic accomplishments. Its always wonderful to see a movie production try its best at depicting a historical genius on screen. Watching and hearing the dialogues Turing has in this film reminds you of just how much we may owe to this genius for our modern world of computer technology. His research had to play a role in my being able to type this review today. We need future people to continue questioning as Turing did, if a mind can exist without a body? We should also wonder, as did Turing, if God might be a Mathematician? There is enough proof here on this earth to argue for and against both. Questioning is the key. We must continue to ask the questions that today go answer-less One Courageous Movie about one honestly Curious Man!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Response To Defense of the Pit Bull

"Sweet Georgia Brown" with toddler

So I read this "Letters To The Editor" article this morning in the San Francisco Chronicle where someone wrote in to those who want to ban, muzzle or institute legal restrictions against pit bulls. The writer got my attention when comparing the temperament of pit bulls to Chihuahuas.

Now I've seen some very aggressive Chihuahuas. As a matter of fact, most Chihuahuas and small dogs of that like are aggressive little demons in need of Ritalin if you ask me. But I couldn't agree with the writer when comparing the agression of Chihuahuas with that of pit bulls. SOooo, being the blogger that I am, I responded:

In response to the "In Defense of the Pit Bull" article.
The day I begin seeing Chihuahuas with jaw strength capable of "biting, holding and shaking" its victim to death, sorry Taco Bell, but I will get on the bandwagon to ban Chihuahuas. Any pet that requires its owner to carry a "Break Stick" to lever their pet's jaws open if it bites a person or animal should not be allowed to walk un-muzzled or unleashed in public, especially where there's active children.

As for comparing a pit bull to the vehicle of a drunk driver, sure the car may not be the problem, but it too often ends up being the murder weapon of a drunk driver. May I suggest removing the teeth of aggressive pit bulls? "Sweet Georgia Brown," a pit bull rescued from Bad Newz Kennels, on property owned by former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, has been de-toothed and can be seen online sleeping with a toddler in diapers.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Latinos In Arizona Get Reprieve

A Federal Judge today blocked parts of the Arizona Immigration Law just hours before it was set to go into full effect.

U.S. District judge Susan Bolton set a temporary injunction against the law that does the following:

- delayed provisions that required immigrants to carry their papers and banned illegal immigrants from soliciting employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers.

- blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants for crimes that can lead to deportation.

"Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," Bolton wrote.

Justice Well Done Judge Bolton!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They Called Him Assassin

"I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault."
Jack Tatum

A loyal Raiders Soldier has passed away today and the Nation mourns him. Jack Tatum, who played for the Oakland Raiders from 1971-1979 died this morning at a hospital in Oakland, Ca., after suffering a heart attack.

I met him once prior to a Raiders game at the Oakland Coliseum. Even as a man in his mid 50's he still had the look and physique of a player. Known simply as "The Assassin," Tatum still remains as one of the hardest hitting safety's ever to have played in the NFL.

Many will remember him as one of the Raiders who were referred to by then commissioner Pete Rozelle as part of the "criminal element" in the NFL. But the truth of it all is that The Assassin only knew how to play the game one way, and that way was physical and tough.

So whenever you see the classic clip of the most controversial play in NFL History where Steelers running back Franco Harris catches a deflected ball in stride and scores the winning touchdown on the last play of an AFC playoff game, know that that play was the result of a crushing Assassin hit.

John David Tatum
(November 18, 1948 - July 27, 2010)

Assassin - This Season Is For YOU!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quote of the Day!

Cheese is "always" free in a mousetrap

Check out this Simple Plan For:
Financial Freedom

Warning: The "Simple Plan For Financial Freedom" solicitation letter is a fake. After posting this as a jokesy daily quote, I searched the internet for the author of the financial freedom plan, Dr. John Pulaski. What I found made me "tremble like the shadow of a shivering man."

What I read as a common sense warning to those who are baited by fast money scams actually caught a few fish in its net. As the saying implies, don't get caught trying to grasp at something that seems too good to be true. You just might get caught in its trap.

here's some testomonials from some of our would-be fishes: Common Sense Plus

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pocket Full of Posey

San Francisco Giants rook Buster Batman Posey is doing exactly what everyone (media, fan and foe) thought he would if given a chance in the majors; Posey is giving life to a team that would otherwise be .500 or less this season.

Bay Area sports radio has created a commercial for Posey using the childhood jingle from "Ring around the Rosie." The commercial attempts to explain the pent up childhood anger of a kid named Posey being consistently teased by other kids singing the jingle. The kid Posey grows up to be the Giants slugger who's now letting out all that angry emotion on pitches.

Today Buster Posey had four hits in five at bats in helping the Giants defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2. He's on an eighteen game hitting streak which puts him second on the Giants rookie list behind Willie McCovey who had twenty-two straight games with a hit as a rookie. Also, its been mentioned that his sweet swing resembles that of former Giant Will "the thrill" Clark.

So let that be a warning to kids who are always teasing other kids with unusual names. Someday that kid you teased may grow up to beat your team up, break your heart and make you cry.

"The American version of the Mother Goose rhyme goes as follows:

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down.

Here's a link to a bit of history on the rhyme which also states that any association of the rhyme to the Great Plague is far-fetched. Ring-a-Round a Rosie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pacquaio Fight Too Risky For mayweeather

Jim Jeffries - Heavyweight Champion 1899-1905
painting courtesy of Willa Home blog

The fight that we've all been hoping and praying for this year is not going to take place. It appears that the Floyd Mayweather Jr. camp wants no piece of a fight that jeopardizes their unblemished record. They can make every excuse in the book to not fight Manny Pacquiao, but the facts will always point to avoidance and fear.

Maybe we fans have nothing to lose in a Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout, but obviously Floyd does. For Floyd Mayweather Jr. to lose and have to answer questions about Pacquiao's superiority over the boxing world and himself, is just too much for his ego to grasp. Floyd's egotistic fears are what's keeping him from fighting Manny and proving to the world that he is the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the sport today.

The history of boxing has shown us that when any boxing champion shuns a match-up against a more than worthy opponent, he is avoiding shame, ridicule and the legendary invincibility of his skills being overcome by another. He is a legend in his own mind and must retain that mental picture at all costs. To him, avoiding a possible defeat is like avoiding death. We fans will never know what its like to be a Boxing Champion fearful of the death of our legacy. Floyd knows, and sadly enough he's cowered to that deadly vision. The fearful vision of "What if I lose?

Well Floyd, I'm here to tell you that the price of a real Champion isn't in dollars and belts; the price of being a true Champion is in having the courage to look at yourself in the mirror and tell your fearful ego to "scram" while you, the man, handle your business.

Funny that earlier this month marked the 100th anniversary of a boxing match that involved such a man who overcame his and society's reluctance to face their worse fear in the ring of boxing. The fear was based on racial superiority and invincibility in the ring. The man was former champion Jim Jeffries who after years of refusing to fight unbeaten challenger Jack Johnson, a negro, finally took a look in the mirror and unsheathed the man behind the lying ego.

Jim Jeffries would go on to lose to Jack Johnson in what is forever known as "The Fight of the Century." Jim's loss humbled just about everybody in the white boxing world, as well as white society as a whole. The thought of a negro reigning supreme over a white man in any venue was too much to grasp for America's white society of 1910. They viewed themselves as racially superior and any threat to that image instilled fearful doubt of themselves as they believed themselves to be.

Probably the only man that can say that in 1910 he faced one of white America's worse fears is Jim Jeffries. Some whites never forgave Jim for taking the fight and risking their false belief of racial invincibility, but they weren't nor had ever been a champion. Jim Jeffries was and always will be a Champion.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., you are no Jim Jeffries!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SF Giants Comeback To Defeat L.A. Dodgers

It was a game that the Giants of past years would never have won. Past Giants teams would look a gift horse in the mouth and begin pulling its teeth. Tonight's Giants team showed resilience on a night when ace pitcher Tim Lincecum wasn't his two-Cy Young award winning self. Timmy at one point reared back to throw the ball and it popped out of his hand as he began his motion, definitely not a "Freak-like" moment.

Tonight was a night for the Dodgers to spank the gift horse on the fanny causing it to mule kick'em in the forehead and knocking them out of the game.

I've never seen it but it happened in L.A. tonight; an interim manager goes to the mound to talk to his closer - turns and takes a few steps away from the mound after giving instructions - then turns and approaches the mound again as if he'd forgotten to mention something else. This is equivalent to a pitcher's balk and is penalized by removal of said pitcher from the game. The interim manager had goofed on a technicality. The replacement pitcher immediately gives up a second pitch blast to the wall by Giants left fielder Andres Torres as the visitors take the lead in the top of the ninth. One more run would score in the inning, the ninth inning, before the Dodger nightmare was over.

Earlier the Dodgers manager and starting pitcher were thrown out of the game for intentionally throwing at a Giants batter. The first Giants hitter in the game had been hit by a pitch. It was the beginning of the end for Da Bums.

And so it was that on a night when the Giants seemed dead in the water against a division rival in southern california that the scrappy 2010 San Francisco club found a way to turn a 5-1 deficit into a 7-5 victory over the L.A. Dodgers.

This game will go down as one of the greatest Giants wins over the Dodgers in years. So sweet and full of drama. Posey continues to deliver.

Go Giants!

Raiders Sign Speedy Draft Pick

Former Clemson WR Jacoby Ford, the fastest man at this years NFL Draft Combine, has been "inked" by the Oakland Raiders. Ford will return Kicks using his blazing Track & Field speed. Don't blink Raider fans or you just might miss him this season.

Just another piece of the 2010 Raiders team being assembled to shock the world of football!

Jacoby Ford College Stats

Story of Seeing God In All Things

Seeing God

A young man was desperately seeking God. He sought out a wise old man who lived in a nearby beach house and posed the question:

"Old man, how can I see God?"

The old man who obviously knew God at a depth few of us experience, pondered the question for a very long time. At last he responded quietly:

"Young man, I am not sure that I can help you-for you see, I have a very different problem. I cannot not see him."

Author Unknown
Message: How can one hurt or hate anything that appears as God? If we try seeing God in all things, then maybe our understanding of life and it's purpose will come to fruition.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Wrestling Days of Old

Sky Low Low

Little Tokyo
Sky Low Low
Lord Littlebrook
The Haiti Kid
Little Bruiser
Cowboy Lang
Little Beaver

These were some of the names of wrestlers who showcased their skills in the ring in the early 1970's, my early 1970's. In that era of wrestling these men of skill and muscle were fun to watch and definitely gave us young kids an unprecedented respect for dwarf athletes.

I remember getting up Saturday mornings there in the Northeast and hoping to see a Midget wrestling match amongst the televised WWWF series of matches on our Magnavox IN COLOR. Peppered in amongst the Chief J Strongbows, Bruno San Martinos, Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka were wrestling matches which pitted midgets against one another, both solo and tag team.

I suppose we kids related more to the midget wrestlers than the normal sized adult wrestlers just because they resembled us in body; well sort of resembled us anyway. We would choose our midget wrestler and root for him throughout the match, watching in awe as the little combatants would perform athletic feats that seemed almost impossible to perform. We loved watching behemoths like Andre the Giant and Haystacks Calhoun, but the little guys were special to us and a rare treat on TV.

Yes, these little guys were no joke. And many were built like mini-Mr. America's with muscles from their necks down to their ankles. Seeing one climb onto the top corner rope and airplane off to land on top his opponent was almost as much fun as watching him dive off only to miss his opponent and flop hard onto the canvas. The Haiti Kid was infamous for being duped into flopping. Kids just love seeing wrestlers in agony even if its being inflicted illegally like Mr Fuji throwing salt in the eyes of his opponent.

We knew that much of the Vince McMahon Sr. wrestling production was staged, but that didn't stop us from gathering in the living room to cheer and jeer while being entertained by our Saturday morning heroes. I suppose it was our age of innocence where calling your television hero a midget wasn't something wrong or ugly. We meant no harm toward anybody. That was one of the happiest eras of my life and midget wrestling joyously contributed to that happiness.

To all you little strong guys with big hearts who entered the wrestling ring and gave us little kids someone to cheer for, We Salute You!

And though I don't remember ever seeing midget gals in the ring, there were places in the country where they did compete. Hats off to all you wrestling ladies. My sisters would've loved having you to cheer for back in those days.

NWA World Midget's Championship was the National Wrestling Alliance's midget singles title.

So whatever happened to Midget Wrestling?

Entertainment or Brutal Exploitation?

The following information is from the Little People of America web site.

Q: What is a midget?

A: In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf.
However, the term has fallen into disfavor and is considered offensive by
most people of short stature. The term dates back to 1865, the height of the
"freak show" era, and was generally applied only to short-statured persons
who were displayed for public amusement, which is why it is considered so
unacceptable today.

Such terms as dwarf, little person, LP, and person of short stature are all
acceptable, but most people would rather be referred to by their name than
by a label.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bullet Bengie Hits For The Cycle

Former San Francisco Giants catcher Bengie Molina hit for the cycle last night with the triple being a grand slam as his Texas Rangers downed the Boston Red Sox in Boston. Watch it here.

While we Giants fans are in awe watching our new catcher Buster Posey hit and throw out base stealers, we'll always have a special place in our hearts for Bengie. I got the news of Bengie's hitting for the cycle while at the Giants game last night. Us fans in section VB318 couldn't figure out how bullet Bengie made it to third base with his turtle-speed.

Barry Zito pitched a gem with 10 strike outs. Posey, Huff and Burrell combined for a 1-0 Giants lead in the 4th inning that would stand for a win over the visiting Mets.

Prior to the game AT&T Park honored broadcaster Jon Miller for his services and induction into the baseball hall of fame. They unveiled a Jon Miller hall of fame jersey in the section of the park that honors Giants hall of famers which already has two broadcasters (Lon Simmons is one, couldn't make out the other.) Instead of the jersey with a number of the back, the jersey featured an emblem of a booth microphone on it, same as the courtesy pins that were given out at the turnstiles; I got 8 of them.

As happy as I am for Bengie Molina, I'm happier that the Giants made the decision to trade him and finally give Buster Posey his chance to sink or swim. And right about now Posey is swimming along and creating a winning wave for the Giants second half.

Go Giants!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oakland Raiders 1976 - America's Game

With a football history as rich in excellence as the Oakland Raiders, there's no better tribute to the Silver & Black than highlighting the leadership and players that earned them their first NFL Championship.'s "America's Game" showcases the 1976 Oakland Raiders championship season and the road they traveled and left littered with bruised and battered victims.

This 45-minute docu-drama narrated by actor Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) is a testament and tribute to the many athletes who've tasted the bitterness of defeat yet continue clawing their way toward the mountaintop of their game.

The Oakland Raiders, after losing in six of the past eight AFC/AFL championship games (1968-1975), were finally able to conquer the mountain and hoist a Lombardi trophy into the air proclaiming themselves number one.

With the Autumn Wind theme song fading in and out of the story, Raiders fans of all generations will smile with pride as they view this NFL masterpiece film. Most Raider Nation fans have seen it all before, probably have it on disc like myself. But we never get tired of re-living the greatness of the Raiders.

AMERICA'S GAME: Raiders Finally Get Long Awaited Championship Win!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today while sitting on a park bench a youthful 51-year old man sat down nearby and kindly shared his spiritual happiness for being saved. He had all he owned bundled together in what appeared to be a rolled up sleeping bag/backpack. He was clean, clear-eyed and well spoken. His name was Paul.

Paul claimed to have once worked for the Tennessee Titans and had lived for a time in Los Angeles. He didn't try reciting any sorrowful story about how he'd become homeless nor did he ask me for anything other than my time. He seemed to have only one need and that was for me to listen to him give thanks to his God and share with me two chapters from his biblical leanings. I noticed that Paul was a very humble man.

In his telling of the first chapter Paul veered off into his own triumphs over circumstances and I had to interrupt and tell him he'd lost me bible-wise. He apologized and went on to the second chapter. Paul did not try quoting the chapter word for word, instead he said that his soul had been cleansed and belongs to God, and that the soul that sins shall die. He was so thankful for being made aware of this biblical chapter.

Paul joyously encouraged me to read this biblical book that deals with forgiveness of one's sins, which helped save his life and make him humane once again. He said to read Ezekiel chapter 18. there was more but I somehow got lost in all his jubilation. He was truly a saved soul, happy to be clean and able-bodied to worship his Lord everyday.

He was a Lilly In The Field of the Lord's.

Bless You Paul for Blessing me on this day with your time unselfishly shared and your overflowing faith. And please accept my apology Paul, for It was I who'd gotten lost while hearing you talk of eternal life given you by God.

Ezekiel 18

verses 5 - 9

"If a man is righteous and does what is lawful and right - if he does not eat upon the mountains or lift up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, does not defile his neihbor's wife or approach a woman in her time of impurity, does not oppress any one, but restores to the debtor his pledge, commits no robbery, gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with a garment, does not lend at interest or take any increase, withholds his hand from iniquity, executes true justice between man and man, walks in my statutes, and is careful to observe my ordinances - he is righteous, he shall surely live, say the Lord God.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Temperatures Rising In Miami Tonight

The nightlife in Miami just got hotter. Yes indeed, Lebron James chose the Miami Heat as his new NBA team. Funny, anyone else would be chosen by the team, but LEBRON JAMES is no mere mortal.

The King Has Chosen!

Running Of The Bulls - Spain

Earlier this week Spain's soccer team made history by trampling the German team and making it to their first ever World Cup championship game. Today in Spain, the bulls had their day to kick a$$ and trample someone.

The annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, took place today, and this year only 2 persons gored and 5 injured. I recall last year seeing a father running along with his adolescent son by his side. Shameful? Maybe! Exciting? Definitely!

I wonder if some day I'll wake up and say to myself:

"You know self, what say we go to Spain and participate in the running of the bulls event?"

So will someone tell me just where this world would be without crazy events like eating contests and stampeding bulls?

Run Forest Run!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Raiders Kick Jamarcus While He's Down

News reports don't lie, ex-Raider Jamarcus Russell gets caught sipping "Sizzurp" in July.

I know there won't be one Raiders fan crying over this bit of news. It appears the Raiders may have a case for recouping some of the monies paid Jamarcus. I myself had never heard of the "Sizzurp" aka "Purple Drank" until this incident. Come'On Man!

- Raiders say they tried to help QB Russell before release

A Vega$ 4th Of July Weekend

It was hot and the lightly clad babes were slutting it up in Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend. So excuse me for missing a few days in the wide world of sports. Vegas is definitely the place to spend a holiday weekend.

Upon opening the Las Vegas Review Sunday morning, July 4th, I began to read about two gladiator battles taking place in a fighting ring approximately 100 years apart.

The one, accompanied by color photos, took place the previous night. The local sports talk on Saturday night had been all about the Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin UFC 116 match at the MGM Grand Garden. The stage had been set for a dramatic clash of big powerful men.

The headline of the Sunday morning sports page revealed the winner with this caption:

"Lesnar's fury foils flurry"

The color photo below this headline (see above) showed a rejoicing Lesnar with forefinger held high as he triumphantly strutted around the octagon cage as UFC Champion. In the background was Carwin lying flat-backed on the canvas with the referee knelt over him trying to encourage a response.

It had been a battle of two opposing rounds. The first round belonged to a punishing Carwin as he drove a knee to the head of Lesnar then sent him back against the cage with a straight right and a left hook. Pummeling punches from Carwin forced Lesnar to cradle the fence and the onslaught was on.

The fight was almost stopped by the referee but Lesnar blocked enough punches to hold off that decision and survive the round. The second round saw Lesnar rejuvenated and making quick work of his tiring opponent. Lesnar secured a takedown, locked Carwin in an arm triangle hold and forced a tap out at the 2:19 mark.

Shane Carwin's after fight comment describing Brock Lesnar:

"Brock's a tough son of a bitch."

As for the other battle that took place in a ring some 100 years ago, the site was Reno, Nevada and the implications were much greater. It was billed as the Fight of the Century and pitted two men of different races against one another. The outcome would spark a clash of the races nationwide which would echo through the country for years to come.

Jack Johnson knocked Jim Jeffries down three times in the 15th round of their 1910 "Fight of the Century" in Reno.

- 100 years later, fight of the century resonates

- Jack Johnson shuts down Great White Hope in Fight of the Century 100 years ago

-Fight of the Century Highlighted U.S. Racial Divide
(Video Footage)

- The Fight of the Century -- Really

-Fight of the Century - A Century Later

- Johnson, Jeffries Clans in Reno

Thursday, July 01, 2010

California Without Budget

Why talk politics on a sports blog? Because the decisions, or lack there of, of elected State officials are costing us "Joe Plumber" taxpayers big time.

Today begins the new fiscal year for California. Today lawmakers and the governor are far from agreement on a spending plan to decrease the $19 billion dollar state deficit.

Every day after today without a budget to address the state deficit, costs California tax payers $52 million dollars. FIFTY-TWO MILLION DOLLARS A DAY!

The lack of a budget costs the state $52 million a day, according to the Department of Finance, and if an agreement is not reached by the end of July, the state's financial situation would worsen. The state would probably have to issue IOUs, halt infrastructure projects and slash state worker pay.

Now think about it. If you or I went to work and our inability to perform the duties our employer contracted us for cost the company bucks, who's check do you think those bucks would come out of? Not the customer who is paying the company to handle their business, that's for sure.

Its time United States politicians be held accountable for their negligent performance in carrying out their duties. I believe the pay of a politician should be based on performance with penalties and/or impeachment for negligence.

I'll take the old Tijuana, Mexico version of fair business practice, * No Money No Honey *, over this current political privilege setup anyday. Make the politicians accountable in dollars and cents and see how quick a fiscal budget is passed.

"No Money......................No Honey"

Its a basic principle of economics; Dig Now, Food Later.