Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

First heard this Irish folk song in a British noir movie titled "The Long Memory."  The movie opens and closes with a salty old toothless sailor type singing this song while foraging for junk along the old wharf area.  The sorrowful story is one of bad luck where a good man finds himself at the wrong place and time with the wrong people.  Twelve years imprisonment and he's now a bitter and broken man with nothing but vengeance in his heart.  I guess you could call it the luck of the Irish.

The lyrics are a bit different from the video I've posted, but the tune is spot on.

Though I'm not Irish, I grew up in a family full of song, stories and laughter.  The Irish are incredible story tellers and the best at turning a sad moment into a joyous and festive occasion. Don't believe me, attend an Irish wake and you'll never look at death quite the same.

As I Went Out One May Morning
One May Morning Betime
I Met a Maid From Home Had Strayed
All in the Summertime

What Makes You Leave Your House and Home
Duty to Pursue
Your Pretty Little Feet They Look so Sweet
Stike Off the Morning Dew

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