Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fresno State Wonderdogs Win College World Series

The Fresno State Bulldogs of the WAC defeat the Georgia Bulldogs to earn the 2008 NCAA Baseball Championship. Instead of underdogs they've labeled themselves "Wonderdogs" and proudly showcased the moniker on t-shirts and signs at the stadium.

They not only earned the title of Champions, but did so in historic fashion by surviving six elimination games as a No. 4 regional seed (the first N0. 4 seed to reach the CWS since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1999).

Congratulations Fresno State Wonderdogs on winning your first NCAA CWS and adding to the ever growing archives of sports lore.

Link to a great article by John Meadus of how Fresno State won it all and why it ranks high on the sports historic upset meter: Fresno State Glass Slipper Fits

Santa Jet Skiing To A Chimney Near You!

Yes folks, Santa may be jet skiing instead of sledding to your chimneys this season. That is if the Xmas season were this summer. It's being reported that for the first time in our civilized history the North Pole will have no summertime ice over it's waters. Now I'm no weather channel analyst or global warming expert, but it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that no ice on the Arctic Sea spells trouble somewhere, somehow for some people.

It may not be this year, and it may not be an immediate catastrophic event, but believe me when I say life on this old earth won't be what it used to be when that inevitable change occurs.

I'll let you in on a little secret I learned from a wise old archaeologist years ago. Global changes in the earth's natural environment will not destroy the earth, but it can and will destroy the inhabitants living on earth.

Remember the dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures who roamed and ruled this planet some billions of years ago? they succumbed to the changes almost over night. There's proof that the change in some prehistoric environments happened without warning. Either immediate drought or immediate ice age, change was inevitable. Ever see those prehistoric willy mammoth's found in ice while still eating a meal? They weren't that slow were they? And what about Mars? Was it once a green and blue paradise that somehow lost it's luster?

So maybe it's time we start taking Al Gore and his message of global warming very seriously and begin pressuring our government to do something before this thing gets out of hand. If it means going back to horse and buggy I'm game. At $4.55 for a gallon of gas these days I'm ready to purchase a rickshaw and hire a footman to pull me around town. Whatever it takes to stop global warming and these petroleum producing companies from getting any richer. Maybe I'll purchase a few reindeer from Santa at markdown since he'll have no use for them in the near future.

Ho Ho Ho!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq Rap and Imus Insult all in one Day

I refuse to write about the latest Shaquille O'neal diss on Kobe. I also have no comment on the most recent Don Imus racial slur. But many reporters, bloggers and interviewers have something to say about it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Very Funny Scene From 1991 Movie "Life Stinks"

I remember the movie "Life Stinks" as being funny, but I didn't remember it being so funny I'd get a belly ache from laughing so hard. Such was the case last night while watching this Mel Brooks comedy.

I found myself rewinding scenes and laughing even harder the second time through. If only today's comedies could match this bygone era of slapstick. Though it's not a typical Mel Brooks comedy in the likes of Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles, it gives the funny bone a good work out and leaves you gasping for more.

The scene I've posted is the one that just tickled me to death. A crazed homeless man mimics the irate speaker at the podium believing himself to actually be delivering the threat which is really directed at him.

Earlier in the movie this same crazed homeless man (played by Rudy De Luca) believes he's millionaire tycoon J. Paul Getty who just so happens to find himself down and out like our main character, played by Mel Brooks.

Living in a city where homelessness is rampant, I found this movie to be as relevant today as when it was made back in the Reagan-era 90's. I suppose the movie is a serious comedy that shows us the funny and sad side of rich and poor. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for those who can laugh on cloudy days.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yes, it happened last night in a minor league game between the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones. Only in New York I tell yah!

I'd just had a discussion recently about what if? What if a switch pitcher faced a switch hitter? Which player would determine whether it would be a lefty matchup or righty matchup? What do the MLB rules say?

Well it was obvious in last night's game that nobody was quite clear on the rules of such a matchup, least of all the umps. Every baseball fan is now giving their interpretations of the "Correct" rule on thousands of blogs. Anyone want to comment on the rule hear feel free.

Link to SI Article

The pitcher's name is Pat Venditte, recently acquired by the Staten Island Yankees. For the last three seasons he's pitched for the Creighton Bluejays in Omaha, Ne. He sports a specially made glove that's wearable on either hand, go figure.

The video clip of the switch matchup between pitcher and hitter resembles a classic comic routine straight from Abbott and Costello. Check it Out!

Video Clip

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boston Celtics are NBA Champions!

Paul Pierce Finals MVP

The probable has now become the printable as the Boston Celtics finish off the L.A. Lakers 131-92 to earn their first Championship in 22 years.

The Celtics made game 6 look like a scrimmage against a sixth seed NIT team. They out coached, out defended and out hustled the Lakers to leave no doubt in anyone's mind that they are deservedly the 2008 NBA Champions.

Afterwards, with mad man emotions leaking all over the Boston Garden parquet court, you could see just how much this Championship meant to the Boston players, coaches, personel and fans. They're probably still hugging and crying at the Garden as I type this. Go ahead and cry Boston, you've won.

Again, I'm not a Celtics fan. And I pretty much wish the worse for Boston teams as a whole. But for this Celtics team I happily cheered them on to victory against Kobe and the Lakers. Let's see how Jim Rome twists this loss into a positive for L.A., that cesspool of human producing earth waste.

If Boston can keep this team together a bit longer, they could find themselves hoisting up another Championship trophy in the near future. Imagine that, Big Baby Davis crying while cradling the 2010 NBA championship trophy. The Big Baby, gotta love it!

Congratulations Boston Celtics on reaching the NBA Mountaintop.

Raiders Breaking News! Breaking!

Raiders newly acquired wide receiver Javon Walker is found unconcious a block from the Las Vegas strip after being robbed and severely beaten.

Sounds bad I know. More questions than answers. Prayers go out to Javon for a full and speedy recovery. While the media has been guessing the worse, I'll just say that the young man is very lucky to be alive. Javon should be counting his blessings.

Here's a link to what is known about his injuries so far: Thoughts from the Dark Side

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Wins US Open Playoff Match

It came down to sudden death in the playoffs. An underdog threatening to upset a proven champion, denying the champ another trophy. An underdog who was in awe of the champ's play and felt honored to be on the same playing field. An underdog who had fun with the media and genuinely just loves the game.

The game is golf and the underdog is Rocco Mediate. He came in to this 108th US Open ranked 158th and found himself in a playoff against the greatest golfer on the planet, Tiger Woods.

Tiger was coming off knee surgery and confessed to this being one of his toughest wins. In the end, the Champ prevailed and the underdog was glorified in placing an honary second to a legend.

Rocco and Tiger. It wasn't quite ROCKY VS APOLLO, but for a few hours over two days of play, their every swing sure held America in utter awe and suspense.

What a way for Tiger to bring in his 1st Father's Day.
Congratulations Champ!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celtics Stun Lakers with 24 Point Comeback

Never thought I'd pity an L.A. team, but tonight was an evening for many firsts. Leading by as many as 24 points on their own court, the Los Angeles Lakers somehow laid an egg in losing their momentum and then the game to the "never-say-die" Boston Celtics 97-91.

The Comeback by Boston was the largest in finals history. The Celtics did it with pressure defense, clutch bench play, sharpshooter scoring, and their big three of Allen, Pierce and Garnett. I guess you could say Boston wanted it more. No Leprechaun luck this evening, credit coach Doc Rivers for making the right adjustments. The Celtics played like a championship team, period.

The stars came out in L.A. this evening only to be clouded over by a Boston Nor'easter. The L.A. fans, both famous and infamous, were totally stunned. They thought, as well as the rest of the basketball world outside of Boston, that they had the game in the bag and would be celebrating a laugher win. Instead of tying the series at two games apiece, the Lakers find themselves in a 3-1 hole where history tells us no finals team has ever returned from. E-V-E-R.

To be honest, after that Jordan-esque reverse layup Ray Allen planted on the Lakers kisser, a deep and dark hole is probably where the Lakers should hide out until game five come Sunday. I'm sure ESPN will be showing that play over and over again. I'm looking to post the clip myself.

I suppose all that's left is for the Lakers to play for pride on Sunday. After all, Kobe is the league MVP this season. Unfortunately for Los Angeles this season, Boston has the MVT (Most Valuable Team).

Saturday, June 07, 2008


We must congratulate the Detroit Red Wings Hockey team for winning the Stanley Cup this season. They beat a formidable opponent in the Pittsburgh Penguins. I read today that the Red Wings have won FOUR championships in eleven years. I believe that qualifies them for dynasty status in the NHL.

Myself, I was hoping to see the Philadelphia Flyers get to the championship and win it all. I know nothing about the Flyers, but I bought an orange Flyers cap the other year to wear to Giants baseball games on "Orange Fridays" and I guess the hat has influenced my NHL fandom, sorry Sharks.

I've been traveling a bit lately and didn't get to see much championship Hockey play. But I did see a lot of Don Cherry the colorful hockey commentator for ESPN. Don gets my "Mack Daddy Award" for the year, check him out, flower and all:

Some of his outfits are a bit over the top, something that only a Dion Sanders could pull off in front of the cameras. But you gotta give it to Mack Daddy Don, he's one sharp sum beech. Who else could wear pinstripes and polka dots and not be taken for a clown?

It's a new NHL I tell you.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Signed, sealed and ready to deliver. Raiders first round pick, RB Darren McFadden, is officially an Oakland Raider. Big Al, We the Raider Nation Salute You!

You're a part of the Nation now D-Mc. Now it's time to put in work.


Just to set the record straight, I dislike all Boston/New England teams as well as those from Southern California. I could care less whether the Celtics or Lakers add another championship to their trophy case. After all it's just the nba, a league dominated by a few all-star individuals, not the NFL where a team of blue-collar players like the New York Giants can win it all.

It being the NBA though I must say that I've been mesmerized by the play of some individuals over the years. Yes, Jordan was the best. Magic, Bird and many before them were Greats. Today's finals bring us yet more individual greats. Of the greats in these finals, I'd like to see Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce finally earn their due. Kobe already has his, I believe K.G. and Pierce are hungrier and will come away with this year's championship.

Game 1 was a good watch. We'll see how it plays out.

Final Score Game 1
Celtics 98
Lakers 88