Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So Long Mike WIlliams/Welcome Tim Dwight

The Oakland Raiders made some wide receiver changes this week. In the aftermath of Sunday's loss to the Titans the Raiders released WR Mike Williams. Williams, a pickup from the Detroit Lions this season, dropped a crucial pass on the Raiders final offensive play of the game. Williams admits he screwed up by trying to run before completely catching the ball. Coach Lane Kiffin, a believer in resurrecting Williams playing potential, finally gave up on him and handed Williams his walking papers. He'd accrued enough drops, fumbles and unspectacular plays to play himself out of Oakland. So Long Mike, We Hardly Knew Yah!

The Oakland Raiders then went out and signed veteran wide receiver/return man Tim Dwight. Dwight is a small framed receiver with speed and toughness. He's been in at least one superbowl and has contributed to all teams he's played for; ATL/S.D./N.E./NYJ. Though he's had injury problems in the past, when healthy he's one of those guys who knows how to get open, catch the ball and run in the open field to pay dirt. I only wish we'd gotten him in his younger day. He had speed. They say he can still turn on the burners, but with the problems our O-Line is having we need someone so fast that he outruns the defensive pass rush. The Tim Dwight of old was that man. We'll see what he's got left come Sunday.

TD Commenting on his barbed wire tattoo:
"It kind of reflects my attitude towards
football – hard worker, tough, rugged,

Welcome to the Silver & Black TD.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Raiders aren't only trying the head coach's patience, us fans are pounding our fists wondering when will the team learn to finish. This weekend it was the lackluster Tennessee Titans who the Oakland Raiders "Let off the Hook."

The Raiders yet again had a chance to win it in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. And yet again we just shit all over ourselves in the red zone and couldn't get it done with the game on the line.

What needs fixing in order to keep us from self-destructing in close games? That is the million dollar question.

In the meantime the Raiders find themselves 2-5 at the bottom of the AFC Western Division, and looking like that's exactly where they belong, in a cellar.

I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me its all just a bad dream this season. Please, somebody, anybody, wake me up and tell me I'm not lined up in front of a firing squad facing imminent execution. Please!

Final Score
Titans 13
Raiders 9

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Raiders Offense M .I. A.

Ten Points! Ten Points of total offense. We lose the game against Kansas City 12-10. Scary how much we resembled last season's Raiders who went 4-12. Scary how the offense looked so lost and unable to produce positive yardage. And the Defense, with more of a pass rush this game thanks to Derrick Burgess having a good game, just couldn't make the plays when they had to. They did give the offense a last ditch opportunity to win the game. But Culpepper and the passing game aren't there yet, the final interception to snuff the Raiders last drive with less than a minute to go was inevitable. A beautiful Autumn football weather day in the Bay ended in defeat. Fans are probably just hoping to see Jarmarcus Russell play by season's end.

I was able to get a sweet Raiders T-shirt to add to the collection. #2 on the back with a picture of Jarmarcus on the front underneath the name RUSSELL. The Future is Ours. One guy today compared Russell's QB skills to John Elway. Not a bad future.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

What A ReMix

A well made YouTube video deserving of awards for creativity. Also combines two movie favorites of mine, gotta post it.

The SandLot

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Return of "The Curse"

Return of "The Curse"

Well Boston, after watching the Red Sox lose to Cleveland the other night I'd say the Bambino Curse has returned. Your beloved Sox have reverted back to it's curse playing ways, boggling foul balls, hit balls hitting base runners, pitcher's gloves tipping away routine infield double plays. Need I go on?

Since your 2004 World Series win life really has been like a bowl of chocolates for you hasn't it? Felt good fielding a team without a dark cloud over its head these past seasons since hasn't it. Well, all good things must come to an end. In your jubilation of winning it all, you seemed to forget something. This ain't no Harry Potter Movie, this is Baseball.

In Baseball, Curses Are ......F-O-R-E-V-E-R......F-O-R-E-V-E-R......F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Enjoy the off season Red Sox. Go Tribe!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes, its one of the best song parodies I've ever heard. But while most hear it and can laugh with nostalgia, I, a Raiders fan, painfully remember how it all started. "The Snow Bowl."

Bottom line, we made Brady. We had him in the pocket, in the snow, in the playoffs when C.Wood caused what was and always will be A Fumble. And in the infamous words of Dennis Green "And we let him off the hook." Actually, it was the league officials who decided to make Tom Brady a legend that night.

After the record performance by Patriots QB Tom Brady in week 6, I'm finally letting go of a bit of that labor pain that we birthed six years ago in the 2001 divisional playoffs. In recognition of the love and respect Brady has earned throughout the sports world, I give you this tribute to him. As others are saying, he just may be the Montana of this era.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Raiders Can't Get It Done In San Diego

A sack, a batted-down pass, an interception. The Raiders offense couldn't get out of the way of itself when it mattered yesterday and it was costly. The defense gave up 28 points but was able to put one on the board themselves with an interception returned for a TD by LB Howard.

The Raiders simply weren't ready for the Chargers. There were times when things looked promising but those times were very few and far in between. I'm a bit disappointed in Dante and the Defense. Dante didn't have much time in the pocket and when he did there was nobody open. Two bad decisions by Dante before the end of the first half cost us points. At the San Diego one yard line with the clock around twenty-seconds, Dante goes back to pass and gets sacked. Lucy we had a time-out left. On the next play from about the eight yard line with maybe twelve seconds left Dante goes back to pass with decent protection, but waits that milisecond over and gets the ball knocked out of his hands for a fumble, Chargers recover, end of the first half.

Ladanian Tomlinson did his thing running for close to 200 yards. Like I said, our defense is one big disappointment this season. Guess last season spoiled us a bit on defense. Our young coach Lane Kiffin may have shown his inexperience in going up against a better team. The penalties and mistakes were too costly to win on the road against a better team. Maybe that's just it, we came across a team much better than us and just fell apart. But I don't wanna believe that the Chargers are that much better. They didn't shut us out and had we capitalized on the opportunities we had and limited our mistakes there could've been a different outcome to this game. But as it was there were just too many obstacles in our way to pull out a victory, most of all ourselves.

I give the Chargers the credit they deserve, they're healthy and looking like the team many picked to represent the AFC in the Superbowl. They have weapons everywhere on offense and their defense puts the pressure on like ours did last season. They say that the Chargers weakness is their pass defense. I didn't see much of a weakness in it. Somebody better warn the Pats and Cowboys, the Chargers are back.

As for the Raiders, we had a bad game. A tough lesson. At least Marty Schottenmeier was't on the Charger sideline to rub it in.

Final Score
Chargers 28
Rauders 14

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will Cinderella Go To World Series?

Major League Baseball has had Cinderella teams win in the playoffs and make it to the world series I'm sure. But I doubt that there's ever been a Cinderella as Hot as the Colorado Rockies. They've won 19 of their last 20 games and they're doing it the hard way, extra innings and game saving catches.

With last night's 11-inning win over the Arizona Diamondbacks in NLCS play, the Rockies are two games away from the ball. Who would've thought back in April that the Rockies, who haven't played in post-season baseball in 15-years and have never been to a World Series, would be two clicks from putting on a glass slipper? Most of baseball predicted a NL West cellar finish for them. But as the saying goes, you can't keep a good girl down. She's up and ready to show the sports world her sequined gown.


The Article That Got Away

Been to your nearest Costco Discount store lately? Well, if you haven’t maybe its time you should. Why? Because there may be a new section of interest just waiting for your discount dollars. You’ll find it right near the automotive tire section. Right next togood ole BF Goodrich and the Michelin Man, that bubbly bundle of joy. But don’t expect to find anything you can put to use while still alive, oh no. This section only services the dead, or soon to be dead.


For as low as $799, and yes, they have a payment plan if you’re a little short or the credit card is maxed out.

So you think you got room in your garage for storing the best deal you’ll find while alive? The beauty of having your own casket is you can lie down and try it on for size beforehand, you can match it with your wardrobe, saves your family the added stress of haggling over cost to bury you, you can always lease it out as a loaner to low income friends or family for funeral viewing purposes only; get my drift $$$$$?

Again, the only problem I see is having the space to store your stainless steel “body box.” Also, I’m sure Costco has an upgrade plan should newer models become available or you come into some unexpected cash. Either way it’s a win win situation. You get to die in peace knowing that you’ll be buried in as classy a casket as the poor sucker whose funeral you attended just months ago, but at half the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your overstuffed keister and wobble down to Costco before it’s too late and the undertaker is “stiffing” your bereaved family with a overpriced “body box” you could have gotten at Costco for less. Why pay more?

Costco Selling Caskets

Friday, October 12, 2007

Angel Cafe

Angel Café

Someone should review this place. From a den of thieves’ cavernous dive to a tenderloin beacon of hope, the Angel Café has brought life to a neighborhood corner business that once resembled a tomb. There is definitely a before and after story there at the café. The Blossoming of a Neighborhood.

I went there for coffee before the new owner took over and it was like you’d entered a private social club where you are the only outsider who dared to pass through their door. It was a cross between a bookie joint, a crack house and a morgue. Nothing seemed to move inside those walls, nothing alive anyways. That feeling of depressed loneliness pervaded the dark cold hovel that imitated a coffee shop with the nerve to offer food.

Enter new owner with a bright and cheery attitude. I suppose he noticed that cold feeling also and set out to do something about it. He’s re-made the place to fit his personality and character with a bright warm renovation and a menu of deserts that beckon dieters to take the day off and indulge.

The outdoor décor is just as warm and sparkling as the interior though the street scene can still be a bit ……..well, tenderloin-ish-ish. Previously thigh-high plant holders, which doubled as receptacles for all sorts of tobacco and refuse, bracketed the lazy tables and chairs out front. These have been replaced with sturdy stainless steel table and chair arrangements along with a storefront umbrella hangover for protection from in-climate weather and pesky pigeons, who it seems have all but disappeared since the renovation. Kind of gives the block a touch of North Beach Trattoria sidewalk café essence.

The blue and white colors permeate the setting to make it a fresh welcome to the once brick with black trim outer façade. One look at the establishment across the street will give any newcomer a peek into the dungeon-like setting that this corner once shared. The other establishment has yet to get the hint and come to Jesus, their loss.

As for the Angel Café, with the 38 Geary bus-stop nearby, passersby get a full view of what lies within and find it hard not to enter and indulge. And here’s the real beauty of it all, it’s a family run business. The owner is the son and the proud father helps with customer service and café cleanliness duties. It’s obvious the father is happy for his son’s success. If the title “A clean well lit place” hadn’t already been taken then this café could have easily donned the motto. Mother and wife can sometimes be spotted inside providing service as well.

I enjoy a cup a day at the Angel Café while sitting outside meeting all sorts of San Franciscans and tourists. And every now and then I take the day off from my diet to indulge in a special desert, my favorite being a slice of Monterosa. Are you ready for this description? Here it is:

A creamy mix of mascarpone and ricotta cheese divided by a delicate layer of sponge cake, topped with wild strawberries and red currants.

Simply Divine!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tired of Living in a Fake World?


I read an article today that made me stop and wonder just what the heck is real these days. The article was about the show X-Factor which I know nothing about. A judge on the show, Louis Walsh, admitted that the show uses Fake houses as the judges homes. In other words, they don't own or live in the houses shown on television, they only use them to help promote episodes of the show.

Now we shouldn't actually be stunned by this bit of reality tv trickery. I've been saying it all along that reality tv is the furthest thing from reality on this planet. But what caught my attention in Mr. Walsh's admission was the show spokesperson's reasoning/justification behind its use of Fake houses as Real homes.

A spokesperson for ITV said: "The contestants are invited to a house. We call them the judges' houses, not the judges' homes."

In other words its a matter of semantics. We say "home" they say "house." Viewers are expected to know the difference. The show couldn't have left out the fact that the judges rented the homes as part of the show's promotion now could it? I mean, a show that goes by the name X-Factor where part of the title is Fact? Kinda makes you wonder just what the "X" stands for doesn't it.

We live in an age where we label something ours just because we can legally use it for our own purposes. You can rent an office by the hour and during that hour put picturesof your family on the rented desk, place your business name plate on the rented door, even have a rented private secretary screening clients as they arrive. But when that hour is up, that same rental office along with the secretary and anything else that you didn't bring in with you revert back to their original owner. You for all intents and purposes are considered a Trespasser on private property.

Another example of Fake being real is cosmetic surgery or enhancers. Women with breast implants will swear to their maker that the protruding lumps underneath their autumn sweater is God's gift to her and not a sugar daddy's. Men will use steroids and swear that hard work and hours in the gym produced their bulging biceps.

In Los Angeles, where you are judged by your area code and address more than anything else, you can purchase an address for all your correspondence. I'm told it can make the difference between getting a job or a date.

So just what is real and how are we to know when real is fake? Well, here's a little test you can do to determine such fakery.

If there's still a monetary balance due on an item, then it ain't yourn. If you can't give it away freely then it ain't yourn. If you stop ingesting, injecting or rubbing it on and the enhancing results vanish, then it never was yourn. If a policeman, a banker, a ex-spouse or a child can take it away from you, then it ain't yourn. If a toronado, hurricane, earthquake or other form of natural disaster can claim it and you have no way of replacing it, it wasn't yourn. If you find yourself laid up in a hopsital or lord forbid die, and collectors snatch it up in the blink of an eye, it wasn't yourn.

So basically, the only thing we have that we can call ours is the naked body that squirted out from our mother's legs on our day of birth. everything else is just borrowed for a bit. Go ahead, you can cry now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No, not Vince Evans, but Close Enough

Vinny Testaverde, a 1986 Heisman Trophy winner and 1987 NFL No. 1 draft pick, has signed on with the Carolina Panthers and is likely to start this Sunday. Vinny will soon be 44 years old but with the experience he brings he gives the Panthers a proven leader at quarterback. Though he's never been known for his scrambling ability he still has the arm for accurate passes to receivers. But in today's blitzing game of defense can Vinny hold up? That is the question.

Myself, I look forward to seeing Vinny become the George Blanda of the new era. And remember Vince Evans played with the Raiders until the team was finally able to ditch him on their return from L.A.. He just wouldn't go away.

Vinny is still a competitor and that's what keeps guys like him going, that and a few Geritol tablets. Do that still sell Geritol? The NFL really ought to consider approving steroids for Vinny, if just for this season. If some blitzing linebacker gets through the Panther O-Line and smashes poor Vinny into turf turd then what, will the league say he knew the risk he was taking? I say give the ole man something on the level of Viagra to help him stay prone and powerful in the pocket come Sunday. Without some sort of boost Vinny's comeback could end up being his farewell.

The good news for Vinny is that they Play the Arizona Cardinals before a bye week. But then the Panthers return to play the Indianapolis Colts the following week. I hear the Colts defense still hits hard. Guess it won't be long before Viagra Vinny finds out. Hang in there Vinny, us old-timers are in your corner. And should the pocket protection breakdown you can always stiff arm the pass rushers with your rigid third arm. Just wear gloves..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Sports

On a day that celebrates the discovery of America by a man, Christopher Columbus, who'd known agony and triumph, the sports world demonstrated yet again its own versions of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

The Thrill!

The Cleveland Indians of MLB finished off the proud New York Yankees in game 4 of the ALDS playoff. In doing so they may also have ended Yankees manager Joe Torre's 12-year reign. Cleveland had gone 0-6 against the Yankees during the season only to come back strong in the playoffs and win the five game series 3-1. Cleveland goes on to play the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. Go Tribe!

Final Score
Cleveland 6
New York 4

The Agony!

The Buffalo Bills of the NFL did everything right with the exception of winning the game in a Monday Night Football classic against the Dallas Cowboys. The Bills made all the plays that usually lead to a win, all the plays but one. With about twenty seconds left and leading by two points they failed to cover an on-sides kick by Dallas. Dallas recovered, got off two plays, then kicked a 53-yard field goal only to have a shanahan-like timeout called by Buffalo. The re-kick was good however and Dallas snuck away with an unexpected win. If Buffalo can bounce back from this upsetting loss, I'll eat my hat.

Final Score
Dallas 25
Buffalo 24

Sunday, October 07, 2007

U S C Ranked No.10 Thanks To Stanford

Oh how I love the smell of upset in the morning. Especially when it involves a team, any team, from that putrid pot of puke called Los Angeles.

USC, university of southern california, O.J.'s alum, entered the game against Stanford as 40+ point favorites with a number 1 ranking in the country. Stanford entered with a losing history against USC that all thought would be extended.

2002: USC 49-17

2003: at USC 44-21

2004: USC 31-28

2005: at USC 51-21

2006: USC 42-0

But something unusual and simply unbelievable happened in Trojanland on saturday afternoon. The Stanford Cardinal Football team, entering the game with a pac 10 record of 1-3 this season, beat the USC Trojans and added to this season's year of phenominal upsets. Ever since Applachian State upset Michigan in the first week of NCAA Football, every week following has featured at least one top 10 team going down to the hands of a lesser opponent.

So why not Stanford, and who better than powerhouse Pac 10 rival USC? Enjoy this moment in football lore Stanford Cardinals. Even if it does bump your cross-bay rival (Cal Bears) team up to N0.2 in the college football rankings. Enjoy it! It may be the one highlight of a miserable and hopeless season for Cardinal Football, but I'll bet every player on that team will be hailed as champions upon their return to the Stanford Campus and possibly by the entire bay area.

Congratulations Stanford Cardinal Football Team
You may not have the record of a Champion, but definitely the Heart of one.

2007: Stanford 24-23

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Defense! Defnese! Defense!

The NFL has awarded Oakland Raiders Linebacker Kirk Morrison with AFC Defensive Player of the Month for September. Morrison would probably say it was team effort that won the award, but his three interceptions and team leading tackles might say otherwise.

Morrison has definitely come into his own as a defensive leader. He's the new linebacker of the NFL who can hit, cover and change offensive game plans.

The Oakland Raiders Defense of last season was a run stopping force with its weakness being in the secondary. Hello 2007, sure our secondary has given up some big plays but they're also making big plays, and Morrison is a huge part of it. With the offense eating up the clock with its running game, our Defense finds itself fresh and hungry come the second half.

Congratulations Kirk Morrison and the Oakland Raiders Defensive Unit. You've been recognized as a force to be reckoned with in this NFL season.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn Winds

As we Raider fans bask in the glory of our return atop the AFC Western Division, the Autumn Winds continue to bring pleasant surprises. The outstanding performance of QB Daunte Culpepper in Sunday's 35-17 win over the Miami Dolphins has earned him the AFC Offensive Player of the Week Award.

I don't believe he was voted the award just for his three rushing and two passing touchdowns. I believe it was his leadership abilities that shown so brightly in Sundays win which earned him the award. As I've stated before, Daunte has a presence on the field that exudes Command and Leadership. He's battle-tested and has much to prove to himself and the NFL. On Sunday Daunte passionately expressed just how rehabilitated his surgically repaired knee is by celebrating after touchdowns and pointing to his knee and giving the "Okay" sign.

Its been a long tough trek Raider fans, since our "Road to the Superbowl" season that ended in such disappointment. But for those of us who've stayed true to our team and committed to our colors, awards like Daunte's show that the light at the end of the tunnel is upon us. We've weathered the storms of darkness, we've survived as NFL castaways lost at sea, light and land have been spotted and we're ready to do what Raiders do. Raid! Pillage! and Plunder!

the Autumn Winds are once again favoring Oakland Football.

Yes my Raider friends and opposing enemies, "The Autumn Wind is A Raider," and the pillaging has just begun.

Daunte Culpepper
Oakland Raiders Quarterback
Top AFC Offensive Player of Week 4

Monday, October 01, 2007

Daunte's Inferno!

So the Oakland Raiders travel down to Hell (South Florida) and stomp out the fires awaiting them. Then they lay siege to the Miami Dolphins by scorching them for 299 yards rushing and five touchdowns to come away with a 35-17 victory.

Though the game was an overall team victory, QB Daunte Culpepper was the fearless leader as the team followed his every command. Daunte led by making on-field decisions that only a battlefield General with experience could make. He passed for two touchdowns, ran for three and was as pumped up as anyone who'd escaped from hell once and now returns with a vengeance to shut the place down.

Daunte lit it up when it mattered most, in the red zone. This Raiders team is doing what good teams do, scoring touchdowns when in position instead of settling for field-goal attempts inside the twenty-yard line.

The new blocking schemes of line coach Tom Cable are paying dividends. Raiders running backs had huge holes to run through with Justin Fargas having a career day filling in for injured Lamont Jordan. Expect Dominic Rhodes to add to this fiery running game come week six after the bye. And welcome back wide-receiver Jerry Porter, we've missed your offensive scoring threat.

Special teams gave one away with a fumble by rookie Johnnie Lee Higgins but the Defense proved its mettle by intercepting two Trent Green passes, sacking him twice and pressuring the Dolphins quarterback constantly throughout the game.

The one plus for the Raiders that went unnoticed was the absence of drive-killing and pass-interference penalties. The Raiders only incurred two penalties for fifteen yards in the game. Yes, 2 for 15yds, another sign that the Raiders are committed to excellence once again.

Finally, the play calling may have seemed like an easy task to those of us watching at Ricky's Sports Bar in San Leandro, Ca, a great Raiders Headquarters/Sports Center to visit for any sports fan. But do give coach Lane Kiffin and his staff credit for sticking with what worked and fooling the devil out of the Miami Dolphins with creative plays when first downs and touchdowns were needed. Lest we forget last season's head decision maker:

"wish it into the cornfield son, just wish it into the cornfield"

Final Score
Raiders 35
Dolphins 17