Saturday, November 30, 2013

NCAA Football Rivalry Week - WhaddaWeek!

Its what you could call the best weekend of college football, Rivalry Week.  I wore my Michigan jersey earlier in the week in hopes that it would give them an early advantage on #3 Ohio State.  Today the Buckeyes squeaked out a win over the Wolverines in a game that went right down to the last seconds, a failed 2pt conversion attempt by Michigan. It was their 110th meeting and folks are calling the game an "instant classic."

Final Score
#3 Ohio St. 42
Michigan 41

After last night's civil war game between Oregon State and #13 Oregon, I knew today's college rivalry games would be full of back and forth play making, underdog grit and last minute miracles.  With what I can only call fluorescent looking uniforms, the Beavers and Ducks clashed in a colorful contest that was tied 17-17 at half-time, and didn't let up in the second half. Oregon State played like a red-headed stepchild wanting respect from a step-sibling.  The Beavers didn't get the win, but all will agree they earned the respect of the Ducks and the college football world.

Final Score
Oregon St. 35
#13 Oregon 36

There were many games today that had underdogs gaining respect and in some cases upsets over their ranked conference rivals. But none, and I mean NONE, was bigger than the Alabama vs Auburn game that matched winners of the past four BCS championships.  It was the #1 Crimson Tide versus the #4 Tigers.  To put it into perspective, the ending fireworks saw mouths drop open, beer spilled over and heads shaking in disbelief on an eye popping return off a failed field goal attempt. The game has altered the BCS bowl picture and analysts are already anointing the final play as one of the best ever.  It was goliath vs goliath and the rankings were thrown out the window.  There are more rivalry week games to be played tonight, but none, and again I mean NONE, can end with as big a bang as this Alabama vs Auburn classic.

Final Score
#1 Alabama 28
#4 Auburn 34

sportingnews pregame matchup

Friday, November 29, 2013

Galileo Lions Roaring Victory In Turkey Day 2013

#3 Galileo Lions RB Ronzel Fox displays cheetah speed and elusiveness in Turkey Day game.
photo by Lacy Atkins, The Chronicle

It was a Thanksgiving Day high school championship football game that'll go down as one of the most competitive, see-sawing competitions in recent Kezar Stadium history, and mind you Kezar has seen 90 of them overall.

The defending champion Lincoln Mustangs (7-4) received the ball first and their big, bruising offensive line dominance appeared as if the defending champs would pound the ball straight down the (11-1) Galileo Lions gaping throats all day.  The smaller Lions simply couldn't stop the Mustangs power running game, especially on third downs.  

It didn't help the Lions cause that they kept with the onside kickoffs from the start; why? nobody seemed to know.  Could've been a threatening Mustang return man but we never got the chance to see.  Of their five or so onside kick attempts the Lions recovered zero.  The onside kick was almost the Lions undoing; almost.

Usually I write about the game day atmosphere with highlights of the on field action slipped in.  This year's game pace was so fast that I hardly had time to look up from my notes to catch the explosive and gritty action on the field, much less the excitement reflected in the stands.  It was the methodical Mustangs rushing against the fast strike Lions passing. Each scored damaging blows to the other in the first half. The 14-16 Mustangs lead at the half gave no indication of how the second half would play out. The game would have to fall to a big play on defense to determine the outcome, otherwise the teams seemed ready to battle it out tit for tat.

Halftime gave me a breather and time for a bathroom run, but that was it.  I think the 1972 Woodrow Wilson Warriors high school footbeall team was scheduled to be honored at the half, but I saw none of it. 

My quick visit with former Galileo asst. coach/player and current coach of the PCFL's Golden Gate Giants , Hudari Murray, was brotherly as usual. I'm proud of my brotha Dari and his community activism; providing guidance, leadership and a positive path for high risk inner-city youth.  I urge others in the community to help support Coach in anyway they can.  Its about more than just football; its about the future of San Francisco youth.  You can hear Coach voice his concerns about SF youth and need for community support here: "guest speaker Hudari Murray."

Now back to the AAA championship game.  The biggest highlight for me, if I had to choose one, was definitely the fourth quarter over the shoulder interception snag and 59yd gallop by Lions #40 Lala Haro.  We all watched as Lala shoved would-be tacklers aside, utilized his own blockers and rumbled down the sideline before running out of gas and being tackled two yards shy of the end zone.  The play was a definite morale boost to the Lions and a potential dagger to the Mustangs hopes of a comeback.  And yet the Mustangs did make it close, real close.

The 59 yard romp by Lala should go down as one of the greatest defensive plays of any championship game played here at Kezar.  The stakes, the timing, the tenacious will to push through the fatigue and put your team in position to take control of a hard fought game.  On the drive the Mustangs would've taken a lead had they scored. While Lions quarterback Kyle Nelson was stellar in the passing game, the bend but don't break play of Lala and the defense makes this Lions championship one to savor.

Congratulations Galileo Lions on your 2013 

AAA Turkey Day Championship

Here's my unofficial notes on the game:

G - Galileo (Home)

L - Lincoln (Visitor)

G - onside kick, L recovers at midfield
L - rushes, first downs, rushing touchdown
L - 2pt conversion good  6:49 1st qtr

0-8 L

L - kickoff returned to midfield
G - 3rd down pass comp, personal foul, 16 yd rushing TD by QB
G - 2pt conversion good  5:27 1st qtr

8-8 Tie 

L - stopped on 4th and 1  9:00 2nd qtr
G - 1st down pass, #3 ronzel fox long run nullified by penalty
G - 4th down pass incomplete, L ball on 38yd  5:49 2nd qtr

L - First pass complete, 1st down 4:23 2nd qtr
L - nice run from 30 yd to 9 yd ln
L - rushing 5 yd TD
L - 2pt conversion good  1:18 2nd qtr

8-16 L

G - 54yd pass completion and run on 2nd and 2 from 36yd  0:28.6
G - 2nd and 2 from 36yd, touchdown
G - 2pt conversion fail

14-16 L

L - returns kickoff 54yds to 44yd line, last man saves td


L - kickoff
G - 2nd down 80 yard touchdown run by #3 ronzel fox   11:14 3rd qtr
G - 2pt conversion no good

20-16 G

G - onside kick fair caught by L
L - pounding the ball, rushing touchdown  3rd qtr 4:10
L - 2pt conversion good

20-24 L

L - kickoff, late hit penalty, ball to midfield
G - QB rushes 24yds to 31yd, facemask penalty puts ball on 13yd line
G - pretty floater touchdown pass  3rd qtr 3:24
G - 2pt conversion good

28-24 G

G - onside kickoff again recovered by L
L - ball on 32yd, marching no defensive line penetration by G
L - pass interception by #40 Lala Haro returned 59yds to 2 yd line
G - QB rushes 2 yds for touchdown  4th qtr 9:08
G - 2pt conversion no good

34-24 G

G - another onside kickoff recovered by L
L - continues incurring penalties on big gains
L - 24yd rushing touchdown, appeared to have fumbled into endzone
L - referees huddle and call TD 4th qtr  4:48
L - 2pt conversion no good

34-30 G

G - gets ball, QB sacked back in territory
G - punts to midfield  4th qtr 2:52
L - marching into redzone, running game still strong, converts on 4th and 2
L - first quarterback option run of day fumbles, G recovers ball  4th qtr 1:06
G - two kneeldowns, ballgame

Final Score
Galileo Lions  34
Lincoln Mustangs  30

The SF Chronicle gives a good breakdown of the AAA championship game in today's edition; Galileo's Speed Conquers Lincoln.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two Turkey Day Games of Interest

 Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today I'll attend the San Francisco High School football championship game between the Lincoln Mustangs and Galileo Lions.  Galileo won the thrilling season matchup 34-33.  Lincoln won last year's championship game over the Mission Bears 22-21, converting a two-point conversion in the final seconds.

Today's game should be no less a thriller than the earlier season matchup.  These are the two teams expected to compete for the city championship this season and here we are.  Get ready to get down with some traditional high school football action.

Place: Kezar Stadium
Time: 11:00am
Teams: Mustangs vs Lions

My second game today will be watched on television as the Oakland Raiders visit the Dallas Cowboys.  The Raiders are coming off a disappointing loss at home to the Tennessee Titans in the final seconds of a game they should've won.  We'll see how the team responds to that loss.  With the eyes of the football world on the silver and black today, Its time to put up or shut up.  

Raiders Football Today!

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Grandfather's Prayer

Just a praising shoutout to my grandson Andrew, who I am so proud of.  He's coming upon two years of being baptized in the house of the Lord.  The knowledge and understanding that comes with faith in a higher being is the strength that sustains us believers through life. Yes, to have faith is a blessing unto itself.

To feel the comfort of knowing that my faithful grandson Andrew is never alone and always has the best adviser on this earth to consult, what more could a grandparent ask for. Congratulations for seeking and finding the sacred way my son.  I am mighty glad and joyful in this day.

Bless you Andrew, on your amazing spiritual journey through life. May you recognize God's gifts to you and never thirst for more than what the Lord gives you.

Your YahYah

PS. Kiss Amirah-Deara for Me.

Raiders Couldn't Top Titans at Home

"The Raiders defense played well in spurts but allowed Tennessee's offense to convert 10 of 18 third-down plays, including four of five in the final period."

This line from the Oakland Tribune pretty much sums up the game.  Even the Sebastian Janikowski two missed field goals, as unprecedented as they were, didn't cost the Raiders the game as much as the defense giving up so many third down conversions.  They stopped the run but the passes by Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick killed the defense.  And I must give credit to Fitzpatrick, he may not have blazing speed but his elusiveness in the pocket almost seemed magical.  The Raiders defense just couldn't touch him.

While our receivers seemed to always have a Titans defender draped all over them, the Titans receivers appeared to always be running in space wide open for a reception, and more times than not caught the pass. It was frustrating to watch.  

For us fans who were surprised and tickled pink that our Raiders were even in the hunt for a playoff spot, the verdict is in; we ain't good enough this season.  Who knew that losing rookie corner DJ Hayden would cripple our pass defense.  No, can't be that.  Just a bad day for a defense that's been carrying the team all season. And the sputtering offense didn't help. Painful loss!

Final Score
Titans 23
Raiders 19

Article: Fan jumps from upper deck

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NFL Player Safety Question and Answer

While tuned into the O'Connell & Steinmetz show on 95.7FM The Game, I listened while both, call-in fans and guest interviewees, took cracks at answering the following question:

Should The Consumer/Fan Care About Player Safety?

One of the two show hosts made a very good point about how anyone playing sports takes on a certain amount of "assumed risk" when participating.

Former Tennessee Titans tight end Frank Wychek, who admitted to his share of concussions incurred while playing professional football, expressed his concerns about player safety but also worries that the changes in the game are making it harder for defensive players to play with a passion and fans to appreciate that part of the game.

Frank Wycheck says he's totally against the new NFL rules

As for the Best Answer I heard from a call-in fan, that goes to a caller by the name of Shaun.   Shaun represented the primitive man in all us fans right down to the core.   He spoke for all those who love good'ol fashion defense with names like Butkus, Nagerski, Lambert, Lott, Deacon, Alzado and Long, just to name a few.  The lasting line of Shaun's that stuck with me and I'm sure other listeners was this:

Sometimes You Gotta Carry People Off!

Shaun, I couldn't have said it better. It might not sound politically correct, but we're not talking politics, we're talking Football, American Football dammit! And in American Football, you launch, you horse collar, you collide with abandon, whatever it takes within your athletic ability to keep that opponent from attaining his goal. And yer damn right, Sometimes a player injured by a defenders hellacious hit must be carried off the field.

Article: Can Madden shift attitudes on player safety?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Former Raiders LB Thomas Howard RIP

Former Oakland Raiders linebacker Thomas Howard died Monday as a result of a car accident in Oakland, California. Howard played for the Raiders from 2006-2010.  

Always A Raider!
(July 14, 1983 – November 18, 2013) 

 Prayers and Blessings out to the Howard Family

Patriots Lose on Controversial Non-Call: I'm All Broken Up Inside

 The Rule In Question

As the rest of the league shows bits of sympathy for the New England Patriots losing on a controversially bad non-call last night, we Raiders fans are reminded of that preposterous, conspiracy filled, bad call that allowed the Patriots to steal a playoff game from the Raiders and launch the careers of Tom Brady and Bill Belichik.

Yes my friends, its time once again to shine the spotlight on the 2002 AFC Divisional Playoff game where the "Tuck Rule" echoed like the shot heard around the world.  

Last night's Patriots 24-20 Loss to the Carolina Panthers was due to Cam Newton and company outdueling New England. The non-call was right.  

The analysts and experts will talk about the reversal of the pass interference call the rest of this week and then it'll be forgotten.  As for the Tuck Game, its still talked about and still unbelievable. It's just one of those games that sticks in the craw of Raiders fans and just about any fan that detests bad calls changing the outcome of games. The bad call against my Raiders cost us a possible trip to a super bowl. They don't get much worse than that.

One Raiders fan said it best in a comment to an article in the Charlotte Observer:

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 19, 2013 10:51:21 AM
To all panthers fans, as a long suffering but fanatical raiders fan, i cant help but invoke karma in the end zone last night, it wasnt a championship game, it wasnt snowing, but didnt Mr.Tom celebrate another bad call some years ago? How about the tuck rule? He didnt scream at the refs when he fumbled and cost the raiders a trip to the super bowl. The Panthers won, Pats, tuck it in and move on

We Raiders fans have endured the baddest of bad calls, non-calls and questionable penalties against our team since forever.  We survive, endure, pick ourselves up and move on. We expect other teams to do the same.  But the one thing we don't do is forget, ever.  To forget an injustice is to accept a lie.

Here you go Pats fans, chew on this while you suffer what seems an injustice.  Maybe it'll make the Panthers win easier to swallow. Maybe!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Game Ball To McGloin In 28-23 Win

What can you say?  Rookie quarterback Matt McGloin led the Raiders to a convincing road win against the Houston Texans.  Did you see the release on the kid; quick, sharp and more times than not, accurate.  Sure the Texans gave up some turnovers early for good field position, but McGloin still had to get it into the endzone.  The kid did just that, making the redzone his playground with two perfectly placed passes for touchdowns in the first quarter.

"This is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," McGloin said. "I've been prepared for a while now to get in there. My team really supported me."

Raiders receivers are still dropping way too many balls, but thanks to McGloin it didn't seem as critical.

I'll say it, McGloin should start over Terrelle Pryor.  He's more decisive and doesn't try to do too much.  I think he took one sack all day.  No interceptions or turnovers for McGloin.  Running back Rashad Jennings did his thing, consistently grinding out four to five yards early in the game.  Then he broke a long beauty late in the third to put the Raiders up 28-17. 

Drive info: 1 plays, 80 yds, 0:13

The offense went stale after the big play, going three and out more times than I can count.  But that Raiders Defense is a keeper.   They limited the Texans to 90 yards rushing. I think I overheard that the Raiders are #5 in the league against the run.  

Defense T-A SCK INT FF
M. Jenkins 10-2 0.0 0 0
Ke. Burnett 7-0 1.0 0 1
C. Woodson 5-2 0.0 0 2
L. Houston 3-0 1.0 0 0
N. Roach 3-1 0.0 1 0
B. Ross 3-0 0.0 0 0
V. Walker 3-0 0.0 0 0
P. Adams 2-1 0.0 0 0
T. Porter 2-0 0.0 0 0
P. Sims 2-0 0.0 0 0
C. Chekwa 1-0 0.0 0 0
J. Hunter 1-0 0.0 0 0
S. McGee 1-0 0.0 0 0
S. Moore 1-0 0.0 0 0
D. Muir 1-0 0.0 0 0
J. Crawford 0-1 0.0 0 0
U. Young 0-2 0.0 0 0

With the offense unable to get first downs late, the defense played through their fatigue limiting the Texans to two field goals in the second half.  The Defense ended the game with a goal line stand, denying the Texans a first down at the two and a touchdown to WR Andre Johnson in the endzone.  The story for the Texans will be the heated exchange on the sideline between QB Matt Schaub and Johnson after their failed last play.

Today's win keeps the Raiders mathematically alive for a playoff spot. They're one game out, imagine that!  The Raiders played team ball thanks to an unflappable general at quarterback and a stingy defense.

Credit to the offensive game plan, coaches sticking with the run while letting McGloin pass at will.  Solution to a weakened offensive line; quick pass decisions and release......

Welcome Back WR Andre Holmes. Yes, I too thought that leaping sideline catch was good.  TE Mychal Rivera was a weapon.  Marcel Reese did a helluva a job blocking and helping move the pile on runs by Jennings.  Rod Streater, Danarius Moore, and I'll throw in Jacoby Ford for good measure, put in very good work.  Great win Raiders! Great Finish!

Final Score
Raiders 28
Texans 23

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nuttin But Strings - Backup QB Starting For Raiders

The scrambling quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, Terrelle Pryor, is out this week with a knee injury sustained two games ago.  Pryor did good to play in the last game but was definitely affected by the injury.

In comes the Second String, the Backup, the Fill-in.  Matt McGloin will be over center come Sunday against the Texans in Houston.  It'll be the first start ever for the rook and all my prayers and hopes are with this young man from Penn.  I saw him throw in training camp and liked the kid.  He threw a very nice on the mark deep ball for a touchdown in one of the exhibition games.  

Its not McGloin I'm worried about though, its the offensive line.  I believe we have some guys back from injury, but the adjustment from a scrambling and elusive Pryor to any other quarterback is big.

Though I don't expect much from McGloin, I'm pondering the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this could be a game of positives should the rook show some grit and win the damn game.  Its not all on him, but he's the cog that makes the machine work, the puppeteer that's pulling the strings.The field general.

Raider Nation 
 Here's #14 QB Matt McGloin

To the sound of "Nuttin But Strings"
Just Do It Matt!

Iguodala A Difference Maker For Golden State Warriors

Wow!  If you haven't seen the Golden State Warriors this season,  better check in soon before missing the entire 2013 party.  The Warriors are playing at a level above last season's playoffs, and they're doing it consistently with a cast of both old and newly acquired players.

One player that's wearing a Warriors jersey for the first time this season is Andre Iguodala, a small forward/shooting guard who brings defense, offense and leadership to a young competitive team. Two nights ago against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Iggy made a game winning buzzer beater with 2.3 seconds left on the clock. It appeared to be a signature win for the Warriors, letting the elite NBA teams know that they're back, better than before, and more than just a round one playoff upsetting team.

I watched the game before that, Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons, and couldn't believe the chemistry these young Warriors are displaying on the court.  Didn't know 19 year veteran Jermaine O'neal is with the Warriors and still got game.  By the fourth quarter the globetrotter looking starters were seated watching the bench close out the game against a supposedly tough Pistons team.  Detroit looked like they had no answer for the sharp shooting offense and tenacious defense of the Warriors.

Be on the lookout for second year forward Harrison Barnes coming off the bench.  The youngster, rightly nicknamed the Black Falcon, has stepped up his game overall and he's healthy.  On May 14, the NBA named Barnes to the 2012–13 All-Rookie first team.[35  

Though the name didn't derive from the marvel comic book character The Falcon, their first African-American super hero, both have wings that take them to heights beyond the reach of mortal men. The Golden State Warriors are about to take off folks, so get your popcorn and binoculars ready as we look to see them soar to heights not reached since the RUN TMC era.

Final Score

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harlem Globetrotter 109ft Shot

Its a low down dirty shame that I've had this sports blog for so many years and never posted anything relating to the Harlem Globetrotters.  Oh well, better late than never.

Beginning in 1926 as the Savoy Big Five, the Harlem Globetrotters are still alive and well, bringing fun and laughter to millions around the world.  They've earned the title of ambassadors of basketball as they continue to trot the globe demonstrating their unique skills in a very entertaining fashion.  

I believe every sports fan can remember their first time seeing the Globetrotters do their thing, whether live or on television, it was amazing stuff.  I grew up watching Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal.  Today's players carry the torch of all Globetrotters past.  

There's plenty of information on the internet about the team, past and present.  I urge any sports fan, especially basketball fans, to seek out some of the information or just play a video clip and re-live those exciting childhood highlights.  Its like going to a circus where the magic of childhood hopes and dreams are awakened.  Go ahead and treat yourself. 

And in case you've been out of touch, the Globetrotters carry two female players on their roster; TNT Maddox and rookie T-Time Brawner. I'm told the girls got game. They wouldn't be Globetrotters if they didn't.

Sweet Georgia Brown!

Toledo, OH ties to team

Todd Christensen - A Raider - Passes

 His face is weather beaten.
He wears a hooded sash,

With a silver hat about his head,

Legendary Raiders tight end Todd Christensen has passed away at 57.  He won two super bowls with the Raiders, playing a big role in the 1982 super bowl winning season. He was just one tough SOB.  He was "The Bristling Black Mustache" quoted in the Raiders Autumn Wind poem.  He was and will always be a Raider.

Mr. Christensen, The Raider Nation Salutes You!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Raiders Can't Finish Off New York Giants

The Oakland Raiders go down to the New York Giants at the Meadowlands and I'm wondering who to blame.  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor and the passing game were atrocious, but I'm beginning to see its as much the offensive coordinator's play calling that's to blame.  

Pryor was telegraphing just about every pass and the New York defense began reading him like a young adult fiction novel; predictable with a plot full of holes.  Its no wonder he didn't have seven picks to match last weeks seven touchdowns by the opposing quarterback.

Another game that the Oakland Raiders could've won thanks to defense and special teams, but the offense let the team down hard.  Wish I had a solution to offer.  They might've won this game had they stuck with screens, short passes and the power running of Rashad Jennings in place for an injured D-Mac. At least FB Marcel Reece got a few touches this week. 

Dropped passes, untimely penalties, turnovers. It was a further step backwards for this Raiders offensive unit. And yet the Raiders were up by six and driving in the 3rd qtr when Pryor threw a heart breaker interception to give the Giants the lead for keeps.

Give the New York defense credit, they stayed with the script of pressuring Pryor and waiting for him to oblige them with a gift.  By the end of the game Pryor hadn't disappointed them.  I'm still wondering if the coaches ever talked to Pryor about the danger of throwing back across the field.  Were the receivers supposed to do something different on those plays? I wonder.

The Oakland Raiders are an improved team from seasons past, definitely.  Its just so painful to watch them go through the growing pains of becoming a contender.

Final Score
Raiders 20
Giants 24

Friday, November 08, 2013

SF Chronicle Must Read - Multitasking & Clifford Nass

The article below is something all users of technology should stop and read. It only takes a few minutes of your multi-tasked day. It may not change the way you do things, but it will at least give you a better understanding of how a culture without today's technology was able to thrive in communication, manufacturing products and complex ideas of thought.  Imagine what went into producing relevant, products 30 years ago.  That was back when shoe companies focused on making shoes and not jumping into whatever market was currently hot to make a buck.

There was a time when slower, durable products that provided one function with precision were considered top line state of the art devices. It was then the same with people and their skills; a person with years of experience in one field could be considered an expert in that field. Today, many experts are labeled shortsighted, working in a box and out of touch with today's needs.  And should an old expert try explaining his innovative ideas and discoveries to those driving today's product needs, I believe it would require less detailed communications, increased editing and dumbing down of information in order for the "shakers and movers" of today to fit the information into their window of focus.

The vision of the innovator would most likely be lost to due to insufficient time to grasp his/her vision. Unfortunately, today's main focus is how much and how fast. Yesterday's experts have been downsized, phased out and outsourced to shoe companies in Foreign Countries with contracts to provide technical customer support to sucker consumers who fell for the marketing. A distracted, impatient, captured consumer.  Now isn't that innovation!

Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better.

But enough of what I think, here's what a great sociologist and thinker who passed away this week thought.

Clifford Nass, who put the lie to multitasking, dies at 55

Clifford Nass (Stanford News Service)
I’ll be blunt: You may think you’re great at multitasking, but odds are you suck at it. That’s the conclusion of groundbreaking research by Stanford professor Clifford Nass, who died Saturday of a heart attack.
Nass, who was 55, authored a 2009 study that found most people are terrible multitaskers, even though they think they’re really good at it. According to this New York Times obit, Nass set out to pinpoint the talents inherent in people who use technology to do a lot of things at once.
However, his results showed something very different:
. . . He and his colleagues presumed that people who frequently juggle computer, phone or television screens, or just different applications, would display some special skill at ignoring irrelevant information, or efficiently switching between tasks, or that they would prove to have a particularly orderly memory.
“We all bet high multitaskers were going to be stars at something,” he said in an interview with the PBS program “Frontline” after the paper he and his colleagues wrote, “Cognitive Control in Media Multitaskers,” was published in 2009.
“We were absolutely shocked,” he said. “We all lost our bets. It turns out multitaskers are terrible at every aspect of multitasking. They’re terrible at ignoring irrelevant information; they’re terrible at keeping information in their head nicely and neatly organized; and they’re terrible at switching from one task to another.”
He added, “One would think that if people were bad at multitasking, they would stop. However, when we talk with the multitaskers, they seem to think they’re great at it and seem totally unfazed and totally able to do more and more and more.”
Although Nass initially studied math, his focus shifted to communication. He spent 25 years researching how humans interact with computers. He determined that, ultimately, people have a very social relationship with their machines. They don’t just see them as simple tools:
“Everybody thought they were tools, that they were hammers and screwdrivers and things to be looked at in an inanimate fashion,” said Bryon Reeves, a Stanford communications professor who collaborated with Dr. Nass and wrote a book with him, “The Media Equation: How People Treat Computers, Television and New Media as Real People and Places,” which was published in 1996.
“Cliff said, ‘No, these things talk, they have relationships with you, and they make you feel good or bad.’ ”
Nass thought that companies forcing their employees to multitask was a workplace hazard. From a release from the Stanford News Service:
In a 2012 social sciences summit organized by Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Nass warned of the brain-ravaging effects of increasing media consumption.
“Companies now create policies that force their employees to multitask,” he said. “It’s an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) problem. It’s not safe for people’s brains.”
Nass’ research resonates with users of modern, mobile technology. People feel close to their smartphones and tablets, and interact with them as though they were other people. And his 2009 research on multitasking is borne out in increasing evidence that always-on technology makes us less focused and less able to deal with long-form information.
Nass also had a hand in developing one of the most iconic – and mocked – computer products ever. He consulted on Microsoft Bob, the Windows overlay that tried to put a human face on computing, according to the Times obit.
He founded a lab at Stanford that explored how people communicated with interactive media, and he was the co-director for Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research. From the Times:
The university says that the goal of the center, which receives financing from major automakers, is “to radically re-envision the automobile for unprecedented levels of safety, performance, sustainability and enjoyment.”
Nass became increasingly convinced that people should occasionally put down their devices and make face time a priority. But he also knew that there was something to learn about human behavior from the way we treat machines. His most recent book, “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop”, was published in 2010. In it, he argued that the way we interact with computers could have lessons for the way we interact with each other.

Stanford Football Crushes Oregon Ducks

If you saw it then you've gotta be convinced that hard-nosed football executed to perfection out performs flash and dash football anywhere, anytime.  Last night's game between #3 Oregon and #6 Stanford simply drove home that age old theory.

The best way I could ever describe Stanford's domination is to say that the Cardinal offense put on a stunning display of defense by "Matriculatin' the ball down the field" in an unstoppable, ground&pound, time consuming style.  It was the type of demonstration that ol'skool football coaches the likes of Lombardi, Halas and even Hank Stram who's "matriculating" Chefs offense won him their only super bowl to date, emphasized over and over.

 In Super Bowl IV, American football coach Hank Stram wore a microphone on the sidelines as part of the television broadcast, and was caught telling his Kansas City Chiefs, "Just keep matriculatin' the ball down the field, boys," referring to the process of moving the football toward a score. Since that time, and especially after Stram's death in 2005, sports commentators have used the phrase "matriculate the ball down the field" in this sense.[citation needed] However, this use of the word is unrelated to any other known use of the word.

Oregon, with a Heisman candidate at quarterback, had their high-powered offense stopped time and again by a tenaciously bruising Stanford defense. And as I stated already, the Stanford offense was just as bruising with their big and crushing offensive linemen getting enough push for running back Tyler Gaffney to chew up yards, clock and first downs on his way to 157 yards on 45 carries.

As for the Stanford defensive stats of the game: 

1. Time of Possession On Offense - 42:34sec
2. 2 Forced Turnovers
3. No Pts Allowed for 3qtrs

With all the hype about the Oregon Ducks quick attack offense, it was the Stanford Cardinal slow grinding offense and physical defense that made this game a laugh-er throughout.  And gotta give the Cardinal special teams credit for ending any chance of a Ducks late game rally, thanks in part to two Jeff Trojan recoveries of onside kicks by the desperate Ducks. 

Trojan Mannnnn, Trojan Mannnnnn, 
Hmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm!

Shout-out to Cardinal QB Kevin Hogan for implementing the offensive script to perfection and knowing when to use his legs to keep the chains moving.  Good job coach Shaw for not deviating from the game plan.

If I'm a coach of a football team at any level, I take from this game the basics to putting together a winning team; overpowering offensive line, durable power backfield, mobile quarterback, smart physical defense and special teams, Everyone executing their duties!  No superstars, just everyone punching the clock and carrying out their responsibilities for the team.  That's football 101.

Nerd Nation Beats Team Nike

Gaffney, Stanford Make Pac-12 Statement

Final Score
Oregon 20
Stanford 26

Friday, November 01, 2013

Oaktown Autumn Sunday

Well whaddaya know, a green tinged eagle has flown into the autumn winds of the bay area. And from the looks of it, the lil fella is ripe to be plucked as the Raiders go pillaging for fun this Sunday. Eagles will start a no-name green chickadee at quarterback to face the sack happy Raiders defense. They say the Philly defensive secondary is aa sitting duck just waiting for the likes of a road runner to speed through and around their fflanks. Its a game the Raiders should welcome and take full advantage of. A win and the Raiders will have a. 500 record. A loss is simply not an option. Philadelphia Eagles vs Oakland Raiders