Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arms Dealer In State Legislature? Come'on Man

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What the hell is going on with our senator from California?  Over the years we've seen politicians caught up in the most career damaging scandals imaginable.  The crimes they've been charged with have gone from sexual to criminal to acts of treason.  We've witnessed politicians caught on camera having illicit sex, purchasing or taking illegal drugs, stealing, fornicating and coveting thy neighbors wife. There've been murder indictments and bribery, along with insider trading involvement.  

Heck, we've had accusations of politicians tampering with presidential election ballot boxes, and one was the brother of the republican party presidential nominee.  But this recent one is a criminal charge right out of the latest best selling political thriller novel.  

California senator Leland Yee, a twenty-six year veteran politician, was arrested on a number of criminal charges.  The one that sets Leland above the rest is not that he was arrested along with one of the most notorious chinese gangland bosses that ever walked the streets of San Francisco.  Oh no, Leland set a precedent that sets the bar just a bit higher than cartel affiliation.  Mr. Leland Yee is being charged with conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms.

Wait a minute, I'm not making myself perfectly clear.  Let me give you today's CBS news opening on the story.

Last Updated Mar 26, 2014 8:51 PM EDT

Now let some of the key phrases sink in for a minute;  gun control legislation, campaign donations , undercover FBI, arms trafficker, shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles, Muslim separatist group.
Did I mention the gang leader's name is Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow?  I've been writing about the wrong March Madness event.  This Streets of San Francisco episode is gonna be a blockbuster with nobody coming out on top.
My first thought was that the good Senator was too good, wouldn't do the dirty work and was framed.  Maybe he ruffled someone's powerful feathers and they wanted to send a message.  But there's one phrase that makes me think our boy was in too deep and caught red handed; "undercover FBI."  
If Senator Leland Yee propositioned an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigations agent for campaign donations in exchange for an arms dealer contact in the Philippines, his future is looking very bleak. Is Guantanamo Bay still housing political prisoners?  One yelp-like site gives the prison 3.2 stars.
Innocent until proven guilty!

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