Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back to Back Wins for the Raiders!

The Raiders are winning against the teams they should beat and they're doing it in a convincing way, by beating the opposing teams in every phase of the game.

I'd give the patched up defense the game ball as they dominated the first quarter, then rebounded after a poor showing in the second and third quarters to shut down Steve McNair and the Titans. The Defense also sacked McNair 6 times for 43 yards, causing 3 fumbles in the process. Our much improved Warren Sapp can boast and proudly wear his old title of "QB Killa" again after having 2.5 of those sacks.

One crucial roughing-the-passer penalty on 3rd down kept a Titans drive alive. It would be the only penalty first down the Raiders would give up in the game. That's a big improvement for our Defense, or maybe the Referrees actually saw the bad calls made in the World Series last week and gave the Raiders some slack. Not.

Rookie Fabian Washington broke up passes and played like a first round pick. Rookie Stuart Schwergart did some hard hitting, one of which caused a fumble. In the end the Titans 10 minute advantage in time-of-possesion wasn't a factor.

Our Offense did it with varied and creative play calling such as Lamont Joran screens and a wide receiver reverse that gained 24 yards for a first down. With Jerry Porter being the star reciver of the day having two touchdowns, big play Randy Moss was not missed. Moss did contribute but not in his usual spectacular way. Offensive blocking at the line and downfield was awesome. Kerry Collins was well protected and sacked only twice for short losses. I saw collins interception as possibly Kerry shedding his cautious ways. Maybe he learned that he can overcome making a mistake in a game.

No team win is can be called complete without the special teams contributing. Rookie Chris Carr is still returning kicks with a hunger for the end zone. Carr returned one for 31 yards today. Shane Lechler's three punt average of 52.0 yards is indicative of his pro bowl player status, though the coverage did give up a 39 yard return. We'll ignore the Tennessee kick return for a touchdown that was called back. I'm sure had the Titans not held our player we would've tackled the return man.

Finally, a game ball to Norv and his coaching staff, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. This week they implemented a plan that suprised the opposition. Then they made the necessary adjustments to fight off a comeback.

It's our first ROAD WIN since that snow filled classic in Denver, which personally is my favorite game of the past two seasons. How can any Raider fan get tired of seeing that stunning one-handed touchdown catch by then emerging wide receiver Ronald Curry. I've replayed that game at least twice during the off season. Boy, it's almost mid-season with us and Indianapolis as the only teams in the AFC with a winning streak of two or more games. We got momentum, keep it going into Kansas City next week.

Raiders 34
Titans 25

Friday, October 28, 2005

Raiders Fan Documentary Now Screening

Wanna know how I'm planning on spending my Friday night? Attending the screening of a short 23 minute documentary about tailgating Raider Fans, that's how. I need to see if the makers of the film do justice to our Raider Nation image. I'm a bit suspicious of persons who've never been to a Raiders game all of a sudden thinking their the Jack Cousteau of fandom. Don't let the costumes and tatoos fool you, we all have jobs and families just like anyone else. Takes money to attend a professional football game these days.

The film maker, Jason Blalock, says he was inspired by a Heavy Metal documentary. Well I don't ever remember seeing infants and grandparents at a Heavy Metal concert, do you? Sure, the Raider Nation has elements of heavy metal types, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more in what I consider one of the most Diversified Nations on earth.

I guess I'm hoping that this film shows more than the "wild side" of tailgating with Raider Fans. With reporting there's responsibility to show and tell all. Unfortunately, Jason may have bought into all the negative hype about drugs and alcohol being the theme of tailgating with Raider fans. Well Jason, if you're going to show the ghetto of a city you should also show the palace.

We're a Nation that welcomes everyone. The only requirement to becoming part of the Raider Nation is pledging your loyalty to the Oakland Raiders, through good times and bad. Our only prejudice is against the opposing teams and some of their obnoxious fans entering our perimeter. And against wanna be documentarists looking for a "shock and awe" type story to pimp. Especially someone from SoCal who's never been to a Raiders game at the coliseum. My question is, who sent you? Jim Rome?

Stay Tuned!

Interview: Jason Blalock

The first time SFist went to an A's game (back when they were only $1 on Wednesday nights) we were struck not by the impressive management, nor the players themselves, but rather by the fans. Not the A's fans, mind you, but the Raiders fans. Yes, Raiders fans at the A's games! We knew that there was something, uh, shocking and aweing about this motley crew.

Jason Blalock combined inspiration from an old SFist fav, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, and his shock and awe-induced state from encountering the Raider Nation, and turned this all into art. Jason's film Oakland Raider Parking Lot is well, amazing. It takes you into the depths of the so called 'Black Hole' of the Raider Nation. Turns out some of those costumes cost THOUSANDS of dollars to make. Make sure you check out Jason's flick while you can at the SF Independent Film Festival.

Oakland Raider Parking Lot screens before 24 Hours on Craiglist and can be seen on Saturday. An additonal screening is TBA, probably on Monday.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Champion Chicago White Sox

Congratulations Chicago White Sox, you're on top of the baseball world winning the MLB 2005 Championship. Although they swept the Houston Astros in four games, each game was a fun, tension filled battle to watch.

For myself, I had nothing invested in either team. I just wanted to see a competitive series and I did. If only the Astros could have batted in another runner or two the series would have been longer. I credit White Sox pitching and defense for winning the close games.

And move over Eric Gagne (aka "The Beast), the baseball world saw the emergence of rookie closer Bobby Jenks. He's big, he's bold and he throws a mean 99mph fastball. I haven't checked his stats from the series but I only remember him giving up hits in one game.

Just so happens that I watched the movie "Eight Men Out" this week. The movie depicts the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. They were called the Black Sox because of their conspiracy with mobsters to throw the 1919 World Series, which the Cincinnati Reds won 5 games to 3. I believe it was the only year the world series was the best out of 9.

Eight Sox players were charged with conspiring to throw the World Series, including their star Joe Jackson. All eight were acquitted of charges but the tough judge and future first commissioner of baseball, Judge Landis, banned all eight players from ever playing major league baseball again.

Based on the movie, "Shoeless Joe Jackson" didn't want to be a part of the conspiracy, but Joe wasn't the brightest apple in the basket and eventually he took the money. The kid in the movie that mouthed the line "Joe, Say it isn't so Joe" did okay, but the scene just seemed a bit too staged, almost anticlimatic. In other words he was no young Ricky Schroeder pleading with his boxer father John Voight in "The Champ." I vote "The Champ" the best sports tear jerker behind the original Brian's Song, (story of Brian Piccolo).

Well, hopefully Shoeless Joe has been given a reprieve up there in baseball heaven. For a man who couldn't spell his own name he was a hero to many fans of that day, young and old. I believe Joe took one for the team when he was banned. He just wanted to play baseball.

So hopefully the 2005 champion Chicago White Sox will raise one of their historical heroes up from the ashes of scandal and give him a proper place of rememberance here in today's baseball world. Make it So Sox, make Shoeless Joe Jackson's legacy one that shows he justed wanted to play baseball. He should be remembered as part of what makes America's Past time so special. Our love for the game.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Case of Domestic Violence

Well our Park Ranger is off the hook for treating the homicide suspect lightly, but the state courts sure have a lot of xsplaining to do.

Turns out the body in the trunk was the suspects ex-girlfriend whom he'd threatened, attacked, stalked and pretty much told the world he'd kill her someday.

The paper lists the guy's three plus felonies dating back to the year 2000, all involving violent actions toward the girlfriend. He spent less than six months in county jail for all this and lastly was ordered to attend a domestic violence counseling class. They say he'd attended one of the classes just two days before the ex-girlfriend dissappeared.

Guys, let me preach to you about how not to go off the deep end and violently attack the woman you love. Unless you just have a flat out hatred for all women (seek help if you do) you should understand that using physical strength against a woman is easy and addictive. It gives the abuser a sense of power that's most likely stronger than anything he's experienced in his life. Crack cocaine is close but eventually the money runs out. That powerful feeling can make a man feel industructable. When that happens anything is possible. Because once a man feels he's industructible then there's no need for him to respect anything or anyone.

So men, before we allow ourselves to go off the deep end and lose it when dealing with our women, just walk away. She may scream at us, curse us or say the most hurtful things to us that anyone could imagine, still just walk away. Her words are her fists and many women don't know the strength of their words against us.

For us that love sports, watching a game can be an outlet for frustrations in a relationship. Hell, it was the disagreements in my marriage that steered me toward becoming a season ticket holder. We eventually divorced, but she's alive and well and I'm still free to goto the coliseum, eat, drink and scream my frustrations out at my team.

Bottom line, find some way to gain control of that inner monster that we're all capable of becoming. And when all else fails......... get a bigger trunk and put in a false bottom for transporting illegal cargo such as drugs, guns and bodies. Because bigger is better. (tasteless joke I know)

Just Walk Away!

Welcome to the Black Hole

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


In sports, defense is defiance. Defying your opponent the freedom to oppress you with their offensive powers and skills. When a person or group resorts to defiance of someone or something, they're committing themself/selves to defending what they believe to be theirs by right.

If someone or something has taken what was once yours by right, then you must go on the offensive to gain back that which was taken. Once you've obtained that which was taken you don't just sit back and celebrate but begin building on what you've acquired and strengthening your defenses so that what you've amassed will not be taken away again.

Such is the basic principle of sport. So to are principles in life and life's causes.

Today I mourn the loss of a woman who rallied my people into taking back what they believed to be theirs by right. The right to be treated equal as citizens of the United States of America. The lady I honor here today had grown tired of watching her people being oppressed by powers which up to that point were beyond her control.

It was on a winter day in 1955 that my heroine, tired of being offended, let Defiance take over her person and stood in defense of what she believed to be her right. A right to sit in a seat on a bus without having to relinquish the seat because someone with white skin wanted to sit there. Though it may sound like a trivial triumph to persons unaware of the racial history in the U.S., to us who know better it was Huge.

That one act by Mrs Rosa Parks changed the course of history for Black People here in the United States as well as oppressed persons throughout the world. That one act of Defiance signified to all the oppressed worldwide that a single voice, a sparked action, committed to a rightful cause can restore a broken hope and bring about change. A change that's proven we can all enjoy the fruits of this world equally if we stand strong together in Defiance of the many wrongs in humanity.

Mrs. Rosa Parks 1913-2005
A Defiant Patriot Against Oppression and Injustice


My Shepherd is the Lord my God,-
There is no want I know;
His flock he leads in verdant meads,
Where tranquil waters flow.

He doth restore my fainting soul
With His divine caress,
And, when I stray, He points the way
To paths of righteousness.

Yea, though I walk the vale of death,
What evil shall I fear?
Thy staff and rod are mine, O God,
And Thou, my Shepherd, near!

Mine enemies behold the feast
Which my dear Lord hath spread;
And, lo! My cup He filleth up,
With oil anoints my head!

Goodness and mercy shall be mine
Unto my dying day;
Then will I bide at His dear side
Forever and for aye!

By.Eugene Field, 1889

Monday, October 24, 2005

Female corpse found in trunk of man's car

Article 1
U.S. Park Police were questioning a man Sunday after finding the body of a young woman in the trunk of his car parked on Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands.
A park police officer first came to the aid of the man, who was in a white Honda Civic, about noon Sunday because he looked ill and was vomiting, according to Christine Powell, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service. She said the officer decided there was cause to search the car and in the process discovered the body of a young white female in the trunk.
The man, also white and young, was first taken to Marin General Hospital and later released into the custody of the park police, Powell said. He is a suspect in the case, and authorities were questioning him Sunday to try to determine what happened, she said.

Article 2
A woman's body was discovered Sunday in the trunk of a man's car parked in the Marin Headlands.
A National Park Service ranger approached a man parked on the side of the road on Hawk Hill around 11:45 a.m. because he was vomiting off the side of his car, said U.S. Park Police spokeswoman Christine Powell. After briefly questioning the man, the ranger searched his white Honda Civic and discovered the body in the trunk, she said.
The 25-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was taken to Marin General Hospital, where he was treated and released. Powell said she didn't know what he was treated for.
U.S. Park police held him for questioning late Sunday.
Authorities said the body of a 21-year-old white woman appeared to have been dead for 12 to 24 hours. An autopsy was planned to determine the identity and exact cause of death.

My Comments:
How does a park ranger find a man with a corpse in his car trunk and not immediately call in the authorities to investigate? Based on one article in the paper this morning the gentleman discovered with the corpse in his trunk was taken to the hospital for illness then released into custody of the park rangers for questioning. Another article just states that the man was treated and released. What I want to know is not why the man was riding around with a corpse in his trunk, but what’s the protocol for Park Rangers when discovering such an individual? Should I be found in the same situation, this is still a fictional piece, would the Park Rangers treat me like a cousin who’s just a bit ill and maybe confused or because of maybe my skin color will I be handcuffed and thrown into some cold barracks cell puking my illness all over myself while they wait for the “Real Authorities” to arrive to question me?

I try very hard not to read racial tones into stories such as these but I can’t help but wonder how someone with a corpse, not a dead dog or a stolen palm tree, but a corpse, be given such courteous treatment by anyone wearing a civic badge? If there was suspicion enough to search the suspect’s car, then why wasn’t there precautions taken to apprehend him first and treat his illness later as practiced with so many other arrests? Nowhere in the article does it say why the corpse was in the trunk. So either there’s a language barrier or the suspect is taking the 5th amendment (refusing speech), which would definitely be cause for apprehension and containment.

The tone from the article doesn’t even seem alarming. At first I thought that maybe the Park Rangers, familiar with handling dead animal carcasses, determined the corpse to be that of someone long dead. But then I read the second article and it states that the corpse had been lifeless for 12 to 24 hours. Shouldn’t homicide detectives be called in immediately? Don’t all the homicide television shows say that the trail of a homicide murder is hottest within the first 24 to 48 hours of the crime? But for some unexplained reason the Park Rangers are heading the investigation and that’s what bothers me.

When I Think Park Ranger I think of a friendly guy named Bob dressed in green and wearing a green trooper type hat. You know the type, the outdoorsman with the scraggily mustache. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a park ranger with a firearm or even a pair of handcuffs. They tend to move slow, again probably from their experience with the handling of wild animals. Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard of a Park Ranger breaking open a murder case? Yeah, that’s what I thought, never. If anything it always seems like the Park Ranger is the one that screws up the evidence or fails to take precautions that would’ve caught a criminal sooner. How often do we hear of the Park Ranger stopping a suspicious vehicle only to say a few kind words to the killer behind the wheel, maybe give directions, and send him on his merry way? Only later, when the criminal is caught three states away, do we learn of the terrorized crime spree he’s committed and the lone Park Ranger that could have possibly prevented the carnage had he “called his suspicions into authorities.”

I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh on our Park Rangers. They’re job is to watch after our beautiful parks and remaining wildlife, not take on tough guy roles or play detective whenever humans go bad in their neck of the woods. So we’ll just have to wait and see where this story goes. It’s been a week of sad stories in the bay area with the mother who flung her three children into the bay and the teenager who brutally killed a woman because he needed money for his marijuana venture. How much of this behavior is due to economics and how much of it is just selfish needs? Or is the country just losing it's damn mind I wonder?

Oh, I almost forgot to share my final guess at why the suspect is being treated so royally, he’s related somehow to George Bush. That poor Park Ranger should’ve just given the bad human directions and kept his mouth shut.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Touchdown Raiders!

The fat lady hasn't sung on our season yet. You may have heard her humming last week against the Chargers, but this week she done sat her fat azz down after succumbing to watching a revived Raiders team win.

Finally, the running game came to life and the Raiders offense clicked like it was meant to. Five touchdowns, Ball Control, Red Zone Success. Hell, even Kerry Collins took off running for some good gains. Norv made the right calls at the right time. A game that started with a competitive Buffalo Bills team ended with a Dominating Raiders team.

Randy Moss showed his toughness in playing hurt and catching a touchdown pass, but it was a one-handed catch by Doug Gabriel that put the stamp on our offensive showing today. That and Lamont Jordan's three touchdowns. Zack Crockett was also key in the running game.

Defense stepped up big after losing Charles Woodson and Derrick Gibson to injuries. Another goal line stand that showed the talent of our young defense. Sure, there were some breakdowns, but they played a great, smart defensive game. MacGahee didn't run like he claimed he could and we put pressure enough on their QB, Kelly Holcomb, to cause havoc in their passing game.

Our Special teams deserves much praise for giving us good field position most of the day. Chris Carr still looks like he's one step from breaking one loose for a touchedown.

An all around descent outing for these 2005 Raiders. Just ask the fat lady. Commitment to Excellence was restored to the Raider Nation this week. A winning attitude was evident in our players today. Let's keep it going into Tennessee next week.

final score
Raiders 38
Bills 17

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Missed Opportunity

I missed out on an opportunity to be in the Will Smith movie. Long story, but I'll try to keep it short. Remember the pictures I took for the modeling/talent agency? Well, I now receive in my email updates and listings of not only model shoots but also movie parts, commercials and other talent related advertising jobs.

I replied to one requesting a Tai Chi practitioner. It may or may not have been the Will Smith movie, I'm not sure. Anyways, I received a text message on my cell phone on Saturday asking me to reply if interested in a paramedic part where I draw blood from Will Smith. They were shooting the part in San Leandro that day and needed my immediate reply. Only problem is I didn't know it was a text message and thought my cellular voicemail was having problems. I've been stumped by the mail envelope that's been on my cell screen since saturday.

So this morning I'm telling my roommate about the problem with the mail envelope appearing with no voicmail message. Of course my cellular guru roommate then takes a look at my phone and immediately checks text messages. And there, in clear text communicato, was my calling for 15 minutes of fame and glory. I'd missed not only my calling but a chance to make a few hundred dollars for a few hours work.

In the famous words of the late Florida Evans from the sitcom GoodTimes: Damn! Damn! Damn!

But I still have this wonderful blog to express my many talents on. And you wonderful fans out there to share in my daily adventures of life. After seeing the movie "On the Waterfront" for the first time last week, I now understand Marlon Brando's character when he said:

"I could've been somebody, I could've been a contender."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom

I lit a candle for what would have been my Mother’s 71st birthday. Here is what I wrote to my mom for her birthday.

I saw your face in a picture taken of me recently mom.
I knew I carried traits of you but never had I seen those traits reflected so clearly.
The resemblance was all in the cheekbones and smile.
It warmed me so to see you again.
The blessings just keep coming don’t they?
To receive such a gift just a day before what would’ve been your 71st birthday is priceless.
So here I am today at the Cathedral about to light a birthday candle for you.
A candle that represents the path you illuminated for me in life and in death.
“I follow wherever I am led knowing so well thy father’s hand”

Happy Birthday Mom

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Whupping!

I'm flat out tired after sitting through another Raiders Loss. What hurt so much this time was just how completely beaten we were.

I wouldn't say that San Diego is a better team than any of the other teams we've played so far this year. What happened was the Raiders chose to play their worse game offensively today. Their inconsistency and lack of creativity on offense was the leading cause for no offense at all. Kerry Collins once again showed why he's not a good quarterback. If I had to put blame on someone for this one it would be Kerry Collins and the Offensive Coordinator.

It's obvious that Collins is playing not to make mistakes. When he did take a chance it was not a well advised one. He tends to lead his receivers into heavy defensive traffic and still throws passes too high. One throw to an open Courtney Anderson in the endzone would have been a touchdown if it were say maybe five feet lower. Mind you Courtney is six foot seven with basketball jumping ability. How a quarterback misses a six foot seven tight end open in the end zone is beyond me. Granted, the throw was aligned properly and Courtney did have some defensive backs in the vicinity, but unless he'd grown wings in the huddle he wasn't going to come down with the high thrown ball.

I hate to say it but it's possible Moss's groin injury sustained while trying to catch a deep Collins pass in double coverage, might have been avoided with a better pass. Collins was overthrowing today when maybe underthrown balls would have benefited his receivers and the team.

Lamont Jordan plowed into the offensive line for little yardage much of the first half. The defense broke at times but considering they were on the field for long periods of time in the first half, I'd understand their fatigue on this 80 degree day.

Even in playing their worse game of the season to date the Raiders gave themselves opportunities in the final quarter to make it a game. But those ugly penalties at critical times, some questionable, cost them yet again. The penalties were lessened from previous games, but they still reared their head just when the defense was making a stand. There's no way around a personal foul roughing the passer penalty. It's the referree's call whether we agree or not.

The only solution I see to this problem is possibly throwing in Tuaosusopo to give us a rushing threat, or admitting to ourselves that we're not as talented a team as we thought and our coaches are lacking when it comes to game planning.

Something must be done to stop the bleeding caused by Ladanian Tomlinson and the stellar play of the San Diego Chargers this weekend. They whupped us today, period.

I must give credit to Tomlinson, he is truly an exceptional running back. He cuts on a dime, uses his blockers effectively and has plenty of fight for every yard. He's tough, sweet and elusive like Payton. He didn't run over the Raiders today, but he sure put his mark on the game.

Enough said. Stop the bleeding NOW Big Al. It can't go on like this. I'll go down with the ship if I have to, but I want to at least know that I took a few enemies with me.

Let's Go Raiders!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

White Sox AJ Perzenski's Controversial Strikeout

Regarding the controversial call, or non-call on AJ Perzynski in the 9th inning of game 2 against the Angels. The supervisor of umpires explained it perfectly. Two reasons why AJ was safe.

1. The umpire never called him out

2. Replays show the ball moves another direction before hitting the catchers mitt

I must have watched a good ten replays after immediately following the play. There was one replay that was shown maybe twice which clearly shows the ball either bouncing up into the glove or moving in another direction as it's caught. Maybe it was the same angle enlarged, but the ball clearly looked as if it rattled into the catcher's glove.

The question I have is why did the network only show that enlarged replay I saw only twice and continued to show the replay that was so inconclusive over and over?

I believe if the replay where the ball seems to bounce into the glove was shown more, the controversy wouldn't have been as one sided per the media. Remember, the network welcomes controversy. Controversy gets more people to watch upcoming games, adding to the viewer ratings, which amounts to more dollars. By not showing other replays and/or enlarging the tape, the commentators can only comment on what they saw.

Expect Radio talk show hosts as well as television commentators to talk about this for the next few days, getting paid big bucks to talk about it, the Controversial Call.

But don't get too caught up in that call. It didn't cause the Angels to lose the game. The following two plays cause the Angels to lose the game. The stealing of second base by the pinch runner. And the RBI double by Crede which won the game.

I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, which is hard when you're a die hard Raiders Fan, but when you tally up how much time is spent on talking about this call in the upcoming days, and the salaries of the folks in media who will be talking about it, I wonder if maybe something is being withheld from us poor fans to keep us asking the question.....was the ball a caught out?

Somebody someday will analyze the tape and come closer to the truth than what's being given at this time. In the meantime, Congratulations White Sox for a heads up play and winning game two of the ALCS. Maybe it's time for a "Tuck" rule in baseball.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ready for the Lightening Bolts

The San Diego Chargers are coming into the Coliseum this weekend off of a bitter loss to Pittsburgh. The Steelers took advantage of the chargers with a good passing game. It seems the Raiders should follow the Pittsburgh formula which is to establish the pass to open the running game. Did you see how easily the Steelers passed their way down the field at times?

If the offensive line can protect Kerry Collins the way Ben Rothlisburger was protected (minus the leg injury), we should have a good day passing and scoring. Courtney Anderson is no Antonio Gates, but with Randy Moss taking on double coverage other receivers should be open. Lamont Jordan should have a fullback blocking for him on running plays inside. I hope to see more passes and screens thrown Jordan's way this weekend.

Shorter passing routes is key to ball control for the Raiders. Defense should look better against a familiar opponent. Our defense needs to pressure Drew Brees all day. Look out Drew, Sapp is attacking like a revived monster.

So all that's needed this week is an attacking short yardage pass attack with the threat of Moss deep, Lamont Jordan mix of non-vanilla plays, Pass Protection for Kerry and quicker reads by Kerry. If only Kerry had a half decent pair of running legs. Defense just needs to attack the quarterback and not let up. Stack the box and double gates. LT will get some, but he can be minimized as we saw in Pittsburgh.

Come on Norv, show us you can out maneuver Marty Shottenheimer with good play calling. Put the players in position to win a game that's there for the taking.

Us Fans will try to do our part in the noise department. I expect the Raiders to do their part and get us our first divisional win of 2005.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Defense Bends But Holds for Raiders Win!

Goal Line Stand! Warren Sapp is Back! Defensive Pressure Improved overall. The day was made for defense and it held. Other than two big plays by the Dallas offense, our Defense won this game for us today.

But before I give defense it’s due let me tell you something about Moss. Randy Moss has the grace of a Gazelle and the hands of a pediatrician delivering a baby. I was seated at an angle that revealed his wide open hands clamping down on a hard thrown spiral and his fingers encasing the the ball pulling it into his body without losing stride. It was a thing of beauty to watch it live. I’ve only seen Jerry Rice make catches like that. Graceful!

But that defense was awesome and held at a crucial time. I remember seeing 1:49 left in the game with us calling a timeout. Dallas only needed five yards for a touchdown or three for a first on 4th down. That old friend tension returned for another Sunday at the Coliseum. This time our defense brought the pressure and the pass was hurried and short. Us fans were relieved first then ecstatic when the referee ruled incomplete, Raiders football

With many penalties but less at crucial moments in the game, the Raiders got their first win of the season. Lamont Jordan ran to daylight thanks to his offensive blockers clearing the way. Janakowski has gotten back into his rhythm and is kicking stronger (touchbacks on kickoffs) and more accurate in making two field goals of 40 plus yards with ease. Special teams rookie Chris Carr is still learning and you could see Doug Gabriel educating him after an impressive kick return where he could of cut it to the outside for a touchdown. All in all it was a game of relief. There's still room for improvement but we go into our bye week with a much needed win.

It was a hot day for all fans in the stadium. The Coliseum was packed more than it was for the Kansas City game. Anytime you see and smell herbal indulgence after the game you know it was a productive day. Many Dallas Cowboy fans were out representing their team. For some reason the Dallas fans weren’t harassed that much. Only one threat of a fight near our section and by the time security arrived all had been forgiven. The Raider fans had tailgated too hard for a hot day and it showed in the two fans taking knaps in my section. My friend Big Lar said they’d arrived at six o’clock this morning and the jello shots started at sunrise. But he’d limited his afternoon drinking to sierra mist on ice.

It was Hispanic Heritage day at the Coliseum and the half time show featured mariachi performers with little senorita dancers. Jorge Santana did an admirable job at singing the national anthem though many afterward stated that Jorge was no Carlos Santana.

Our one weakness on offense was the Red Zone. We must begin scoring touchdowns in the Red Zone. We seem to do okay between the two twenty’s but go flat in the Red Zone. I blame the play calling and Kerry Collins. We cannot play inside the twenty like we’re outside the twenty. A change in formations and strategy are needed for those plays. Kerry must change from a deep passer to a short yardage master during red zone execution.

Lamont Jordan went over one hundred yards for the first time as a Raider. He ran hard and was rewarded. The play action pass worked to perfection just as it’s drawn up to work. Kerry ran the play action with perfection at times. Some of Kerry’s passes are still floating and he could use some work on pump action and looking off receivers.

Defensive Line Day with a dose of Moss is what today’s game was. We didn’t give it away in the final moments. For that I can feel promise for the rest of the season.

Raiders 19 Cowboys 13