Monday, February 25, 2013

Tai Chi Move - Snake Creeps Down

This Tai Chi move emphasizes flexibility and elusiveness. It reflects that mythical battle between the snake and crane.  It is a slithering movement aimed at getting to the crane's legs and underside while avoiding its beak.

"The Bamboo that Bends is Stronger than the Oak that Resists"

Monday, February 04, 2013

NFL BIg Show A Thriller

While the majority of Raiders fans are celebrating this post superbowl monday with glee, I feel the pain of our bay area brethren who couldn't close out the biggest show on turf.  It was approximately ten years ago that I got the shock of my sporting life when Gruden and the Bucs ruined the Raiders return to the big show. 

Yesterday's Forty-Niner loss had to be heartbreaking to their fans, simply because they were on the verge of a historic, unbelievable comeback and looked as if they could've and should've pulled it off.

So close Niners, So Close!

The team and their fans will spend the off season analyzing what went wrong and where the blame lies; they'll revisit referee calls/non-calls, offensive play-calling, defensive secondary breakdowns, special teams breakdowns, clock/timeout management and  turnovers. 

The pain will really set in when they realize that on the Sunday that was Feb. 3, 2013, they ran into a Baltimore Ravens team who knew how to start and finish a fight.

Yeah, while watching the Ravens begin their Superbowl celebration with purple confetti falling from the heavens, I wanted to shed a few crocodile tears for my brokenhearted Niner friends who were bent over in pain and disbelief. 

But at work this morning I couldn't help but stick it to the Raider-Haters of seasons past.  I made sure every snivelling 49er fan saw my Raider Nation loving butt open the sports page of the San Francisco Chronicle to reveal this telling picture and caption:
The San Francisco 49ers Fall Short, Lose Super Bowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens 34-31

Congratulations Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens on getting the job Done!

note: Baltimore Ravens are only NFL team with no losses in multiple superbowl appearances (2-0)