Friday, March 27, 2009

And Then There Were Four

The next Four games of the NCAA Tournament (The Elite Eight) will be missing two teams many thought, including myself, might be there; Memphis and Duke.

The #2 seeded Memphis Tigers were handled convincingly by the #3 seeded Missouri Tigers in the West bracket tonight. I hadn't really filled out a full bracket, but I was banking on Memphis to return to the championship and win it all. Now I'm rooting for the winner in the East bracket, Villanova or Pittsburgh, to take it all.

The Duke Blue Devils were humbled by the Villanova Wildcats on Thursday.

MARCH MADNESS! Have U Gone Mad Yet?

Stimulus Package Prompts New Banking Process

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Creature from Jekyll Island

I've had this book over five years and have yet to finish it. Why? Because its so damn scary. Actually I do go back to it from time to time. And now with all that's going on in the economy I've opened its pages once again.

The story of the Federal Reserve Bank as written in this book by G. Edward Griffin is enough to make you wanna buy a pick, shovel and tin pan, then go digging for gold around Sutter's Mill in Northern California. What you might of thought you knew, you really don't, not the full story anyway. The book makes some of our leading bankers and politicians who created our monetary system look like Bernie Madoff on steroids.

But I really shouldn't be trying to give an account of the book being that I haven't fully read it through. But I will give you one of the best reviews I've read on any book. It was posted on by a Stephen T. McCarthy of Phoenix,AZ USA. Please, read Stephen's review for a fun yet scary synopsis of this revealing book about money. You're being scammed if you think the Federal Reserve Bank is Federal. As stated in the book; "it is not federal and there are no reserves. Furthermore the Federal Reserve Banks are not even banks."

134 of 138 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars An Evil Of MONSTROUS Proportions!, May 5, 2006
By STEPHEN T. McCARTHY (a Mensa-donkey in Phoenix, Airheadzona.) - See all my reviews

What is The Creature From Jekyll Island? Well, first of all, it's uglier than The Creature from the Black Lagoon; it's more densely wrapped in deception than the Mummy is in cloth; it sucks the lifeblood of America more ravenously than Dracula does his victims; it reeks worse than the Werewolf; and it's stronger and more dangerous than Doctor Frankenstein's miscreation!

The Creature from Jekyll Island is the PRIVATE Federal Reserve that holds America and Her People hostage with an astoundingly perverse and "criminal" economic system that is an evil beyond your worst monster-infested nightmare. But the Creature comes in a guise to mislead the people, like a Wolfman in sheep's clothing.

Why is the system "criminal"? Because the U.S. Constitution proclaims itself to be the "supreme Law of the Land" (see Article VI), and Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution states that "The Congress shall (Constitutionally speaking, "shall" has been legally defined as "must")...coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures." Why Congress? Because it is answerable to the People it represents! Remember, our Constitutional Republic was meant to be representational government! We're a long way from that now! The Federal Reserve is NOT Congress; it is unelected, meaning nonrepresentational, and being therefore unconstitutional, it is illegal, hence "criminal."

I first read G. Edwrd Griffin's magnificent study, 'The Creature From Jekyll Island' eight years ago. I had read plenty of political books prior to this one, and countless since, but Mr. Griffin's tour de force has yet to be equaled when it comes to educating the reader in wide-ranging topics that coalesce most of the geopolitical mysteries of our time into the diabolical scheme known as the Federal Reserve System.

Don't make the mistake of letting the sophisticated subject matter drive you away as forcefully as the intriguing title beckons you. Despite the complexity of the topic, G. Edward Griffin masterfully organizes the material and lays it out, not only in a very readable manner, but he actually fashions a carefully researched, extensively footnoted nonfiction tome into a spellbinding journey that reads nearly like a page-turning mystery novel.

In the process of explaining and demystifying the history, the stated goals of the Federal Reserve, and the real agenda behind it, Mr. Griffin necessarily enlightens the reader about myriad conspirators who occupy positions in a variety of social engineering organizations. Without this understanding, one could not possibly grasp the full scope of the problem, nor fathom how such a demonstrably evil entity could have remained cloaked and in power since 1913. (Indeed the thirteenth year of the Twentieth Century represented an unlucky number for America and eventually the world.)

You will find some reviewers here complaining that Mr. Griffin has unfortunately polluted his 600+ page study with John Birch Society style conspiracy theories. What you WON'T find is where any of those same reviewers have proven any errors in fact committed by Mr. Griffin. They challenge the idea of a conspiracy, but not any of the abundant and overt evidence that clearly points to it. I myself don't like little yapping dogs, but I'm not prepared to say that they don't exist simply because I'd prefer not to even think about them. And I can hear those yapping quadrupeds as clearly as I can see the indisputable evidence of underhanded collusion in high and influential places when it comes to this country's monetary system.

"You are a den of vipers!" President Andrew Jackson thundered at a delegation of supporters of the central Bank of the United States in 1834. "I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out!" Jackson succeeded in ridding this country of the inherent perniciousness that a central bank levels on a nation. But President Jackson's hard-earned victory for his countrymen was sadly overturned in 1913, when a corrupt privately owned central bank was again foisted on the sleeping people of this once free nation in the form of The Federal Reserve cartel. As Griffin states on page 573, "The Federal Reserve is the world's largest and most successful scam."

I will tell you plainly that regardless of what you think you know about the political spectrum, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, civil rights and corporate greed, socialism and capitalism -- regardless of how well informed you may think you are by reading mainstream news magazines and newspapers, listening to NPR and talk radio programs and watching political debates on nightly news TV shows -- until you have read and digested G. Edward Griffin's, 'THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND', you will never really understand contemporary American and global politics. But afterwards, the political puzzle will come together before your eyes, and never again will you follow the red herring into the brainwashing house of mirrors which is our current political milieu.

If you're inclined to read only one political book, be sure it's this one, as it will make sense of your world like nothing else. 'THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND' belongs in the personal library of every American who truly cares about his or her country (regardless of political party affiliation); by rousing the people of this nation from the ignorance of deep sleep, it has the potential to be the silver bullet or the stake through the heart of America's worst monster! Read it now or the Wolfman's gonna getcha!

Legendary Friend Passes

My friendship with Archie Green sprouted about three years ago and now with his death I feel our relationship has reached higher than I ever could have imagined. In the final weeks of his life Archie was busy wrapping up his affairs and making sure that his life work, loved ones and many protege's would continue to grow and be a part of future generations. I'm honored to say that I am an Archie Green protege.

His life and death are symbolic of a man who believed that individuals have a responsibility to the group(s) they're a part of, whether that group be national, social, religious or other. Archie's views didn't always agree with my own, but we could sit and digest what each was saying without getting heartburn.

Archie is a natural born teacher who wants to enlighten any and all listeners to stories and ideas they might never have heard before. And if one has already heard the story, Archie goes immediately from teacher to student by quieting down and intently listening to what may be a newly revealed twist on an old story. Imagine a 91 year old man capable of learning something new from a person half his age, or even younger. This is what makes Archie such an easy person to befriend regardless of your age, gender or race, he welcomes everyone into his circle of life and death.

If ever someone could teach me how to die, Archie was the man. He approached death just as he had life. If he found reason to protest and fight there would be no hesitation in doing so. Archie was a firm believer in the struggle toward rights for the working man. And if he found that circumstances warrant he accept whatever fate lay at his doorstep, he could swallow the bitter pill, open the door and greet the visitor.

I know that Archie is on a journey of discovery as I write this letter. Energy like that of Archie's just doesn't dissipate into the ether like cosmic dust. No, my friend Archie is soaring soulfully through the galaxies observing and choosing what world is in need of his services. And where ever he lands will become a better place for its occupants to tread on thanks to Archie's arrival.

Archie Green
Folklorist/Laborlore Scholar

"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation…want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters…. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."
Frederick Douglass

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cal Bears Exit Early From NCAA Tournament

7-for-24 from 3-point range

Ever heard the saying "Live by the sword, Die by the sword?" That's the story in a nutshell of the California Golden Bears first round western regional tournament loss to the Maryland Terrapins, 84-71.

Coach Mike Montgomery stated that the Terrapins simply disrupted the Bears rhythm and threw them completely off their game. Cal ends the 2008-09 season with an overall record of 22-11, winning five games more than last season and earning an invitation to dance. Unfortunately for Cal, the invitation clearly states: Winner Advances To Next Dance Round, Loser Exits Dance Party. See you dancing Bears next season.

When is $43 Million Dollars Not Enough?

When you're divorcing a man worth $329 million. I really wanted to post a sports story, honest, but how often do you hear of a woman asking for $53,000.00 a week in alimony to cover her living expenses. The really scary part is that she just might be granted that and more.

Marie Douglas-David is her name folks and from the looks of it she's accustomed to only the best in life. Based on the amount Marie's lawyer has filed for in a divorce settlement, I'd say Marie is trying to cover all her bases in an economy that has effected everyone from Investment Bankers to Celebrities to Saudi Princes; well maybe not the Saudis but you get my drift. Marie is taking no chances in today's economy and wants her millions while its still worth millions.

Meanwhile, the target of Marie's sharkfin lawyer, husband George David, would be more than happy to part with the $43 million that he and Marie agreed to in the post-nuptial agreement back in 2005, three years after they said "I DO." What Georgie boy isn't willing to part with is anything outside of what the nuptial agreement states. Sounds fair enough, however, Marie says she was "Forced" and "Coerced" into excepting the post-nuptial and therefore is now asking for ...........Drum Roll Please........................................................
$100 Million Dollars In Cash and Stock Plus ..................................................................
$130 Thousand Dollars A Month in Alimony Payments.

This is the Marie Douglas-David Stimulus Package that the courts in Connecticut will decide on in the near future. Just who the hell does she think she is anyway, AIG?

So, do you think Marie deserves her Stimulus Package or is it her fault that she didn't invest her time and money more wisely when she had access to all Georgie's finances?

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention what triggered the irreconcilable
differences that led Georgie and Marie to Connecticut's Divorce Court to begin with.

Each is accusing the other of having Extra Marital Affairs.

Are you kidding me? You spend more than $53,000.00 a week on crap and I'm complaining that you're screwing someone else? Georgie, wake up and smell the coffee baby. Your wife isn't cheating on you sexually, she's too busy having fun stimulating the economy by throwing your money away. The money that any 31-year old woman would expect from a man she married who's twice her age. You got what you paid for Georgie, a high-maintenance broad who looked good on your arm. So stop your bitching, pay the toll fare for using the thruway and proceed to the exit. And stay out of that fast lane Georgie, its a doosie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's something for you internet photo browsing freaks. Wanna see a spooky cross section of American culture? A culture that crosses all racial and ethnic borders? A culture who are risk takers by nature and nocturnal by design. A culture practicing their craft incognito on unsuspecting friends, family, strangers and businesses. To get a view of these unusual circadian rhythm creatures all it takes is googling the four words that link each as a member of this after-hours activity group:


With every face there's a story. In every story there's a targeted victim. For most victims there's some sense of justice in the capture. In every capture there is not always a conviction.

So which FACE is prowling your neighborhood this evening? If you live in Raleigh,N.C. it could be Sang Youp Lee pictured above.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Newest Sports T-Shirt

Imagine walking into your favorite team's stadium wearing this T-shirt. Its even better on the back where the list of services range from:

Forensic autopsies
Tissue & organ procurement
Exhumation & disinterment
Post-mortem DNA analysis

Unlike my favorite sports team the "Oakland Raiders," who cut up their specimens while still alive on the field, autopsy technicians don't begin cutting and probing until the bleeding stops and the corpse/cadaver has gone through rigor mortis.

I purchased this t-shirt at a thrift store figuring to wear it during the next Halloween. And as you Raider fans know, Halloween brings out the best of us silver&black fans at the stadium. So I look forward to this year's ghoulish festivities and gameday costumes surrounding the Oct. 31st Day of the Dead.

On another note, I found there is actually a website that provides all the services listed on the t-shirt and some. The guy who began the company, Vidal Herrera, actually drives around Los Angeles in a van with 1-800-AUTOPSY on the side along with the services provided. Now here's a guy who saw a need and filled it. Here's a link to the story on how Vidal started his business: 1-800-AUTOPSY. I'll bet my gameday barbecue hot link sandwich that good'ol Vidal is a Raiders fan. Why? Because anyone who can stay calm and focused while cutting open a carcass that resembles their own must either be committed to excellence or committed to an insane asylum. I take it our boy Vidal is committed to the former; Excellence.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

syraCuse vs Uconn going into 4th Overtime

As I write this the Syracuse Orangemen and the Conneticut Huskies are entering the 4th overtime of their Big East tournament game. It's been a very exciting and competitive game between two evenly matched teams. They appear to play similar styles of basketball.

As I peer over my shoulder at the game #34 hasheem Thabet just foulded out for Uconn. The kids are tired and playing on guts and emotion. I'm rooting for the Orangemen, but this is simply one of those games you hate to see someone lose. A tie, though not allowed in tournament play, would be acceptable on a night of play such as this.

A great game with a few underlying stories to boot. One of the players for Syracuse is the son of someon known. He's a three point juggernaut.

Well, back to the game. 1:33 left in the fourth overtime with the game tied at 104.

(20) Syracuse 104,

(4) Connecticut 104

Oh My!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did You See Dwyane Wade Stun The Bulls?

They're calling last night's performance his signature stamp for this season's league MVP award. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat not only led his team through four quarters and two overtimes of back and forth scoring against the Chicago Bulls, but he did what only a handful of past NBA phenoms are remembered for doing; he took control of the game with an incredible defensive play and a picturesque winning three point shot.

Yes, against the team that MJ played for, D-Wade scored 48 points with the last three coming on the backend of a steal with about four seconds left in a double over-time game. Give the Bulls credit (Ben Gordon 43pts), they battled gallantly and had what appeared to be the final shot in hand. But never underestimate the skills and determination of a player like D-Wade.

Like MJ, he plays until the final buzzer sounds, be it on offense or defense. Last night was the stamp of approval for D-Wade to be named league MVP with no questions asked. He was not only unstoppable, but he raised his teammates up to that level of greatness that makes for historic moments in sports.

final score
Heat 130
Bulls 127

Monday, March 09, 2009

Buffalo Just Loves Me Some Me

And there you have it. The Buffalo Bills have gone where no team wanted to go in free agency; they've signed wide receiver Terrell Owens to a one year contract worth $6.5 million.

So try saying this T.O. trademarked jingle and see if it makes better since now that he's on a mediocre team:


The Buffalo Bills, who last made the playoffs in 2000 and have only had one winning season since, are looking for T.O. to provide enough fireworks to spark an offense on the field and settle down a disgruntled fan base in the stands.

And I do believe that acquiring T.O. gives the Bills a much needed boost that could find them contending for the AFC East crown. But don't crown'em just yet, Trent Edwards is going into only his third season as Buffalo's quarterback and we all know about T.O.'s treatment of his quarterbacks when things go south. Better Trent than JaMarcus is my feeling.

So I want to thank the Buffalo Bills and wish them all the best on giving "I Love Me Some Me" a new place that he can call his home for a season. For as much as I would like to see the Oakland Raiders acquire a wide receiver with T.O.-like talent, the drama and suspense of waiting for the refrain "I Hate Me Some Them" to come out of his jowls is just too scorching a price to pay for admission to the T.O. show.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lost At Sea!

Lost At Sea, a bleak and hollow epitaph for any family or friend to accept about a loved one. Though we all continue to have hope, the official word from the U.S. Coast Guard after over 60 hours of searching the waters for three men is simply, "Lost At Sea."

Prayers go out to the three young men and their families:

Marquis Cooper
Corey Smith
William Bleakley

The Raider Nation will sorely miss one of its own in Marquis Cooper. Tragedy at sea always leaves an empty spot in the hearts of those left to mourn on the Gridiron.

#95 Marquis Cooper

Always A Raider!

Monday, March 02, 2009


About a year ago I was in a secondhand store looking at books when I came across a University of San Francisco yearbook from 1965. Me being a history buff and sports fanatic decided to check out the pictures and happenings of the time.

While viewing the sports section I came across some revelatory information, to me anyway. The USF Dons (Hilltoppers) basketball program of the early 60's had some powerhouse teams. 1965 featured all-american honors for three USF players, Ollie Johnson, Joe Ellis and Erwin Mueller. Ellis and Johnson were named to the All-Coast first team and Mueller to the second. In addition Ollie was honored for the second time as Player of the Year in Northern California as well as Player of the Year in the WCC
(West Coast Conference ).

These three guys (the big three) made up the frontcourt while guards Russ Gumina and Huey Thomas directed the Dons attack with timely scoring. The Dons wreaked havoc in the WCC and led the team to a third consecutive conference championship and NCAA tournament bid.

The Dons would travel to Provo,Utah for the tournament regionals. There they would defeat an Oklahoma City University team 91-67 in the first round before falling to the UCLA Bruins 93-101. The game was much closer than the final score indicates.

excerpt from the 1965 Year Book:
Ollie's tremendous play was readily acknowledged by all as he was named Most Valuable Player for the Tournament. Shooting an amazing 68% from the floor, he garnered 72 points in the two games and shattered Bill Russell's all-time USF scoring record. Jumping Joe Ellis, who played with brilliant consistency both nights, joined Johnson on the All-Tournament team.

UCLA coach John Wooden called Ollie "the best center I've seen on the low post for position and finesse."

#32 Ollie Johnson - All American
averages over 3 seasons 1963-1965
19.9 points
15.8 rebound
58.7 field goal
66.1 free throw

Team record overall: 23-4 (excludes NCAA Tournament)
League record: 13-1
13 consecutive victories

Other Sports Records
Football 6-2
Soccer 5-3
Frosh Basketball 19-4 (equivalent to Junior Varsity)


In 1955, the University of San Francisco, behind a gazelle with a mean streak named Bill Russell and granite of a guard named KC Jones defeated heavily-favored La Salle (Hmm. These guys seem to be everywhere. Go USF) 77-63. Tournament prognosticators pegged the Explorers to romp away with their second straight title on the strength of its awesome line-up led by All-American Tom Gola. Jones recalled that “the Dons were said to have a better chance of being struck by lightning on a sunny day than winning it all.” As it turned out, not only did the Dons wallop the defending champs but they won back-to-back titles (a 83-71 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes in 1956) and 55-straight games to become the first team to go undefeated in NCAA play.
article posted at Bleachers' Brew