Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome To My Blog Matt Schaub

It looks like barring a physical exam failure (crossed fingers) quarterback Matt Schaub is coming to the Oakland Raiders.  He carries a sizeable $10 million base salary but I'm sure GM Reggie McKenzie will downsize that.  

Schaub's career stats make it appear as if he's a better than average quarterback.  Last season was simply a bad season for the Houston Texans starter.  What I don't care for is the weak arm strength he's reported to have.  He won't have the 6'3, 230lb beast of a receiver Andre Johnson to throw to anymore, but Raiders receiver Andre Holmes could ease Matt's homesickness; Holmsy stands 6'4 and can snag projectiles out of the sky with his big mitts.

This quarterback acquisition begins to feel more positive than negative when you look at the numbers.  My problem is I tend to keep my eyes peering toward what's recently been produced on the field and not on paper.  So with that I'll wait until I see Schaub in uniform, in a game, leading the silver and black offense, before passing judgement on this transaction. It's your call Reggie.

Now it becomes a matter of who's his backup.  Gotta go with the other Matt, Matt McGloin.  I just feel the kid from Penn State has natural quarterbacking abilities where as Terrell Pryor has natural athletic abilities.  Right now we need a strong, stable quarterback. Unless we're running the pistol, Pryor is not an option to start.  Trent Edwards is on the roster also.  And then there's the Draft Prospects........

Matt Schaub   #8 QB
Height: 6-5   Weight: 235   Age: 32
Born: 6/25/1981 Pittsburgh , PA
College: Virginia
Experience: 11th season
High School: East HS [West Chester, PA]

2013Houston Texans1035821961.235.82,3106.5231.0102.8143.9462632116273.0
2012Houston Texans1654435064.334.04,0087.4250.5224.0122.260T4682721690.7
2011Houston Texans1029217861.029.22,4798.5247.9155.162.180T379169896.8
2010Houston Texans1657436563.635.94,3707.6273.1244.2122.1605993222692.0
2009Houston Texans1658339667.936.44,7708.2298.1295.0152.672T62152514998.6
2008Houston Texans1138025166.134.53,0438.0276.6153.9102.6654282314992.7
2007Houston Texans1128919266.426.32,2417.8203.793.193.177T2361612687.2
2006Atlanta Falcons16271866.71.72087.713.013.727.447312871.2
2005Atlanta Falcons16643351.64.04957.730.946.300.0536262798.1
2004Atlanta Falcons6703347.111.73304.755.011.445.7592141442.0

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