Monday, April 29, 2013

Did You See The Human Torch go 'Flame On' Sunday Night?

They're calling it one of, if not thee best NBA playoff performance by an individual player...... period.

Stephen Curry, OUR Steph Curry, lit up the professional sports world with a dazzling display of long range basketball shooting that was legendary

He did it while riddled with injuries and following a very lackluster first half against the Denver Nuggests in Game 4 of the western conference playoffs.  The networks will be playing the highlights of his incredible feat for years to come, but they're joining the party late and will have to catch up on the Steph beats.

What Steph did, scoring 23pts in the third quarter, is no surprise to us bay area basketball fans who told the league they'd made a big mistake not naming him an all-star this season.  As Biggie once said in a rap, "If U Don't Know, Now U Know." 

Not only did Steph show the skill of a gifted athlete, he exhibited the grit and toughness of a wounded leader who would not let his teammates down against a fiesty opponent led by a crafty, crazed looking coach in George Karl.  The Nuggets can shoot with the best. They're the highest scoring team in the NBA this season and were lights out at home before the Warriors visited. 

But with all the expectations of a Nuggets game 4 resurgence, this Sunday night they appeared completely shocked by Steph's back-from-the-dead act in the third. Can you blame them? By the quarter's end you had Nuggets players, coaches and a few bold fans looking like powder blue smurfs caught inside a golden goliath's lair. There was nowhere for them to hide.

Steph has given the sports networks and analysts their homework in coming up with a better individual performance in NBA playoff history.  Jordan, Reed, Bird, Magic, was that earthshaking.

Steph Freakin' Curry, you've earned the moniker Human Torch.  FLAME ON!
Final Score

Nuggets 101
Warriors 115

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Warriors Come Out To Play - Can U Dig It!

It might be the start of baseball season in the bay, but the Golden State

Warriors have silenced the bats of critics and opponents with their amazing shooting and team first playing style.

Last night in Oakland, the Warriors took a 2-1 game lead in the best of seven series against the Denver Nuggets. Never mind that Denver is a number 3 seed and Golden State a number 6, this is the Playoffs where playas come to play and ballers come to ball.

These games are not meant to be played or watched by a bunch of wimps. The level of play is high, the competition intense and the stage colossal.  If there is "no crying in baseball" then in basketball you better not let your head droop, because any hint of a weakness gives your opponent strength.

Last night's game, with the Warriors trailing by 12 points, the young squad of rooks and renegades teamed up to keep their playoff drive alive with a come from behind edge of your seat thriller. The team, the W-H-O-L-E team executed the basics in basketball (pass, shoot, defend).

The Bay Area is proud to say wWe Believe ourselves to be the luckiest sports region in the country with teams that know how to put on a show and not get stage fright.

Good Luck Warriors on your journey toward discovering feelings of Greatness.

Final Score

Denver 108
Golden State 110

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Round Draft Pick Has A Story

The Raiders traded down to get cornerback out of Houston, D.J. Hayden. They say he's fast and versatile with a good eye for interceptions.  Sounds good to me. 

Hayden brings with him a near death experience that I'm sure changed his perspective on life, football and family.  When your've prayed to be able to just walk straight, everything else really is the cherry on top.  Congratulations young Mr. Hayden and welcome to the Oakland Raiders.

Monday, April 15, 2013

What To Make of Boston Marathon Blast?

My prayers go out not only to the Boston victims of a senseles bombing today, but victims of bombings worldwide. Wikipedia has put together a running list of terrorist incidents of 2013.  Today's incident has been added to that list.  It is the only bombing incident this year to terrorize outside Southeast Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Bombs do not discriminate, people do.

What scared me almost as much as the news of this tragedy is a book I came across when browsing for facts on today's bombing.  The book describes the FBI's manufactured war on terrorism. Published in January of this year, it gives some incredible facts about our Federal Bureau of Investigations using less than trust worthy paid informants and extreme methods to ensnare muslims in terrorist plots, which are in reality conceived and financed by the FBI. 

Written by a reputable investigative reporter, The Terror Factory makes one question if we've actually created the very threat we fear.  If today's incident in any way ties into something our government agency did or didn't do, then we'd better prepare for the fiction that's becoming reality in our lives.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Champions Tag Chicago Cubs

Who better than championship speech icon Hunter Pence to rewrite a baseball game in Chicago in the ninth. 
With the Giants down to their last strike, and facing a split of the four-game series against a woeful team, Pence hit a slider over the ivy in left-center field for the Giants' first home run in 46 innings to tie the game
san francisco chronicle

Yes Giants fans, Pence let his bat do the talking and with one swing silenced the Chicago hopefuls.  The Home run out over the ivy walled outfield tied the game 7-7 in the top of the ninth. The Giants would go on to win it in the tenth with three runs, one off a pitcher's balk.  Honestly though, after the Pence Punch the Cubs were wobbly and dazed, setup for the short joe louis and a hook to the nose.

I feel for the cubbies, they're a loveable team with character that goes back to the days of "Tinker, to Evers to Chance."  But on this Sunday the San Francisco Giants, winner of two World Championships in the last three years, would be showing character in their come from behind win to stun the Chicago faithful and show the baseball world that their more than just a bunch of extrordary pitchers. 

The man to thank for getting it going is the man who lit a fire beneath their britches in last season's championship run; Hunter Pence.

Pence, you are truly a Sparta Warrior throwback playing by Spartan rules. No Retreat, No Surrender!

Giants 10
Cubs 7

Giants took three of four games in Chicago and with a 9-4 record lead the NL West

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golden State Warriors Playoff Bound!

The Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team playing out of Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. First established in Philadelphia, PA. in 1946, then moving to San Francisco, CA. in 1962 until finally settling in Oakland where they won their only NBA championship on the west coast in 1975.

Last night the Warriors clinched their first playoff appearance in six years, their second in nineteen (dammmmn.)  To basketball fans outside the bay area its no big deal, just a quiet congratulations.  But to those of us living here who've tuned in, turned off and tuned in again to see if maybe this could be the season; THIS IS THE SEASON. 

These Warriors might not be elite in the likes of the Heat or Thunder, but they've earned an elite title here in the bay by bringing back playoff basketball.  Made up of a group of unknown all-stars, the Warriors are a team that can get hot and make playoff life miserable for some annointed franchise, ahem.  They're a young team that's growing into greatness and the playoff stage might just be the place we'll see them mature.

Under second year coach Mark Jackson, MJ of Knick's lore, they've learned how to play defense and finish on offense.  The Warriors no longer need put up 130 pts to slay their opponent. That has been their moniker for as long as I can remember.  But with defensive minded coach Jackson, the Warriors

can defensively stop an opponent's offensive aggression while plying their own brand of offensive attack, and believe me, they've got loads of weapons in their arsenal.

Its no longer a bunch of "We Believe" hopefuls stumbling into a surprising Warriors playoff push, but a seasoned band of bay area brothers and sisters singing and bopping to the beat of "We Belong".  Its a mardi gras moment for sports in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, and the Warriors of Oakland are stompin their way to the the grand stage of professional basketball.

The Golden State Warriors are coming to the 2013 NBA Playoffs.  And if you're a fan of a team they'll be matched against, I give you this little bit of bay area advice; the longer the time between earthquakes the stronger the expectant tremor. Feels like earthquake weather to me folks.