Thursday, May 31, 2007


Its been a long time since I've had the pleasure of kicking an undiserable guest out of my home. So long that I've forgotten the pleasure it brings once the door slams shut on the heels of the unwanted nuisance.

Today we Giants fans are basking in that pleasureable afterglow of watching the door slam on the heels of our former closer Armando Benitez, an undesirable guest on our ballclub. The SF Giants have finally given Armando the boot after allowing him a stay in our home, a stay that almost all feel was overextended and disruptive to our team.

What made Armando's stay so unwelcome in the home that Barry built are the little things. Things like leaving the toilet seat up, the cap off the toothpaste, drinking out of the carton of milk and putting it back in the refridgerator, blowing saves. Then giving that all familiar Armando smirk when caught and shrugging it off like it wasn't his fault. If only he'd once said "I'm Sorry, I'll try harder next time."

Maybe its rude to celebrate the eviction of a tenant or guest, but when said tenant/guest has menacingly caused you pain and grief through his lack of effort to perform the duties he was contracted to do, as the saying goes, "Its Time For A Change (a speedy oil change at that).

The Giants have shipped Armando off to the Marlins of Florida; a place known for humidity, swamps, drugs, spring break Parties, alligators, hurricanes and Jeb Bush. In other words, they've given him a one-way ticket to Hell and Satan was more than happy to have'em.

MLB Insider sources have quoted Satan as saying he wanted to bring the troubled closer back to Hell because "Armando makes godfearing souls say and do the damndest of things."

So as we celebrate what seems an answer to our Giants prayers (May Armando burn in Hell) let us ask God to forgive us our evil thoughts of the former closer, lest we end up in Hell ourselves one day; forced to wear a silly hat with a wriggling fish on the front while watching our pitiful team closer balk in the tying run, then give up the game winning home run, again. We sit in our flaming seats of fate watching this eternal game over and over. And as Armando comes in to close yet another game, it occurs to us what banal act of ours has banished us to such a hellish place. We remember Armando as he was back in our home, the undesireable guest who infuriated us so that we cursed him to hell. We awake from this nightmare in a drenching sweat, reciting a mantra that'll stick with us for the rest of our earth walking lives.

"Hell is for people who can't say "I'm Sorry."

Guess I'll be seeing you in Hell someday Armando. May your bones incinerate into ashes before my arrival though you balking bastard.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Food that'll make you wanna Smack Yo Momma! Twice!

I ain't from Texas or Louisiana. My life has been spent pretty much on the East coast in my younger dayz and on the West coast as an adult, United States that is.

I still love my New York Pizza and Italian food, and I enjoy the variety of Asian foods in California.

I have no desire to live anywhere in between these two wonderful states at this time. And if you asked me about places like Louisiana or Texas I'd have to give some ignorant stereotypical reply; Cowboys Hats & Boots, Bayou, Oil, Hurricanes, Steer and Barbecue come to mind. Out of these southern items I'd have to say that I have very little love for all with the exception of one. Barbecue!

As a Raiders fan, season ticket holder and tailgater I've tasted some barbecue that'll make ya wanna go cattle wrestling. I've been introduced to fried turkey, giant sea oysters and roasted pig meat all prepared right in the parking lot of the coliseum. Loved them all. But the Texas barbecue and Louisiana gumbo always make my Sunday at the coliseum special.

When you taste barbecue or gumbo the way its supposed to taste, it is then that you wanna smack your momma for cohabitating with a non-texan or louisianan. Then you wanna go back and smack her again for not telling you there was such a thing as gumbo and Ho cake, or baby back ribs in beer sauce. Hell, if momma ever mentioned the words Ho and Cake in the same sentence you'd thought this good christian woman were just talking about feeding the homeless and/or drug addicted from the streets.

When I discovered barbecue and gumbo it was then that I realized how a food could be the way to a man's stomach. Because of the costly business space in the Bay Area many southern cooking establishments have left or closed their doors. There was a time when people drove down from miles away to goto a barbecue shack or soul food restaurant in the Bay Area. After reading about M&M's FISH&CHICKEN SHACK in Reno,NV, it seems times may be a changing and it is the Bay Area person who must drive miles away to experience the delight of some good southern cooked food.

Case and Point, I give you this fellow bloggers discovery of M&M's Fish & Chicken Shack up in Reno,NV. I share with you my fellow bloggers review because 1. the following is from her blog and 2. She's a native southerner from Texas who knows authentic southern style cooking.

The Following is from Melinda of Reno's
Blah Blah Blog:

M&M's Fish & Chicken Shack
Today, I experienced a little slice of heaven in an otherwise regular and mundane day. I had lunch from M&M's Fish & Chicken Shack. Where have I been???I'm not sure where the owner Mr. Mitch Moore is from...but I'd swear he stepped off my Grandmama's back porch in Texas. M&M's is a discreet little hideaway nuzzled in the heart of Reno's industrial district. Who'd know one of the cities' most fantastic culinary wonders is hidden away as a sleeper joint located at 3080 Mill Street, just off Terminal Way. Living so far away from my native roots, it's very rare that I find home style food that I would consider anywhere CLOSE to Texas home style...even when the food is good. And, finding fried okra at any restaurant, much less GOOD fried okra is a near impossibility!This is truly DOWN HOME cookin'. They advertise southern cooking and soul food, specializing in fried fish, BBQ ribs, fried okra, gizzards, gumbo, greens, yams, black-eyed peas, red beans and rice, sweet potato pies, peach cobbler and MORE! I had a simple rib basket with potato salad, black-eyed peas, and fried okra. They drilled the fried okra right smack dab on the head for the way it always was back home. The ribs were meaty and tender, with a perfect sauce. My potato salad was just like it is "supposed" to be...I was at home back in the South rocking on the back porch with every bite. If you do not have the time to travel across town to Mill Street for your (775)-348-0707 and order lunch and pick it up. It's worth the drive.I'LL BE BACK FOR SURE!!

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Monday, May 7

"Go Raiders! " - Last Words of A Condemned Man

Though I do not condone the violent acts of a convicted killer, I empathize with the passion he carries for the Raiders as he speaks his final words before receiving three life ending injections.

"Go Raiders!"

I know the Raiders badboy image has appealed to many a violent offender, but I choose to believe that many outsiders and outcasts of society are attracted to the Raiders simply because the organization and its fans represent diversity, equality and acceptance regardless of background. Being part of the Raiders family expunges you of all your sins. At least that's the feeling amongst Raiders fans who share in proudly spouting the term "Go Raiders."

Heck, if the catholic church can instruct wrong doers after confessing their sins to say a few Hail Mary's then "Go forth and sin no more", then why not AL Davis? may peace and blessings be upon him.

It doesn't make your sins right or acceptable, but as a worshiper of the Oakland Raiders you are bathed in brotherhood and forgiven your trespassess, just as you should forgive those who trespass against you. And sin no more.

For us Raider Fans who may have walked on the wild side for a time, we are the last to judge sinners and the first to forgive.

The beauty of being a Raiders fan and spending a Sunday congregating with the Raider Nation is that what you did yesterday and what you'll do tomorrow don't count for or against you come gameday. What counts on Football Sunday is the Raider Passion you bring and the Raider Brotherhood you share amongst all others. Sure we may be a bit hostile toward those who come to our house wearing the devil's raimants (opponents jerseys/colors), but more times than not we accept them as misguided souls and ask the lord to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And so with the execution of convicted killer
Robert C. Comer in Arizona, who when warden Carson McWilliams asked if he had any last words said, "Yes, Go Raiders," we the Raider Nation understand that there is yet hope for this misguided soul. Maybe not in this life but possibly in the hereafter is where he'll be forgiven for his sins and find peace. And hopefully the family of his victims will not judge his "Go Raiders" salute as unrepentent or cold, for it (Raider Fan Solidarity) might have been the only expression of love and acceptance this broken man has ever experienced in his heart.

Prayers go out to the victim Larry Pritchard and others that have suffered from the violent acts of Robert C. Comer.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Golden State Warriors' Baron Davis dunks over Utah Jazz's Andrei Kirilenko (47), of Russia, during the second half of an NBA Western Conference second-round basketball playoff game Friday, May 11, 2007, in Oakland, Calif. Golden State won 125-105. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Golden State Warriors Legendary Playoff Win!

When it comes to great sports stories we tend to use analogies and comparisons to define and rank incredible moments. It seems there's always a fitting past moment or fable to go along with the miraculous sporting event of the day.

Not Today. Not for this mornings' Golden State Warriors, who knocked off the top seeded Dallas Mavericks 4 games to 2 in their best of seven first round playoff series. No numer 8 seed has won a NBA seven game series, ever. And not only did the Warriors win, but they did it with a style all their own with plenty of drama for all the stars twinkling in expensive courtside seats.

Yes, The GOlden State Warriors are writing a storybook for all basketball fans to read. A first novel that has all the spice and intrigue of a bestseller with hints of past sports heroics.

For the Bay Area, last nights game is right up there with "The Catch" from 49ers lore. Like the '81' Niners, the Warriors haven't won much of anything for quite some time. Almost an entire generation of kids have grown up without ever seeing a winning professional basketball team in the Bay Area. Last night changed that.

Shades of the 70's New York Knicks star Willis Reed limping back onto the basketball court to help his team finish off a rival team and win a playoff series. Baron fits the bill.

How about the memory of Michael Jordan shrugging his shoulders after making yet another three point playoff game clinching shot as if he just can't understand the zone he's in either? Stephen Jackson was zoning.

All that and much more were on display at Oracle Arena in Oakland last night as the Warriors finished off the Dallas Mavericks 111-86. Oh, did you see the Matt Barnes SLAM DUNK? Over mvp Dirk Novitski?Beautiful!

Baron Davis
Stephen Jackson
Matt Barnes
Jason Richardson
Michael Pietrus
Andris Biedrins
Monta Ellis
Al Harrington
Josh Powell
Old Man Foyle

Thank you all Golden State Warriors for bringing winning basketball back to the Bay Area. Thanks for giving us a LEGENDARY playoff series topping it off with a truly LEGENDARY night. We now have LEGENDARY hopes throughout the rest of the 2007 NBA Playoffs and seasons to come.