Friday, June 29, 2012

Madison Bumgarner Smokin Hot

San Francisco Giants

Did you see Madison Bumgarner go through the Cincinnati Reds lineup like it was a revolving door? He was a freakin Machine last night.  Giants pitchers have been shutting down opponents in historic fashion of late and Mad Bum kept it going last night with a complete game, one hit, two walk shutout of the NL Central division leaders.  He was making it look almost too easy.  

The Giants pitching staff lead the league with 10 shutouts this season.

With the way the Giants are pitching these days the rest of the league has been put on notice. The Reds had their ace Johnny Cueto on the mound, but that didn't matter.  The Giants hitters made him look pedestrian and it would be Mad Bum who'd be looking the All-Star part. Congratulations Giants!

Final Score
Reds 0
Giants 5

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cedric Benson Raiders Plea - Immaculate

Morning Cedric, This Is God Calling

You may not find this letter of spiritual advice immaculate, but if you have faith you’ll understand and receive the blessing.  It’s about more than just a football career; it’s about seeing the gifts of your life unfold in ways you never imagined.  I know, I’ve had my eye on you Cedric.  You have so much to offer in so many ways, but like many, there’s been some doubt and many distractions along the way.   

The road of life I made crooked and challenging for reasons only I know.  What I’d like you to believe is that every bump, curve and detour placed along your path was put there for your best interest, just as the times your life seemed to be in cruise control, it was I removing some of those worries and burdens.  It’s been like that for you since December 28, 1982 and will continue through all your days.  For I am always with you.

As an adult I must remind you of the Free Will you’ve been blessed with, which allows you to choose what path to take and team to join.  Mind you, your choice will not change what I’ve willed for you, but it will determine the type of experiences you encounter traveling toward your destiny. Either way, by your will or mine, I will be right there with you as I’ve always been.  I write to you in this, your 30th year of life, to give you this special birthday gift, though you might see it as more of a puzzle than a blessing. 

You are not who you think yourself to be. Know Thyself!

You, my faithful servant, at heart are a Raider.  Go West and discover those treasures awaiting you.  Pledge to choose a path based on your soulful needs over financial desires, trusting that I am always with you.  What might at first seem unwise and foolish to agents and those who’ve profited by blessed talents bestowed on you, will be revealed as the link to your fulfillment as a man in touch with his destiny.  The gleam of life, which you’ll surely discover in this new journey, will eventually become evident to those who might’ve doubted, including yourself. 

Again, be mindful and watchful of distracting forces.  This time, choose not only with the hungry head, but practice using the other decision-making instrument of which I’ve blessed you with; a humble heart. Do not be deceived, for a humble heart sees what a hungry head is sometimes too full to discern.

Oakland, California needs you my servant, as much as you need Oaktown.  Seek not what you’ve found in Chicago or Cincinnati.  Go where you can feel my Pacific waters calming the summer air around you at night.  Go experience the California sunshine splashing down reminding you of my presence before, during and after the dark, threatening storm.  Awake to the winds of autumn blustering in from sea, greeting you to a new day in My blessed bay. A place where past transgressions are forgiven and no stone be cast should new ones arise.

"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.” In giving of yourself you will surely receive tenfold.
For I promise this and more to all those of faith.  I Am always with you Cedric.  And win, lose or tie, I Am a Raider!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Giants Join Dodgers Atop NL West With 3 Game Sweep

The San Francisco Giants are on the rise while the former division leading L.A. Dodgers are nose diving. Today's game at AT&T park pitted Giants Tim Lincecum against Dodgers Chad Billingsly.  The Freak pitched the Giants to a 3-0 shutout and a share of that division lead the Dodgers seemed to have a strong grip on earlier in the season.

It was the first since moving to San Francisco in '58 that the Giants shutout the Dodgers three games in a row.  This three game series was dominated by Giants pitching, defense and hitting.  What more could a Giants fan ask for? Another World Series run? Why of course!

I was at the park today peeking some of the action from the knothole. The place was packed, so much so that the knothole usher had to institute the three inning rule, clearing the knothole visitors every three innings so that the line of visitors forming outside the gate could get a turn.

While waiting my turn I overheard talk of the Dodgers fan who drunkenly fell into the bay after Monday's 8-0 Giants win.  His friend supposedly said one minute he was standing next to him and the next he just wasn't there.  The coast guard dredged for his body but didn't find it.  Odd that I haven't read or heard anything in the news about the incident.  

With this most recent sweep of the Dodgers, who saw slugger Andre Either leave the game with an oblique muscle strain, the Giants have clearly become the team to beat in the NL West.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have been hot, but today it was reported that their pitching ace Hudson, might need tommy john surgery which takes a year to heal from.  Hudson's getting a second opinion. 

Congratulations Zito, Vogelsong and Lincecum on slaying Da'Bums and putting the Giants back where they belong.

Sada Abe (阿部 定) 1936

movie based on actual events

I tell yah, you go browsing for something on the internet and you stumble across information that makes you gasp in wonder. And then the thought of the victim in this story possibly loving every minute of it drives you to want a stiff drink.  The following quotes are taken from wikipedia's:(

When I bumped into the story of a Japanese woman cutting off her lover's penis in 1936, I figured it to be just another cheatin' man receiving pay in full for his mistreatment of a woman scorned.  But then I kept reading and reading and reading and came across what the little Japanese woman told the interrogating police officer her reason for chopping it off was:

"I loved him so much, I wanted him all to myself. But since we were not husband and wife, as long as he lived he could be embraced by other women. I knew that if I killed him no other woman could ever touch him again, so I killed him....."

She told the police this with sparkling eyes reflecting her excitement at doing the deed.

When asked why the genitalia, our little woman replied, "Because I couldn't take his head or body with me. I wanted to take the part of him that brought back to me the most vivid memories.

Mind you she'd killed her lover in his sleep by strangling him to death with her sash.  She later told police, "After I had killed Ishida I felt totally at ease, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders, and I felt a sense of clarity." After lying with Ishida's body for a few hours, she next severed his genitalia with the kitchen knife, wrapped them in a magazine cover, and kept them until her arrest three days later.

Sada Abe was not a woman scorned or cheated on.  Sada was a woman who after years of promiscuity, finally found the one man who could satisfy her needs in every way.  Evvvery Way!  She'd contemplated committing suicide after the murder by jumping off a cliff with the severed penis in her hand as she details at the end of this confession:

 "I felt attached to Ishida's penis and thought that only after taking leave from it quietly could I then die. I unwrapped the paper holding them and gazed at his penis and scrotum. I put his penis in my mouth and even tried to insert it inside me... It didn't work however though I kept trying and trying. Then, I decided that I would flee to Osaka, staying with Ishida's penis all the while. In the end, I would jump from a cliff on Mount Ikoma while holding on to his penis."

In the end Sada didn't take the plunge but instead was arrested, tried and sentenced to six years in prison; she served five before being released.  She must've had a very sexual character, for the presiding judge admitted to being sexually aroused by some of the details involved in the case, yet made sure that the trial was held with the utmost seriousness.

The relationship between Sada and her lover Ishada was an erotically charged sadomasochistic sexual frenzy that eventually went up in flames.  The background on Sada Abe's life might've contributed to her overly sexed desires. Her father had rented her out to a geisha house as a young woman, which was not necessarily a thing looked down upon.  Her lover, Kichizo Ishida, had been known for his womanizing ways before he met Sada. Seems they were a match made for one another.

As with the 1936 headlines, today Sada Abe would definitely garner front page newprint as well as top story status across the internet.  But in 1936 Japan and the world were different.  What was the same however was the love residing in the heart of a woman.  It sure doesn't justify the crime but it gives us a glimpse into the climaxing heights and darkly deep caverns of love.

Here's Sada's statement before sentencing:
"The thing I regret most about this incident is that I have come to be misunderstood as some kind of sexual pervert... There had never been a man in my life like Ishida. There were men I liked, and with whom I slept without accepting money, but none made me feel the way I did toward him."

Sada Abe

Sada Abe (阿部 定)

Newspaper photo taken shortly after Abe's arrest, at Takanawa Police Station, Tokyo on May 20, 1936.BornMay 28, 1905[1]
Kanda, Tokyo, Japan[1]Diedafter 1970Charge(s)Second-degree murder, and mutilation of a corpse[2]Penalty6 years imprisonment
(commuted)Occupationgeisha, prostitute, maid, author, actress, waitressParentsShigeyoshi and Katsu Abe[

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Historic Bay Bridge Series

Design by Kara Brown

The San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's battled it out for 4 hours and 15 minutes in a game full of drama and suspense.  It was truly a Hitchcock-like thriller showcasing an action packed beginning, tension building middle story and ending climax that simply took your breath away. I found myself pacing back and fourth while screaming at the television as if I was watching my beloved Raiders.  Talk about a game that brought out the passion of baseball fans.  

There was so much drama in this game 2 of a three game series.  If Friday's Game 1 was a classic, I'm thinking this game was an epic in technicolor.  So many plots and subplots to the game.  

Chronicle sports writer Susan Slusser wrote a wonderful article about the game.  She points out what many of us caught up in the tensions of the game might've missed; five players named Brandon played in the game, two for the Giants and three for the A's.  In a game that told its own story on the field, it was very entertaining to read Susan's "Brandon" angled article, 'SF Giants survive A's 9th inning rally, win 9-8.' 

I think Susan might of hit upon something.  If the 2010 Giants season carried a "Torture" theme, then 2012 is definitely a Giants "Survive" season.  Gloria Gaynor, where are you?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jamie Moyer released by O's

This might be it for old iron sides.  Jamie Moyer, the oldest pitcher to win a major league game, was released by the Baltimore Orioles per his minor league contract.  At 49 years old, Jamie went  2-5 this season with the Colorado Rockies before being designated and signing a minor-league contract with the Orioles June 6.

I haven't seen Jamie pitch this season but those who have are saying it's over.  He'd probably make a good pitching coach but folks don't see him coming back to the majors and making an impact.  But don't go asking  any senior athletes outside of baseball, like former boxing champion George Forman, who won a boxing title at 45 years old.  

Foreman's title challenge against Moorer took place on November 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Foreman wearing the same red trunks he had worn in his title loss to Ali 20 years earlier. This time, however, Foreman was a substantial underdog. For nine rounds, Moorer easily outboxed him, hitting and moving away, while Foreman chugged forward, seemingly unable to "pull the trigger" on his punches. Entering the tenth round, Foreman was trailing on all scorecards. However, Foreman launched a comeback in the tenth round and hit Moorer with a number of punches. Then a short right hand caught Moorer on the tip of his chin, gashing open his bottom lip and he collapsed to the canvas. He lay flat on his back as the referee counted him out.

One thing Jamie won't be following George into is the grilling businesss (see George Foreman Grill).  Jamie and his wife Karen founded the Moyer Foundation, a charity for children, back in 2000.  The Moyer Foundation’s mission is to offer encouragement, comfort, and support to children enduring a time of profound distress — whether physical, emotional, or financial — and to provide opportunities for enhancing overall wellness, stability, and quality of life.

As much as I and other sports fans enjoy seeing our favorite teams and players have continued success, we have to stop being selfish and allow players like Jamie leave the game and possibly commit more time and energy to helping others.  It's sports figures like Jamie who show us the positive outreach that sports can have on individuals and communities.

Good Luck Jamie!
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  • heeeeere's Mugly

    Mugly, a chinese crested breed of dog, has won the 2012 world's Ugliest Dog competition.  Since the northern california competition began in 2000, a chinese crested or chinese crested mix has walked off with the $1000 prize and year long supply of dog biscuits all but the first two years.  They might as well rename the annual competition the ugliest chinese crested competition.

    This year's winner, Mugly, hails from the United Kingdom and already has the 2005 Britain Ugliest Dog blue ribbon sitting pretty in the trophy case at home.  Congratulations Mugly, you've definitely earned every bite of this year's title.  

    Friday, June 22, 2012

    Penn State Pedophile Convicted

    Sorry folks for the blatant lead-in to this post, but the whole Penn State child abuse mess just makes me sick.  It's not only a blemish on Penn State, but also on college sports as a whole.  This is a parent's nightmare and Sandusky is the monster. For him to have created and used a kids charity organization for his predator hunting ground raises unimaginable fears for today's parents.  Just how many Sanduskys are out there with easy access to kids?  It's a very scary question.

    Sandusky's adopted son Matt should be considered a brave warrior for facing what must've been a life-crisis in deciding to come forward with his confession of being a victim of a man he called father.  It's simply chilling to try feeling what Matt must've felt these past months, not to mention the years of living in fear under the roof of this sick man.

    The only real justice in the guilty verdict is that the victims, and there's likely more than the 10 who've come forward, might find some relief in seeing the monster of their lifelong nightmare behind bars.  The sooner Mr. Sandusky is incarcerated the safer all Kids will be.  

    Sorry JoePa, I pray the victims can forgive you, Penn State and the community that failed to protect them. 

    I really don't feel like entertaining any more thoughts related to this hurtful story. 

    BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- Ex-Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts in his sex abuse trial Friday.

    The African by William Conton

    The African
    A Novel
    first edition 1960

    Chapter 5
    pages 53-55

    Liverpool next day was gray, cold, wet and foggy; and the promised land looked most unpromising from the deck of the ship. Once ashore, however, the towering buildings, massed traffic, and attractive shops kept us staring and gaping while waiting for our trains to various parts of the country.

    The sight of white people en masse was itself something which required some getting used to; but the thing that took us really aback was our first sight of a white man sweeping a gutter.  He was a short, seedy-looking, rather dirty man, with heavy working boots and stained, well-worn clothes, but unmistakably a white man nevertheless; and actually standing right down in the gutter sweeping it, collecting the rubbish on a shovel and tipping it into a wheelbarrow.  We stood in utter disbelief, at some little distance from him, expecting him at any moment either to vanish like a gremlin down the nearest drain, or else to turn dark brown.  I suppose if you had asked us beforehand who swept gutters in England, we should have replied, after a moment or two's reflection, that we supposed some of the English drains, at least, must have the honor of being swept by white men; for even all the stowaways and workless migrants from Africa and the West Indies could not provide enough labor for so many menial tasks.  But no one had prepared us beforehand by any such question; and the sight of that man almost felled us.

    "Thank God for bringing me here," breathed Appiah reverently, the first among us to recover his breath.  "I always suspected there was some good reason for my coming to Britain."

    And I think that summed up how most of us felt. We did not lose respect for the white man - very far from it.  What we did lose, however (and long overdue was the loss), was an illusion created by the role the white man plays in Africa: that he is a kind of demigod whose hands must never get dirty, who must not be allowed to carry anything heavier than a portfolio or wield any implement heavier than a pen.  Without realizing it, we had come to think of the white man only in the role of missionary, civil servant, or senior business executive, one who was always behind the desk, never in front of it.  We saw him as one who always gave orders, never took them, who could have any job liked for the asking.  So to realize that that man was perfectly happy working in that gutter (snatches of his melancholy whistling reached us faintly where we stood) was a most salutary experience.  It was now possible for us to like the white man.  For before you can like (as distinct from merely admiring or emulating), you must feel kinship, a shared humanity, the possibility of common experiences and destinies.  As we resumed our walk past the sweeper, he looked up and grinned cheerfully at us, leaning for a moment on his brush.  We waved and grinned back; and in that mute exchange of greetings there was erased in a moment the memory of the behavior of the stewards on board.  The latter had acted as if the gods had that the black man should minister and the white man be ministered unto, and that they were stewards and we passengers only by special dispensation.  Our friend the road-sweeper, on the other hand, was so far from harboring any such notions that he had found time to give us, in his own way, a welcome to Liverpool.

    We were soon to find, as countless thousands of colonial students in the United Kingdom must have found, that the Britisher at home is an altogether different creature, and a much more lovable one, than the Britisher overseas.  Perhaps the same applies to most people.  Abroad, too, we all to a greater or lesser extent are conscious of treading a stage; of having to live up to,, or live down, a national reputation.  The white man abroad has to prove that he is superior to the black man; the black man abroad has to prove that he is not inferior to the white man. The proving of both cases involves much play-acting, much assumption of false roles.  The only solution is for the colonial student to be offered, and to accept unreservedly, a "home from home" on the hearth of a British family; a family not necessarily wealthier than that of our road sweeper, but certainly no less free from false ideas as to the proper position of white men and black men vis-a-vis each to share a home in the fullest sense of the words, to feel genuinely "at home," facades fall, pretense ceases, masks are removed, and it is rare indeed that the real man does not attract.  My years in the United Kingdom were to teach me that the ordinary British home can undo the harm done by die-hard imperialists far more effectively than all the money invested in Colonial Development and Welfare Funds and Colonial Students' Hostels (indispensable as these are), and all the Colonial Office receptions, dances, tours and conferences put together.

    Inside Dust Jacket - Front & Back Flap:

    The African is the odyssey of a man voyaging between violent eddies of disparate civilizations, who must at every turn decide in which pattern he shall learn and love and lead.

    It is the story of Kisimi Kamara, born in a remote village in the West African colony of Songhai, who is educated first by missionaries, then in England, and who becomes the first Prime Minister of his country when it achieves independence.  From the vividly portrayed bush background through the sojourn, both idyllic and tragic, in England to his dramatic triumph in creating and leading to victory a new native party, Kisimi is at once a symbol of African aspirations and a warmly realized protagonist.

    The African is wholly unlike any other novel to come out of Africa.  Its author, who is Headmaster of the high school in Accra, Ghana, is a man deeply involved in his people's efforts to compress centuries of educational, social and political achievement into a few short decades.  He has written here a book which should stand as a landmark of African fiction and African ideals.  With its supple and forthright style, it introduces to American readers a writer of remarkable qualifications for bringing alive the ideals and realities of his continent and relating an absorbing tale of an unforgetable man of our times.

    William Conton was born in 1925 in Bathurst, Gambia, West Africa, the son of a clergyman.  He was educated in schools and colleges in West Africa and in England, receiving a B.A. from Durham University.  He lives in Accra, Ghana, with his wife and three sons and one daughter.

    Amazon Review: Colonialism Explained

    Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Children

    I was browsing videos to find a nice docu-style introduction to weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions.  To my surprise I stumbled across this very young kid lifting like he was out on the yard in a penitentiary. I don't know if weightlifting is healthy or harmful for a young developing body, but I'd sure hate to be the bully in the school yard who roles up on this little undercover hulk.  

    I promise to find something to post that's more traditional and shares the beauty of weightlifting competition, but this is just too incredible to pass up. If nothing else, for future viewings.

    Check out "little man" below excepting his body sculpting championship the only way he knows how; by striking poses.

    Thursday, June 21, 2012

    Looks Like Lebron & Heat in 5

    Sorry Lebron, I've got cousins in Cleveland!

    Lebron and the Heat didn't win this championship series.  Inexperienced youth and lack of proper coaching lost it for the Oklahoma Thunder.  I truly believe this.

    No Fix in the works here, just a failure by the Thunder to execute as a team for all four quarters.  Can't blame the refs for not calling the fouls if you're settling for jump shots instead of driving to the rim.  Oklahoma's Kevin Durant and the player I predict to be a future super superstar, Russell Westbrook, needed help and simply didn't get it.

    Lebron is definitely a good, dominating player, but if teammates Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier didn't have the games they had in the series, We'd all be doing the Oklahoma Shuffle tonight.
    Everybody's Thunderin!

    Congratulation Miami Heat
    NBA 2012 Champions

    Colt .45s Throwback

    Actually this throwback post was to be about major league baseball's Houston Colt .45s of the early 60's.  But I just couldn't resist this throwback Colt 45 malt liquor advertisement by actor Bille Dee Williams.

    Keenan Ivory Wayans of 1990's "In Living Color" fame reenacted the skit in comical fashion playing a smooth talking, womanizing Billy Dee Williams

    Mr. Williams did promote Colt 45 malt liquor and the Houston Astros did begin play as the Houston Colt .45s. Both are historical facts that aren't looked upon proudly in today's politically correct environment .  

    The Astros are celebrating their 50th year anniversary this season (1962-2012) and controversy surrounds their Colt .45s throwback jerseys.  

    This is old news, but as the season plays out for the Astros we might see some protests pop-up should they try loading those throwback uniforms for an away game in a town full of anti-gun activists.

    As for Billy Dee Wayans, I hear he's modified his slick ways to meet the social media age, and you can probably find him on youtube opening legs in the latest Kim K. video.  

    Astros Weigh Controversial Options

    Astros Wear Throwbacks

    Oakland A's Walk Off Beats Dodgers

    In an Oakland Coliseum shamefully overrun by Dodger Blue, the Oakland A's wearing "Throwback Thursday" yellow jerseys sent their fans home cheering with pride. Attendance 23,337.

    Yes, the L.A. Fodgers played like possible contenders right up until the bottom of the ninth inning.  In that inning the A's took advantage of their opponents loss of focus at the mound, then with two men on, A's rookie Yeonis Cespedes (DH) drove a pitch that seemed for a minute to sail straight at me sitting in the left outfield second level.  In slow motion, the ball swerved toward the foul pole as it came into what I call 'fan focus."  Then in the blink of an eye the ball disappeared down into the lower level and we fans standing puzzled in wonder heard the eruption of the crowd below.  

    After hearing Dodger fans out-cheer the home crowd all day, I first thought maybe it was a foul ball.  But within milliseconds of the cheering I saw the A's dugout spill out toward home plate to greet the rookie slugger.  Cespedes was a hero with his first walk-off home run, and the Dodgers were swept away from the Coliseum, losers of all three games.

    A's pitcher Travis Blackley did well against Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. The score was frozen at 1-1 right up to the wonderful walk-off.  

    Wearing my new #47 Gio Gonzales hat and Oregon pullover with the yellow "O" (Oregon) on the left chest, I was right at home yelling "Beat L.A. into the cloudy Oakland skies.  The sun did peek out a few times but majority of the game was cloud cover, windy and borderline cold.  But I'll weather a damn snow storm if it means seeing the Dodgers lose a game, any game.

    The A's have won eight of their last ten games and might just make some waves in the AL race for the playoffs.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers might still have the NL's best record at 42-28, but their definitely not as dominating as their early schedule had them looking.  

    The A's will host my San Francisco Giants Fri, Sat. and Sunday.  The Dodgers will come back to the bay to play the Giants Mon., Tue. and Wednesday.

    Final Score
    Dodgers 1
    A's 4

    Behind Every Picture

    Not until I did a web search of my blog RAIDERLEGEND, did I realize just how storytelling the pictures I post are.  

    For every image that my google search listed, there was a story of interest being told.  The stories mostly centered around sports,  but all of them offer a lesson in life.   Writers create and retell stories in order to share information and ideas, as well as try to better understand the story themselves.  A blog with pictures accompanying a post is like street view versus maps; readers can see the image(s) from which the blogger's words erupt.

    So for those who've enjoyed viewing and reading my blog, I say congratulations and thank you for making my sharing of pictures, information and opinions worthwhile.  It is mostly through pictures that the ideas and opinions of Raiderlegend  have been influenced.    To have the ability to string together a few words and have others enjoy reading them is a blessing. Amen!

    Bradley Pacquiao Fix - Re-Fixed!

    118-110, 117-111, 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113
    Winner by anonymous decision: Pacman

    A "supposedly" five-member international judging panel reviewed the June 9th Bradley vs Pacquiao fight and unanimously voted Manny Pacquiao the winner.  The WBO, who ordered the review, does not have the authority to change the result of the Bradley win, but can order a rematch and bring in judges from outside Nevada. Oh Boy!  

    So either Promoter Bob Arum has the WBO in his left pocket (back pockets reserved for judges) and this is how the rematch will play out, or the WBO was completely hoodwinked and are in damage control mode.  Either way, fans of boxing are owed not only an apology but refunds and/or a freebie.  Who's gonna buy the hype of a Pacquiao vs Bradley II fight after what transpired on June 9th? Not even Bradley fans want a piece of that pie.

    WBO Scores Fight For Manny Pacquiao

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    The First UnDocumented U.S. Immigrants

    It's amazing how much a picture accompanied  by a few words can say.  What I find even more amazing is imagining that same picture shown with different words or without words at all. Simply take away the words and look at this picture closely.  What do YOU see?  

    Maybe Arizona immigration laws do protect the American way of life.  The first immigrants gained the trust and friendship of the citizens before turning on them with a vengeance that bordered on barbaric.  

    Today's desperate immigrants arriving on the shores of America just might have it in mind to rob, rape and kill the citizens of this land along with their way of life.  Let's not be as naive and foolish as those gullible red men of yesteryear, who fell for the Thanksgiving gesture.  It just might turn into a Thankstaking feast.

    Let's see some identification!

    Did U Know, Did U Care? LFL

    For those who 'Like to Watch,' The LFL (Lingerie Football League) has stripped down to four teams and taken their act to Canada & Australia for the 2013 season.  It's an outrage and a shame that a great idea hatched in the United States has to go on the road to survive financially.

    Gonna miss u girls.  Maybe this is the incentive I needed to take a vacation to the land down under, or over.

    Haka, Haka, Baby!

    LFL Takes U.S. Hiatus

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    As A Man Thinketh - Thought As Food

    Something Deep and Thought Provoking For non-Deep Thinkers


    THE body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. At the bidding of unlawful thoughts the body sinks rapidly into disease and decay; at the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty.

    Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body. Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a man as speedily as a bullet, and they are continually killing thousands of people just as surely though less rapidly. The people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body, and lays it open to the, entrance of disease; while impure thoughts, even if not physically indulged, will soon shatter the nervous system.

    Strong, pure, and happy thoughts build up the body in vigour and grace. The body is a delicate and plastic instrument, which responds readily to the thoughts by which it is impressed, and habits of thought will produce their own effects, good or bad, upon it.

    Men will continue to have impure and poisoned blood, so long as they propagate unclean thoughts. Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body. Out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body. Thought is the fount of action, life, and manifestation; make the fountain pure, and all will be pure.

    Change of diet will not help a man who will not change his thoughts. When a man makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure food. Clean thoughts make clean habits. The so-called saint who does not wash his body is not a saint. He who has
    strengthened and purified his thoughts does not need to consider the malevolent microbe.

    If you would protect your body, guard your mind. If you would renew your body, beautify your mind. Thoughts of malice, envy, disappointment, despondency, rob the body of its health and grace. A sour face does not come by chance; it is made by sour thoughts. Wrinkles that mar are drawn by folly, passion, and pride.

    I know a woman of ninety-six who has the bright, innocent face of a girl. I know a man well under middle age whose face is drawn into inharmonious contours. The one is the result of a sweet and sunny disposition; the other is the outcome of passion and discontent.
    As you cannot have a sweet and wholesome abode unless you admit the air and sunshine freely into your rooms, so a strong body and a bright, happy, or serene countenance can only result from the free admittance into the mind of thoughts of joy and goodwill and serenity.

    On the faces of the aged there are wrinkles made by sympathy, others by strong and pure thought, and others are carved by passion: who cannot distinguish them? With those who have lived righteously, age is calm, peaceful, and softly mellowed, like the setting sun. I have recently seen a philosopher on his deathbed. He was not old except in years. He died as sweetly and peacefully as he had lived.

    There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipating the ills of the body; there is no comforter to compare with goodwill for dispersing the shadows of grief and sorrow. To live continually in thoughts of ill will, cynicism, suspicion, and envy, is to be confined in a self made prison-hole. 

    But to think well of all, to be cheerful with all, to patiently learn to find the good in all--such unselfish thoughts are the very portals of heaven; and to dwell day by day in thoughts of peace toward every creature will bring abounding peace to their possessor.

    excerpt from the book: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 1902

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Matt Cain's Magical Night Is Perfect

    Yes, Our Horse is better than your horse. And ours went the distance and won the race.

    Matt Cain, the workhorse pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, has just completed the first perfect game in Giants history, a 128 year history.  The Houston Astros were victims of a war horse trampling as Cain struck out 14 and allowed no base runners. nada! zilch!

    The Pitching, the defense, the celebration, the catch (see Gregor Blanco left), were all world series worthy.  

    Congratulations Matt Cain and the SF Giants!
    Whew! A New Kind of Torture!

    Jessica Sanchez Moments

    Manny Pacquaio might've been bamboozled last Saturday, and Lebron James and the Miami Heat bedazzled by OKC last night, but there was one unquestionable moment of unity at both these events that won the honor and respect of all who witnessed it.

    Jessica Sanchez sang the national anthem at both events, and the power and dedication she sang with both times brought a lump to your throat. Imagine how her parents and family feel watching their little 16 yr. old princess growing into this gifted entertainer in front of America's eyes.  Why it's enough to bring about a spiritual awakening in an individual.

    Jessica's moment at these events might've lasted under three minutes, but the impression and influence it had on all of us watching remains timeless and indispensable.  Without expressions of national pride such as Jessica's, to remind us of what it stands for, our flag would be nothing more than a multi-colored rag fluttering from any pole, to the sound of an old ritualistic chant.

    God Bless America!

    'Mad Bum' Kicks Some ASStros

    Sitting there at AT&T Park watching Madison Bumgarner (8-4) pitch like a freakin machine last night, I felt reassured that the 2012 San Francisco Giants will be okay down the stretch.  With Tim Lincecum battling through an un-timmy-like slump, Mad Bum showed us why, when it comes to Giants pitching, there's nothing to fear but fear itself.  

    Bum pitched beautifully last night, striking out twelve Asstros hitters through 7 2/3 innings.  He was electric throwing the ball and made it look almost too easy.  Then he did the unexpected; with the Asstros leading 1-0 in the bottom of the third, Da'Bum came up to the plate and smacked the beJesus out of the ball. The home run, his career first, was measured at 387 feet landing in the left field bleachers. And the AT&T crowd went wild!

    Pitcher Madison Bumgarner receives home run congratulations in dugout

    The Giants sport a 36-23 record, third best in the NL.  They're healing up as backup players continue to step up and keep the ship on course for the fall destination.  They must be careful with where the Panda sits onboard.  Last night's appearance of Pablo Sandoval in the lineup gave all us fans feelings of caution.  He went 0-4 last night with two strike outs.  It's expected he'd be a bit rusty returning from an injury, but it's his body and focus that remain suspect.  

    Panda has truly become a roly-poly Panda.  His weight seems to have ballooned since the start of the season.  His bat seemed a bit slow and his fielding and defense definitely looks rusty.  Let's hope its just Panda getting refocused and not Panda needing to lose the pouch he's carrying.  

    But again, with Mad Bum and Da'Boys playing like Giants, we have nothing to fear but fear itself! 

    Final Score
    Astros 3
    Giants 6

    Tracking Mad Bum's 387 ft. Home Run

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Jersey Devils Can't Pulloff Upset; Where Is Bob?

    I wanted a Stanley Cup Fix like boxing pulled off this past weekend.  The New Jersey Devils, down 3 games to 0, had stormed back to win two games while threatening to extend the Kings Stanley Cup drought to 46 years. 

    Where the hell is Bob Arum when you need'em.   If Bob were promoting the Cup Finals it would've been the Devils winning game six, 6-1, and game seven would be billed as the "Game of the Century." I'm sorry Bob, but even your Hitchcock-like shadow seems to secretly whisper 'do not trust this man.'

    Fortunately for NHL fans, New Jersey wise guys are too busy with boxing and basketball to buy a piece of the ice. The Devils playoff run was exciting to watch, but there can only be one legitimate champion.  Less than 24 hours ago the Los Angeles Kings, playing in the house that Kobe rebuilt, won their first ever Stanley Cup championship. Congratulations Kings!

    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    The Fix Wins

    "Professional sports in America: it’s all about fair play and the goal of winning championships. At least that’s the spin. But could it be a massive showbiz operation filled with greedy owners, crooked referees, and coddled players, all with the unstated goal of grabbing as much money as possible?"

    The above paragraph is the opening to the book description of 'The Fix Is In' on  After a weekend of questionable sports outcomes highlighted by the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Fix.....I mean fight, this book is on my "wish list."

    As I and many other viewers of the pay-per-view Pacquiao vs Bradley fight were prematurely texting to friends about Pacquiao's dominant win, I overheard the ring announcement of a "Split Decision."  I continue texting thinking maybe one of the judge's felt obligated to vote for Bradley because of the gallant effort he gave in defeat.

    Mind you, I'm no Speedy Gonzales when it comes to texting, so just as I'm finishing up and ready to send my text I hear the final judge's score of 115-113 followed by these unbelievable words:  AND NEW ....................

    The packed room of Pacquaio fans goes silent with disbelief. I'm standing, cell phone in hand, mouth open as wide as a sea bass fish caught on the end of a hook.  I see the one other Bradley fan coming toward me to discreetly give a low high five and I respond dreamlike in a trance.  Here's what my text looked like:

    "Bradley had the heart, not the power, Pacquiao.....Wait! Bradley?"

    My sports fan sister who received my edited text fills me in on Teddy Atlas (Video on ESPN no longer available) ripping the judges for incompetence or corruption on ESPN.  She then reminds me of the other questionable sports events of the day:

    French Open          (tennis)
    Belmont Stakes      (horse racing)
    Yankees                 (baseball)
    Heat                       (basketball)
    NJ Devils               (hockey)

    How ironic that challenger Timothy Bradley had predicted before the fight that as champion he'd give Manny Pacquaio a rematch come Nov. 10, 2012.  Well, the prophesy just might get fulfixed....I mean fulfilled.

    ESPNUK: Rafael on Pacquiao's Loss

    Friday, June 08, 2012

    Oscar Grant Killer Conviction Upheld

    The BART police officer who killed unarmed 22-year old Oscar Grant with one gun shot into his back while he lay facedown and subdued on the Hayward BART platform, has his felony appeal rejected.  

    Johannes Mehserle is alive, well and free after serving one year of a two year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Oscar's young daughter and family are still living the nightmare of loss and justice not being served. The killing which occurred the early hours of New Years Day 2009 was witnessed by a trainload of passengers, as well as other subdued young men in custody on the platform.  Multiple video recordings of the killing are available online and still, Mr. Mehserle feels he is the one wrongly charged and wanted his record cleared. He maintains the killing was an accident.
    Today's  three-judge panel rejected Mr. Mehserle's appeal giving this explanation for upholding the felony conviction:

    the court said there was abundant evidence that Mehserle had acted with gross negligence, as required for a manslaughter conviction.

    The handgun was black and weighed three times more than the yellow stun gun, the justices noted. The pistol was holstered on Mehserle's dominant right side and had a two-step release mechanism that the Taser lacked. Mehserle had received 6 1/2 hours of training with the Taser, had drawn it twice in the minutes before the shooting, and struggled three times to get the handgun out of its holster.

    "A reasonable jury could conclude a reasonably prudent person would have known he was holding his deadly handgun and not his nonlethal Taser," said Presiding Justice James Marchiano in the 3-0 ruling.

    He said the jury could also have concluded that Mehserle had no need to use any weapon because the situation appeared to be under control, and none of the other six officers on the platform drew a firearm.

    Read more:

    Personally, I initially felt the incident was an accident until the actions of Merserle and fellow officers was reported. Once the facts and the video were available any "reasonable" person could clearly see the officer(s) involved were not forthcoming with the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Their actions were that of guilt and coverup.  Maybe the punishment didn't fit the crime of taking a life, regardless of the circumstances.  But with the court's decision to let Mehserle's felony conviction stand, they keep a man who is negligent when given lethal enforcement deputation, from being sanctioned to kill again.  He may kill again, but with a felony conviction it won't be a sanctioned killing.  For as sad as that sounds, this is the reality facing many disenfranchised citizens living in these United States of America today.
    Oscar Juliuss Grant III, (February 27, 1986 – January 1, 2009),

    Guess We Won't Have Another

    "I'll Have Another"

    Favored Belmont Stakes runner "I'll Have Another" has been scratched due to early signs of tendonitis in his front leg. Come'On Man!  What syndicate put the fix in on the Belmont? This is an outrage, let the horse smoke.......

    Here we are one day from possibly seeing "I'll Have Another" make history by winning the triple crown, and whaddaya know, swelling in a leg tendon that went undetected until now.  

    What I really wanna know is who put the squeeze on the horse and why wouldn't the colt just take a dive?  The Boston Celtics seemed okay with it just last night, what's up wit da mare?  Guess we'll have to cross our fingers for tomorrow's Pacquaio vs Bradley championship boxing match.  The more you watch sports the more you wonder about the influence the money has on the outcome of such events.

    Thursday, June 07, 2012

    Gregor Big Bat Blanco

    Panda? We no need no stinkin Panda, we got Big Bat Blanco. Well, at least that's what we Giants fans are feeling these days.  With Pablo returning soon from a wrist injury, I hope to see the continued play and growth of outfielder Gregor Blanco.  

    Blanco, a Venezuelan native, is currently in the leadoff hitter spot batting .288.  He has two homers in two days and just seems to make things happen with his bat and legs (6 stolen bases).  The Giants as a whole are stepping up their game at the right time.  Coming into today's game they're 8-2 in the last ten games, excellent.

    With all the new players producing on the team, Gregor Blanco is one that has silently gone about his business producing.  If you weren't following the team you might not have noticed him, but for those caught up in the Giants season, Blanco is a keeper.  If you ask me he seems to be getting better as the season goes on.

    As for Panda I have this advice: Push away from the table and avoid Santa Cruz like the plague.  I wanna see Pablo come back and add fire to an already sizzling team, but if he's not fully ready to be the man, then let the playas play and let Panda Pinch for a bit.  Whatever the Giants decide to do, reward Blanco with more playing time, not less.

    Go Giants!

    Blanco Stats

    • Avg .284
    • HR 2
    • RBI 11
    • Runs 29
    • SB 6
    San Francisco Giants