Monday, March 31, 2014

DeSean Jackson Raiders Plea - Prayer

Morning DeSean, This Is God Calling

You may not find this letter of spiritual advice immaculate, but if you have faith you’ll understand and receive the blessing.  It’s about more than just a football career; it’s about seeing the gifts of your life unfold in ways you never imagined.  I know, I’ve had my eye on you DeSean.  You have so much to offer in so many ways, but like many, there’s been some doubt and many distractions along the way.   

The road of life I made crooked and challenging for reasons only I know.  What I’d like you to believe is that every bump, curve and detour placed along your path was put there for your best interest, just as the times your life seemed to be in cruise control, it was I removing some of those worries and burdens.  It’s been like that for you since December 01, 1986 and will continue through all your days.  For I am always with you.

As an adult I must remind you of the Free Will you’ve been blessed with, which allows you to choose what path to take and team to join.  Mind you, your choice will not change what I’ve willed for you, but it will determine the type of experiences you encounter traveling toward your destiny. Either way, by your will or mine, I will be right there with you as I’ve always been.  I write to you in this, your 28th year of life, to give you this special birthday gift, though you might see it as more of a puzzle than a blessing. 

You are not who you think yourself to be. Know Thyself!

You, my faithful servant, at heart are a Raider.  Go West and discover those treasures awaiting you.  Pledge to choose a path based on your soulful needs over financial desires, trusting that I am always with you.  What might at first seem unwise and foolish to agents and those who’ve profited by blessed talents bestowed on you, will be revealed as the link to your fulfillment as a man in touch with his destiny.  The gleam of life, which you’ll surely discover in this new journey, will eventually become evident to those who might’ve doubted, including yourself. 

Again, be mindful and watchful of distracting forces.  This time, choose not only with the hungry head, but practice using the other decision-making instrument of which I’ve blessed you with; a humble heart. Do not be deceived, for a humble heart sees what a hungry head is sometimes too full to discern.

Oakland, California needs you my servant, as much as you need Oaktown.  Seek not what you’ve found in Philadelphia.  Go where you can feel my Pacific waters calming the summer air around you at night.  Go experience the California sunshine splashing down reminding you of my presence before, during and after the dark, threatening storm.  Awake to the winds of autumn blustering in from sea, greeting you to a new day in My blessed bay. A place where past transgressions are forgiven and no stone be cast should new ones arise.

"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.” In giving of yourself you will surely receive tenfold.
For I promise this and more to all those of faith.  I Am always with you DeSean.  And win, lose or tie, I Am a Raider!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Steph Flame On

#30 The Human Torch comes to the rescue for the Golden State Warriors once again.  Stephen Curry and a small lineup outdueled the Memphis Grizzilies down the stretch to come away with a hard fought 100-93 victory.  My player of the game was Draymond Green.  He played hard and delivered the points in crunch time.  I just hope Draymon's back is okay from a fall he took midway through the game.  It was painful to watch but the tough small forward shook it off quicker than you could say....Flame On!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Oakland Raiders Making Contender Moves

As an Oakland Raiders fan I'm very satisfied with the moves GM Reggie McKenzie and company are making.  Instead of breaking the bank, and it's a loaded bank, with one superstar signing, they're adding parts that'll make the whole team better.

Today's signing of running back Maurice Jones-Drew can only add upside to an offensive backfield that's in need of reinforcements.  MJD paired with Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece brings a change-up tandem that's been missing since the playoff days of running backs Tyrone Wheatley and Charlie Garner.  We still await the coming  out party of 2013 draft pick Latavius Murray, who missed last season due to an ankle injury. Murray wears jersey #34, yep, the one that Bo Jackson made legendary.

So the Raiders have added at just about every position with the exception of wide receiver.  And it just so happens that former Cal Bears receiver DeSean Jackson, a three-time NFL Pro Bowler, was just released from the Philadelphia Eagles today.  Come'on Reggie; bring DJ home where he belongs.

Should the Raiders sign DeSean to catch passes from "The Schaub," this 2014 Oakland Raiders squad will be the most exciting group to suit up in silver and black since, since, since, wow!

Just Win Baby, Al's Watching!

Update - Raiders Defensive Tackle Pat Sims Re-signed

HBO Boxing After Dark - Karim Mayfield

Is it possible that a boxer out of San Francisco can wow the judges in Atlantic City, NJ. and maybe bring a piece of the boxing spotlight back to the Bay Area?  Hey, anything's possible when it comes to 33 year old San Franciscan native Karim Mayfield, who'll be fighting on HBO's Boxing After Dark this Saturday, May 29th. 

Karim (18-0-1, 11 KO's), faces Puerto Rican boxer Thomas Dulorme (20-1, 14 KO's). Winner of this junior-welterweight bout could see his star rise in the rankings and would be a probable challenger in a major title match.  

Karim is nine years older than Dulorme and knows that the clock is ticking on his quest for a major boxing title. Dulorme is a young prospect who wants to show he's improved and belongs in the title contending conversation since losing on HBO in 2012.   So expect to see a match where both fighters have much to prove with future title aspirations on the line.

Karim's fight trainer is Virgil Hunter out of King's Boxing Gym in Oakland, California.  Virgil trained current WBA Super World super middleweight champion Andre Ward.  It sure would be nice to see a major boxing event venue hosted here in the SF/Oakland Bay Area sometime soon.  The last one I remember attending was in 2001, which showcased a younger Floyd Mayweather stopping Jesus Chavez at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.  On the same card that night was a stick figure bantamweight champion by the name of Manny Pacquiao.  

Due to the inexperience and unpreparedness of the SF civic auditorium hosting the 2001 boxing event, many boxing fans who turned out to see the fights were delayed getting inside and missed some of the early bouts. Unfortunately I was one of those outside when Pacquiao, unknown to most of us, was head-butted twice by Agapito Sanchez before the bout was stopped in the 6th round and called a draw because of a bad cut over Manny's right eye.  Who knew back then that Mayweather and Pacquiao would come to such prominence in the boxing world and would hold fan's anticipation of a fight of the century in their hands.  Who Knew?

North American Boxing Federation (NABF)
Boxing in San Francisco 
Boxer Mugshots Early SF

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arms Dealer In State Legislature? Come'on Man

San Francisco Band - 4 Non Blondes (1989-1994)

What the hell is going on with our senator from California?  Over the years we've seen politicians caught up in the most career damaging scandals imaginable.  The crimes they've been charged with have gone from sexual to criminal to acts of treason.  We've witnessed politicians caught on camera having illicit sex, purchasing or taking illegal drugs, stealing, fornicating and coveting thy neighbors wife. There've been murder indictments and bribery, along with insider trading involvement.  

Heck, we've had accusations of politicians tampering with presidential election ballot boxes, and one was the brother of the republican party presidential nominee.  But this recent one is a criminal charge right out of the latest best selling political thriller novel.  

California senator Leland Yee, a twenty-six year veteran politician, was arrested on a number of criminal charges.  The one that sets Leland above the rest is not that he was arrested along with one of the most notorious chinese gangland bosses that ever walked the streets of San Francisco.  Oh no, Leland set a precedent that sets the bar just a bit higher than cartel affiliation.  Mr. Leland Yee is being charged with conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms.

Wait a minute, I'm not making myself perfectly clear.  Let me give you today's CBS news opening on the story.

Last Updated Mar 26, 2014 8:51 PM EDT

Now let some of the key phrases sink in for a minute;  gun control legislation, campaign donations , undercover FBI, arms trafficker, shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles, Muslim separatist group.
Did I mention the gang leader's name is Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow?  I've been writing about the wrong March Madness event.  This Streets of San Francisco episode is gonna be a blockbuster with nobody coming out on top.
My first thought was that the good Senator was too good, wouldn't do the dirty work and was framed.  Maybe he ruffled someone's powerful feathers and they wanted to send a message.  But there's one phrase that makes me think our boy was in too deep and caught red handed; "undercover FBI."  
If Senator Leland Yee propositioned an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigations agent for campaign donations in exchange for an arms dealer contact in the Philippines, his future is looking very bleak. Is Guantanamo Bay still housing political prisoners?  One yelp-like site gives the prison 3.2 stars.
Innocent until proven guilty!

In Other News Today

  • Girl shaves head for pal with cancer, gets temporarily suspended

  • Christian school complains 8-year-old girl isn't girly enough

  • Welfare cheats lived on $1.2M yacht, lawyer says

  • Woman, 74, freed after 32 years in prison for murder she didn't commit

  • Report: Germans seize cocaine on its way to Vatican

  • Monday, March 24, 2014

    Bay Area's Own - Adrian Marcel

    You know how it is when you recognize a talent, you just wanna share it with everyone.  Seems this young man has the sound and style to blow up the charts someday very soon.  His sound has the mix of ol'skool R&B with that 90's crooning flava.  

    Good things sometimes come to those who are late.  Hopefully the SF/Oakland Bay Area don't sleep too late on AM. 

    Raider Nation Knows:
    Adrian Marcel Links

    Exclusive Interview

    Raphael Sadiq Presents

    Discovery: Adrian Marcel

    Mixtape Tracks : 7 Days Of Weak

    Saturday, March 22, 2014

    Dayton Flyers Out-Dance Syracuse Orangemen

    #11 Seed Dayton Flyers are going to the sweet sixteen after handling the #3 Syracuse Orangemen.  Syracuse did good to keep it close and be in it at the end.  The Flyers, going to their first sweet sixteen since 1984, played as if they were the better team trying not to get over confident and blow the lead.  They almost did as Syracuse missed the last 3pt. shot that would've won them the game. 

    Just so happens I saw a Flyers fan today sporting a Dayton Hoodie. The guy was so excited standing in the doorway of a bar, getting his breath from watching the game.  He'd told me that Dayton was leading Syracuse by something like 13 points and I couldn't believe it.  Little did I know that the game had just started and the Flyers had jumped all over the Orangemen before letting them back in it by the half-time.  I know as I write this post, that Dayton Hooded fan is acting a drunken fool, as surely as Orville and Wilbur Wright were drunk with the flying bug.

    You do know that the Wright Brothers are from Dayton, Ohio and were famous for inventing the first flying machine?  Well if you didn't know, now you know.  And you owe it all to a dancing Dayton Flyers basketball squad that's taken flight and making their dreams a reality.  Seems Dayton has a history of folks achieving their dreams; just check out the upward achievements of the Wright Brothers who went from selling and renting the newly crazed bicycles in 1892 to inventing and flying the first motorized airplane in 1903.
    Mascot Rudy Flyer
    Final Score
    Dayton 55
    Syracuse 53

    University of Dayton - We lead and we serve because we believe that the more people we help to develop compassionate hearts and critical minds, the better our world will be.

    Friday, March 21, 2014

    We Interrupt This Blog To Announce

    March 21, 2014

    I've just become grandfather to a healthy, 7 lb, 11 oz, 20.5 inch baby boy.  Mom is well, dad is taking pics and bursting with smiles.  Its a day that our family can say God spotted us far from the madding crowd and winked in our direction.  The baby is my daughter-in-law and son's first and my first grand-child to carry the family surname.  

    As much as I love my four grandchildren, this fifth one carries a blessing that I am all to ready to receive.  Its a blessing that comes at a time in my life where all paths lead to rome.  Or put another way, I'm at a place where I see God in just about every living thing and body I come in contact with. Having this type of spiritual peace makes one's journey in life crystal clear; following in the path of a gracious, humble servant.

    I thank my God for my family, my friends and my enemies.  Yes, it has been those I once may have counted as enemies who've helped reflect the obstacles within myself I needed to overcome.  

    Today I give thanks for all those unselfish spirits who've touched my life to this point in the journey.  I pray this fifth grandchild of mine will find this world worthy of the gifts he brings from a distant shore.  And may his parents enjoy this new stage of their lives, one that will nourish their soul from here to eternity.

    Congratulations World!

    Welcome To My Blog Matt Schaub

    It looks like barring a physical exam failure (crossed fingers) quarterback Matt Schaub is coming to the Oakland Raiders.  He carries a sizeable $10 million base salary but I'm sure GM Reggie McKenzie will downsize that.  

    Schaub's career stats make it appear as if he's a better than average quarterback.  Last season was simply a bad season for the Houston Texans starter.  What I don't care for is the weak arm strength he's reported to have.  He won't have the 6'3, 230lb beast of a receiver Andre Johnson to throw to anymore, but Raiders receiver Andre Holmes could ease Matt's homesickness; Holmsy stands 6'4 and can snag projectiles out of the sky with his big mitts.

    This quarterback acquisition begins to feel more positive than negative when you look at the numbers.  My problem is I tend to keep my eyes peering toward what's recently been produced on the field and not on paper.  So with that I'll wait until I see Schaub in uniform, in a game, leading the silver and black offense, before passing judgement on this transaction. It's your call Reggie.

    Now it becomes a matter of who's his backup.  Gotta go with the other Matt, Matt McGloin.  I just feel the kid from Penn State has natural quarterbacking abilities where as Terrell Pryor has natural athletic abilities.  Right now we need a strong, stable quarterback. Unless we're running the pistol, Pryor is not an option to start.  Trent Edwards is on the roster also.  And then there's the Draft Prospects........

    Matt Schaub   #8 QB
    Height: 6-5   Weight: 235   Age: 32
    Born: 6/25/1981 Pittsburgh , PA
    College: Virginia
    Experience: 11th season
    High School: East HS [West Chester, PA]

    2013Houston Texans1035821961.235.82,3106.5231.0102.8143.9462632116273.0
    2012Houston Texans1654435064.334.04,0087.4250.5224.0122.260T4682721690.7
    2011Houston Texans1029217861.029.22,4798.5247.9155.162.180T379169896.8
    2010Houston Texans1657436563.635.94,3707.6273.1244.2122.1605993222692.0
    2009Houston Texans1658339667.936.44,7708.2298.1295.0152.672T62152514998.6
    2008Houston Texans1138025166.134.53,0438.0276.6153.9102.6654282314992.7
    2007Houston Texans1128919266.426.32,2417.8203.793.193.177T2361612687.2
    2006Atlanta Falcons16271866.71.72087.713.013.727.447312871.2
    2005Atlanta Falcons16643351.64.04957.730.946.300.0536262798.1
    2004Atlanta Falcons6703347.111.73304.755.011.445.7592141442.0

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Let The Games Begin - NCAA Basketball

    No Brackets For Me To Fill Out.  Just proclaiming the Virginia Cavaliers as my team to survive the tournament. As a #1 seed they're favored to possibly win it all; a feat the Cavaliers have yet to accomplish. They do have two NIT championships (1980, 1992) but Hunger for an NCAA trophy.

    My loyalty has less to do with dominant basketball skills than with personal family region. For the birthplace of my parent's, parents.

    Monday, March 17, 2014

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    First heard this Irish folk song in a British noir movie titled "The Long Memory."  The movie opens and closes with a salty old toothless sailor type singing this song while foraging for junk along the old wharf area.  The sorrowful story is one of bad luck where a good man finds himself at the wrong place and time with the wrong people.  Twelve years imprisonment and he's now a bitter and broken man with nothing but vengeance in his heart.  I guess you could call it the luck of the Irish.

    The lyrics are a bit different from the video I've posted, but the tune is spot on.

    Though I'm not Irish, I grew up in a family full of song, stories and laughter.  The Irish are incredible story tellers and the best at turning a sad moment into a joyous and festive occasion. Don't believe me, attend an Irish wake and you'll never look at death quite the same.

    As I Went Out One May Morning
    One May Morning Betime
    I Met a Maid From Home Had Strayed
    All in the Summertime

    What Makes You Leave Your House and Home
    Duty to Pursue
    Your Pretty Little Feet They Look so Sweet
    Stike Off the Morning Dew

    Sunday, March 16, 2014

    I'm The Captain Now!

    Watched the movie Captain Phillips and was blown away by the tension-filled abduction and hostage scenes.  Actor Tom Hanks as captain Phillips gave his usual outstanding performance, but it was amateur actor Barkhad Abdi playing the captain's nemesis, who really stole the show as Muse, the leader of a crew of Somali pirates taking over the captain's cargo ship.

    The native born Somalian and his acting crew of pirates were very believable and intimidating.  They capture the imaginations of any audience, the majority of who have never been in such a predicament.  When you look at the desperation and courage of the pirates, you realize the true meaning in Muse's reason for not being able to turn back:  "I've come too far, I can't give up."

    But its Muse's delivery of another line that brings the character and his strength to the forefront.  When Muse believes Captain Phillips is lying about the broken ship, he gives a scary, wide-eyed and determined face to face look while asking the captain to look into his eyes, and then exclaims "I'm the captain now!"   Boom!

    Captain Phillips, Excellent Movie, See It!

    College Basketball Selection Sunday

    So its come down to this final day of conference tournaments (championship week) to determine the complete bracketology of this year's NCAA Basketball Big Dance. 

    As always, there are some first timers hoping to slip on that Cinderfella slipper for at least one round of waltzing.  Then there's the Goliath power houses from those conferences that always seem to have representation in the final four shindig.  And in between there's a host of teams looking for some respect from both Cinderfella and Goliath.

    Get ready for some homegrown, in your face college basketball that is as entertaining as a three ring circus.  You get high flying acts, animal mascots, ball juggling feats, trickery and all out magic from 64 teams competing for the chance to be champion.

    These two teams, Mustangs and Eagles, are thrilled to be attending the big dance for the first time ever:

    Cal Poly Mustangs
    Conference: Big West
    Record: 13-19
    Ticket-clincher: Cal Poly 61, Cal State Northridge 59
    Leading scorer: Chris Eversley (13.4 PPG)
    Tournament appearance: 1st

    North Carolina Central Eagles
    Conference: Mid-Eastern Athletic
    Record: 28-5
    Ticket-clincher: North Carolina Central 71, Morgan State 62
    Leading scorer: Jeremy Ingram (20.3 PPG)
    Tournament appearance: 1st

    The Shockers are the first undefeated team to attend the dance in 23 years.  And regardless of the criticism they've received from haters' questioning their schedule, Wichita State brings more than just an intimidating win/loss record to the big show; much more.  Besides, you gotta love the WSU team Shocker logo with the look of a charged up cheerleading fan.  March Madness is Here!  

    Wichita State Shockers
    Conference: Missouri Valley
    Record: 34-0
    Ticket-clincher: Wichita State 83, Indiana State 69
    Leading scorer: Cleanthony Early (15.8 PPG)
    Tournament appearance: 11th (First since: 2013)

    Friday, March 14, 2014

    Shark Bait!

    The San Jose Sharks have won five straight and playing some of their best hockey.  Every time I check in on them they're pulling out wins in the final seconds, with shootouts or in overtime periods. 

    They've been chasing the Stanley Cup championship for years, coming close but never finishing.  Well my fellow shark toothed teamsters, its time we hunker down and chew up all oncoming contenders in this year's drive to the promised land. If opponents know any better, this is our season and they best get out of the way.

    After last night's 4-3 shootout victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets, our Sharks are tied for the Pacific Division lead with Anaheim, and can taste the bait.  This time nobody get's off the hook.  Everything wriggling on ice is shark bait, and the boys in teal, black and white are preparing for one heck of a feast.

    So Beware NHL, Sharks are lurking around the cup just waiting, and waiting, and waiting........gotcha!  We're Going Goon.

    67441679542216171+4524-6-420-10-32-64-4-2WON 1
    68441779534213165+4825-4-419-13-310-58-1-1WON 5
    67382368232164142+2219-11-319-12-36-48-2-0LOST 1
    673125117326185191-619-11-312-14-85-54-5-1LOST 1
    693029107026163187-2416-11-614-18-44-73-6-1LOST 1
    67273376122163199-3615-16-312-17-45-35-5-0WON 2
    68233695520169223-5412-16-311-20-63-34-3-3OT 1

    Other Hockey Movies