Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amid Bizarre 2014 Free Agent Activity


Oakland Raiders General manager[edit]
McKenzie was hired as general manager of the Oakland Raiders on January 5, 2012.[9] Longtime owner Al Davis had been general manager since 1966, and retained control over football operations after becoming principal owner in 1972. Both Wolf (who had worked in the Raiders front office prior to his Green Bay tenure) and former Raiders coach John Madden recommended McKenzie to new owner Mark Davis, who hired McKenzie after an interview conducted jointly by Davis and Madden.
McKenzie promptly fired head coach Hue Jackson and hired Dennis Allen, who had previously served as the defensive coordinator of a Denver Broncos squad that barely beat Oakland for a playoff spot. He brought in his twin brother Raleigh McKenzie to become a college scout for the Raiders. 

After letting three of your best players from last season leave via free agency, then bringing in a free agent player that fails his physical and goes back to signing with his old team, the Raiders fans are left simply wondering WTF Reggie? WTF
Its almost as if Reggie has too many salary cap bullets to load the gun with and has jammed the barrel and mistakenly shot himself in the foot.  Its times like this where the Raiders fans are left wondering if Big Al was onto something in not hiring a General Manager.

Can the signing of DE Justin Tuck save Raiders GM?  If there is a productive plan in the mad method of the Raiders free agent activity, don't show me the blueprint, show me a strong, restructured team that can win with consistency on the field.   With faith in our General wavering fast, its time the Raiders brain trust rally around the flag pole and hoist the organization into a winning position using creative ideas.  It begins with great choices at the top. 

Reggie, the clock is ticking on your watch. And as sports writer Bill Barnell so aptly states, "the one thing cap space can't buy an NFL general manager is time!"

Update: LB Lamarr Woodley just signed with Raiders

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