Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm The Captain Now!

Watched the movie Captain Phillips and was blown away by the tension-filled abduction and hostage scenes.  Actor Tom Hanks as captain Phillips gave his usual outstanding performance, but it was amateur actor Barkhad Abdi playing the captain's nemesis, who really stole the show as Muse, the leader of a crew of Somali pirates taking over the captain's cargo ship.

The native born Somalian and his acting crew of pirates were very believable and intimidating.  They capture the imaginations of any audience, the majority of who have never been in such a predicament.  When you look at the desperation and courage of the pirates, you realize the true meaning in Muse's reason for not being able to turn back:  "I've come too far, I can't give up."

But its Muse's delivery of another line that brings the character and his strength to the forefront.  When Muse believes Captain Phillips is lying about the broken ship, he gives a scary, wide-eyed and determined face to face look while asking the captain to look into his eyes, and then exclaims "I'm the captain now!"   Boom!

Captain Phillips, Excellent Movie, See It!

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