Monday, March 10, 2014

Barry Bonds Back In Black & Orange

It's all good!  Barry Bonds returning to help the San Francisco Giants in any way is a sign that both he and the organization have matured and moved beyond the past turmoil.  If only the media could fully grasp the beauty and importance of this new relationship, without continually looking for a crack in the contract.

Judging from what Barry said on his first day of seven as an instructor at Giants training camp in Scottsdale, AZ., he can help players do "a little better" than their already doing.  Barry gives credit to the team for their  two championships in the past three years without his help.  It's a good thing that Barry is a bit nervous about embarking on this new instruction opportunity; means he's taking it seriously and wants to perform well.

We as Giants fans have the best of both world's right now; we have a great team returning for this season and we have one of the greatest hitters in major league history in camp coaching up our hitters. Everybody knows the Giants strength is in their pitching.  Well, with the help of Barry, that assumption could easily make an ass of many an opponent this season.  

Welcome Back #25 Barry Bonds.  Remember, every journey begins with one step.  And it ain't unusual for a traveler to kick some ass along the path.  Step on Barry, Step On!

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