Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Freedom Of Speech Must Prevail

from the movie "Nothing But The Truth"

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants its citizens the right to "Freedom of Speech." This right to speak freely, without censorship, limitation or both extends to nonverbal acts of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas. It was probably chosen as the first because of its importance in the establishment and continuancy of a free democracy.

As we see citizens of countries in the Arab world risking lives to express their anger and frustration toward their governments, we in the United States should be thankful that the founding fathers of this nation had the forethought to include such a freedom as Free Speech in our constitution.
Our First Amendment right hasn't always been honorably upheld in this country, but I shudder to think where we'd be without it today. For it is a necessary protective shield against a government's abuse of power over those it governs. It forces the powerful to be "Accountable" for actions that may negatively effect the powerless. The Internet as we know it today could never have evolved without a First Amendment foundation.
In the movie clip above, actor Alan Alda's plea to the supreme court to rule in favor of his client's right to "Freedom of Speech" in a case where National Security may have been threatened is superb.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Filipino Flash Knocks Out Mexican Bantamweight Champion

Boxing Champion Nonito Donaire won his third division title with a crushing left hook knockout over WBO & WBC bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel of Mexico. The knockout punch came 2:05 into the second round and it was a showstopper.

Donaire, nicknamed the "Filipino Flash," born in the Philipines but raised in San Lorenzo, California is definitely a boxer to keep an eye on. He has speed, power and ring smarts. He says he sees everything in the ring before it happens. The proof is in the knockout of Montiel. Wow!

Congratulations Nonito on your successful bid for another championship belt!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Its Good To Be THE CHAMP!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seymour Signs Up For 2 More Years

Oakland Raiders Defensive Lineman Richard Seymour must see something lucrative in the Silver & Black organization besides dollar signs to cause him to jog back to the huddle for another tour-of-duty. Then again, maybe not.
The purported 2-year $30 million, of which $22.5 million is guaranteed, he'll get for staying the course with a rebuilding Raiders team is said to be the highest for any defensive player, annually, in the league. Is he worth it?

Richard Seymour has brought more to the Raiders defense than any player not named Asomugha in the past seven seasons. Al Davis said it last month when reitterating that the 2009 trade with the New England Patriots which landed Seymour in Oaktown was "a great trade." The Pats will cash in on that trade chip this season with the 17th pick in the draft.

No Franchise Tag for the big boy this season. He's willingly returning to anchor the Raiders defensive line. Here's what SF Chronicle writer Vittorio Tafur reported just one week ago, when he and the rest of the league thought Seymour would wear the franchise tag another year:

As for Seymour, he is happy in Oakland.

He moved from end to tackle last season, and the defensive line was one of the driving forces behind an 8-8 season - a three-game improvement from 2009. He took on a leadership role with the younger players, and late in the season he said, "I see myself retiring as a Raider."
It seems that Al Davis is still working his magic on the set of the Oakland Raiders organization. Just don't put him on a national stage in front of reporters with cameras and a projector after he's fired someone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Basketball Phenom Ryan Boatright

This Was 3 Years Ago. Youtube or Google him to checkout his current high school basketball skillz, like scoring 55 points in a game in November 2010. Ryan Boatright could be the next Jordan.

Point guard
Aurora, Illinois
Aurora East
AAU: D-Rose All Stars
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Wt:150 lbs

Class:2011 (High School)

Oakland Raiders Highlight Vault - 2002

I remember watching this game on a Sunday Night at the old San Francisco Boathouse restaurant. I was amongst a host of hater Niner Fans and a sprinkling of respectable Pittsburgh Steerler fans. It was me, my girl and one crazed Janis Joplin looking woman all proudly sporting silver & black gear, cheering like Big Brother and Holding Company were in the house. But it was the Raiders who played the house like a psychedelic rock band.

I spent the night oowing and aahing as Quarterback Rich Gannon zipped passes for 403 total yards, Receiver Jerry Rice catching everything zipped his way, Raiders defense snatching 5 turnovers, Runningback Charlie Garner spinning and speeding away from would be tacklers all night with the prettiest of moves and Terry Kirby answering one Steelers score by taking the ensuing kickoff back to the house.

It was a memorable night that I'll always cherish as a proud Oakland Raiders fan moment. The evening would end in a glorious 30-17 Raiders Victory. One fan recently commented that Steelers are still trying to tackle #25 Charlie Garner!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Defense Wins Championships

Green Bay Packers linebacker #52 Clay Matthews III

The Green Bay Packers were labeled with the weaker defense in this year's Super Bowl match-up. At least that's what the so-called football experts had guessed. And who could argue this when the Blitzburgh Steelers defense is home to the likes of safety Troy Polamalu and linebackers Harrison, Timmons and Farrior, all defensive bullies.

Oh well, so much for expert predictions and intimidating names. Turns out that winning Super Bowl XLV was determined by defense all right, but it was the so-called weaker defense of the Green Bay Packers that struck the deciding blows in this up and down championship game.

The Packers defense forced three turnovers by the Steelers offense, two of those being interceptions of Ben Rothlisberger passes. On both interceptions Big Ben was being pressured by the "weaker" Green Bay defense. The other turnover was caused by Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, who accomplished winning an NFL title for three generations of Matthews that played professional football but never brought home a championship.

Mendenhall Fumble

Clay's fumble-causing hit on Steeler RB Rashard Mendenhall at the Packers 35-yard-line was crucial in that it took the second half momentum away from the resurging Steelers who were down by only 4pts and marching toward a possible go ahead score.

Sure, Super Bowl MVP QB Aaron Rogers played with precision passing in hitting starting receiver Greg Jennings for two touchdowns while backup receiver Jordy Nelson had a career day hauling in nine passes for 140 yards and a touchdown. But it was this "weaker" Packers defense, missing star cornerback Charles Woodson and a slew of other parts, who get my vote for MVP.

The fact that the Mendenhall fumble came just as I was collecting $$$$'s for my third quarter football pool numbers (GB 1 Pitt 7) may have influenced my opinion of the importance of that play. Either way, the proof of Defense Winning Championships is definitely in the pudding, and the Green Bay Packers looked like kids who'd had their fill of chocolate pudding as they hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy this night in Dallas.

Congratulations Green Bay Packers, NFL Super Bowl XLV Champions!
Final Score: Packers 31 Steelers 25

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Today's National Weather Advisory for the midwest and northeast is brutal. Grandpa Winter is packing a punch as he skirts blisteringly across these regions causing havoc on people, property and travel. Its weather not fit for a dog to go visit his favorite hydrant in.

In Ohio more than 200,000 homes and businesses are without power. In the Chicago area, where many Jay Cutler haters are still fuming, 123,000 without power. Roofs are collapsing, roads are dangerous and night temperatures can be deadly in places like Kansas City where windchill factor makes it 5 to 15 below zero. Or Chicago where they're expecting 20 to 30 below.

Meanwhile, the current temperature in my California city-by-the-bay is a comfortable 60 degrees.........above zero. Many of the regions being blasted by this latest winter storm are going into Superbowl weekend without the most important party mix; Electricity & Cable. My prayers are with you all.

My California superbowl party host just called yesterday asking if I'd prefer mesquite or hickory wood chips in the barbecue grill this Sunday. That's what I like most about California and its winters; Choices. Sure I could go up north to a wintry wonderland if I choose, but why when I can stay home and wear my Raiders Jersey without a coat on Sunday? Choices man, everyone should have at least two.

For what its worth, here's a how-to for those poor souls who may find themselves without power this Superbowl Sunday. I give you this from the bottom of my heart, instructions for fireplace cooking from The Firepit and Grilling Guru. But be careful and follow safety precautions, wouldn't want your two choices of living accomodations narrowed down to simply one, a freezing garage.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sports Live Streaming WebSite Seized!

Its a sad day in sports when one of the few free Live Video Streaming sites is permanently shutdown. I suspected that they were operating without permission and/or license to do business legally, but never thought that Homeland Security would be in on the bust.
In a visit to their site today to view super bowl media week highlights, I was met with the above official looking document. Could just be a homeade notification but why? Did the big major network guys finally send their goons out to pay a visit to the streaming site administrators with an offer they couldn't refuse? Sure will ruin someone's Super Bowl Party.
The question I'm left with is how much of a threat to our nation's homefront was this site of live streaming sports and television broadcasts? I suppose with the phasing out of Homeland Security's color-coded terror threat Advisory System due April 27, 2011 , the national security advisors have begun targeting the lesser evils of mankind.
What will they target next, Hooters?
Come'On Man!

World Series Champion Fanfest 2011

World Seris MVP Edgar Renteria's "shot heard around the world II"

Damn, I still can't believe that my San Francisco Giants ARE World Series Champions. The man who clinched the final world series game with a 3-run homer may have left the building, but memories of his mvp worthy gargantuan feat still gives Giants fans plenty to celebrate about.
This weekend will mark the 18th annual Giants fanfest day and I can't remember ever attending one with such pride and exhilaration. A Championship truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

This fan appreciation day will bring out more Giants fans than ever before. I don't mind the bandwagon fans who came aboard during the championship run. I actually welcome the green-gilled twenty-somethings clad in orange. The beauty of Giants fandom is that it crosses all ages, cultures and genders (san francisco has more than 2.)

So the invite is open to all fans who went wild cheering the SF Giants toward that ultimate moment of triumph on November 1, 2010. That autumn day is one that will live forever in the hearts and souls of so many orange & black wearing baseball fans.