Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wrong About Cam Newton

I just watched Carolina Panthers rookie QB Cam Newton play better than many veteran quarterbacks in a losing effort against the Minnesota Vikings. I'd seen highlights of the phenomenal quarterback but until today hadn't watched him in a full game.

Well, I've seen and I'm a believer. Cam Newton simply is a leader on the field, commanding his troops like a general. His field presence is one of quiet calm and composure, ready to strike at any moment. That composure is also apparent when he's on the sideline, there's no panic or angry outbursts.

Cam reads defenses like a veteran, throws with a quick, crisp release and has running back skills in the open field. His composure in the pocket is so uncharacteristic of a rookie quarterback that you have to remind yourself it's his first season.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady comes to mind when comparing past young quarterbacks who immediately produced with command and composure. Mind you Brady rode the bench as a backup behind veteran QB Drew Bledsoe his rookie season, as well as a quarter of his second season.

The (2-6) Panthers are a young team going through growing pangs. They seem to have beaten themselves more than being dominated by any opponent. There may still be many football aficionados and analysts writing off any Panther's success this season, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone doubting the success and future potential of Cam Newton. Nobody!

Interesting, how after so much early criticism from mainstream sports media analysts about Cam Newton's pro football potential, those with enough cojones have completely retracted their critical predictions. Not often in sports do we see this type of media behavior where the so-called experts and not so expert bloggers in unison apologetically admit their mistake by singing the same lyrics:

I always find it gratifying when any athlete makes a sports analyst eat every morsel of the condemning words spoken or written about that player. And I must say Cam, with your stellar play at quarterback, you've served up a banquet to those who were wrong about you. And based on my google search, the "Haters" are still lining up to order the "I Was Wrong" blueplate special, a most filling meal indeed.

Cam Newton Has Made The Panthers Relevant Again | NFL ...

Warren Moon on Cam Newton: I hate to say I told you so, but ...

Newton ranked 5th best in ESPN's Total QBR - Cat Scratch Reader

1) We were wrong about Cam Newton's start to 2011.

We are anti-rookie QBs for Fantasy Football as a default. We don't care who the rookie QB is. Rookie QBs can be solid, like Sam Bradford last year, or Andy Dalton (who we love) this year. Solid isn't what we want in Fantasy Football, we want video game type numbers from our Fantasy Football QB. Cam Newton is putting up video game type numbers. This is NOT an endorsement of Cam Newton. We still have our doubts on him being top-tier. However, it is an admission...he is not an NFL disaster rookie situation. He's going to hold his own, and then some. We are not seeking Newton for our rosters, but we are changing Fantasy Football scoring projections of team-defenses facing him upcoming. We are also going to upgrade Steve Smith and Greg Olsen higher than where we had them.

We thought Newton would be an early season/all season disaster...that was wrong, time to change projections accordingly.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

World Series Back 10

Yr Winner Loser Series

And That's Why They Play The Games

The wild card St. Louis Cardinals win game 6 and 7 to claim the 2011 World Series Championship. I still have the improbable game 6 still swimming around in my head, but it was a dominating pitching performance with key hitting in game 7 that clinched the title for St. Louis.

Almost every baseball fan feels a bit sad that the two time American League champion Texas Rangers couldn't win their first world series. They fought a good fight and ran a helluva race but the historic game 6 loss seemed to take the wind out of their sails while giving the Cardinals just the gust they needed to push onward to victory. We Giants fans know well the course both ships took; the lost ship agony and the good ship ecstasy.

The WS MVP went to Cardinals third baseman David Freese, and rightfully so. No Freese and the Texas Rangers would be parading in cowboy boots down Dallas streets as I write this blog. Was it me or did every heart go out to Ranger president Nolan Ryan every time the cameras showed him? As much as I wanted to see the Cardinals win it, the way they finished off Texas made it almost shameful to celebrate the Cards victory.

For those who saw the series, we share in witnessing one of the best World Series ever, right up there with last year's San Francisco Giants win of course. For those who were too heartbroken to watch, and you know who you are yanks, sux and that dream team in philly, shame on you.

Baseball may no longer be the great American past time, but the entertainment and competition it brings to many fans around the world does that past time proud.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Series News

It's the bottom of the 8th in St. Louis. The Cardinals just made it a two run game with a home run, trailing the Texas Ranger 7-5 in game six of the world series. I'd like to see the Cardinals pull out a win and extend the series to game 7. The reason is simple: I want to enjoy one more night as a fan of the CURRENT World Series Champions.

This past season as Champions has been everything I imagined it would be and more. The city of San Francisco has savored every juicy morsel of flavor out of the championship steak. We're still chewing on the gristle while watching the Cards and Rangers battle it out for this season's crown.

Though tonight or tomorrow night there will be a new major league baseball champion, the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Championship will always be alive and well in the hearts of fans who wear the orange and black. It's been one heck of a journey, more like an adventure. An adventure I'll be talking about as long as I breathe.

Thank You Giants! It's Been Magical!

There will be a game 7

STL 10

Another Millionaires vs Billionaires Brawl

NBA Basketball
Portland Cancelled
Golden State

Greed knows no compromise. It will cut off it's nose to spite it's face. In business this is called Corporate Strategy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Did you Know? Genetically engineered food is bred with the genes from bacteria that act like a pesticide?

Just finished reading an article in the East Bay Express by Jessica C. Kraft, The Rapid Growth of GMOS. The article is a definite eye opener and makes one seriously consider conspiracy theories associated with pharmaceutical, healthcare and food companies. And wouldn't you know that our good old pals the Lobbyists play a role in all this.

It's a scary thought to consider, the manipulation of the world's food supply for profit with the collateral damage being an unhealthy body in need of medical attention and genetically produced medicine to survive. Just when we're trying to Go Green in our external environment we find the food and drug administration has been approving unhealthy internal sources of energy.

Wanna know something else? It ain't limited to food; clothes, toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, you name it and there's something in it that could be hazardous to your health. Something man-made that you pay dollars for.

GMO's is a topic you want to educate yourself on, especially if you have kids suffering asthma or other child illnesses so common in today's environment. It just might not only be the chemicals in the air they breathe that's causing health problems.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terrell Owens Should Be On Raiders Radar

If you ask me, the Oakland Raiders should acquire wide receiver Terrell Owens immediately, if the price is right. T.O. has something to prove to himself and the league, that he can still play professional football at a high performance level. The Raiders need to prove their passing game is just as dangerous as their running game with Darren McFadden. The two simply need each other in order to succeed.

T.O. played for the Cincinnati Bengals last season, yes, the same team where quarterback Carson Palmer played. He had 73 receptions for 983 yards and 9 touchdowns, leading the team in all categories, a team with Chad Ochocinco no less.

He tore his ACL during the preseason lockout, first major injury in 15 season, and held a special edition workout in Los Angeles to show that after six months he's healed and ready to contribute to a teams passing game. All 32 teams were invited to the workout. Zilch showed up.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson has said they're not interested in Owens. Come'on Hue, our team just got embarrassed by our division's last place Kansas City Chiefs 28-0, partly because McFadden left the game early with an ankle injury. If you don't think a Terrell Owens/Carson Palmer duo won't add star quality and free up our younger talent to make plays, then just look at the game he had last season against the Cleveland Browns (10 rec 222 yds 1 td).

Maybe after 15 years of playing pro ball T.O. is no longer T.O.. But you don't pass up an opportunity to find out, not when the Raiders could use someone with his competitiveness. That's one thing that T.O. has never lacked, competitiveness. Can you honestly say the same for these Raiders receivers who've spent as much time on IR as on the field:

Chaz Schilienz
Louis Murphy
Darrius Heyward-Bey

Come on Raiders, do it for AL!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Raiders Shutout At Home

Final Score
Chiefs 28
- McFadden
=Raiders 0

Fan Highlight of the Game: Witnessed one burly fan perfectly place a right cross punch to the jaw, lifting a trash-talking foul mouthed fan over the seats below where he lay stretched out like a corpse. The entire section reacted like we'd witnessed an iron Mike Tyson knockout. It was close.

In all the years I've been attending games I'd never seen a better display of physical skill in shutting up a troublemaker. The punch was quick, powerful and precise. When the row of fans below realized there was a grown man sleeping on their backs they lifted him to his feet where he quietly grabbed up his belongings, took one shy peek at a glaring iron Mike, and headed for shelter elsewhere to clear his head.

The knockout victim would eventually return with renewed courage, start loud-mouthing Tyson from afar again and get the stadium police involved. When all was said and done the two would make up, sort of, return to their seats and join the rest of us Raiders fans in watching our team get knocked out by the visiting Chiefs.

I don't condone violence in unsportsmanlike form, but after watching the boring Nonito Donaire boxing match last night, I suppose I was still hungering for a knockout punch to land. I finally got one!

In fairness to the real Mike Tyson, neither of these two men resembled him in any way, shape or color.

A King's Castle

Besides being officially crowned King Albert: A Baseball Legend, Albert Pujols carries the title of Dad with pride. After making history in game 3 of the World Series, when all the baseball hoopla and celebrations were over, the footage of King Albert, his loving wife and their loved little son walking down the shadowed corridor of the ballpark and into the Texas night was classic. It could've been a Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola commercial moment.

Instead, the silent footage of this Man and his family carries a message that people in all walks of life should heed. Whether you're a King, politician, celebrity, professional athlete, businessman, blue collar worker, volunteer or seeking employment, it's what you come home to that makes it all worth while.

And if you've never experienced the beaming eyes of a child rushing toward you as you come home from a day of accomplishments and/or failures, then you're missing a precious little part of what makes humanity so.....Human.

It's been that way probably since prehistoric man first lumbered home, entering the family cave with a large piece of wild game slung over his shoulder. Simply put, King Albert Got Game!

"Pujols was 5-for-6 with three home runs and six RBIs as the Cardinals scored the second-most runs by one team in a World Series contest."

2004 - Albert Pujols watches his son, A.J., hit off a batting tee Friday in Jupiter, Fla. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

Friday, October 21, 2011

WBC Returns Title Belt To Bernard Hopkins

The world boxing council (WBC) unanimously reversed the Chad Dawson TKO of light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins ruling the fight a Technical Draw, and rightfully so. Though Hopkins gets back the title and the belt, the loss will remain on his record until the California State Athletic Commission reviews it and authorizes the change.

This righting of a wrong might help restore fan faith in title fight Boxing matches. Then again, for those who paid the $50 plus on the Hopkins vs Dawson fight, nothing short of a refund will suffice.
Da pay-per-viewers wuz robbed!

World Series Tied @ 1 Game Each

In a competition that showcased what we in baseball call a "pitcher's duel," game 2 of the World Series came down to an earth shaking 9th inning. St. Louis held onto a 1-0 lead after scoring in the 7th. Texas surprisingly scored two in the top of the 9th and sealed it with shutdown pitching in the bottom of the inning.

Within ten minutes after the game ended the San Francisco bay area witnessed a 3.8 earthquake, the second of the day. Just so happens it was earthquake preparedness day. I personally felt both strong jolts, the latter while finishing the game and dinner at Tommy's Joint on Van ness avenue. Whadda game whadda meal.

If St. Louis had won game two, Texas would be wearing the collapsing team label. Instead, they've gotten new life and a boost of adrenalin going home to play three games in their ballpark. I'm rooting for the National League Champion Cardinals to win it. They appeared to have that magical touch going into the series. I hope the Rangers haven't stolen their bag of magic.

Rangers 2
Cardinals 1

Rangers 2
Cardinals 3

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

QB Carson Palmer A Raider!

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders today. The 2003 #1 draft pick and two-time pro bowl quarterback is a 31 year old pocket passer with an Al Davis approved throwing arm.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson is familiar with Palmer, coaching Bengals receivers from 2004-2006 and on the USC Trojans coaching staff when Palmer was there.

Forget about the Raiders 2012 1st round draft pick given up, Palmer gives me a sigh of relief when thinking of the remaining season without Campbell, though campbell says he hopes to return within 6 weeks from surgery. Sorry Jason, but Carson might actually be an upgrade at the position. It's a wait-n-see situation.

As of today, Hue and the Oakland Raiders have a proven driver ready to take the wheel and continue a Raiders return to the playoffs. Sure it's a big roll of the dice, but to succeed in the NFL you either Go Big or Go home.

Welcome to the Raiders Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer Career Stats

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raiders 24 Browns 17

"....the greatness of the Raiders remains in its future."

The Oakland Raiders returned home to honor late great owner Mr. Al Davis. Plenty of former Raiders met around the Raiders shield at mid-field to stand in honor of the lighting of an eternal flame for Al. Former Raiders coach John Madden performed the honor of lighting the flame that sits burning strong in the south-east corner of the stadium.

On a warmer than normal early fall day, two big plays attributed mightily to a Raiders win. A 101-yard kickoff return by the man they call "lightning in cleats," #12 Jacoby Ford. The other play was executed by special teams, where they pulled off yet another turning point, game changing play with a fake field-goal. Instead of a 53 yard field goal attempt, the Raiders faked it as punter Shane Lechler threw the perfect pass to a wide open Kevin Boss who rumbled for a 35 yard touchdown.

One ugly play cost the Raiders a proven leader, most likely for the rest of the season. Quarterback Jason Campbell scrambled seven yards then after being tackled grabbed himself in pain. A fractured clavicle is the reported injury. Backup Kyle Boller came in and did a pedestrian job at QB. The Raiders will need to bring in a quarterback quickly. The only other passer on the roster is a rookie who joins the team full-time tomorrow after serving a five game suspension; Terrell Pryor.

This could be a blessing or a curse for the Raiders. Only Al knows.

Just Win Baby!

Steppin Outside Our House of Worship

A Fredo Moment

This morning's commonwealth club discussion had InterFaith as it's discussion. Who would've thought a panel of religious and spiritual scholars would be found quoting Rodney King.

"Can't We All Just Get Along"

The discussion touched on many issues of religious tolerance and brotherhood. From comparisons of those of us who feel more spiritual than religious, to comparing interfaith as a garden of faith versus a bouquet; a bouquet's stems are cut whereas garden plants have roots to stimulate continued growth.

One story was given of a concentration camp inmate during WWII who smuggled in a prayer book and loaned it out in exchange for food. Many people who hear of it focus on the sinful actions of the inmate bartering faith, but the teller of the story has you focus on those giving of their limited supply of food for a glimpse at a book of prayer, thus restoring their faith in a place of intense suffering and death.

What really caught my attention was the question of how one faith or religion can selfishly claim authenticity and privilege with an overall God? I like what the the guest, Alan Jones, said about trusting in a Monotheistic religion. He said he'd ask the person of that religion if he would be safe if that person were in charge?

In other words, if I put you in charge would your faith and beliefs be willing to accept me with my faith and belief, or would you banish me or worse, crucify me for what I believe in? You should ask yourself this to see exactly where you and your faith stand with the community of mankind.

To hear an audio broadcast click on Finding Faith and Spirituality in the 21st Century and press play.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Faking or Not, Hopkins Didn't Deserve TKO Call

Bernard Hopkins (right) tangles with Chad Dawson during their light heavyweight title fight on October 15

This is the second straight Title Fight Boxing controversy. At least in the case of Floyd Mayeather vs Victor Ortiz, two punches landed, dirty punches, but punches no less.

Tonight it was an underneath shoulder move by Chad Dawson with 30 seconds left in the second round, that lifted Light-Heavy Weight Champion Bernard Hopkins off the ground and flatbacked him onto the canvas. The fight clock would not tick off another second for the rest of the evening. As Bernard would say when interviewed, "he tackled me, watch the tape. Football comes on tomorrow."

The controversey should be about why the referree called it a TKO for Dawson instead of a foul or a no decision if Hopkins couldn't continue.

Instead, many are looking at it from newly crowned champion Dawson's point of view, that Bernard was faking an injury to avoid continuing to fight, something he's been accused of doing in the past.

I agree with Hopkins on this one. You can't judge him in this fight based on his past behavior. He should've been given the option to continue, even if his self-proclaimed dislocated shoulder would force him to fight with one arm.

When Dawson was asked about a possible rematch he said "For What?" Guess there won't be no rematch.

The final insult to the fighters and fans was when both the commission and the ref were rushed away before any interviewer could reach them for comment. Like the deacon and the deaconess running off with the church collection plates. That's cold!

Sorry Bernard, guess your past has caught up to you tonight. Maybe retirement would be a good idea. The ones who lost the most were pay-per-view customers and those at the fight. The booing crowd seemed to be more against Dawson than Hopkins. Either way, tonight the Boxing world received a second black eye to go along with the one Mayweather gave them last month. Let's hope the Pacquaio vs Marquez fight schedulued for Nov. 12, 2011 makes up for the two main event messes.

On the undercard, 52 year old cruiser weight Dewey Bozella, who spent 26 years in sing-sing for a crime he didn't commit, fulfilled his dream by winning a professional fight. Hopkins, who served 5 years in prison, had been quoted as saying Bozella's story inspired him. Sometimes life is about being given a second chance, especially when the first chance delivered you a cheap shot.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Did It Take So Long?

It's official, Football has definitely gone where no Sport has gone before. Welcome my fellow sports brothers-in-arms to:

That's right. A football league of sexy hot women wearing helmets, eye black, shoulder pads and ........Wait For It..........Lingerie Gartered Panties!

Whatever Man sold this idea to venture capitalists will one day be a god of the universe. Even if the league folds, the footage will live on in the annals of sports. If you're asking yourself how I, a Raiders Til I Die rebel, got wind of this lacy league, for the record it was the devil, plain and simple.

Actually, an article about former Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien's daughter Angela Rypien caught more than my eye. She's starting quarterback for the Lingerie League's Seattle Mist. With Mark in the stands she put on a quite a show in leading her Lingerie clad ladies of Seattle over the opposing team, the Green Bay Chill 42-8.

My gurl says it must be a hoax. Well if it is, just keep hoaxing me baby!
The LFL consists of two conferences (East and West) with six teams each. It seems that it airs on Friday Night's on MTV2 and markets itself as the "True Fantasy Football." Who can argue that. They've been around for at least two seasons and this season looks to be a bra-keout year, as seen from the many on-field wardrobe malfunctions.

So Brotha, don't just stand their all gooey-eyed wondering what your gurl will say, just pack your bags for Vegas this season and get ready for a hangover in cleats. The Los Angeles Temptation take on the Las Vegas Sin at the Orleans Arena not far from the strip. Need I remind you not to bring sand to the beach?

"The Lingerie Football League has become the Ultimate Fan-Driven
Live Sports Phenomenon - Blending Action, Impact and Beauty."

Celebrating Huff Interception/Raiders Win

Who Knew that this footage would end up on youtube with myself and Raider Nation celebrating last week's emotional win over the Houston Texans. The scene is Ricky's Sports Bar in San Leandro,Ca.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Century of the Surgeon

A review of a very well written book from 1957.

This Is Madness! This........Is........Sparta!,

Reading the first 100 pages of this book does make one cringe with horror at times. The author's clear descriptions of the patients, their pains and the surgical procedures, not to mention the saw and other primitive tools used to probe inside gaping incisions, are both mesmerizing and ghastly alive.

The writing is so convincing that you begin to feel as if you are there, suffering as a patient or stoicly ignoring the patients screams to continue the procedure as a surgeon should. The point is clearly made that many early day surgeons were butchers, both literally and figuratively.

I admit, I haven't finished this book yet. I really want to take my time savoring the atmosphere of this historical novel. I felt a need to write something about the pleasure and pain spent reading the first pages. The stories within the story just keep coming and so far not one has dulled my interest.

The writing stands true and concise. The characters are easily imagineable, so easy that its as if you recognize some from childhood visits to a doctor's office. Just try putting yourself in a doctor or patient's shoes of that era, that is where the reading becomes timeless and engaging.

But the real horror in reading this book about surgery prior to anesthesia is that it wasn't during the times of ancient Greece or Rome; this is a story that takes place in mid-nineteenth century Western civilization. This is NOT Sparta!

Monday, October 10, 2011

1944 AL Champion St. Louis Browns

Amazing how you learn as you go when it comes to sports history. Who other than Baltimoreans knew that their beloved Orioles started out in St. Louis. I'm sure the baseball connoisseur's of the sports world know this bit of trivia, but I've been mostly in the dark about it.

I do own the movie "A Winner Never Quits" about the one-armed major league baseball player Pete Grey in 1945, but I thought the Browns he played for were a fictional team. Who knew!

St. Louis once had an American League team named the St. Louis Browns. They were one of the original 8 charter franchises of the 1901 startup league, spending its first year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the Milwaukee Brewers before moving to St. Louis to become the St. Louis Browns.

In 1954, after 52 hapless years, the Browns left St. Louis for Baltimore and adopted the Orioles name, a name used by previous Baltimore baseball clubs, in honor of the official state bird of Maryland.

The Orioles name had been used by previous major league baseball clubs in Baltimore, including the American League Baltimore Orioles franchise from 1901–1902 that became the New York Yankees and the National League Baltimore Orioles which won National League titles with legendary Hall-of-Fame manager John McGraw, before McGraw took the black and orange team colors to New York to become the Giants baseball team. That Giants team would become would leave New York for San Francisco after the 1957 season, winning their first World Series for the city by the bay in 2010.

John McGraw Teams
As Player

As Manager

How many San Francisco Giants fans knew that the Orange and Black colors they cloaked themselves in through the 2010 World Series Championship run were stolen from a Baltimore baseball club over 100 years ago? Gee, thanks John McGraw for being such a hard ass manager and superstitious strategist.


Original St. Louis Browns in St. louis 1901-1954
- move to Baltimore and become Orioles 1954

Original Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore 1891-1902 (AA/NL)
- move to New York and become Giants 1902

The story of the early Baltimore Orioles gets very confusing. It includes the New York Highlanders who became the New York Yankees; The Brooklyn Gladiators who were forerunner to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the great bambino himself Babe Ruth.

The story of the 1969 Seattle Pilots is interesting as well. Read about this one season team and it's connection to the Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers and Bud Selig. A book written by a Pilots player titled "Ball Four" gives the full story of the Pilots one major league season.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Raiders 25 Texans 20

Raiders doing it for Big Al turn back the clock and somehow, someway, pull out a tough victory on the road. It wasn't pretty and the Raiders didn't do a lot of bullying, but they found a way to finish as victors.

The Oakland Raiders looked like they wanted to win one for Al, God rest his soul, but they struggled to live up to that commitment in the first half (Raiders 12 Texans 14.) The second half saw the Raiders playing with commitment and executing their way through a fiesty 3-1 Houston Texans team.

The game came down to the final 7 seconds of the game. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub had just completed a hail-mary like pass to the 5 yard line.

The snap and those 7 seconds seem like hours as Schaub goes back to pass. He begins running toward the endzone with a Raiders defender quickly closing in. Looks like he could make the endzone. Instead, Schaub fakes then throws to the endzone for what appears for a millisecond to be an open receiver. Jumping in front of the receiver to snatch the ball and victory out of the Texans hands is Raiders safety #24 Michael Huff. Ballgame!

7 catches
99 rec yards
1 touchdown

4 tackles
1 interception

Sebastian Janikowski
4/4 field goals
54, 55, 50, 42 FG yards

I watched this game at Ricky's Sports Bar in San Leandro with the Black Hole crew. As I told Ricky after the game while shaking hands, "the place continues to live up to Raider Nation expectations." Where else but Ricky's would a Raiders fan want to watch an away game? Definitely a Sunday to remember.

The Hazmat Boyz represented at Ricky's during and after the game. Check out their Raider Nation video, SOLIDARITY. It's tight! Half the folks in the video were at Ricky's enjoying the game. Black Hole Stand UP!

Friday, October 07, 2011

He Was More Than A Simple Carpenter

So whom in mankind's history have we heard spoken of as a more than a simple carpenter? Tonight's St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter might not be of virgin birth, but after tonight's complete game shutout of the Philadelphia Phillies he's considered a god in the sports sense of the word.

Well there are a few similarities between the famous carpenter of ancient roman times and the carpenter that humbled the city of brotherly love tonight.

Both performed miracles in front of a tough unbelieving audience ( I'm always reminded of Philadelphia Eagles fans booing Santa Clause.) Both had a strong supporting team of Saints backing them. And both went the distance.

Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter not only shut down the favored Phillies tonight, he baptized the Cardinals organization and solidified a fellowship that appears unstoppable as they move on to play the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLCS. The Cardinals played like they were on a mission of redemption. If you saw the game you know what I'm talking about. A classic national league playoff game and pitching duel.

The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2010 SF Giants. They appear to have that ...thing.....that makes teams just a tad better and a touch luckier than their opponents.

Congratulations St. Louis on your NLDS triumph.

Final Score (Game 5)
St. Louis 1
Philadelphia 0

Viva Vala Verde!

Down Goes Goliath! Down Goes Goliath! Down Goes Goliath!

The Detroit Tigers did what many thought impossible last night. They put down the mighty Goliath of the baseball world, better known as the New York Yankees. They did it with clutch hitting and lights out pitching in game 5 of the ALDS.

Never has the baseball world seen Yankee Stadium so full and yet so nervously quiet as in the bottom of the ninth last night.
Detroit's ace closer Jose Valverde, 49-49 in save opportunities this season, came in and silenced everything within a ten mile radius of the Yankee Stadium dugout.

Crickets in October.

The silence of those pinstripe wearing fans was a horrific site to see. Yankees fans from ages 8 to 80 were shown looking like a zombie virus had just descended on the New York metropolitan area. They looked gaunt, expressionless, void of life. Their shadowy faces resembled that of a gangrene corpse with bulging eyes and a twisted mouth.

Yes, the pride of espn, fox sports and money making manhattan were Beaten!

Money Can't Buy Everything. At Least Not This Baseball Season.

Congratulations Detroit Tigers on slaying that bragging beast of baseball. Thanks for shutting up dem Yankees.

Detroit 3
New York 2