Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Major League Baseball Franchise Files For Broke

It's something I always said I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. Oh well, so much for enemy wishes. Just so happens that today my worse enemy in baseball experienced the wrath of double-dipping financial management. Yes indeed, the once proud franchise known as the Los Angeles Dodgers are now under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, a historic event.

Nobody here in the land of World Series Champion Giants are shedding any tears for the bums in blue. What did they expect representing the land of make believe and plastic people, that it would last forever?

My only concern is that the franchise I've loved to hate might relocate, leaving us Giants fans without a team to curse and wish bad omens on. Guess that bottle of voodoo juice I opened on the Dodgers early in the season actually worked. As with Kobe and the Lakers, the Dodgers have been made helpless and are no longer relevant. Stick a fork in them, they're done!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

For Years I was afraid of You
But now I know better
You were just protecting what You Loved
From being harmed
I love You for giving Me that hereditary trait
I pray I can stand as strong as long as You have Father

Happy Father's Day
Your Youngest Son

I wrote this for my father for Father's Day some ten or more years ago, sending it pasted inside the card shown above. The card's princely picture captured everything I felt my father stood for during my childhood; guardianship, loyalty, dedication, duty and all that goes with overseeing a kingdom built from scratch.

My father may not have been a king of royal blood, nor was our home a palace full of material riches, but he was royal in his pride of family and you couldn't tell him his home was anything but a castle. Of all the riches he earned for his family there is one that will never lose its value; Respect.

Though he passed away two years ago, and I had many Father's Days in between to bond and enjoy his booming voice, I always return to the Father's Day I gave him this card and poem. For it was on this Father's Day that I first saw the love of a child melt a man with the heart of a lion and bring him to tears; tears of true accomplishment. My father stood guard long enough to see his son become a respectful man.

One of the greatest joys of fatherhood is receiving confirmation of love, honor and respect from his child. These I'll never stop showing you Dad.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Okay, So Dirk Can Ball

Battling flu-like symptoms Dirk Nowitzki played one helluva game of basketball in leading his Dallas Mavericks over the Miamia Heat in game four 86-83. The fix may be in for this finals series, now tied at 2-2, to go seven games, but Dirk is playing every game like its the last. The big guy seems determined to hoist the championship trophy even with the odds against it happening.

Miami's D'wade is also playing like an all-star, making shots and scoring like there's no tomorrow. Wade had Chris Bosh as a sidekick and Dirk had Jason Terry ratcheting up his game. So guess who's missing on the all-star highlight film? Yep, the MJ of this century, Lebron James.

The King simply disappeared down the stretch when Miami could've used that Jordanesque jumper or steal. Is it possible that The King is 'on the take' and controlling the game in ways only a gambler could imagine? I know, I know, he's as ringless a Nowitzki and needs one bad if he wants to continue wearing the crown. But looking at his performance last night I'd say something more than the Dallas Mavericks kept Lebron from being a factor in the game.

I shouldn't and might regret implying it, but must report what I and a few other conspiracy theorists have been thinking of these NBA Finals.

Say It Ain't So Lebron! Say It Ain't So!

Did U Know: Former Golden State Warrior Erick Dampier along with Eddie House are on the Mavericks roster but were scratched for this game?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

SF Giants Keep Fans Up Past Midnight

Freddy Sanchez is mobbed after his game-winning single in the 13th inning.

Forget that I'm writing this a day later, after a 2-1 Giants loss to the same Washington Senators. Last night's 13-inning Giants comeback win (SF 5 Wsh 4) was as special as any this season. Sure the bats continue to struggle, but we fans know that if we hang in there with the team they'll reward us more times than not.

The call by Dwayne Kuiper when Freddy Sanchez smacked a base hit to bring the winning run home for the Champions brought back memories of the 2010 post season run. Yes my friends, a world series title is truly the gift that keeps on giving. This Giants season is so special for us San Francisco fans simply because we waited so long and are not ready to let the party end. Ever!

So on night's like last night, when you're staying up late struggling to make it with your team to the bottom of the 13th inning, the reward of a walk-off win is more than just a win; its a continuation of a remarkable era of Giants baseball. And you watch because you don't want it to end and when it does, as all dreams must end, you've got the memories, the trophy and the ring to make it legendary.

Today's Not A Good Day To Die!

You've heard news reports of sanitation worker union strikes, nurses' union strikes, hotel union strikes and even professional sports (NFL) union lockout type strikes. Well today's union striking news is just wrong; dead wrong.

A grave diggers' union, along with other cemetery personnel at Colma's Woodlawn Memorial Park in California has put down the shovel and taken up the picket sign in a dispute with owner's over pay decreases, pension replacement and increased health insurance contributions.

Immediately I chose to side with the gravediggers. I know businesses must tighten their budgets in this economic downturn, but when Houston Service Corporation International, the largest cemetery company in the United States and owner of Woodlawn, cleared net profits of $126 million in 2010, I say they can afford to continue providing for the workers that make it all possible. Shucks, the CEO only pocketed $2.65 million in that profitable year, compared to Goldman Sachs that's janitor's pay. Why not continue spreading the wealth amongst all?

In the meantime, Union Representatives for Local Union 265 of the Service Employees International Union, are continuing talks with the corporate owners while employees walk picket lines at the entrance to the cemetery grounds.

The corporate owners have brought in non-union (SCAB) workers to do the digging and keep the grounds looking.........undisturbed and peaceful. But this fight is in the early rounds and I suspect the gravediggers aren't planning to roll over and give in to corporate pressure. Nobody's gonna 'stiff' them out of anything.

There are 16 other cemeteries in Colma which service the San Francisco Bay Area. Woodlawn has the only non-local owner after being sold in 1997. Figures that only an out-of-towner would be so inconsiderate and disrespectful of workers who provide a unique service to humanity. A service mind you, that a large majority of us will come to use one day.

Just pray that day don't come anytime soon or you might find yourself or a deceased loved one in a shallow grave, tilting towards hell after heavy rains soak the unlevel burial ground. Let Us Pray!

Monday, June 06, 2011

A Monday Morning Quote

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."
--Bertrand Russell

Friday, June 03, 2011


I'd turned the game off after watching a gazillion replays of the Chris Bosh put back slam with maybe seven minutes left on the clock. Somewhere in between replays, Dwayne Wade extended the Maimi Heat's lead with a three pointer, making it 88-73.

After texting a cousin of mine about the mismatch on the court I get this reply back:

"It's like a grown man with his hand on a child's head, while the child is just swinging trying to make contact. It's OVER!!!! :'(

That child my cousin was texting about was the Dallas Mavericks at that point of the game. They looked completely overmatched by the Harlem Globetrotting Miami Heat squad of Wade, Bosh and King James.

Then I awake this morning to news about the miraculous Nowitzki and company comeback to "stun" Miami. I think this can't be, I must still be dreaming, I pinch myself and run out for a newspaper and coffee. Sure enough, there's a pic of Dirk pumping his fist with D'Wade lying on his back on the floor, like he'd been knocked the freak out and couldn't answer the bell.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to see a competitive NBA finals as much as the next guy, but at the expense of the Heat taking a dive in a game they had to work at to lose? No Thanks.

I've voiced my suspicions before about today's sports competitions and the money behind the machine. While we fans become somewhat blinded by our allegiance to the sport or a team, there are happenings taking place that defy logic in the outcome of many a sporting event. Even seeing my Giants win the World Series was something I and every Giants fan felt defied logic. But we'll take it, we're fans.

Here's a good example, take the Indy 500 race this past weekend. A youngster (23 year old J R Hildebrand) is rounding his final curve in a sure fire upset of the racing field only to smack into the wall and slither home in second place. In the same race female driver Danica Patrick led the field for 10 laps, a first for any woman.

I'm sure the kid wanted to win that race, but somehow it wasn't in the cards for him. Was it his over enthusiasm in being so close or was it someone in the pit making sure he wouldn't cross the finish line first? In either case, someone won loads of money while someone lost a bit. As for Danica, maybe she's earned her accomplishments, but the thought of Nascar attracting more female fans, which equals female dollars from marketing Danica, sure makes for seeing to it that she races well. Both these incidents made for high drama in the race, which truly hooks viewers.

So Game 3 of the NBA Finals is this Sunday in Dallas,Texas. The Heat and Mavericks are tied at one game apiece. Because of last night's dive the networks are guaranteed the airing of three games from Dallas. I have a hunch they'll be airing from Miami before this series is over, and not because the Mavericks are so competitive a team.

Maybe I just read a bit too much and have what's called an "overactive imagination."
But then again..........Miami loses to Dirk in final minutes???????
Come'on Man!

Thursday, June 02, 2011



That my friends is why 14-year-old eighth grader Sukanya Roy of South Abington Township, Pa., is hoisting the winner's trophy and your not. This young lady survived the brutal, stress-filled, 15 round competition we've all participated in at some level once upon a time.

Sukanya is the 2011 National Spelling Bee Champion, out-spelling 274 contestants. Imagine, you've gone 14 rounds, now there's only one brash 12-year old from Canada standing between you and the national crown. Wait a minute! What's a canadian doing competing in "Our" national spelling bee?

Puts more pressure on Sukanya to win one for the nation. Oh well! As fate would have it, the Canadian falters and your up to take a swing for the walk-off.

You approach the podium, the same podium that kids have been known to faint at. The moment is silent and tense as your body tingles with cold perspiration. From the speakers you hear a cold, composed voice speak the word you're to spell.

You nail it!

When asked about her accomplishment, winning the 84th Scripps Tournament, Sukanya had this to say:
"I went through the dictionary once or twice, and I guess some of the words really stuck."

Sukanya tied for 12th in 2009 and 20th in 2010. Not only can she spell, but she has the persistence of a champion. Never Give Up.

CYMOTRICHOUS - relating to wavy hair

Aubrey Huff Blasts 3 Home Runs

The San Francisco Giants (World Series Champions) played four exciting games against the NL Central leading St. Louis Cardinals this week. Though they should have won all four games, they settled for three.

Tonight's game was Aubrey Huff Hits night as the veteran first baseman blasted three balls over the wall for home runs. After leaving thirteen runners on base in last night's win, tonight's hit parade was a treat as runners on base advanced home in carousel fashion. So much for the weak west coast hitting that the east coast media keeps feeding the fans.

When Giants reliever Guillermo Mota loaded the bases then gave up the grand slam allowing the Cardinals to pull within three (10-7), it seemed St. Louis had stolen the Giants thunder. But you don't steal a thunder that's been rumbling toward a roar all season long. It was the World Champions night to shine, answering with two more runs as pitcher Jeremy Affeldt closed the door and the threat.
Congratulations Aubrey Huff and the San Francisco Giants. Playing like Champions!