Friday, December 31, 2010

Was The Fix In On The BCS Pinstripe Bowl?

Of course this could only happen in New York or Chicago, where organized, or disorganized, crime is still alive and well with both hands still in the sports cookie jar. Just ask Kansas State's football organization who were the unfortunate recipients of a questionable referee's call in the BCS Pinstripe Bowl played in the Bronx, New York.

The Excessive Celebration, that brought about the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called by one of Todd Geerling's officiating crew ,was a military style salute by Wildcat Adrian Hillburn after scoring a touchdown. Come On Man!

No wonder it was named the Pinstripe Bowl. Never mind the Yankees in stripes, its the referees in zebra shirts who put their historic stamp on this stadium. Expect to see the black lines on Referee shirts become thinner next season.

Forever to be known as the "Bronx Salute," the penalty is a true stain on the sportsmanship of NCAA college sports. The call did not necessarily lose the game for the Wildcats, but it forced them to attempt a 17-yard two-point conversion instead of a two yarder. The Wildcats failed on the extra point attempt and New York's Syracuse Orangemen would go on to win the game 36-34 in the first football game to be played at new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

For you geography-challenged sports dunces, the Bronx is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. How Convenient for the Orangemen and the New York bookies!

Youtube interviews with author of "The Fix Is In":

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sports Photos Remembered

I think one of the slickest photos of a sports figure taken in recent years is this one of Jamarcus Russell. It screams of success and style. If you didn't know the "Jamarcus Story" you'd think he were a young prince of an African nation taking a leisurely stroll before attending some kind of international summit in Germany. Or he could be the richest and most powerful leader of a drug cartel on his way to court after being indicted on petty smuggling charges. The picture says everything except the truth, and that is what makes it so powerful.

The power of illusion in pictures and advertising is very real and something to be aware of at all times my friends. Sooner or later the truth comes leaking out from under the cover and the viewing public gets to be shocked back into reality.
The truth in this picture is that Jamarcus had lost his focus on football the moment his zillion-dollar first round draft contract was inked. Someone put a fur coat on him and told him he was "On Top Of The World, and he believed it. We fans wanted to believe it too, but then the illusion began to leak and we were left with a horrible sight on the field and off.

But the picture still lives and will always remain as a reminder of what could have been. The questions the picture always aroused in me are; was he coming or going, is the plane his and what kind of sneakers go with a maxi-fur coat?

Happy New Year Jamarcus Wherever you Are!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NFL's Becoming A Bunch of Wussies

Oh Well, the Sunday game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings was postponed against the Xmas wishes of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. On Tuesday night the Vikings made wussies of the favored hometown Eagles in a 24-14 upset of Michael Vick and company.

Governor Rendell was on hand, though not in his usual seat, to watch his NFL team get beaten down by the Purple People Eaters of Minnesota. But you've gotta give it to the Gov. who threw out the wussie comment on Sunday after hearing of the postponement, he sat there Tuesday in freezing temperatures with bald head exposed while his team took the beatdown and was denied a shot at a number 2 seeding in the playoffs. The Eagles will play three games in eleven days and will need at least one playoff road win to get to the Super Bowl.

Hey Ed, the Chinese say that only wussies need a bye-week and home-field advantage in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. They claim they can do it while acting as Governor of Pennsylvania and solving calculus problems, what say you?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monta Ellis Playing Like An All-Star

Monta Ellis’ 39.7 ppg led the league for the week and helped Golden State to a 2-1 mark, which included wins over the Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers. Ellis topped 36 points in all three outings, including a sparkling 44-point performance on 15-of-20 shooting from the field in the Warriors’ lone loss of the week, a 121-112 setback vs. Houston. Ellis also chipped in with 7.0 assists and 3.0 steals on the week. (

Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis was named Western Conference Player of the Week yesterday with an average of 37.7 points, 7 assists and 3 steals in three games. In the Eastern Conference Lebron James was named Conference Player. Of more importance is that the Warriors are finally healthy and finding a chemistry with one another on the basketball court.

Monta, nicknamed the Mississippi Bullet, had another double-double last night in a win against the Portland Trailblazers, the Warriors third straight. I haven't had much to post about the Warriors since the "We Believe" season of 2007, but with a new coach, new ownership and a new cast of talented players around him, the Mississippi Bullet packs a more powerful charge.

Look out NBA, The Golden State Warriors are coming out to Play!

Sports Illustrated Covers SF GIants Pitcher

On the Cover: Tim Lincecum, Baseball, San Francisco Giants
Photographed by: Walter Iooss / SI

Well at least Sports Illustrated magazine is paying their respects to the best pitcher not playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, the freak who beat Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers twice in the World Series, pops open a bottle of champagne to celebrate bringing in the New Year as a World Champion. Attaboy Tim!

IT's Good To Be The Champ!

Monday, December 27, 2010

R&B Singer Teena Marie Passes

Singer Teena Marie will always be a part of my musical heritage. As a teenager in the late 1970's early 80's, Teena kept us who were tasting the new fruits of Rap connected to Funk & R&B. She wasn't the only female R&B singer carrying the flame, but she was unique in being white with the sound and soul of a black singer.

I dedicate this post to a dear friend of Teena's who I'm fortunate to call friend as well, Lynn Garcia. We as fans who grew up with Teena feel your loss Lynn. May you find comfort in knowing that Teena's life brought joy to a rainbow of peoples on this earth. You should feel blessed to have played a very close role in her life. We'll all miss her soul.

Healing blessings go out to Teena's daughter Alia Rose. It appears that your mom loved you as much as her Lord loved her. Trust that she's as comfortable in the Lord's Mansion as she is in your heart and soul, the two places she'll always be at home in.

Rest Well Lady-T

Mary Christine Brockert

(March 5, 1956 - December 26, 2010)

better known by her stage name Teena Marie

Saturday, December 25, 2010

All Hands On Deck!

This weekend the Raiders will need everyone from Coach Cable to long snapper Jon Condo on deck and ready to do battle. They're facing a battleship commanded by one of the fiercest admirals ever to chart a football field.

Quarterback Peyton Manning and his 2009 AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts are motoring toward Northern California on a search and destroy mission and set to drop anchor at the Oakland Coliseum this Sunday. The Colts, battle weary and bruised, haven't steered through opponents with ease like last season on their way to Super Bowl XLIV, but with fearless Admiral Manning at the helm the ship is still a threat to any opponents playoff hopes.

The Oakland Raiders playoff hopes hang by a thread. We'll know before the first volley of gunfire cracks the Coliseum's crisp autumn air Sunday whether that playoff thread is salvageable. But word in Oaktown is that this is about more than just the frickin playoffs.

The Raiders are armed and ready to fight a ferocious battle to reclaim their reputation as a pillaging and plundering crew feared in decades past. The plan is to blow any and all enemy craft to bits. This Sunday the white and blue clad Colts are the enemy invading our territory. So let them bring it, we'll turn that blue horsehoe on their helmets upside down.

Coach Tom Cable's message to his players as well as the Raider Nation Fans:

Bring Me Everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

38 Years Of An Immaculate Deception

1972 Steelers vs. Raiders Playoff Program ("Immaculate Reception")
So selected by NFL Films, and now universally esteemed as the greatest play in NFL history, the Immaculate Reception sealed an improbable win for the Steelers over Oakland in the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game. With about 70 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Pittsburgh's offense was mid-field and on the short end of a 7-6 score. It was fourth-and-long for the hometown eleven, and the Steelers seemed doomed to defeat. Bradshaw fired a desparation pass toward Frenchy Fuqua who, at the instant of expected completion, collided with Oakland defender Jack Tatum. The ball ricocheted aimlessly, but an alert Franco Harris snatched the errant pass before it hit the turf, scrambled to the end zone and a Pittsburgh victory. The most symbolic keepsake from that famous contest - the Official Program - is here available.

While listening to ESPN news today I heard an analyst state that today marked the 38-year anniversary of the "Immaculate Deception." Those outside of the Raider Nation call the last second reception by Franco Harris on that day immaculate, but we silver and black folks know better. The league has been sticking it to us long before Pittsburgh Steelers running back Frenchy Fuqua had quarterback Terry Bradshaw's pass karoom off he and Jack Tatum, then get scooped out of the air by Steeler Franco Harris. The play was an illegal touch by the offense and should never had stood. The Raiders ought be hailed as winning that 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff game 7-6.

Why would ESPN remind us of such a play? Because those outside of our Silver & Black nation have been deceived to believe it one of the best plays in the history of professional sports ever caught on tape. The deception lives and so does the conspiracy against the Oakland Raiders. But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

Win, Lose or Tie, Raider til I Die!

Sideways - These Feelings Won't Go Away

Heard this song by Citizen Cope , featuring Carlos Santana, in a movie titled "Ghost Town." Most of us have been where this song takes you. Dealing with those feelings of loss or rejection causes your world to stop on a dime. That's when we begin reflecting and trying to make sense of it all. After beating ourselves up over what we did or didn't do we hope to come out of it with some semblance of sanity.

This song, along with the mind settling car ride shown in this video, hint to that moment of truth in our lives. We go through lows and aloneness in order to appreciate the highs and loving relationships. We need others to care about in order to feel completely human in our lives. The pain caused by loss is a temporary one, so don't let your feelings push you to that point of no return. Time heals as well as teaches.

"This too shall pass"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dr. Walter Freeman as "The Lobotomist"


Who Knew that the breakthrough medical procedure of the late 1940's would be condemned as barbaric and ineffective within a decade? This PBS documentary is mesmerizing in its telling of not only the treatment of mental illness but the famed treator. Dr. Walter Freeman, at the time considered a pioneer and innovator in the treatment of mental illness, is believed to have been a man who truly wanted to help patients of this disease during a time when America's asylums could only house them in deplorable conditions with no hope for cure or release.

I really enjoyed how this documentary gave the history and circumstances that culminated in Dr. Freeman's decade of free reign to practice Prefrontal Orbital Lobotomy on mental patients with the blessings of the medical profession. His lobotomy procedure was hailed so convincingly as a cure-all by reputable medical organizations (Johns Hopkins) and print media that Joseph Kennedy, the millionaire father of future president John F. Kennedy, asked for and authorized Dr. Freeman to perform his groundbreaking procedure on daughter Rosemary Kennedy. Rosemary would never be the same.

You have to see this documentary to feel in your bones the chilling effects of the instruments and procedure Dr. Freeman used. A tool that looked like an icepick was inserted right above the eyeball under the eyelid near the upper nasal area. A small mallet was used to strike the icepick forcing it through bone and wedging it into the frontal lobe of the brain. The good doctor then moved the device left to right and up and down scrambling the membrane known as the Thalamus. Mind you Dr. Freeman came up with this procedure as a cost-effective alternative to his drilling holes in patient’s skulls and scooping at the Thalamus. The procedure could be done in four minutes flat.

And take a guess at what pharmaceutical drug helped end the reign of Dr. Freeman's brain scrambling procedure? Thorazine. Thorazine was initially marketed as the "chemical lobotomy."

Dr. Freeman's commitment to his beliefs as well as his drive for historical fame most likely blinded him to the reality of lobotomy as a failure. As for the American Medical profession, who at first backed then abandoned their support of Dr. Freeman, we as sufferers of all illnesses in America should be forewarned. When hearing of new groundbreaking medical procedures and medicines today we should stop, get the facts and then question those pushing the newly discovered breakthrough on us. It just may be a faster, cheaper way to treat the poor or those without healthcare. But the real question is does it work? The Horror!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

RAIDERS 39 - broncos 23

#20 Darren mcFadden slithers through Bronco defenders

The Oakland Raiders fought QB Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos to a 17-17 standstill in the first half. Then, after hearing a shout-full from coach Cable in the locker room, the Raiders came out and scored 22 points while limiting the Broncos to two field goals. Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow may have won a few battles in his debut today, but the Oakland Raiders won the war in convincing fashion.

Raiders running back Darren McFadden rushed for 119 yards putting him over the 1,000 yard mark for the season. D-Mac has 1,112 rushing yards on the season and deserves being voted to the pro bowl. After watching #20 slither and slide through the Broncos defense all day, I realized what great Raiders running back he reminds me of; the mvp of Super Bowl XVIII, #32 Marcus Allen.

Jacoby "lightening in cleats" Ford, Marcel Reece, Sebastian Janikowski, Jason Campbell, Big John Henderson, Michael Bush, Tyvon Branch, Jared Veldheer. All had outstanding performances in the win today.

Thanks for playing your butts off and keeping our Raider Nation playoff hopes alive for another week soldiers. The Raiders have their best record (7-7) in week 14 since playoff days of 2002. We may not make it to the playoffs this season, but we've definitely stepped closer to sniffing the Lombardi Trophy come 2011.

On a day where Bay Area storms threatened with heavy rain and gusty wind, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but the Oakland Coliseum, watching the Raiders pillage and plunder the Denver Broncos for the second time this season. We fans enjoyed laughing as they conquered and won.

Final Score
Broncos 23
Raiders 39

Friday, December 17, 2010

Raiders & Broncos On Sunday - R U Ready?

I'm re-posting this article with the video clip about past Raiders/Broncos battles. These AFC West Division rivals meet for the 97th time this Sunday at the home of the Raiders. It'll be wet, cold and muddy with steaming hatred and madness billowing up from the bloody playing field. It's an event that echos the brutality of clashes between Spartans and Persians, Crusaders and Mohammedans, Allies and Axis Powers. And Nobody builds the tension of an anticipated action-packed event like Samuel L. Jackson. Nobody!

october 19, 2009
I've always applauded the acting talent of Samuel L. Jackson. He just has a natural ability at lighting up a scene with real life drama.

I came across this Monday Night Football intro with him that adds evidence to why he's such a great dramatic actor. Watch as the slick smile, the disturbing stare, the rising voice of hysterical anger all culminate into this heated introduction of a clash between two rival teams. This he pulls off while sitting immobile in a chair with only the close-up camera shots and spliced in highlight reel as illusions of movement. The beauty of his escalating delivery is that its convincingly directed toward you, the viewer, as a challenge. So are you ready for some football? Well, are you Punk?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Philly Rotation Best Ever? Just Ask The SF GIants

So what does the San Francisco Giants pitching staff have to do to get a little respect from Major Legaue Baseball and its staff writers, win another National League Championship against the Philadelphia Phillies with Cliff Lee in their rotation? No Problemo!

Now that the Phillies have reacquired pitcher Cliff Lee from the American League champion Texas Rangers, all the talk is focused on how great the Phillies rotation of Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels and Lee will be in 2011.

Must we SF Giants fans remind MLB of our pitching staff's domination over all four of these pitchers in the 2010 league championship and world series games? I suppose those outside of San Francisco are still having a hard time believing what they saw the Giants accomplish in the post season. It's okay, we fans of the 2010 World Series Champion Giants were also guilty of doubting the Giants ability to beat your so-called best. But now that they've beaten your best, we consider the Giants pitching staff of Lincecum, Caine, Sanchez, Bumgardner, Wilson and all those in-between to be the best.
San Francisco Chronicle writer Gwen Knapp points out in her rebuttal article on the Phillies "fearsome foursome," that only ONE has won the ultimate prize of a World Series while the younger Giants rotation owns bragging rights with FOUR.

So go ahead and ignore or overlook the accomplishments of our Championship Giants pitching staff, we'll forgive you your lapses of judgement in recent MLB playoffs forecasting. Its not everyday that a team of miSFits comes along and proves all the experts wrong. See what ESPN and other so-called experts wrongly predicted about Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers before they faced the NL Champion Giants. Careful what you read and believe folks:

Monday, December 13, 2010


What's the old saying? If you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin! Here is the best example of that saying in action.

A New York Jets assistant coach, Sal Alosi, caught on tape tripping a Miami Dolphins player during a game. The Jets would lose the game and the coach would give a statement of apology afterward saying he "showed a lapse in judgement."

Lapse In Judgement? Come On Sal! Man Up. You were trying to gain an edge in a low scoring battle and resorted to Lower East Side Bowery Boy tactics. We saw the tape.

Folks in New York are probably pissed not at the attempted sideline assault, but at the schmuck coach gettin caught. The rest of our hard-working, "teach your kids to play fair," country are ashamed of the worm crawling around the core of the Big Apple's professional football franchise.

Come On Sal! At least LIE with better judgement.

Siddha tradition shared in excerpt from book

Part of an email I sent to a friend years ago-

I want to share this bit of the book with you. I'm sure you'll understand it. In all of the book's chapters the Guru starts and ends it by saying, “With great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart.”

Enjoy this:

The next requirement for discipleship is purity. You might think that once there is humility, there is also purity, and this is true. However, we need to cultivate this purity through cleanliness of mind, speech, and body. All need to be cleansed, one by one.

I said before that we may be quite nonviolent on the outside, but what about our thoughts? In the same way, outside we might appear very clean, but what about inside? Do we feel clean? Do we feel worthy all the time, wherever we are? Do we have a constant experience of our own purity?

Jnaneshwar Maharaj continues: If the heart is not pure, The display of outer actions Serves only to deceive others, Like adorning a dead body, Bathing a donkey in a holy river, Sprinkling a bitter pumpkin with sugar, Hanging flags on a deserted and broken-down house, Pasting food on the body of a starving man, Laying gold over an empty dome, Or painting fruit made of clay.

If there is no purity inside, external purity is in vain. Inner purity comes about only through discipleship. When we are humble and unpretentious, when we become nonviolent inside, when we have a forgiving and upright nature, when we serve, then there is purity, which can also be called integrity.

This integrity, and nothing else, holds us together. Inner purity is our strength, our solid foundation.

And this will always be there, no matter what our outer circumstances may be. The whole house may be broken, but the foundation will remain.

Raiders Lose Game Of Big Plays

I worked all weekend and didn't see the high scoring game between the Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars. Sunday when I heard the Raiders were up 24-14 in the third quarter I went back to work cheery-eyed and gleeful. I admit, I thought the game was in the bag.

What I didn't know was that the game was full of big plays both early and late, the latter two being a Jags 65 yard kickoff return with under two minutes left in a tie game to setup a 30 yard touchdown run by Jags RB Jones-Drew to to seal it.

The Oakland Raiders fought like road warriors this weekend but came up short of their goal. A win would've inched them closer to AFC West division leader Kansas City Chiefs who were shutout by the San Diego Chargers yesterday 31-0.
With three games left the Raiders still have a window of opportunity to win the division and make the playoffs, but its a very tiny window with many challenging obstacles to overcome, like Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts a day after Christmas. Even Santa has a hard time fitting through that window!

Win, Lose or Tie...............Raider 'Til I Die!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oakland Raiders Sweep San Diego Chargers

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, right, puts a hit on San Diego Chargers running back Darren Sproles in the first half during their NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010, in San Diego. Sproles stayed down on the field after the hit, before being attended to by team trainers. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy) ( Denis Poroy )

If you'd listened to Jim Nantz and Dan Fouts call the game on television you'd have thought the Raiders didn't deserve to be on the same field as the San Diego Chargers. Such was the privilege of the opposing team having a former Chargers quarterback fill-in for Phil Simms in the broadcast booth. So what else is knew when it comes to things going against the Oakland Raiders?

Thanks to the dominating play of the Oakland Raiders in all phases of the game, we fans of the Silver & Black got to witness a rarity in broadcasting while watching our team bounce back from a two game losing streak. The broadcasting team of Nantz and Fouts seemed so unprepared for a Raiders day of domination that their programming sounded flat and detached from the reality taking place on the field. It was a good example of what you see on the field and what you hear from the booth not being in sync. Maybe the Raiders haven't given broadcasters much to talk about the past few years, but aren't announcers supposed to bring an unbiased professionalism and honest reportage of action taking place on the field?

Right up to the end of the fourth quarter the broadcasters sounded their hopes for a San Diego victory with discussions of Chargers past western division dominance and QB Phillip River's comeback wins this season. They talked about Rivers and TE Antonio Gates like they were the Tom Brady and Wes Welker duo of the west. It didn't matter that the Raiders limited the Chargers #2 ranked offense to two field-goals in the first half and one touchdown in the second half. It was as if they'd bet on a sure thing and now had to be gracious in losing the wager. How shocking could a Raiders win be when the the first match-up between the two teams this season was won by the Raiders? Come-On-Man!

Meanwhile, the Raiders played Raider Football executing and making plays. QB Jason Campbell gets a game ball for his leadership and Houdini act on that flawless bootleg fake and run for a touchdown. Running Backs Darren McFadden & Michael Bush carried the offense and punished the Chargers with an in-your-face ground game. The offensive and defensive lines won their battles up front sparking the domination their backfields would enjoy. Defense was back to their run stuffing ways limiting the Chargers to 21 total rushing yards. 21 TOTAL RUSHING YARDS folks and the broadcasters barely whispered a peep about it during the game.

The concussing legal hit that Raiders linebacker Mike Mitchell laid on Chargers running back Darren Sproles was the type of hit linebackers live for and fans want to see. The broadcasters played it down and the network limited their replay of it to three at the most. What the heck is going on in the No Fun League these days?

Great Job by Raiders coaches! Head Coach Tom Cable, Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson and Defensive Coordinator John Marshall all had their stamp on this game. The Raiders came prepared for for this game with the coaches trusting the players and the players trusting the coaches. The coaches called the plays that put the team in position to win a game many assumed they couldn't. The players simply executed to perfection the coached game plan. Football 101.

Its so rewarding to prove those who say you can't do something wrong. The Oakland Raiders not only won the two game intra-division series against the Chargers for the first time since 2001, they also ended the San Dogs December streak of 18 wins dating back to 2005. I know this because the freakin broadcasters kept reminding us viewers of the dominating Decembers that the Chargers are known for. Oh well, merry frickin xmas from the Raiders, Jim Nantz and Dan Fouts.

Final Score
Raiders 28
Chargers 13

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Programmable Grenade Launcher ---------------- At A War Near U!

Its a news item I hesitate to post simply because it doesn't promote "Peace on Earth." Its purpose is to introduce just the opposite, havoc and destruction.

The Pentagon's newly-sanctioned weapon of fast destruction will supposedly change the way battles are fought. The XM25 is a grenade launching rifle that utilizes programmable technology with its fire-power to engage targets hidden behind barriers. Its the XM25's 25mm shell that carries the brains in the form of an embedded microchip. Here's one description of how the technology works:

The revolutionary advance involves an array of sights, sensors and lasers that reads the distance to the target, assesses elements such as air pressure, temperature, and ballistics and then sends that data to the microchip embedded in the XM25 shell before it is launched

The army suggests that the XM25 will slash civilian deaths and damage with its pinpoint, low-risk accuracy. The army also is saying that "this system is turning soldiers with average shooting skills into those with phenomenal shooting skills."

It is such statements like these from the army that makes me shudder. We all know what happens when destructive technology gets into the wrong hands. We also know that today's proprietary technology sooner or later is released to the highest bidder(s). Bottom line, this technology will most likely one day be used against our own troops. And worse, its possible through a black-market cartel they can be released on the streets of a city near you. Remember what the army said, that the weapon only requires average shooting skills.

So although many battle tacticians of war will see this weapon as an edge over enemy forces, I personally see it as taking another bite out of humanity by introducing faster and easier ways to kill. Let's face it, if I'm a bad guy I want one of these sucka's and I'll plop down the dollars (for the price of a 2011 Buick Regal) to make sure I'm the first bully on the block with one.
Remember that old NRA slogan of "guns don't kill people, people kill people?" Well it looks as if that saying is about to be flipped on its head. The guns are getting smarter and the people are relying more on technology to do their thinking and less on the good ole noodle upstairs.
The makers of this combination of lethal hardware and software are Heckler & Koch along with L3 Communications.

Who are these two manufacturers and what regulations, if any, restricts them from selling to the enemy? Here's one article I was able to pull up on a quick web search:

The prime contractor for the development of the XM-25 CDTE is Alliant Techsystems, with major supporting contributions from L-3 Communications/Brashear (target acquisition/ fire control); Heckler & Koch Defense Gmbh (airburst weapons); and Alliant Techsystems (ammunition).

Here's another from a forum that links the two companies to a U.S. Congresswoman. This is really further than I wanted to delve bigbrother; honest:

~~~ And what is even more unethical, is the fact that Sanchez sits on the Homeland Security Committee, and as “LatinoPoliticoBlog” goes on to state:

“Since 2005, according the lobbying profile database at, Einwechter has represented Heckler and Koch. Heckler and Koch manufactures firearms that are used by the Department of Homeland Security, again a government entity over which Congresswoman Sanchez has critical oversight. Beginning in 2008, according to the same lobbying profile database, Einwechter has also represented L1 Identity Solutions, which provides face, palm, and iris recognition products used by the Department of Homeland Security. L1 Identity Solutions also provides products to help implement the Real ID Act. The CEO of L1 Identity Solutions is Robert La Penta, who co-founded L3 Communications, a company that makes surveillance and reconnaissance equipment for the Department of Defense and Departments of Homeland Security. L3 Communications was the third top contributor to Loretta Sanchez’s campaign committee in the last election cycle.” Please find the full article here ~~~


Feeling the Holiday season creep in with the cold weather this past week, I bought my umpteenth SF Giants world series apparel today. The bargain purchase from a street vendor at civic center's Farmer's Market brought the whole World Series experience right back to me as if I were awakening to decide what Giants gear to wear to the Victory Day Parade. You Giants fans remember that tingling feeling I'm sure.


Living in a Baseball Championship City makes for a very satisfying off season. As a Champion, you get to hear other teams and fans admire and congratulate your teams' accomplishment. Your local sports radio stations replay the wonderful moments of the championship season for you morning, noon and night. Everywhere in the city people are wearing team championship gear and quick to bask in the memories of the championship run with you; its like, where were you when Edgar Renteria hit that three-run homer in game 5? Sexy women in Giants gear actually return your pervertive smile with glee. You feel as if the world is yours and nothing can put a damper on your off season mood.


Earlier this week Giants shortstop Juan Uribe inked a contract with the rival L.A. Dodgers. Today the Giants signed former A's shortstop Miguel Tejada, a bit long in the tooth at 37, but a very good replacement for Uuuuribe. Its true, everyone wants a piece of a champion and as scary as the prosepect is of losing that special team chemistry, we Giants fans face the future bold and unafraid. Why? Because we're Champions.

Hell Yeah.................ITS GOOD TO BE THE CHAMP!

A Champion doesn't let the pressure of defending its championship intimidate him. Nor does a champion worry much about replacing parts that are deemed unproductive or overpriced. A champion wins its championship, basks in the glory and celebration of its championship then begins the business of retooling itself to be better. And because everyone likes a champion, as some parts are lost to free agency some valuable parts can be gained by it. A champion attracts other champions.

As the San Francisco Bay Area begins a cold record-breaking winter season, Giants fans across the region will stay warm in the glow of experiencing what it means to be a World Series Champion. The 2010 Xmas season started early in the bay. My newly purchased orange Giants gear fits like a glove; a World Series Glove.

Hell F@cking Yeah........ITS GOOD TO BE THE CHAMP!