Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etta James

"It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death should ever have been designed as an evil to mankind."
-Jonathan Swift

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

President Obama Addresses Congress

President Obama made a very sensible and clear pitch to congress and the country to mend our country and work toward a true fellowship of citizenry, politics and business. He is living proof that there are still politicians who are serving the citizens of this country over their own selfish gains.

He's willing to sign-off on any legislation that is in the best interest of the United States period. He used the unity of our military as an example of what it takes to accomplish our goals as a country. Unity!

I thought it was politicking at first, but then......the man just told it like the entire country needed it to be told. To congress, big business, banks and any American who didn't get his UNITED message; Come'on Man!

Raiders Hire Dennis "Who-The-Hell-R-U" Allen

Okay, the Raiders new GM Reggie McKenzie has chosen a new Head Coach. The man he chose is Dennis Allen, defensive coordinator for last season's Denver Broncos. Before that he spent four seasons under New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on their defensive staff. In Atlanta he's been under coaches the likes of Dan Reeves and Jim Mora.

Dennis is 39 years old. He brings an aggressive style of defense to the Raiders. His Broncos defense was 5th in sacks this past season, though 20th overall in yards allowed. The Raiders defense was 29th in yards allowed last season.

So just who the Hell is Dennis Allen? Guess we'll have to tune into the press conference, then wait until next season to get a look-see. He does have a super bowl ring.

Why am I not excited though about this hire? Why am I all of a sudden thinking maybe Hue Jackson wasn't so bad? Gut feelings folks, it just doesn't feel good in my gut. If it's any consolation, it's the first defensive minded Raiders head coach since the hiring of John Madden (1969).

Welcome to the Raiders.........Dennis!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Red Tails

Just watched the movie Red Tails at the theater and came away feeling lukewarm about it. It really was more a feel good movie and less a feel history production. Sure, we get to see and hear the Tuskegee Airmen inspired story presented on a grand Hollywood scale budget, but something just didn't ring authentic.

Maybe the real Airmen who's story this movie is based on chose only to hint at the unfair and challenging conditions they faced. Maybe for national security reasons or government confidentiality much was left unsaid or edited out. Or just maybe the non-black investors and producers were more comfortable with a nice and safe, can't we all get along for the greater good, story. Whatever the reason for it's shortcomings, Red Tails left me feeling like someone was trying to retell it like it was without showing it how it really was. And all to the sound of an epic Star Wars-like music score.

We must remember though that the airmen were mostly young educated middle and upper class black men coming from a time and place that demanded their obedience, discipline and restraint. Therefore, they might come across today as privileged schoolboys experiencing their first taste of racial inequality.

Their strength was definitely in their commitment to be the best at what they did and show not just the enemy abroad, but enemies at home just how much man a black man can be when given an even playing field. They were some of the most courageous fighter pilots of the war.

For those who aren't familiar with the story of race in America, this movie will be easy to nibble on without choking down any guilt. For others, they might find it serves the purpose of getting the word out about WWII race issues in the United States. For those few like myself, who bought their theater ticket hoping to see the Tuskegee Airmen's story in their own words, be glad there's quality documentary material on the subject and let's try not to be too harsh on this entertaining film.

After all, there's a generation of young people of all colors and ethnicities who receive a message better when accompanied with lights, music and action. Only Hollywood!

Red Tail reviews from rotten tomatoes:

...though it's tempting to root for Red Tails based on its intentions alone, I fear it would be similar to clapping extra loud for the handicapped child at the little league game, a celebration of effort over execution.

January 21, 2012

Any movie that makes even one person want to find out more about The Tuskegee Airman makes it an worthwhile effort in my book. I walked in with high expectations, I wanted to love this movie but came away just liking it.

January 22, 2012

feels like an apology from Lucas for having only one African American character in the original Star Wars trilogy

January 20, 2012

note: I recently watched one of my favorite films on the subject of race in the U.S. military during WWII. I never tire of watching the 1984 movie "A Soldier's Story," with actors Howard Rollins and a young Denzel Washington.

read about the 40-year Tuskegee Syphilis Expermint, another U.S. injustice toward black (African-American) citizens.

Does History Repeat Itself?

Chester A. Arthur became the 21st President of the United States following the assassination of President James Garfield in 1881. He faced many issues that modern day President's have faced, including budget balancing, immigration, corruption in government and opponents questioning his citizenship. This bit of information about him on wikepedia I found very interesting:

"No man ever entered the Presidency so profoundly and widely distrusted as Chester Alan Arthur, and no one ever retired ... more generally respected, alike by political friend and foe."

William Arthur's frequent moves would later form the basis for accusations that Chester Arthur was not a native-born citizen of the United States. After Arthur was nominated for Vice President in 1880, his political opponents suggested that he might be constitutionally ineligible to hold that office.[8]

A New York attorney, Arthur P. Hinman, apparently hired by his opponents, explored rumors of Arthur's foreign birth.[9] Hinman initially alleged that Arthur was born in Ireland and did not come to the United States until he was fourteen years old, which would make him ineligible for the Vice Presidency under the United States Constitution's natural-born citizen clause.[9][note 3] When that story did not take root, Hinman spread a new rumor that Arthur was born in Canada, but this claim also failed to gain credence.[9]

Civil service reform

In the 1870s, the public became aware of a scandal in which contractors for star postal routes were greatly overpaid for their services with the connivance of government officials (including Second Assistant Postal Secretary Thomas J. Brady and former Senator Stephen Wallace Dorsey).[104] This was an example of the kind of corruption that reformers feared Arthur would permit, and reformers grew concerned that the former supporter of the spoils system would not devote his administration's energy to continuing the investigation into the scandal.[104] Nevertheless, the new Attorney General, Brewster, continued the investigations begun by MacVeigh and hired notable Democratic lawyers William W. Ker and Richard T. Merrick in an attempt both to improve the prosecution team and avoid the appearance of political partisanship.[105] Although Arthur had worked closely with Dorsey before taking office, once in office he supported the investigation and forced the resignation of officials suspected in the scandal.[105] An 1882 trial of the ringleaders resulted in convictions for two minor conspirators and a hung jury for the rest.[106] After a juror came forward with allegations that the defendants attempted to bribe him, the judge set aside the guilty verdicts and granted a new trial.[106] Before the second trial began, Arthur removed five federal office holders who were sympathetic with the defense, including a former Senator.[107] The second trial began in December 1882 and lasted until July 1883 and, again, did not result in a guilty verdict.[107] Failure to obtain a conviction tarnished the administration's image, but Arthur did succeed in putting a stop to the fraud.

The New York World summed up Arthur's presidency at his death in 1886: "No duty was neglected in his administration, and no adventurous project alarmed the nation."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

49ers Fumble Away Super Bowl Birth

We Raiders fans feel the pain of the 49ers 23-20 OT loss to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game held at candlestick park today. You could look at a few calls that might've given the Niners a better opportunity to win had it gone their way, but what really sealed their fate was second year punt returner Kyle Williams, filling in for injured Ted Ginn.

Kyle Williams, a name that'll make 49er fans flinch in the days to come, flubbed on two punt returns to give the Giants the ball back. The last flub in overtime is the one that gift-wrapped the NFC Championship for the visitors from New York.

Kyle Williams, the player who'll wear the goat tag for the 2011 San Francisco 49ers. Kyle, how-could-you-fumble-that-ball, Williams; the player who will shoulder the blame for a team who on this day cannot scream out "Who's Got It Better Than Us." We saw the outcome and know who's got it better.

Truthfully, it wasn't the New York Giants who beat the 49ers, it was Kyle Williams, the 49ers struggling passing game, Kyle Williams, 49ers struggling first half pass defense and a Giants receiver by the name of Victor Cruz (cruuuuz.)

A heart wrenching loss for a team that was so close to clenching today's game, only to have Kyle Williams and the G-Men spoil their Super Bowl birth. The 49ers proved they belonged in this toughly fought NFC title game, but unfortunately their inability to finish on a big stage is what the millions of viewers around the world will remember seeing. Yeah, Niners TE Vernon Davis was spectacular again, but where the heck were the other receivers?

Congratulations New York Giants on your 2011 NFC Championship!

The G-Men will go on to play the New England Patriots in SB XLVI in Indianapolis on Feb. 5th. The Baltimore Ravens missed a field goal with seconds left in New England to seal they're fate earlier today.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Wants It More?

So it's come to this; four teams outta thirty-two left fighting for the ultimate NFL prize. Of the remaining four, two won't be invited to Indianapolis to play in that ultimate game called the Super Bowl.

Of the two who punch their tickets to the Big Show with conference championship wins this Sunday, only one will stick around to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in a victory celebration after SBXLVI. Only One can be called League Champion. Only One!

So, who's it gonna be?

New England Patriots - a high powered offense desperate for a return to dynasty greatness

Baltimore Ravens - a legendary defense carrying legendary players on one last hurrah

New York Giants - a hot playoff streaking team hoping to duplicate their 2008 miracle

San Francisco 49ers - a new defensive powerhouse wants return to franchise glory days

Yes, it's come to this!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


STOP PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261)

Imagine a world without craigslist, Wikipedia, Google, [your favorite sites here]...

News Corp, RIAA, MPAA, Nike, Sony, Comcast, VISA & others want to make that world your reality.

80 Members of Congress are in their sway, 30 against, the rest undecided or undeclared.

★ ★ ★ Please take a minute to tell your Members of Congress you OPPOSE PIPA & SOPA ★ ★ ★



Monday, January 16, 2012

Flogging Molly Coming To Oakland

Their ideas are as radical as their music. "Flogging Molly," a rock, punk, blues, irish keltic, unique band comes to the Bay Area March 10th, 2012, on their "Green 17 Tour."

Flogging Molly first came to my attention when I met this Irish chap sporting a t-shirt with a killer keltic image. We talked and he suggested I check out the band online. Well, I listened and though the music isn't quite my style, being a Raiders fan I like the bawdy, rhythmic, pirate sound and lyrics.

When I recently checked the Flogging Molly website I was impressed with their political awareness and support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Like their music, the band has a wide range of ideas and opinions on world issues.

Don't know if I'll make it to their concert at Fox Theatre in Oakland come March, but I just might swing by to buy a killer t-shirt and support their cause. Below is the band's statement on their new album that was made to bring about economic awareness. Right On Flogging Molly!


Three years ago, hard working men and women the world over were collectively under the assumption that their nest eggs were secure, their homes were the safest of all investments, and that the economy was on the upswing. Then, with virtually no warning, their lives were turned upside down, as an entire generation saw their dreams dashed and plans dismantled. It all happened with the Speed of Darkness.

Nothing has mattered more to Flogging Molly than their new record, Speed of Darkness. "It wasn't the album we set out to write," vocalist/guitarist Dave King says. "It became the album we had to write." Musically and lyrically, Flogging Molly has never sounded so mature or rousing, nor have the messages of alienation and hope behind their songs ever been so relevant. Speed of Darkness was written over several months when the band would descend into the basement of King's Detroit home—a home he shares with his wife, Flogging Molly fiddler, Bridget Regan (they maintain dual residences in Ireland and Detroit, where Bridget was born and raised). As the country struggled to stay afloat, the songs evolved into odes to the working man and battle cries against the elite establishment that so quickly and callously cast him aside. "I write from my surroundings," King says. "I wanted people who've lost their jobs to know I was paying attention. We're singing for them, all of these good people brought to their knees." Nowhere is this more apparent than on the charging and bluesy track "The Power's Out." ("The power's out, there's fuck all to see/The power's out, like this economy/The power's out, guess it's par for the course/Unless you're a bloodsucking leech CEO").

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Orleans Saints Bad Day In The Bay

The New Orleans Saints came to town with high expectations of beating the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the NFC Championship game. With Quarterback Drew "bullseye" Brees leading possibly the best offense in the league, few if any gave much maligned 49ers quarterback Alex Smith a chance of matching Brees drive-for-drive.

The 49ers didn't blink as their defense did the usual bend but don't break dance step, while Alex Smith and the offense eventually found a way to get up off the mat and answer the bell. The game came down to 14 seconds for the 49ers offense at the Saints 14 yard line. knowing that choosing overtime against Dree Brees was like getting measured for your own coffin while still alive, the 49ers banked on the arm of Alex Smith and the hands of tight end Vernon Davis.

Almost 20 hours later, the 49ers and San Francisco Bay Area fans are still rollicking in the most intense, improbable home playoff victory of a bay area professional football team since the 49ers beat the Packers in similar fashion in 1999. Brees and the saints should be back in the "big easy" clearing out their lockers and wondering if they weren't victims of a phantom punch. They never saw it coming, the loss.

The words off everyone's lips who witnessed the game is simple and appropriate: Classic!

Congratulation San Francisco 49ers on eating through the leash of the underdog role buckled around your neck.

Wearing my Raiders Jersey I was welcomed in brotherly sports fashion while watching the game with 49er fans. Had they lost though, their hospitality could have dried up and become as cold as a witch's tit.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Yeah, Raider Nation, it's been 10 years since the NoFumbleLeague shafted us in the playoffs, launching Tom Brady and the Pats dynastic rise. 10 years since the infamous "Tuck Rule" was called in a playoff game. Just 10 years ago, the Oakland Raiders were embarking on their return to greatness, winning the AFC West division for the second year in a row and on their way to a second straight AFC Conference title game.

Few are talking about the Tuck Rule anniversary during these 2011 season playoffs. And we Raider fans know exactly why; it's one of the most conspiratorial, league embarrassing moments in the history of NFL playoff games. The reverse call by referee Walt Coleman and the review booth was so far-fetched that players, analysts, fans and Osama Bin Ladin himself were perplexed, as all rushed to the rule book to look up NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2.

Til this day, 10 years later, nobody understands how a rule such as this ever made it into the rule book. Also, til this day no league official has apologized or admitted that the fumble should not have been reversed. 10 years and the injustice still stands, glaring at us like an innocent prisoner falsely convicted.

So this is the 10 year anniversary of a game where not the players but the league officials got caught with their pants down on national television; CHEATING. The anniversary is important because unlike the Immaculate Deception, the Brady Fumble was seen on primetime television with all eyes and cameras focused on Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson knocking the ball out of Patriots QB Tom Brady's hands, causing it to fumble onto the frozen Foxboro turf.

We should remember that infamous moment if for no other reason than to see to it that such a crime as blatant as the Tuck Fumble never happens again in football or any other sport. Ever!

Yes Raider Nation, IT WAS A FUMBLE!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shout Out To Warrior Nate Robinson

Few athletes past and present have defied our conceptions of what makes a star professional athlete. It takes a specially gifted individual to convince us that size doesn't matter in a game where the average player height is 6 feet, seven inches, and the average weight hovers around 222 lbs.

New Golden State Warriors guard Nate Robinson is reminding us yet again to put aside our preconceptions and watch him do his thing. At 5'9, Nate is showing Bay Area basketball fans the skills that made him the Phoenix Suns 21st selection of the 2005 NBA draft (traded to New York Knicks.)

Best remembered for winning three all-star slam dunk competitions, one in which he jumped over Spud Webb, another specially gifted smaller man, Nate is making Warriors fans believe once again.

On Tuesday night with guard Stephen Curry out attending to "the ankle that just won't heal," Nate led the Warriors to a 111-106 overtime victory against the Miami Heat in Oakland. Tonight Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic come to town to test the Mark Jackson coached Warriors. If the Magic think they'll be going up against the same old Warriors team then they're in for an awakening.

The Golden State Warriors have a chip on their shoulder, everyone assumes they're not serious NBA championship contenders. Based on recent playoff history (1 appearance in 18 seasons), it's a valid assumption.

It takes special players like Nate Robinson to help a struggling team see themselves not as others have in the past but as they hope to see themselves in the future; winners. The Golden State Warriors are beginning to see themselves in a new winning light. Thanks Nate!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unto This Last - Sarvodaya

Sarvodaya means "universal uplift" or "progress of all." It was coined 1908 by Mahatma Ghandi in his translation of John Rushkin's tract on political economy, "Unto This Last."

The information I share here is found in places throughout the internet. I chose wikepedia as my source. I've read some of John Ruskin's "Unto This Last" and should warn you that it's dated (1862) and very scholarly, but the message of economic responsibility is there.

Today's changing economy is forcing peoples to reevaluate the economic structure of the west. More importantly, movements like "Occupy Wall Street" are putting the focus and blame for the economic downturn squarely on the shoulders of unscrupulous money lenders and corporate greed. John Rushkin's lectures that took place almost 150 years ago are again being dusted off and held up to the light for review and guidance.

Bottom line; the "Haves" should be morally responsible and financially accountable for maintaining an economic structure conducive to the safe and natural civil conditions of the "Have Nots."

Social theory

Ruskin attacked orthodox, nineteenth-century political economy principally on the grounds that it failed to acknowledge complexities of human desires and motivations (broadly, "social affections"). He began to express such ideas in The Stones of Venice, and increasingly in works of the later 1850s, such as The Political Economy of Art (A Joy For Ever), but he gave them full expression in the influential essays, Unto This Last.

At the root of his theory, was Ruskin's dissatisfaction with the role and position of the worker, and especially the artisan or crafstman, in modern industrial capitalist society. Ruskin believed that the economic theories of Adam Smith, expressed in The Wealth of Nations had led, through the division of labour to the alienation of the worker not merely from the process of work itself, but from his fellow workmen and other classes, causing increasing resentment. (See section, "Stones of Venice", above.)

He argued that one remedy would be to pay work at a fixed rate of wages, because human need is consistent and a given quantity of work justly demands a certain return. The best workmen would remain in employment because of the quality of their work (a focus on quality growing out of his writings on art and architecture). The best workmen could not, in a fixed-wage economy, be undercut by an inferior worker or product.

"Nay, but I choose my physician and my clergyman, thus indicating my sense of the quality of their work. By all means, also, choose your bricklayer; that is the proper reward of the good workman, to be "chosen." The natural and right system respecting all labour is, that it should be paid at a fixed rate, but the good workman employed, and the bad workman unemployed. The false, unnatural, and destructive system is when the bad workman is allowed to offer his work at half-price, and either take the place of the good, or force him by his competition to work for an inadequate sum."[200]

In the preface to Unto This Last (1862), Ruskin recommended that the state should underwrite standards of service and production to guarantee social justice. This included the recommendation of government youth-training schools promoting employment, health, and ‘gentleness and justice’; government manufactories and workshops; government schools for the employment at fixed wages of the unemployed, with idlers compelled to toil; and pensions provided for the elderly and the destitute, as a matter of right, received honourably and not in shame.[201] Many of these ideas were later incorporated into the welfare state.[202]

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

McKenzie Gives Coach Hue Jackson Pink Slip

Big Shakeup in Raider Nation!

Coach Hue Jackson has been relieved of his duties. The "New" general Manager, Reggie McKenzie, has spoken and the Oakland Raiders are truly cutting the umbilical cord that the late Al Davis nurtured the current roster through.

The Reggie McKenzie press conference is about to begin. Will tune in with comments after hearing the facts of Hue's firing.
Per the press conference, head coach Hue Jackson's firing was not based on his performance as much as a new GM wanting to lay his own foundation toward a new direction of greatness. Reggie wants his own people, however, had Hue and the Raiders made the playoffs that would've factored into possibly keeping Hue as head coach.

Reggie begins his second Raiders tenure by looking at and evaluating the entire Raiders organization to see what is working, what is not and where improvement is needed.

I was very impressed with the Mark Davis/Reggie McKenzie press conference today. The owner and general manager are continuing Al's legacy of commitment to excellence.

Bottom Line: GM Reggie McKenzie has returned home to the Oakland Raiders to "win championships." He plans to do it by putting a structure in place that is "highly conducive to winning." Communication from the top down will play a major role.

Note: after a question referring to the late Al Davis was asked by Scott Osler of the SF Chronicle, the room lights went out and the film screen behind Mark and Reggie came down, then went back up as the lights came back on. Big Al made his presence known.

In 2009 I blogged my suggestion for a Raiders GM. After hearing Mr. McKenzie today, I can truly confess that I was just dazed and confused back then.

Please, Someone, Anyone, Create A Better Cap Logo

When the Florida Marlins joined major league baseball as an expansion team in 1993, I thought the team name (Marlins) was very catchy; almost as catchy as the San Jose Sharks.

But then I got a glimpse of their cap logo, a marlin-swordfish pole dancing on a seductive capital F, and I couldn't take the team seriously.

I found that freaky fish logo as silly and unsportsmanlike as a flagrant foul in football, that is until the fresh fish swept my San Francisco Giants in the 1997 NLDS, on the way to their first world series championship. I still hated the fish logo, but tolerated the team and attributed beginner's luck to their success.

In 2003, when the fish again rolled my Giants in the NLDS 3-1, I had no choice but to accept the Florida Marlins as a fine organization. They were the first team to win a world series as a wild card. But that didn't stop me from begging the question, why would any team, especially one that's won a championship, use a non-predator fish as it's logo? a fish that is usually seen struggling to loose itself from the fishing line of a beer drinking fisherman no less.

I had hoped with the new name change from Florida to Miami Marlins, the cap logo would display either a more fierce Marlin or if not simply do away with the saw-nosed character entirely. Instead, we get a computer generated graphic showing a big "M" wearing what looks like an upside down nike swoosh perched sideways on its head.

That might not have been so bad, but the chosen colors resemble that of a disney animation or the gay and lesbian multi-colored flag, neither of which give off the strong threatening demeanor of a sports champion.

With no disrespect to Disney or the LGBT community, I'll take an aqua colored fish getting its freak-on with an "F," over a rainbow trout humping a large "M." Please, bring back the Pole Dancing Fillet.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Bama Bowls Over LSU In BCS Championship

It was sweet revenge for the Alabama Crimson Tide as they rolled over the #1 LSU Tigers 21-0 for the BCS Championship.

The game started as a continuation of the defensive struggle the two teams displayed in their Nov. 5th battle. LSU won the regular season matchup 9-6. Tonight's bowl game had the feel of a revenge match as Alabama seemed to come out with just a bit more aggression than LSU as they took a 3-0 lead in the first quarter before ending the first half with a 9-0 lead, all points by way of field goals.

Two more field goals and a touchdown would ice the game for Alabama as their defense completely shutdown the LSU Tigers. I thought the Crimson Tide played better than LSU in their first meeting and should've won that game. Tonight there was no doubt as to who the better team was.

Hands down, the Rammer Jammer Alabama bus has completed their journey to the BCS title game in stunning fashion by putting up the first shutout ever in a BCS Bowl championship game.

Congratulations Alabama Crimson Tide on your 2011 BCS Football Championship.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Raiders have their first General Manager since 2003. Reggie Mckenzie, who played linebacker for the Raiders from 1985-88, is slated to fill a long overdue void in the organization.

Mckenzie comes highly recommended by Former Packer GM Ron Wolf. Wolf also had a stint in the Raiders organization. Mckenzie ends his eighteen year tenure at Green Bay. He was promoted to director – football operations in 2008 after serving 10 years as the Packers’ director of pro personnel.

I believe a new era has truly begun for the Oakland Raiders.

Welcome Back to the Silver & Black Mr. Mckenzie!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ecuador Wins Judgment Against Chevron, Again!

Fake ad: Oil companies should clean up their messes.
Ecuadoran appeals court has upheld last year's 9.5 billion dollar judgment against Chevron Corporation. The oil giant's messy oil contamination in the Ecuador rain forest just might eventually get a decent cleanup effort. But don't celebrate just yet, slick money stills talks while the health concerns continue to walk.

San Francisco Chronicle excerpts:

Last year, the company persuaded a U.S. federal judge to issue an order blocking the plaintiffs from enforcing the verdict in the 18-year lawsuit, closely watched around the world for the precedent it could set. But the lawyers suing Chevron questioned the judge's authority to prevent enforcement outside the United States, and an appeals court lifted his order.

So when will the world courts say to this corporate monster, BASTA! Enough is enough. Stop using the international courts as your personal get out of jail free card and own up to "your" mess.

Unfortunately, as long as those who pass legal judgments can be influenced ($$$), justice will be cleanly compromised.

Price of Chevron Gas In California Today: click

Monday, January 02, 2012

Chargers Bless Tebow With A Gift

Coach Hue Jackson summed up the loss best:

"I'm pissed at my team," Jackson said. "At some point in time as a group of men, you go in the game ... Here's your time. Here's your time to make plays. ... You've got to do it, and we didn't do it."

The could've, should've been division championship and wild card berth not need be talked about today. Based on the style of play the Raiders executed yesterday, they might've saved us the embarrassment of a nationally televised silver & black getting blown out in the playoffs.

The San Diego Chargers came into a packed and hostile Oakland Coliseum and snatched the AFC West championship away from the Raiders. They did it with a pass attacking offense, a run stuffing defense and threatening special teams play, which eventually produced a game changing 105-yd kick return.

Yes Raider fans, I was there and suffered with the rest of the Nation. The Chargers strutted into our house, took our division title and handed it to the losing Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos. The hardest part of it all; our team and coaches couldn't do a "damn" thing about it. We got "bullied!"
Chargers 38
Raiders 26