Monday, May 26, 2008

Tui is Back in Black?

Marques Tuiasosopo is back with the Oakland Raiders? Someone tell me I got it wrong. As much as I enjoyed the years of rooting for Tui to take over as quarterback, I now know better. It would most likely be a step backwards for the Raiders. I wonder if the playbook is even the same since Tui's last stint with the Raiders?

I suppose it's just Big Al giving Tui one more shot at making an NFL team before hanging up his cleats for good. A gesture of goodwill by the Raiders. But you never know. Jim Plunkett arrived with the Raiders at the right time and won two Super Bowls. Should JaMarcus Russell for some unexpected reason not be able to perform, Tui could be that suprise backup QB. But please God, give me a Tui on the sideline with a clipboard in hand while Jamarcus leads us to many victories this season. That is worth going to church and confessing my sins is it not Lord? ..........Lord?

Raiders News: 5/22/08 Oakland Raiders sign QB Marques Tuiasosopo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wah Wah Watkins

Wide Receiver Todd Watkins could be the surprise deep threat that the Raiders have been looking for. Who is Todd Watkins you may ask? Heck, I'm still trying to find information on him. But after reading the article "Don't Sleep On Todd Watkins" I'm pinching myself to see if what I read wasn't just a dream.

Bottom line, he's fast and can catch a football. If he makes the team we might see a JaMarcus to Watkins combination that will stretch the field for our bevy of running backs waiting to run roughshod over this season's opponents.

Oh, did I mention that Wah Wah Watkins will also give SeaBass some competition at field goal and point after kicks? He was just about flawless as a kicker in college at BYU.

I can smell the 2008 NFL season approaching. And the Raiders have all the ingredients for a winning dish.

Todd Watkins, an added spice to the Raiders offensive threat this coming season.

As for the Wah Wah bit, my bad. I was thinking of a funky guitar player from the 70's. Turns out his name was Wah Wah Watson. He Sho Wuz Funky!