Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Armageddon In America?

When former President George W. Bush established the Homeland Security organization after the attacks of 9/11/01, he probably didn't expect a terrorist threat from "Christian Militiamen" born and raised in the American heartlands of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

As we uncover and learn more about the creation and mission statement of the Hutaree Militia, I find myself giving thanks to G-Dubya and his staff for diverting my terrorist concerns away from our homeland and keeping it focused on middle eastern Islamic fundamentalists for so long.

As of this week though the Matrix of Terror has been unveiled on the shores of America and we Americans must face the deadly reality that has been stirring beneath the surface for years; the annihilation and destruction of a great nation begins from within.

As Malcolm X so controversially put it some forty-seven years ago after JFK was assassinated; this is the result of "the chickens coming home to roost." Meaning this is the result of the climate-of-hate.

This combo of eight photos provided by the U.S. Marshals Service on Monday March 29, 2010 shows from top left, David Brian Stone Sr., 44, of Clayton, Mich,; David Brian Stone Jr. of Adrian, Mich,; Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio; Tina Mae Stone and bottom row from left, Michael David Meeks, 40, of Manchester, Mich,; Kristopher T. Sickles, 27, of Sandusky, Ohio; Joshua John Clough, 28, of Blissfield, Mich.; and Thomas William Piatek, 46, of Whiting, Ind.,. Nine suspects tied to Hutaree, a Christian militia. There's a lot of anger out there. But the alleged plot by Midwestern militants and violent outbursts by scattered individuals don't signal any coming wave of extremist violence, federal investigators say.There's more fizzle than fight among self-styled militias and other groups right now, they say, and little chance of a return to the organized violence that proved so deadly in the 1990s. (AP Photo/U.S. Marshall)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dayton Flyers Advance to NIT Championship

Chris Johnson Tallies 22 Points And 10 Rebounds Against Rebels

In honor of a good friend of mine from Dayton, Ohio, I post this National Invitational Tournament (NIT) result.

The Dayton Flyers Men's Basketball team held off Ole Miss (Mississippi) 68-63 to advance to the championship game of the NIT. They'll face the North Carolina Tar Heels in the championship game, who won by one point in overtime against Rhode Island tonight, 68-67.

Dayton last played in an NIT championship game in 1968, defeating Kansas. In tonight's game played in New York City's Madison Square Garden, Chris Johnson led Flyers scorers with 22 points.

Thanks to my friend from Dayton I know that the team name "Flyers" represents the feats and accomplishments of Dayton hometown heroes of long ago. That would be Orville and Wilbur Wright (The Wright Brothers) and their Flying machine. The brothers had a dream to fly and made it into a reality.

Good luck Dayton on your quest of flying higher toward a long overdue championship. You've already made Orville and Wilbur proud.

see 1968 NIT Bracket of 16 teams

Thursday, March 25, 2010


March Madness just notched the madness up a level with the upset of #1 seeded Syracuse by the Hoosier-ville Butler Bulldogs. The Bulldogs, out of Indianapolis, Indiana, outplayed and outscored the bigger Syracuse Orangemen to advance to their first ever Elite-Eight round of the NCAA Tournament. Is it coincidence or devine intervention that the Final Four games are to be played in Indianapolis this year? For the Bulldogs to be a step away from playing at home in the Final Four?

This Is Madness!

Final Score

(5) Butler 63

(31-4, 18-0 Horizon)

(1) Syracuse 59

(30-5, 15-3 Big East)

Butler War Song
We'll sing the Butler war song,
We'll give a fighting cry;
We'll fight the Butler battle--
Bulldogs ever do or die.
And in the glow of the victory firelight,
Hist'ry cannot deny
To add a page or two
For Butler's fighting crew
Beneath the Hoosier sky.

Palin Targeting More Than Moose

Just when it seems our elected officials have passed a bill that's aimed at improving the quality of life for all Americans, there's one former "Rogue" official aiming to take down those who voted in favor of the bill.

The Health Care Bill has created as much anger and division in our political community as the Civil War. Congressional representatives have been spit on, harassed with racial and gender slurs and threatened with violence due in part to their vote in favor of the Bill. I as an American citizen find these reactions to the passing of a Bill appalling and embarrassing.

So when I came across former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin's, blog post urging American citizens to take aim against those elected officials who voted for the Health Care Bill, I wasn't surprised, just hurt. Palin's plea for "taking back the 20" House of Representatives seats who voted for the bill wouldn't be so disturbing had it not been accompanied by a U.S.A. map showing 20 targets in the cross-hairs of a rifle scope. Below the map she names her targets, 20 congressional names, American names.

Its one thing to flub a Katie Couric interview and blame it on gotcha journalism, its quite another to use language and diagrams that can incite violent insurrections across the country. In the days of Abraham Lincoln this type of act was called "Treason." Today we call it remarks irresponsible and insensitive to the safety of fellow Americans.

Hopefully, Sarah Palin and those who support her will not take a ballistic approach to the Health Care law by use of arms. If a proclamation for the Emancipation of Slavery could set off a regional rebellion 150 years ago using percussion cap rifles (a step above flintlock rifles), imagine today's reaction from a national proclamation urging the taking up of arms against opposing party members. With today's destructive modern assault weaponry the result could be nothing short of a massacre. Beware Rogue Madness!

USNews Opinion Excerpt:

Sarah Palin, for one. She's got several Tea Party speeches coming up. Earlier this week, she posted on her Facebook page a list of lawmakers who voted for the healthcare bill--like Boehner, she's urging supporters to organize this fall in key re-election campaigns. It's great that she's encouraging people to get involved in elections, but then she marks the target districts on an accompanying map with cross hairs from a gun. As someone who was very recently an elected official herself, you'd think she'd be sensitive to the reasons not to use cross hairs as icons for elected officials. Rather than sending a subtle message to those audiences with a graphic like that, she might want to use her media platform to rise above the craziness, and to convince other grass-roots leaders to do the same. The rest of us can talk about taking things down a notch, but the most influential voices will be the ones coming from inside the movement.

1970 Chevelle SS

Go for a ride in a 1970 classic and feel the rumble.

For you GTO fans, check out this piece of nostalgia:

Other links:

Oldsmobile 442


More GTO Judge

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Rascals

Our Gang in 1934: "Hi'-Neighbor!" picture with Matthew "Stymie" Beard, schoolteacher Mrs. Fern Carter, Marvin "Bubbles" Trin, Tommy Bupp, Scotty Beckett, Donald Proffitt, Tony Kales, Tommy "Butch" Bond, Wally Albright, and George "Spanky" McFarland.

While watching an old 1934 version of "The Count of Monte Cristo" I immediately recognized a little kid in the movie as one of the Little Rascals. You know how it is with the Little Rascals, if they were a part of your childhood they never leave your memory.

This kid in the movie, with blonde locks and a kind face, was playing the role of a Count's son, resembling nothing of the poor, depression era Rascals. I thought back and pulled a number of names from my Rascals memory bank; Weezer, Butch, Uh Huh, Froggy, Jackie, Waldo.

Surprised that I remembered names and episodes so well, I knew this kid wasn't one of those I'd thought of. Then it hit me, rich kid. I remember him playing the role of a richly dressed kid sitting in the back of an expensive chauffeured car, top down, watching the Little Rascals as they play on a merry-go-round pulled by a mule.

Eventually the rich kid befriends the Little Rascals and sneaks away from his rich home to play and get all dirty with them.

The episode is called "Honkey Donkey," and is one of the funniest of the lot. The mule named "Algebra," runs when he hears a sneeze and stops to sit down when an alarm bell sounds, thus the kids were able to control his pulling and stopping of the merry-go-round. A little pepper, an alarm clock and loads of laughs.

I write about this just to show how great the internet can be in helping us relive some of the fun times of childhood. I looked up the kid actor from the movie "Wally Albright," and confirmed that h
e played in some of the Hal Roach "Our Gang" episodes. His Rascals name was actually Wally. You can watch many of the episodes, some colorized, online at:

Here's a great link to a page that features the picture and name of just about every kid that performed in the "Our Gang" little rascals shows:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stockton Thunder Clap

Nothing like a minor league hockey game to make the sports juices bubble over. It would be a different kind of march madness on this Saturday night. I was invited to a great hockey match Saturday evening in Stockton, California, home of the University of Pacific Tigers and the Asparagus Festival. Their local minor league team, the Stockton Thunder, had more than a goalie's handful of puck's to defend against from the visiting Utah Grizzlies.

The Thunder came out aggressive in the first period and outscored the Grizzlies 2-1. In the second period it was the Grizzlies turn to scrape up the ice with aggressive play, scoring two goals to the Thunder's 1 and tying the game at 3 goals apiece.

Then came the third and final period. Who knew what we'd get from the Thunder at the drop of the puck to begin this period. With the crowded house of 9,800 fans sporting Thunder gear, thanks in part to the kids replica jersey giveaway night promotion, home ice gave a slight advantage to the Thunder.

As the period slowly slipped away the score remained frozen at 3-3. There were many deserving penalties on both sides of the ice as neither team could crunch their way toward a winning goal. Then with 16:11 in regulation showing on the clock the Thunder Struck!

It took mental endurance and a coordinated team effort to get into scoring position and execute what would be the Thunder's winning goal. The Utah-ites went immediately into wounded mode and aggressively attacked the Thunder goal with bear-like clawing throughout the remaining minutes, which seemed like hours.

The goalie for the Thunder blocked, caught, crawled and kicked missile guided pucks away from the net over and over. With the final seconds ticking away and Grizzlies on the prowl, a Thunder player stole the final threat out of the claws of a Grizzly and with a sharp swipe of his stick sent the puck careening down ice to run out the clock.

The small-town crowd of roaring kids and childlike adults were catapulted into a standing thunderous applause. The Stockton Thunder had weathered a Grizzly ice storm and come away with a 4-3 win.

I don't know about my true loyalty to the San Jose Sharks, who as of today are on a six-game losing streak dropping to second in their division. But I know the Stockton Thunder and their fans have my respect for putting on a hockey game that rolled me over physically, emotionally and vocally.

Roll Thunder Roll!

Andrew Perugini made 43 stops over the final two periods to reach the 20-win mark for the 2nd straight season.
(photo by George Steckler)

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Collector - Horror Made Easy

I remember horror movies that made you scared to walk into the kitchen at night as an adolescent, fearful that you'd meet some scarred up psycho who'd escaped from the state mental asylum with a rusty hook knife. Or as the old timers called them, a gutting knife.

Such was my fear-filled imagination growing up at a time that horror movies were targeted at drug induced teenagers. Watching the movie "The Collector" brought back some of those fearful memories from that horrific era of movie watching. A time where the anticipation of what was going to happen tightened the fear in you like a pulled bow string.

This movie doesn't use the CGI tricks or creative applied make-up tactics to get a yell out of you. Instead, its a suspense-thriller that puts you in the shoes of those who are stalked. Oh, there's blood alright, but its the method of the madness causing the blood to splatter that makes you cringe.

You'll catch yourself watching and thinking at first that its not so bad a situation. But then as the little observations you've made start adding up and you begin to feel as if there's no escape, as if the closet you're locked inside is closing in on you, your calm while in the storm style begins to wear thin and the panic clock ticks just a bit faster. You want out.

And just as you think you've finally....................

Oh no no no, you'll have to watch the movie to earn that thrill.

This movie isn't anything new in horror, its just some good old fashioned suspense horror at its finest. Check it out if you like horror movies or miss the good old days of horror. You won't be disappointed. Now Buckle Up and ride safely!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bobcat Madness!

On a day that former NBA superstar Michael Jordan officially announced his taking over the ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats, there was another Bobcat making some noise while prowling through the jungle of sports.

(14) Ohio 97
(22-14, 7-9 MAC)

(3) Georgetown 83
(23-11, 10-8 Big East)

The Ohio Bobcats of Athens,Ohio pulled off the first upset of the NCAA Basketball tournament with a dominating 97-83 drumming of the #3 Georgetown Hoyas. The Bobcats, a 14 seed, attacked the Hoyas with 3-pointers (14) and at one point led by 19 points. What's so amazing about these Bobcats is that they won the MAC conference tournament as a 9 seed and were only 7-9 in conference play. But here they are, prowling along a path that leads to the second round of the NCAA tourney.

I've been tuned into the games all day knowing that my non-sports plans this weekend will call for a little creativity and lots of peek-a-boo moments to stay up on the games.

This Is Madness!

Raiders Draft Wish List

During the 2009 NFL season I was told of this college defensive tackle that's a beast. The stories of this man among boys came from one of those football friends who puts your knowledge of the players and game to shame, you know the ones.

Well here we are with draft day slowly approaching and I come across a "Mock Draft" put together by ESPN analyst Bucky Brooks. A mock draft is what it is, a mock, a mimicry, an imitation. But for Bucky however, to be drawing dollars from ESPN for putting it together, there must be some good fiber in the sandwich. As I scroll down to the Raiders #8 pick I see that Bucky has slotted Nebreska's defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh, as the pick.

Now it all comes back to me, the friend who spoke so animatedly about a boy named Suh who played like a Man-child, wreaking havoc on college offenses. Ndamukong Suh, a 6'4, 300-pound defensive weapon that won five legendary defensive awards in 2009 and was nominated for the Heisman Trophy.

I know the Raiders need help on the offensive line, but to pass up a gem like Suh if he's available at number 8, could seriously haunt the Raiders for years to come. If its true that Defense Wins Championships, then Suh is a winning pick for the Raiders and could anchor a championship defense. Oh, I almost forgot, he also catches passes.

Vote Suh!

How Legends Are Born

Did you know that San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval is ambidextrous and can throw with his gloved hand? Glove off of course. Well, that's what an article in the San Francisco Chronicle today highlighted when talking about how the Panda legend was born.

I'm not sure how throwing with the hand reserved for catching ties into the nickname Panda, maybe Pandas are ambidextrous too. But Pablo is definitely turning out to be a throwing, catching and hitting legend in the making. He brings so much to the Giants team and I don't mean in calorie pounds. Just look at that big puffy panda smile on him after making a play, or after a teammate makes a play, and you gotta love his spirit. If former Giants slugger Barry Bonds was the antihero of team unity then Pablo is definitely the hero.

Here's a link to the Chronicle article by staff writer Henry Schulman, who did a hell of a job on the story. Thanks for reminding us of "Sidd Finch" Henry, especially with April just around the corner. Pablo is one amazing Panda and we Giants fans are so lucky to have him.

"In small-town Oregon, the Panda legend was born"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Classic Beauty

Why post this beauty? Because she's a Ferrari 288 GTO and only 277 were ever produced.

Manufacturer Ferrari
Parent company Fiat Group
Also called Ferrari 288 GTO
Production 1984–1985
277 produced
Predecessor Ferrari 250 GTO
Successor Ferrari F40
Class Sports car
Body style(s) Berlinetta (coupe)
Layout RMR layout
Engine(s) 2.9 L turbocharged V8
Related Ferrari 308 GTB

Speaking of Jamarcus

Why not listen to a hall of famer talk about Jamarcus Russell, instead of reading the hater news.

Listen to former Raider player, position coach and HOF cornerback Willie Brown as he talks about the weight loss and dedication of Jamarcus Russell. Is it possible that Jamarcus is going to thrill us this season with a complete turnaround or is Slick WIllie, who's no longer on the Raiders payroll, doing public relations pimping for the Raiders under the table?

Lakers Survive The Smaller Warriors

Really the game shouldn't have been as close as it was. The Golden State Warriors, thanks in part to rookie phenom Stephen Curry, 29-pts, gave the bigger stronger Los Angeles Lakers a run for their money in Oakland last night. The thrilling back and forth game came down to the last 8.6 seconds with the Lakers leading by three and the Warriors with the ball.

Curry shoots a three and misses. Monta Ellis rebounds, runs back to behind the three point arc and shoots in desperation while falling away. The ball does one of those suspense filled slow motion follies that sometimes happens in basketball. It hits the front of the rim, bounces up into the air, comes down and pounces strongly two times on the back of the rim, then innocently falls away from the basket. Lakers Win.

I believe every eye in the Arena thought that ball would fall straight threw the net off one of the pounces and trigger utter pandemonium in the stands. Granted, the shot wouldn't have won it for the Warriors, but taking the defending champion Lakers into overtime on such a dramatic shot would give Warriors fans something that nine straight losses to the Lakers hasn't; hope.

Final Score

Lakers 124
Warriors 121

From Adam Lauridsen's Warriors Fan Blog "Fast Break"
  • Chris Hunter may have had his finest game as a pro. He moved beautifully without the ball, receiving countless dump-off passes from Curry. He tangled all night long with Andrew Bynum, winning his fair share of the in-the-paint wrestling matches. Most importantly, he did a nice job clogging up the middle — keeping Bynum, Gasol and Odom from too many point-blank looks at the basket. It wasn’t a graceful or multidimensional performance, but his raw hustle gave the Warriors exactly what they needed.
  • Stephen Curry’s bad habit of picking up fouls when he can ill afford them may be a blessing in disguise. By picking up those early fouls, he almost always forces Nelson to send him to the bench for a break. That break allows him to hit the fourth quarter with fresher legs. The confidence Curry is building in these close games will be invaluable for his development as a leader. For the second game in a row Ellis and Curry seemed to work well together. Ellis couldn’t hit anything, but Curry used the space created by the attention Ellis commands to run some nice two-man games. A lot of the lanes to the basket Curry exploited with his passes to Hunter and Maggette were created by the defense sagging over on Ellis. Here’s hoping the more they play together, the more they learn to build on each others’ strengths.
  • Although Curry got the late-game glory, I credit Monta Ellis for getting the Warriors back into the game. With two-and-a-half minutes to go, the Warriors were down by 11 and settling for jump shots. Ellis then took the ball to the basket and scored. Next time down he found Hunter for an easy basket. A few plays later, he robs Kobe to set up his gap-closing three pointer. His final shot didn’t go down, but it was Ellis’ aggressive play at both ends of the court in the final minutes that allowed the Warriors to claw back from a double-digit deficit.
  • Don Nelson gambled with the small team and nearly got away with it. By playing only one big for the final stretch, Nelson essentially bet that his shooters could off-set any second chance points through their ability to stretch the court and hit threes. It looked like it would backfire miserably as the Lakers started pulling away — until the Warriors started connecting again from long range, pulling themselves back into contention. It’s a strategy that hangs on some long odds, but given the already poor chances of containing Gasol, Bynum and Odom, it wasn’t a crazy approach. But against less dominant low-post teams (say, Portland), the risk-reward calculation makes the strategy a much uglier proposition.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raiders Bolster Defense With Wimbley

The Oakland Raiders acquired former 2006 first-round pick Kamerion Wimbley from the Cleveland Browns today for an undisclosed draft pick.

With 11 sacks in his rookie year and 6.5 sacks last season, Wimbley, who plays outside linebacker as well as defensive end, is a young defensive force to be reckoned with.

I'm still looking to learn more about this intelligent soldier. But already, based on his focus during a distraction-filled interview on youtube and his cartridge pouched body armor , I like this guy.

Pacquiao Clobbers Clottey For 12 Rounds

If you missed the Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey WBO welterweight title fight last night you were spared. The 12 round unanimous decision fight won by Pacquiao was a one-sided affair with the challenger Clottey giving an Oscar winning performance as a punching bag with arms raised to protect its Everlast label from getting tagged.

Yes boxing fans, this one was over after the bell rang ending round one. Whether Clottey was intimidated by Pacman's speed, was fearful of being knocked out for the first time in his career or just hoping and waiting to land a lucky punch, the boxing world will never know. What we all did learn about the chiseled boxer from Ghana is that he does not belong in the same ring as a boxer with the skills of a champion like Pacquiao.

While Manny punched away at the defensive citadel with little success, Clottey simply kept his gloves in front of his face with elbows protecting his ribs for the entiirrrred fight. Clottey did come up for air with a few left-right combinations and quick uppercuts that landed, but the champ took the blows gallantly and kept on firing back. Surprisingly Manny had a few facial bruises after the fight, but you got the impression those were more from headbutts and close clutching than from punches landed by the challenger.

When Clottey was asked after the fight why he never went on the attack he mentioned Manny's speed but really seemed unwilling or unable to answer the question truthfully.

So this fight was one to be spit out and forgotten by boxing fans as we look forward to a match that'll setup Pacquiao's much anticipated next opponent; Sugar Shane Moseley vs Floyd Merriweather, Jr..

The other winner last night was Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Texas Stadium. A crowd of 50, 994, third largest indoor crowd to watch a boxing match, showed up to bask in the new state of the art stadium. Every time I see those colossal flat screens hanging 50ft above that stadium floor I dream of a new Raiders facility. I can only imagine how the frustrated spectators last night felt, having 12 rounds to sit and take in all the extremities of Texas Stadium with few distractions from Catatonic Clottey; "at least were not watching it at candlestick!"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ohio State March Madness

2.2 Seconds

Down two points

Full court inbounds


Ohio State's Evan Turner (21) celebrates his last second, game winning three-pointer with Jon Diebler, left, and David Lighty in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten conference tournament in Indianapolis, Friday, March 12, 2010. Ohio State beat Michigan 69-68. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Do Raiders Need T.O.?

Silver-n-Smac Says:
RaiderRockstar Says:
La Milicia Negra Says:
vegas raider Says:
Copenhagen_Fan Says:
Seymour Bush Says:
Midwest Fan Says:
buckeyeraider Says:
Sweep The Leg. Says:

These are a few of the sign-on names that commented on an "inside the oakland raiders" blog posting: Signing T.O. A Good Idea. Everyone seems to have a viewpoint, pro or con, regarding wide receiver Terrell Owens and the Oakland Raiders.

Let's face it, the Raiders can use all the help they can get at wide receiver. We have a good crop of young talent at the position, but it takes experience to help guide that talent along by example on the field. I think T.O. at the right price would be great as a Raider. He has something to prove, he's familiar with the bay and he wants a championship bad. Where else but the BlackHole?

Difference between T.O. and former Raider high profile receiver Randy Moss is that Moss quits when things aren't going his way. I don't think Moss has ever played a down hurt. T.O. has been the whipping boy of the NFL and at one time he basked in the glory of making controversial statements to the press. But T.O. has always been competitive on the field and I believe has learned to be a team player. If we could sign a Javon Walker, then T.O. is a shoe-in.

The real question is, does T.O. want to be a Raider?

As for our list of blog sign-on names, the winner for creativity goes to:


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sounds of Music

The video isn't that creative, but the tune is catchy: Whine For Me


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

QB Bruce Almighty Sidesteps Radio Blitz

Today's interview with Oakland Raiders Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski was a thing of beauty. KNBR's Tom Tolbert and Ralph Barbieri actually surprised me with their relevant football questions. You know how they get on KNBR, the Forty-Whiners flagship station; anything Raiders is usually a license to criticize and find fault about. But not today sports fans.

Tom and Ralph were forced to talk Raiders football with Bruce instead of rumor mongering journalism, though they did take their shots. Bruce showed his maneuvering ability while standing tall in the interview pocket. He saw the "gotcha" questions targeted at him from a mile away. And like on the field he nimbly sidestepped the rush and answered questions without getting sacked.

Bruce is a gamer. Though set up to do so in the interview, he didn't throw teammate Jamarcus Russell under the bus. You could hear Ralph and Tom's mouths watering after questions about Jamarcus's work ethic compared to Bruce's. Bruce intelligently rebutted the questions by highlighting his own abilities. Who can argue with Bruce when he says "the best man should get the job in any field of work."

With humbleness and appreciation for the opportunity, Bruce attributed his Raiders success to his family instilled values and work ethic. Again, Ralph tried sacking him with comparisons to Jamarcus's so called work ethic or lack thereof. And again, Bruce Almighty showed awareness and agility in the pocket when saying he could only answer for how he prepares for and approaches a game.

Once Tom and Ralph accepted that they weren't going to sucker Bruce into giving any controversial answers, their questioning took on a pleasant and informative atmosphere. They spoke of the 2nd round tender put on Bruce by the Raiders, head coach Tom Cable (after asking earlier about the jaw breaking incident), the Pittsburgh win and comparison's of Bruce to other great quarterbacks out of western Pennsylvania (Marino, Namath, Montana, Unitas).

Bruce said the the Oakland Raiders have shown that they can play with anybody. He feels they're a good team that needs consistency in playing well week-to-week.

After hearing this interview I was tempted to call into KNBR and thank Tom and Ralph for finally allowing a Raider to shine on their show. But then I realized it wasn't Tom and Ralph who were deserving of the credit, it was Bruce Almighty himself. Leaders don't need others to co-sign their leadership, it shows in their presence. They make others around them better, and I truly believe that Bruce's integrity and down home honesty made the Razor and Mr. T team sound better while backpedaling into cover two zone defense.

Bottom line, Bruce represented the Raider Nation with Pride and Poise. He never hesitated or fumbled in his delivery nor did he back away from the challenge. We need Bruce. And I'm hoping Al Davis listens to that interview a few times so he'll realize just what the Raiders have in QB Bruce Gradkowski.

They say you can tell the character of a man by his actions under pressure; Bruce has shown on the field and off not only that he sees the pressure coming, but that he welcomes the challenge it poses to him as a man. If that ain't enough for Al Davis to sign Bruce NOW, then Al has truly lost his ability to evaluate not only football talent but human character. And he also may have lost his ability to retain loyal season ticket holders like myself. Your move Al, Your Move!

Monday, March 08, 2010


As the heading reads, this post accompanied by video is about dicks. So if the reader is sensitive about not only dicks, but anything that one would call "politically incorrect," then I strongly suggest you skip this one.

When I first heard this music video about dicks, it reminded me of the old game we called "playin the dozens." That was where you took turns with a friend or friends at coming up with derogatory jokes about each others parents. Sometimes it came close to physical confrontations but mostly it was just pure laughter and fun.

This song simply speaks for itself. To the youngsters that put it together I applaud them for keeping the tradition of battling with words alive and well. For those who do find it repulsive and malicious, try to remember that you were once young, funny and foolish with a free spirit. You Prude!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Don't Blame The Bear, Blame The Alcohol

I just love stories that impress upon the reader a vicious, unprovoked attack by an animal. Remember the New Year's day tiger attack on three teenager's at San Francisco zoo a few years ago? The victims blamed the tiger and the low wall that allowed him to jump out and prey on them. It was bystanders who reported the boy's taunting of the animal.

Today's newspaper reports yet another attack at a zoo. The report goes as follows:

BEAR BITE: A bear bit two fingers off a woman's hand at a zoo in Manitowoc, Wis., after she ignored barriers and warnings about feeding the animal. The 47-year-old put her hand through the enclosure's fence on Friday. A mayor's office statement said alcohol played a factor.

This short news item should have began with the fact that alcohol played a factor. Mentioning alcohol first when reporting an incident like this rules out the fact that the Bear did anything other than act its natural self. Unless of course there were empty bottles of hennesy cognac found inside the bear's lair, the bear should not be made to seem the culprit in this drama. So what if he was found wearing a Raiders hat, that doesn't make him one with the criminal element in the zoo does it?

After googling the incident I found that some reports didn't include the mayor's office statement about alcohol. It appears the bear will have to "bare" the brunt of intense investigations into its actions and is thus guilty until evidence proves otherwise. If it is determined that the bear be euthanize then at least allow it to go out with a shot of hennessy XO. But do use a long straw, Raider fans have a history of violently protesting bad calls by poor officiating.

Latest and most informative reporting of incident

Saturday, March 06, 2010

March Madness Began Tonight In Louisville

Its been a miserable winter for most of the country. Rains and snow storms have pelted the nation through most of the new year. For sports fans who miss football season and can't wait for baseball season to begin, March could not have come soon enough. Its the month in sports where legends are made and total madness reigns throughout college basketball.

This Is March Madness, championship week, and the Louisville Cardinals gave us all a preview of just how magically mad the game of basketball gets in march.

In Louisville, Ky. the Cardinals hosted their final game at Freedom Hall after a 54-years history there. Their opponent was the number one team in the nation, the powerhouse Syracuse Orangemen. With 16:11 left in the game and Louisville down 40-37, coach Rick Pitino sent in forward Kyle Kuric, a little known 6-foot-4 sophomore from Evansville,Indiana.
Kyle Kouric of Louisville

And as they say so often in march sports, the rest is.................Madness!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Football Nicknames

Today I wrote out my list of 10 best professional football player nicknames. In coming up with the list I had to ask myself what makes a great football nickname?

I believe what separates great nicknames from good is how well it represents the player's style of play and his contribution to the sport. I excluded last names mainly because they're last names. But you've gotta admit, nothing describes football as much as a tough grinding football name like Nagurski, Namath, Unitas, Boozer or Butkus. We'll save these for another list.

Here's my list of what I consider best Football Nicknames:

10. Bullet
09. Hacksaw
08. The Juice
07. Sweetness
06. Snake
05. White Shoes
04. Crazy Legs
03. The Refrigerator
02. The Nigerian Nightmare
01. Prime Time

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Best Sports Nickname:

glen "Big Baby" davis

Shout out to NYC streetballer now NBA player: Skip-To-My-Lou