Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coach Lane Kiffin Fired

I have 3 words to describe today's events:

Al Was Wrong!

Al Davis held a press conference today not only to tell the sporting world that he'd fired Lane Kiffin, but to convince all that the reason was "cause." Cause being actions detrimental to the team. I say Al was wrong because his press conference comments sounded contrived, calculated and too much like someone who was using the media for his own gains. It wasn't a press conference to inform as much as it was a smear campaign. I wanted to believe that Al was bigger than that, it seemed so petty. Al Was Wrong.

I really couldn't bare to listen to it all, the press conference. Big Al, leader/Majority Partner of the Oakland Raiders, announcing the firing of coach Lane Kiffin. Media speculation has for weeks been reporting to everyone in sports that it was coming. But nobody expected to hear what came out of Al's puss this afternoon.

Al Davis, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, took center stage in sports news this afternoon and made a complete fool of himself. He didn't do it in a Sarah Palin (Republican VP Nominee) way by stumbling over and avoiding simple questions in front of the media. Nor did he use the semantic wizardry of President Bill Clinton ( I did not have sexual relations with that woman). What Al did was more like a mafioso/organized crime way of explaining his own actions or in-actions. He blamed it on the dead guy, or at least he blamed the absent fired guy and discredited him so, that any rebuttal would appear untrustworthy.

Funny thing is it almost worked. It probably would've worked if not for one thing. The dead guy ain't dead. He's alive, angry and loading up with attorneys. The corpse has scheduled his own press conference for tomorrow, same time, same stations.

Meanwhile the new coach, former Raiders offensive line coach Tom Cable, spoke today and appears to be capable enough to keep the team on its improving course. I like it that Tom said we have a good team and his job is to teach it how to finish games. That will be the measuring stick by which Tom is judged; will they learn to finish games? Tom cable believes they can and big Al has bought into it.

So for one more day the Oakland Raiders coaching saga will continue. Thanks in part to Al Davis, a man who calculates his every move. Actually, because we all know just how calculating Al can be, is what makes his statements today so unbelievable. Nothing goes down in Raider-land without big Al's stamp of approval. So to hear him espouse how coach Lane Kiffin acted on his own in making so many team decisions is hard to swallow. Or as a radio host said today, "I ain't drinking Al's kool-aid."

Today Al lost a few points with me. He tried dirty dancing in public today and his slip was showing. It was embarrassing to watch and seemed petty, childish and motivated by a foreseeable contract dispute. To the sports world I say "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." To true Raider fans you know the drill. We don't always agree with Al Davis, but we know he's as loyal to the Oakland Raiders as any one of us. And he don't like losing. He may run the organization like a mad scientist, but dammit he's one of us. And we still believe that we're one of the best organizations in professional sports. Keep Believing!

Win, Lose or Tie!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raiders Collapse Again

After giving a dominating performance in the first half, the Oakland Raiders stumble, fumble and fall to the San Diego Charges in the second and lose 28-18.

While the Raiders defense played inspired football on a hot Sunday afternoon, the offense just wasn't able to put up enough points and/or give the defense enough rest to finish strong with a win.

The Coliseum was loud and proud with a sellout crowd of Raider Nation faithful on hand. When the Raiders came out in their road-warrior white uniforms followed up by team group introductions, you felt we were in for a special afternoon. Lane Kiffin would later comment that the decision to wear white was made before the season, following the league trend of wearing white during hot weather home games.

The game itself was a high-tension well played football game. Unfortunately for the Raiders it came down to a tale of two halves. One a dominating performance and the other a turnover filled egg. With key players out or suffering from injuries the Raiders still looked as if they could play with the best. I suppose that's what makes this loss so painful. To go out and prove that you can dominate a well-balanced team like the Chargers, then not finish them off is simply mind-boggling. Is it player conditioning? Play calling? Second half adjustments? Something happens to the Raiders in the third and fourth quarters that is costing them games. Until they can fix that something, they'll continue to struggle finishing games.

I will say this, if we had our three-headed running game of Fargas, McFaddin and Bush all healthy and playing, the Chargers would've never come back and won the game. That I can guarantee you. But, what should've, could've, would've been, just wasn't to be.

A tough loss that showed promise and hope for our young team.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Stain On The Accomplishments of "Women In Politics"

Does living in and governing Alaska qualify a governor for Foreign Policy experience? Sarah Palin believes so.

"Palin Talks Russia With Katie Couric"


Posted by bbduc60_yea at 11:18 PM : Sep 26, 2008
Hey Sarah,

Just because I live next to a hospital doesn''t make me an expert on open-heart surgery.

Give me a break with this broad. At least McCain picked someone like him: an idiot and amateur orator.

I watched the Sarah Palin Interview with CBS News Anchor Katie Couric. Ms. Palin embarassed herself, the American Government (not just Republicans), and most of all Women in politics. The scary part is that she doesn't see that she's doing anything wrong or hurtful.

This comment sums up most feelings about the interview:

Posted by tigerrram9 at 07:41 PM : Sep 26, 2008

I actually started to cry while watching this. I don''t cry easy either. I''m not going to
say I would do much better while being interview by Katie Couric, but I''m not on one
of the tickets for the White House, expecting all of my fellow Americans to vote for me.

What has happened to our country? Who is this person? Is she so delusional that she believes she knows what is best for all of us? Not only us, but what is best for the rest
of the world? Do we think the rest of the world will watch this and line up to back us on our future foreign policies?

We used to have great men and women run for presidency. We would hold them to such high esteem, that if they were anything outside of almost super human we wouldn''t
allow them access to most powerful seat in the world. We expected them to at least
gain if not the support, of the other patisans, the respect. WHO respects this bumbling idiot????? Not once did she actually answer a question with intelligence, insight or conviction. She just spun the talking points over and over like a republican parrot. My God!!!!

I do not hate this woman. But, I am sad. Extremely sad that this may be the first woman to be in such an influential position in the world. We women have worked and fought so hard to get here, Why, Why, Why are we sending such a feeble example in our stead.

God be with us all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Much Beaver For Trojans

Oregon State tailback Jacquizz Rodgers, left, looks to avoid Southern California's Vidal Hazelton, right, after losing his helmet during the first half of an NCAA college football game in Corvallis on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008, in Corvallis, Ore.

I just couldn't help myself!

They're probably still storming the field in Corvallis, Oregon after what was the biggest upset of this young college football season.

The unranked Oregon State Beavers, 25-point underdogs, defeated the #1 ranked USC Trojans 27-21. They did it by using aggressive defense, solid blocking and spectacular play by the Rodgers brothers James and Jacquizz.

WR James Rodgers had 2 receptions for 36-yards and 2-touchdowns. But it was his younger brother "Quizz" who kept the Trojans on their heels with his inside running game. Quizz is all of 5 feet 6 inches tall, in cleats, which caused the USC defenders to tackle too high or just lose him altogether in the blocking beavers sea of orange jerseys. Quizz finished the game with 186-yards on 37 carries and 2 touchdowns.

The Trojans tried desperately to stop the little guy, horse collaring him a few times and wrenching his helmet off during a tackle or two. He needed help hopping off the field where a Trojan had rolled onto his ankle during his last touchdown run. But Quizz proved that football is more about heart than size with his lionhearted never-give-up style of play. The night definitely showcased the toughness of Jacquizz Rodgers aka "Quizz."

The game had it all; suspense, drama, excitement, tension, all being played out in a carnival like atmosphere of orange-clad Beaver fans of the northwest. And with the final Beavers kneel down, that same sea of orange poured out onto the field as if a Beaver Dam had burst. It was celebration time! ESPN did a splendid job of staying out of their own way and letting the game market itself. You just gotta love college football. Its march madness for four whole months. Wow!

Top 10 AP Ranking prior to game:

1. USC (62) 2-0 1,621
2. Oklahoma 3-0 1,484
3. Georgia (2) 4-0 1,475
4. Florida (1) 3-0 1,442
5. LSU 3-0 1,363
6. Missouri 4-0 1,360
7. Texas 3-0 1,174
8. Alabama 4-0 1,132
9. Wisconsin 3-0 1,091
10. Texas Tech 4-0 962

Monday, September 15, 2008

Satanic Worshipers Eat Teens

A VILE gang of devil worshippers has killed and eaten four Russian teenagers in a sickening ritual.
The Satanists stabbed each of their victims a terrifying 666 times before dismembering their bodies and cooking them on a bonfire.

Story Here: Sun Times

Raiders Scalp Chiefs At ArrowHead

"The Raiders defense held the Chiefs' running backs to 2 yards per carry, broke up 12 passes and intercepted two, and recorded five sacks. On offense, Oakland rushed for 300 yards and dominated from the outset."

The Oakland Raiders are 1-1 going into the 3rd week of the season. They'll face a Buffalo Bills team this coming Sunday that is 2-0 and looking like a team with something to prove. After scalping the Chiefs 23-8 this past Sunday, the Raiders are confident they can win on the road against any adversary. Sure, the Chiefs are a rebuilding team, but so are the Raiders. And going into Arrowhead Stadium shutting them down is a huge lift for our team.

As for all the Al, Kiffin and Rob Ryan controversy, leave it to the media. We're in second place in our division and we're playing good ball. Let's keep it going.

Oh, I almost forgot. Congratulations D-Mac ( #20 Darren McFadden) on your breakout game in leading league running backs with 164 rushing yards this past weekend.

Win Lose or Tie!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Monday Nite Embarassment

I'm sure coach Lane Kiffin is investigating where the Denver Broncos purchased Whoop Ass from. There's simply no other way to explain the 41-14 thumping they put on the Raiders the other night.
Maybe I should buy a T-shirt that reads "I Was There When The Broncos M-Barassed The Raiders."

We Raider fans can only pray that our teams' performance was a fluke, a first game falter, a freak accident.

Whatever it was that cursed us on Monday Nite, I hope it got its fill and has moved on to some other professional team. Maybe it flew south to spoil the Dodgers playoff dreams.

There's plenty of web comments and analysis floating around about the game. Much blame with few if any excuses. Many fans blame Al Davis for the state of the team and one suggested we make Al walk the plank, Arrgh-Arrgh.

I say Its done, Its over, let's move on. Its too early in the season to totally give up on our team. One blow-out does not a season make. However, should the problems that plagued us throughout Monday's game become habitual, I say we Mutiny, and To Hell with staying aboard a doomed vessel. But we'll cross that bridge if and should the time come.

Next Up: Kansas City Chiefs

Quote from Ray Aspuria/Times Standard

No Raider looked more foolish than Oakland cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

The $70-million corner was torched repeatedly by Denver rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal. The match-up was so one-sided it appeared Royal was the crafty veteran taking the rookie DB Hall to school.