Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Golden State Warriors Bring Down Thunder

Just when I think the Golden State Warriors have turned back into their dusty, soot faced, cinderfella servant selves, the squad sparkles with wins over the NBA's noblest.

Coming off another home win over the L.A. Clippers, the Warriors played tenacious defense in their matchup against the cream of the league in Oklahoma City.  Kevin Durant and the Thunder didn't seem to know what hit them when this upstart bunch of ballers took aim and never backed down.
The Warriors are making us bay area basketball fans proud with their All-Star worthy players coming through in big games. Maybe the Niners are onto something; Nobody's Got it Better Than Us right now.

Our Golden State Warriors have their eyes set on crashing the NBA postseason party come spring.   With performances like tonight's and monday's, they should have no problem earning a place at the playoff table fit for basketball kings.  Look out Lebron, the Warriors are coming out to Play!

Thunder 99
Warriors 104

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Championship Sunday Leaves Two Brothers Standing

Its San Francisco vs Baltimore in Superbowl XLVII

Sorry Tommy Boy.
Maybe Next Year.

Raiders New O-Coordinator

I suppose I have no choice in giving new offensive coordinator Greg Olsen a chance to prove he can improve the Raiders offense. The one thing that bothers me about Greggy Boy is his non-winning resume:

2005 Lions, 2006-07 Rams, 2008-11 Buccaneers and 2012 Jaguars were not your NFL powerhouse programs. 

If the term, "what have you done lately" were applied to Greg Olsen, a hush would fill the room.  But Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie isn't looking backwards, he's got his vision focused squarely on the future of the franchise.  So come'on Reggie, give us something to cheer about this off-season besides an unproven guy Jacksonville and a special teams assistant from Philly.

Come'on Man!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Atta Boy Lance!

Hey Sports Media, Guess What?
You've Been Had! You've Been Took! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led Astray! Run Amuk!

Yeah, cyclist Lance Armstrong played the sports world like a 50 cent harmonica, gaining fame, profit and privilege along the way.  I say "Right On!" to Lance Armstrong.  He simply did what many media molded celebrities have done since moving pictures were made to speak; he lied.

Now they wanna know why he did it, why he lied.  If you haven't seen the Oprah interview then you should.  Lance can't seem to really say why he did it and if he's smart he'll keep his trap shut. For as soon as he does the game and fame will truly be over. 

Instead, he should continue to juke, stiff-arm and arrogantly sidestep the reasons why he lied. Because it appears Lance is still winning the game. And so are Oprah and all the networks talking up the story.  Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

So go on Lance. Let'em take their shots at you as you promote your book, sell your screenplay and soak up the limelight for what might be one final hooray!   Right now the media needs you like fish need water.  They'd suffocate if denied the juicy, realities of your lies and deceptions.  At least you did some good with your celebrity-ism. Don't hate the playa hate the game; isn't that what they say?

Has anyone ever wondered why Dr. Frankenstein was finally so angered by his monstrous specimen going bad?  Huh?  Well here's my take.  It wasn't that his creation turned out to be a murdering monster that embarassed the good Doctor and got away with the girl. It was that Dr. Frankenstein would lose all his credibility after talking up his creation in the circles of science. "Losing Face" is what drove Dr. 'F' mad, and its also what I believe is driving the national media in their cleanup campaign with Lance Armstrong.  Folks are more embarassed than pissed!

As for Lance, like the monster Frankenstein himself feeling no guilt or remorse, he'll go down in flames and be written and talked about for a short while. Eventually, that backstabbing media will see to it that he and his book burn to cinders and the ashes scattered to the farthest corners of the earth. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Divisional Playoff Fireworks

Down Goes Denver!

Yes my fellow Raider fans, the Peyton Manning led 2012 Denver Broncos went down in the playoffs in the worse way; at home - in double overtime - on a Manning interception that setup the Baltimore Ravens winning field goal.  It was a pass that never should've been thrown in an overtime that never should've happened.

With 31 seconds left in regulation and the Broncos leading by seven, Ravens QB Joe Flacco heaved a 70 yard pass to sideline streaking receiver Jacoby Jones who'd somehow gotten behind Denver's stumbling, bumbling defense.  It is a play that'll go down as the beginning of the end for two great legendary players; Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis.

While Peyton will most likely return next season to chase down a second super bowl championship, Ravens future HOF linebacker Ray Lewis has announced he'll end his 17 year career at the end of this season.  Lewis will continue his trek toward a possible second super bowl championship next week when the Ravens play the winner of today's Texans vs Patriots game. 

Final Score
Ravens 38
Denver 35

Later in the day the Oakland Raiders cross-bay rival find themselves one game away from the "Big Show" after unproven playoff quarterback Colin Kaepernick has busted up the record books in leading the 49ers to a crushing win over the national media darling Green Bay Packers and their golden boy QB Aaron Rodgers. 

I'll admit, I was drawn into the media hype projecting Rodgers picking apart the 49er defense.  This morning that same national media has to be wondering how the heck they missed the Kaepernick equation of this matchup.  Its not as if they'd never heard of him or seen him perform his magic on national television. Maybe that monday night magic is a performance they erased from their media memories since it happened against their other national darling QB, Tom Brady. 
Niner fans better get up off that 'Alex Smith should start in the playoffs' talk and recognize the gift horse that just ran 181 yards like a gazelle, scoring two touchdowns and throwing for two more in his first playoff appearance. Kaep broke NFL records dating back to the Cleveland Browns 1950's quarterback Otto Graham.
Graham played in 10 straight title games and had four AAFC and three NFL championships. In the final game of his career, Graham ran for two touchdowns and threw for two more in a 38-14 championship victory over the Los Angeles Rams in 1955.  Sounds kinda Kaepernick like doesn't it? Graham is in the Hall of Fame.

I'm sure no Niner fan can recall their great Joe Montana ever putting on a one man performance like Kid Kaepernick. The Niners will face the winner of today's Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcon's game for the chance to go to the super bowl.

If it weren't for so many Niner fans hate'in on the Raiders of late, I might congratulate and wish my bay area brothers good luck next week against one of the dirty bird teams.  But too much Raider Hating has flowed under the bay bridge for this Raider fan to give red and gold well wishes. 

Nope, not today. But I do recognize and congratulate Colin "Kid" Kaepernick on an electrifying performance and wish hime all the success he deserves in the NFL. And if they don't show you love after this season Kid Kaep, know that there's a team just across the bay that'll show you love and loyalty, win - lose - or tie.

Raider Nation salutes you Kid! Great Game!

Final Score
Packers 31
Forty-Niners 45

note: Kaepernick has family ties in Wisconsin, Packer country.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

N(ot) E(ven) C(Lose)

Alabama Crimson Tide have repeated as BCS Football Champions. Honestly, it was over after the second offensive play of the game by Bama.

The Crimson Tide rolled over and dominated the Notre Dame Irish, leaving no doutbt as to who is king of the college football hill.  It was truly an elephant trampling a tick.

In their 42-14 drubbing of the little leprechauns, they secure a well deserved spot in NCAA football history.  They've won three of the last four championships and are 5th on the all-time title list with 19 dating back to 1869.

Congratulations Bama!

Notre Dame22
Ohio State14

nhl LOCKOUT over?

The Lost Season!

If I were a true blue NHL Hockey fan; I'd Stay Locked