Friday, December 30, 2016

48 Seconds of Brazilian Bi@tch

Congratulations Champ!

Brazilian native, Amanda Nunes, defended her bantamweight title against challenger and former champion Ronda Rousey in knockout fashion. With an attacking style that left little room or time for Rousey to counter or defend, Nunes showed the UFC world what a courageous champion female fighter looks like; and it wasn't Covergirl pretty.

If ever a fighting fan was relieved to see a referee stop a fight quick, this was the bout. Nunes came out throwing haymakers and jabs that found their mark with precision, like heat seeking missiles. For some reason Rousey was standing up straight and not trying to bob or weave to avoid the punishing punches coming at her non-stop. 

What was only 48 brutal seconds seemed like 5 minutes as you watched Rousey take the blows. After multiple Nunes missiles had landed bullseye, taking their toll on the face and function of Rousey, it was apparent what the outcome of this fight would be. It was only a matter of time. 

Time; kind of reminds me of that Shawshank Redemption quote that Morgan Freeman's character delivered so wisely in the prison movie: "Geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes really.......pressure........and time......That, and a big goddamn poster!"

I'm not much of a UFC fan, but I have to admit it was one of the most electrifying 48 seconds of sports action this year. And what a way to finish out the year that was 2016. Ronda Rousey has been great for putting the spotlight on UFC female fighters; Amanda Nunes guarantees more attention and more fans in 2017 tuning in to watch these gladiators go toe-to-toe.

Yes indeed, "pressure and time." Daddy's little girl has grown up to become a kicking, boxing bi@tch of a woman. And guys just love it!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Raiders Costly Win

It was a beautiful day for football at the Oakland Coliseum. The autumn winds were blowing a cold, crisp breeze through the stadium to remind us fans of the playoff atmosphere we're about to be a part of. The silver and black were dominating their opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, while showing off some backup strengths on offense in WR Andre Holmes and RB DeAndre Washington. The Defense produced two interceptions in the third quarter while Washington ran for two 22 yard touchdowns. The shifty fast, undersized running back breaking through holes brought back shades of former Raider RB Charlie Garner. 

Then MVP candidate QB Derek Carr goes down with a leg injury and the stadium goes from Christmas Cheers to Silent Prayers. We now know the injury is a broken fibula bone in Carr's leg that could be season ending. I just heard Raider Central analyst Bill Romanowski say he saw former Raider great Charles Woodson come back from the same injury in three weeks, an injury that usually takes six to eight weeks to recover from.

In the meantime, up steps backup quarterback Matt McGloin. I've always liked McGloin, a fiesty and confident backup who is definitely prepared to step in and be great. I remember McGloin once, after stepping in and winning a game in 2013, saying that "this is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." I'm banking on McGloin taking this opportunity to show not just the Raiders, but other NFL organizations that he is capable of being a starting NFL quarterback. McGloin has never played in an NFL playoff game, for that matter neither has Derek Carr.

Just Do It Matt!
To the sound of "Nuttin But Stringz"

As a fan who witnessed being at the coliseum and seeing Carr go down, I can only say that I'm not gonna let the Grinch steal my Christmas Joy. Carr, my Christian brother, knows his God is a loving God and the ultimate healer, and will have him back on the field in no time.

The Oakland Raiders are 12-3 with a chance to clinch the AFC West division title today with a Chiefs loss, and a chance to clinch the AFC #1 playoff seed with a win against the Broncos next week paired with a Patriots loss.  However the cards may fall, the Raiders have won the most regular season games since 2000, with one game remaining. The Silver and Black are definitely back and the NFL is a more exciting product to watch because of it.

Win,  Lose or Tie 

Final Score
Colts 25
Raiders 33

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Raider Nation Battle Hymn History

The theme song most closely associated with the Oakland Raiders is “The Autumn Wind.” While an unofficial anthem, it is considered the team’s battle hymn, and it can be heard over the loudspeakers at home games.
The song known as “The Autumn Wind” was first a poem written by former NFL Films president Steve Sabol. The song, narrated in a spoken-word fashion by John Facenda, first came to be associated with the Oakland Raiders in 1974. While it was not expressly written for the Raiders, the song has been synonymous with the football team throughout the years. The song can be found on the official NFL Films LP, “The Power & The Glory.”

Friday, December 23, 2016

Golden State Warriors Bop Brooklyn

I love the hip, confident looking fashion that comes with anything labeled Brooklyn. Its like having an "I'm Tough, Don't 'F' With Me" sticker plastered on your chest.

Well, the Golden State Warriors went into Brooklyn last night and let the Nets strut around on the basketball court in the first half of the game as if they were tough and could hang with the mighty Warriors. Then came the third quarter and the Nets got punched in the mouth repeatedly by a basketball Bully. 

The Warriors ripped off 31 points to the Nets 19 in the third quarter, while stripping the fake tough guy sticker off Brooklyn's chest, revealing a cowering clark kent with no cape in sight.

The Warriors, who's own tough guy, Draymond Green, was out of the line-up due to a new baby Green delivered to his fiancee, turned up the defense and caused the Brooklyn Nets to stumble and bumble their way through a 117-101 beatdown. The Nets shouldn't feel bad, the mighty Warriors have a way of sometimes toying with the opposition before applying the death grip. 

Warriors Zaza Pachulia and David West both had big nights in the absence of Draymond. The team is now 26-4, sporting the best record in the NBA as they play a back-to-back tonight in Detroit. The big test comes Sunday, Christmas Day, against Lebron and the Cavaliers in Cleveland. Its the game all basketball fans have been waiting for; a Finals rematch. But this game brings a new challenge for Cleveland to contend with. No, not Daddy Green passing out 'its a boy' cigars, although he will be there.

No, for this rematch the Warriors will unwrap and present Lebron and the Cavs with a Christmas gift of explosive proportions. In the infamous words of Scarface Tony Montana:

"Say Hello to me little friend,"#35 Kevin Durant!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

San Francisco Gives Uber Self-Driving Cars The Boot

Human minds and lawmakers using common sense prevailed over an Uber company that thought itself above the safety and well-being of the city of San Francisco.

Thanks to the city's Department of Motor Vehicles, a place I wish I could send a robot to in my stead, Uber had their driverless vehicle registrations revoked yesterday due to failure to have them issued (identified) as test vehicles. Serves Uber and whatever decision making arrogant bastard right. Their complete disregard for public safety in hopes of promoting a product that "THEY" feel will be revolutionary in the field of transportation is appalling. 

I don't know if Uber tried to pull the sheet over the public's eyes for financial gain, technology research or just because they "Feel" they can get away with anything, but I'm sure relieved to see that safety in San Francisco prevailed over profits, publicity and company conceit.

To have a company totally ignore city laws that were put in place to protect its citizens is evidence that profit is the leading theme in their mission statement above all else. 

I applaud the actions of San Francisco to "Halt" the unscrupulous efforts of Uber to inject self-driving vehicles onto the streets.  Let Uber pay some other city in need of dollars and willing to risk the safety of their citizens. I'm not completely sold on the driving safety of human Uber drivers, much less the safety of driver-less computerized Uber vehicles.

We can't tell technology companies how to run their businesses but we can "Regulate" their products to ensure they're safe for our environment and those living in it. Citizen fatalities should not fall under the heading of technology collateral damage. I'm all for innovative creativity, but without responsible planning and leadership, the mixing of test ground with public living areas can be a recipe for disaster.

Come'on Uber, you're better than that. Aren't You??????

Wanna see something really scary? Type "Uber Crash" into your web browser and click images.

13 Terrible Uber Crashes

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just Won Baby!

The 2016 Oakland Raiders have clinched a seed in the NFL Playoffs with a 19-16 win over the San Diego Chargers. As has become the norm this season, the Raiders came back in the fourth quarter and defense iced the game in the final minutes with quarterback harassment and an interception. 

It wasn't pretty, but the silver and black needed a "win to be in" and they got it.

Meanwhile those Kansas City Chiefs, who keep trying to ruin the Raiders AFC West title parade, lost to the Tennessee Titans 19-17, vaulting the Raiders back into first place in the division. 

The (11-3) Raiders control their own playoff destiny by winning their final two games against the Colts and Broncos.  We don't care how they get it done, only that they get it done. There's a #2 playoff seed with a bye just waiting for the Raiders to secure it. Santa knows what that #2 seed means to us Raiders fans.  

Thanks Santa

Just Win Baby - Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Raiders "Win And We're In" Sunday

I haven't had a moment like this leading up to a Raiders football game since 2003. With a win over the San Diego Chargers this weekend the Raiders of OAKLAND will clinch an NFL Playoff berth. 

It's been a long time coming and I sit here the Friday before the game pinching myself. I know its not the Big Show, but for the (10-3) Raiders and their fans its as huge as the Golden State Warriors going to their Big Show in 2015. It's been so long, that we really just don't know how to act. 

I kinda feel bad for the city of San Diego and Chargers fans because if the Raiders clinch this Sunday in Diego, the city won't be able to keep the many Raiders fans going to the game from celebrating like they'd just seen Trump get knocked the freak out by Rhonda Rousey! They're gonna party in Oakland South like it's 2003.

Raider Nation won't apologize for their overzealous emotions. The road back to the playoffs has been filled with every imaginable bump and pothole a team and their fans could travel over. Now here we are, one on-ramp away from leaving the backroads and reaching the turnpike of professional football. Up ahead are the San Diego Chargers wanting to keep us from passing through the toll booth. All the Raiders need to do come Sunday is pay the toll with a win and their on the thruway that leads to the Super Bowl.

Playoffs Baby!  Just kick some powder blue butt and keep the pedal to the frickin' metal. What a season 2016 has been. Win Sunday and a new era in Raiders football begins. Big Al will be watching.

Just Win Baby!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Raiderlegend Goes To Church

Awake and unable to sleep last night, I turned on the radio to listen to late night sports talk radio. While adjusting the station I was interrupted by my girlfriend, awakened and wondering what the heck I was doing so loud that late at night.  I eased her back to sleep and returned my attention back to the radio, earbuds in place. Instead of hearing the latest sports trending stories of the day, like Tom Brady and the Pats winning their umpteenth home game on Monday Night football, I was met with the touching and teaching voice of a Christian minister relating the biblical story of Jonah.

With my fingers still in position to turn the dial back toward 95.7FM the game, I paused and listened. 

About an hour later I found myself spiritually uplifted and reminded once again of the love of an Almighty Deity. The minister, Pastor Bryan Loritts, had captured my spirit with his unpretentious, unassuming, scholarly delivery of a lesson in faith. Who knew the story of a man, the sea and a big ole fish could teach life lessons to live by. The sermon, which I posted above, is titled "When God Loves You Enough to Interrupt you." 

It's a talk about how those stormy and challenging times in our lives, as in Jonah's crisis, can easily be interpreted as the Almighty intentionally interrupting our lives in order to redirect us toward something greater and more purposeful. Think "Thy Will Be Done." The power of a clear message from a faith-filled messenger shouldn't be missed. One should incur a penalty for ignoring or turning away from such a message; a message that can save souls, as well as lives. I say lives because one's mental and physical health are also ministered to when receiving spiritual lessons.

Listening made me pause and evaluate my current purpose in life and my relationship with the Almighty. No, I'm not selling my Raiders season tickets and repenting for being a fan of one of the most reviled sports teams on the planet. Lord forgive the haters for they know what they do. But I am recommitting to practicing and living more Christian-like. 

We can all do better in our spiritual faith. Maybe if we practice being a brother to our brothers and sisters more, the divisive fears and prejudices that have taken hold of so many of us today will simply turn to dust and get blown out to sea.

Pastor Loritts interestingly brings the Bible and it's stories of faith, wisdom and love to today's audience with style and meaning. And yes, it's personal! I hope to visit Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational evangelistic church in Mountain View, California, immediately following this Raiders Super Bowl season.

Win, Lose or Tie,
I'm a Believer til I Die

ALCF Sermons (mp3, video, pdf)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Train To Busan - Horrific!

No, No, No, Don't Open That...........

Simply the best adrenaline rush I've gotten from watching a horror movie in some time. A cardio-visual horror feast.

Run, Chase, Fight, Infection, Transformation, Run

You need know nothing more about this one. The chases will take your breath away and have you clutching for a nearby weapon to fend off unexpected attacks. The way this movie is shot makes you feel as if the attacking zombies will come pouring into your living room at any given moment. Definitely an edge-of-your-seat thriller. 

Korean director Yeon Sangho knocked this one out of the ballpark. Excellent film!

Friday, December 09, 2016

Raiders Can't Get It Done In Kansas City

Playing what had to be the worse game of his NFL career, Raiders QB Derek Carr  might not have been all to blame on an incomplete pass to a wide open Amari Cooper. Had the pass been caught, Coop had a clear path to the end zone and  the score would've been 21-19 with a point after or two-point conversion to follow. With little more than nine minutes left in the game, it could've been a game changer. 

The pass was an ugly throw and catch attempt that all onlookers wrote off as just another bad Derek Carr throw on the night.  But what IF?  Yes, what if the ball had clipped one of the Skycam wires above the field altering it's trajectory? The reaction of Coop awkwardly trying to adjust to the path of the ball sure gives credence to something happening while the ball was in the air.

But we Raiders fans make no excuses for a loss. We gotta play better to get where we wanna go. With the loss the Raiders are tie with the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West division, however, the Chiefs hold the tie breaker. 

With three games left in the regular season anything can happen. The fact that Derek Carr played his worse game and the Raiders were still in it at the end gives me confidence that the silver & black are still serious contenders for a championship. 

The defense did a good job shutting down the Chiefs in the second half. The running game showed some bite with Latavius Murray going over 100 yards. Special teams bit us in the butt with a botched field goal attempt and allowing a punt return for a touchdown. This game was proof that its gonna take greatness in all phases of the game in order for the Raiders to win it all.

You're close to being great Raiders; real close!

Final Score
Raiders 13
Chiefs 21

Yahoo News: Did errant pass hit NBC's Skycam wire? 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Oakland Fire

Prayers go out to the victims, families and community affected by the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, CA..

time and prayer bring healing comfort to an injured soul

{weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning
Psalm 30:6

Klay "cookie jar" Thompson Steals 60pts

Yes he did! The Warriors forward, known for getting in a shooting zone, put on a show in Oakland last night. With screaming Oracle Arena fans and teammates losing their minds on the bench, Klay made shots in just about every way possible. He had 40pts in the first half.

Raiders players, coming off a big 29 point comeback win yesterday over the Buffalo Bills, were in the building to witness the magic of Klay's quick release jumper.

The fact that Klay acheived the 60p point feat in just 29 minutes makes it that much more impressive. Warriors coach Steve Kerr smartly pulled Klay, still hot, out of the game at the end of the third quarter to a deafening standing ovation.

The Warriors starters and reserves all played an inspired basketball game against an Indiana Pacers team that did well not to just throw in the towel and Uber their way to Oakland International Airport to avoid post-game questions and any recognition as the team who let Klay take sixty cookies from their cookie jar.

The cookie jar reference for those who don't know, is how Klay once described his bent wrist position when releasing a jump shot. The wrist is  bent like that of a child reaching up and over the edge of a cookie jar; the reward being a delicious cookie of course. Daddy Mychal taught'em that.

Well Klay, on another historic night in the bay, you provided all the sugar our basketball sweet tooth craves. A trip to the dentist is in order for all.

Congrats to #11 of the Golden State Warriors for an entertaining evening.

Final Score
Pacers 106
Warriors 142

Monday, December 05, 2016

Raiders 6th 2016 Comeback Win

You gotta wonder just how far this Oakland Raiders team can go. They keep showing us their ability to adapt and explode on opponents. This weekend's victim was the Buffalo Bills. 

The Bills came to Oakland and unleashed RB LeSean 'Shady" McCoy. Shady has moves comparable to the great Barry Sanders. The Bills short passing game combined with the running of Shady was killing the Raiders. More concerning was the Raiders defense looking like they couldn't stop a Buffalo Bills drive.

The Silver & Black found themselves down 24-9 midway through the third quarter.  Then the worm turned as the Raiders would score 29 unanswered points and the defense buckled down. Their resurgence showed Buffalo and the rest of the NFL what can happen when you think you've stopped the Silver & Black attack; they adapt and come back stronger.

Derek Carr and Khalil Mack just about mimicked their week 12 performances in the win over the Carolina Panthers. When the plays just had to be made, every Raider player found a way.  Kicker Marquette King was a punting fool, booming kicks high and deep. So he got an unsportsman-like conduct penalty, #7 is a kicking freak.

Sebastian Janikowski kept us close in the first half with three field goals. The coaching staff found the answers and the Raiders are sporting an eye-popping 10-2 record as they head to Kansas City for a Thursday Night showdown. The Raiders currently hold the AFC playoff #1 seed. Just Win Baby!

Final Score
Bills 24
Raiders 38