Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And on the seventh day he spoke

Oakland Raiders Football owner, Al Davis, spoke on tuesday of John Madden, Art Shell, A new commisioner, disgruntled Jerry Porter and the past and future greatness of the Raiders. Big Al looked good and let everyone know that he's healthy and still wants to win.

read: Al Davis, 77, says he's in good health

When Al speaks, people have no choice but to listen. Al is a no nonsense leader who has nothing to prove to anyone in sports. He's pretty much been there and done that, but at 77 years old Al feels strong and ready to do some of the good things again, like winning a superbowl.

I've said it all before, Al and his love for the Oakland Raiders is unparalleled in sports ownership history. He loves the Raiders more than any of us fans could ever know. Sure we bleed silver and black, we don the colors and our emotions rollercoaster with every tough season. But Al, he bares full responsibility for the players, coaches and every aspect of the Raiders Organization including, as of this season, marketing tickets.

So whenever we Raider fans begin to feel frustrated, insecure or just plain tired of putting our trust in an inconsistent team of late, remember that there's a fan at the head of our team who's rode the highs and lows for 42 seasons. And who at this moment is as excited as a kid at the amusement park as he gets in line for this his 43rd season.

I ask you this, how many seasons have you been lining up to ride the Raiders fan wagon? That's what I thought.

It's okay, you're never to young or old to ride with the Raider Nation. Just jump in line with the rest of us and get ready for a fun and wild season as Al leads us to the Promised Land, again.

Rize Raider Nation, Rize!

Hear Al speak on Multimedia

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