Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally, Coach John Madden is Officially a Hall of Famer

Coach Madden asks if he's actually been enshrined in the professional football hall of fame, the committee tells him "yes you have, now get your big butt outta here!" he does!

Me growing up on the east coast and not as a Raiders fan will always link Coach John Madden to the late great radio announcer Bill King's infamous Holy Roller call.

excerpt from Bill King's broadcast:
Stabler, while being hit, the ball squirted forward.(Raiders coach John) Madden is on the field; he wants to know if it's real. They said yes, get your big butt out of here! He does!

Though John Madden has become an icon of sports commentating and most fans under thirty know him more for his video football games than his coaching, I will always remember the round bodied, ruffled shirted, polyester panted coach with sideburns who looked as if he were having a conniption fit on the sidelines all the time. And that's what made Bill King's call on the "Holy Roller" play so classic.

For more on the Enshrinement of John Madden into the football hall of fame, here's a link (Coach Madden Enshrined)to a good write-up or you can visit

Congratulations Coach John Madden on being enshrined into the NFL Hall Of Fame.

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