Saturday, August 26, 2006

How To Reply To A Chain Prayer Email

I received a chain prayer email that suggested I forward it to 8 persons in order to receive a miracle from God tomorrow. Now I'm not the most religious guy on the net but I do know the difference between God's words and those of an IT addict with fundamentalist religious beliefs and a Jimmy Swaggert collection plate offering.

So I replied with the following humble yet questioning message to all thirty or so blessed souls who'd been sent this email of holy promise. Feel free to use it the next time you receive such a email blessing.

I truly appreciate these chain emails of shared blessings and prayers. What I fail to understand is the misunderstanding or superstitious belief of passing emails on to 8 people in order to receive a miracle from God.

Those of us who put God first in our lives count the numerous miracles God has granted us every moment of the day:

A respectful child
A proud parent
A wise grandparent
A loving brother or sister
A soulful church member
A humble stranger
A understanding friend
A helpful co-worker
A soothing pet
A new day
A meal
A home
A breath

If you havent looked upon one of the above as a miracle from God, then perhaps passing this email on to 8 persons will enlighten you to the miracles in your life tomorrow. But remember, God's been performing miracles way before he granted us email. Its our awareness that is sometimes lacking or distracted.

God Bless All of You!

note: We often take God's gifts for granted. Its when we find ourselves deprived of those basic needs in life that we become aware of God's blessings upon us.

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