Monday, August 28, 2006

Raider Nation Celebration Day

I won't let the news of QB Jeff George being signed ruin my post celebration day today. the Raider Nation came out in full force to meet, greet and be treated to a fun-filled Raider Nation Celebration at McAfee Coliseum yesterday afternoon. Though there wasn't as much used team merchandise on sale as last year, many fans left with the looks of having participated in a shopping spree.

This being the second annual Raider Nation Celebration held at the Coliseum, the Raiders Organization knows how to make us fans feel an important part of the family. I only wish the national media could have been there to see the pride and passion of true Raiders fans minus the alcohol and tailgating fool who always seems to get tv coverage with his unsportsmanlike outbursts.

The Raider Nation Celebration is a day of true sharing and caring. Its what we as Raiders fans look forward to as much as seeing our team win. Its a day of sharing the pride of being home with the Silver & Black family both on the field and in the stands.

Many priceless moments, believe me. Watching a seven year old girl with eyeblack on and wearing a #18 Moss Jersey begging her mom for a new Warren Sapp #99 jersey in Black? Priceless!

A Blind thirteen year old with his walking stick and dark glasses walking unguided away from the front row of section 117 with an autographed football held tightly under his arm, his father trailing behind with a smile bright enough to clear their path? Priceless!

Randy Moss playing catch with fans in the stands opposite the main celebration area? And the fans continued throwing the ball back instead of keeping it? Priceless!

Seeing Raider Legend and Hall of Famer Jim Otto "JOG" from the tunnel when introduced wearing a big John Wayne smile and looking good in a black suit? Priceless.

Hearing the fans cheer just as loud for Run Run Jones, the leagues oldest and longest tenured equipment coordinator, as for Randy Moss during introductions?

And finally, seeing and hearing John Madden's introduction into the Hall of Fame as it played on the jumbotrons throughout the day, Priceless!

John Madden said it best during his introduction speech. "Stand and remain standing, this is our day of recognition, enjoy it."

Well John, if ever the Raider Nation Fans felt recognized and respected as part of the Raiders Organization, yesterday was that day for us.

Thank You Oakland Raiders Organization for giving us our day of Celebration once again.