Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not You're Ordinary Nip & Tuck!

No Raider fans, this isn't a story about the infamous "Tuck Rule," though we all know it was a FUMBLE! This story goes out to all those plastic surgery seekers with petty imperfections who just can't go on in life without a "nip & tuck" job.

This story also may prove my theory of wealthy political and white collar criminals faking their deaths and getting new identities with complete facial makeovers. The movie FaceOff has become reality folks. It also may disapprove my theory of wealthy transplant recipients buying organs and such. Then again, maybe not.

But enough about the bad and ugly side of transplants and plastic surgery, this is a human interest story where something invented for good actually did good for the sake of good.

Here's the story of a Face Transplant. Someday I hope to find out about the donor.


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