Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Offensiveless Raiders defeat Vikings 16-13

Alright coach Shell, maybe its time to open that can of whuppazz you got stored away.

Asked if the Raiders are improving on offense, Randy Moss said, "I don't see it, Hell no, I don't see it."

Well you're not alone Randy, our offense looks lost and completely out of touch with any form of gameplan. While the defense and special teams are playing football, the offense is playing poker. They appear to be betting on big plays and bluffing their way toward running the ball.

Though they've won two exhibition games in like fashion, there's nothing for us fans to cheer about and plenty that concerns us. The Minnesota Vikings starting defense pressured Aaron Brooks and the entire offensive unit into an early submission, that is not Raiders Football. That familiar penalty flag made its seasonal debut for the Raiders showing that the more things change the more they remain the same.

But Hell, I ain't ready to throw out the new coach yet. Come on Raiders, get on the same page and make it work. I do not want to sit in the Coliseum this coming weekend and see our opponent (red & gold) claim Bay Area bragging rights for a day.

Don't make coach Shell have to open his can of whuppazz. You don't want him getting ugly.

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