Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tainted Body Parts?

Somebody tell me just what the hell is going on in the medical field. We're paying high prices for what is supposed to be the best medical insurance money can buy and now this? And this isn't the first time either.

Oh, for those who didn't know let me bring you up to speed. Human Cadaver tissue is used regularly in routine operations these days. If you've had any knee or back surgery lately, chances are someone's uncle vinny from Hoboken,New Jersey, who died recently, played a small part in your surgical plan.

Wait a minute! Maybe I'm not the one to give you this news. I only came across it by chance myself. Here's a link to the story I found at of all places, Healthwatch:

"Body Parts Harvested in N.C. Recalled"

For us horror movie fans who pride ourselves on being able to sit through some of the most gory scenes and heartpumping suspense, real life stories like this are making Hollywood scare movies boring and unreal. Let's face it, we've reached a point where the real events happening in the world are scarier than fiction.


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I agree with Zuzula, and a double YUCK!

deAnguelo said...

I just finished the story. It should be called "Frankenstein 2006".