Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Captivating Movie

I watched a simply made movie that had me (the horror movie buff who laughs at chucky and thinks Freddy's overrated) holding my breath in anticipation of the next scene.

The movie wasn't really a horror movie nor was it really an action or suspense movie either. I suppose you could call it a docu-drama based on actual events. Then again maybe it was all these and more. A movie that didn't need to narrarate the story but instead took you along for the ride as the event unfolds.

What was it about the movie that makes me write it up as a must see you say? It did the exact thing that a great movie classic is supposed to do, it drew you into its story and held you by the neck right up through the final movie credits. When the spell is broken you feel you were there.

That is what movies were meant to be, captivating.

I strongly recommend this movie as a must see for those of us who want more than the same old hollywood stuff. Watch it as a date movie or alone, and preferrably at night in a dark room. You'll want to tell friends about it, trust me.

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