Monday, August 14, 2006

Guess Who's Coming To Monday Night Football?

Along with the Oakland Raiders openning this season's Monday Night Football show comes a new guest. Tony Kornheiser, from the ESPN show "Pardon The Interruption," will be in the booth as the network takes over MNF broadcasting duties.

Kornheiser, the white guy, is the sportstalk guy I love to hate. Not that I like the other host, Michael Wilbon the black guy, any better, but he's a bit more tolerable. There's just something about Kornheiser that rubs my hide the wrong way. He's like the skinnier partner in siskel & ebert, God rest his soul. He plays devil's advocate and you'd swear he were actually the devil incarnate. He's obnoxuous, irratating and as arrogant as Lucifer himself.

For a scream-match show like "Pardon The Interruption" he probably fits the bill perfectly, but I'm concerned that his ranting and raving style will not go over so well in the broadcast booth. Football fans watching football games on tv want more of a style like what other host, Mike Tarico described:

"If I'm doing my job, I'll be like an offensive lineman or an official," Tirico said. "You'll know I'm there, but you won't really notice me."

If Kornheiser is unable to adjust his style to MNF, we fans may find ourselves petitioning ESPN to initiate the backup plan. There must be a redundancy plan I'm sure. Especially because Joe Theisman rounds out the group as the third host. So fans be ready, if you find yourselves missing the MNF voices of John Madden and Al Michaels in the booth, let ESPN know about it. Remember, this is ESPN's exhibition season also. And if it doesn't work during exhibition they need to be told so they can switch gears before the regular season. Remember Dennis Miller's failed attempt at MNF.

But for tonight I may not notice the booth so much because I'll be tuned in and ready for some Oakland Raiders football as they take on the Minnesota Vikings in this the first ESPN broadcast of MNF.

Are You Ready For Some Football Tony? You'd better be or else!

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