Monday, April 04, 2011

UCONN Wins Sloppy Finals Game

April 2004

The NCAA Basketball Tournament had to end sooner or later, but must it end in a game played so sloppy that the halftime analysts appeared to be apologizing for talking about the game?

Halftime saw Butler ahead 22-19, but it was a halftime both teams might want to forget.The game was so ugly that I chose not to post a current pic and instead ran a 2004 Sports Ill cover of then Conneticut Huskie Emeka Okafor celebrating its second championship. Note the Ted Williams banner in Red.

The 2011 Conneticut Huskies took over in the second half and showed that they were bigger, stronger and made the necessary adjustments in order to dominate. Butler had to resort to 3-point shots because of the Huskie big man presence inside. The cinderella Bulldogs couldn't buy a shot nor defend one as they went cold and flat the rest of the way.

Final Score: Butler 41 Conneticut 53

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