Friday, April 15, 2011

San Jose Sharks Playoff Favorites Again

The San Jose Sharks took game one of a seven game series against the Los Angeles Kings Tuesday at the Shark Tank. Its the National Hockey League Playoffs and the Sharks are back to finish the job they so disappointingly couldn't the past four seasons.

They've competed well these past seasons only to come up short in the conference finals. Its more than what the Golden State Warriors can say about their recent past. The Sharks have been the winningest professional sports team in the Bay Area of late if you exclude the San Jose Sabercats.

So here we are with the boys in Teal facing yet another post season. Each of them must've followed the San Franciso Giants improbable road to the championship last fall with thoughts of "If Not Now, When? If Not Us, WHo?" The time is NOW for the Sharks. Its time to ride that Bay Area magic to another championship day parade. And who better to begin against than a Los Angeles team.

If Not Now, When?

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