Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barry Bonds Verdict: Obstruction Of Justice

Finally, the federal justice system can get back to investigating more important issues than professional sports steroids. Today a jury came back with an obstruction of justice verdict against former SF Giants slugger Barry Bonds. I suppose this is good news for Barry since the other three counts charging him with perjury ended in a hung jury.

I'm not the biggest of Barry fans but I truly believe there was more to this.......witch hunt than seeking justice for an alleged crime. I give Barry credit for not throwing friends and business acquaintances underneath the bus. Barry endured and now comes away with a huge legal tab. Is that justice? Maybe for those who love to see a media-made celebrity brought down by that same media.

Meanwhile, I applaud the jury for enduring this “mock” trial. They hung in there to the end and it seems they felt much like many of us about the charges against Barry; there just wasn't enough meat on those bones to justify a conviction. If only our federal legal representatives were better in touch with everyday society, maybe then those big dollars spent on this failed attempt to prosecute Barry Bonds could've gone to keeping our communities safer, our schools staffed, our homeless sheltered and our government budget better balanced.

It'll be interesting to see what path Barry's life will take now. Experts agree it’s likely that his sentence will carry nothing more than probation and the feds aren't likely to prosecute him again for the three hung counts. Will probation include a ban from major league baseball? I personally would like to see Barry in a MLB uniform one more time. Why? Because he’s endured the hunt and still can be historically considered one of the best hitters in major league baseball. Juice or no juice. Unfortunately, it’s a predator’s world, and they hate it when their prey escapes from their traps.

Bonds Verdict

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