Friday, April 15, 2011

New Ministry Induction

Heinz Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA. Heinz Chapel has 72-foot tall Stained Glass Windows, which are some of the tallest anywhere.

Copied down after silent prayer at the Grace Cathedral Episcopal Church. The signs of the Lord appear everywhere when viewing through spiritual eyes.

This is the pact a new minister makes with his Lord and Flock as well as with himself.

Book of Common Prayer
Celebration of a New Ministry
Induction (pg.562)

The new Minister, if a priest, may then kneel in the midst of the church, and may say
O Lord my God, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; yet you have called your servant to stand in your house, and to serve at your altar. To you and to your service I devote myself, body, soul, and spirit. Fill my memory with the record of your mighty works; enlighten my understanding with the light of your Holy Spirit; and may all the desires of my heart and will center in what you would have me do. Make me an instrument of your salvation for the people entrusted to my care, and grant that I may faithfully administer your holy Sacraments, and by my life and teaching set forth your true and living Word. Be always with me in carrying out the duties of my ministry. In prayer, quicken my devotion; in praises, heighten my love and gratitude: in preaching, give me readiness of thought and expression; and grant that, by the clearness and brightness of your holy Word, all the world may be drawn into your blessed kingdom. All this I ask for the sake of your Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Bishop then presents the new minister to the congregation saying

Greet your new Rector.

When appropriate, the family of the new minister may also be presented at this time.

The Congregation expresses its approval. Applause is appropriate. The Bishop greets the new minister.

The new Minister then says to the people

The peace of the Lord be always with you.

People........ And also with you.

The new Minister then greets other members of the clergy, family members, and the congregation.

The People greet one another.

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