Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hockey Highlights Bay Area Sports

It isn't often that professional hockey teams fight back from a 4-0 deficit. However, last night our own San Jose Sharks did just that to force a 4th period overtime and eventually win it 6-5 against the Los Angeles Kings in L.A.. Sharks on the prowl!

Sharks lead the seven game series 2-1 with game four Thursday at Los Angeles.

Meanwhile the San Francisco Giants are playing like Champions as they've taken over the title of hottest team in the N.L. West, while downing the former titlist Colorado Rockies two nights straight. They did it in Rockies fashion with homerun blasts early. Add that to a Giants Championship pitching staff and manager Bruce Bochy's Bill Walsh-like genius and you have a baseball team that's simply unstoppable.

April baseball is getting just as heated up across the bay where last night the Oakland A's put a cap on the visiting Boston Red Sox three game win streak. The league best not sleep on the rebuilt A's this season. They've got pitching, hitting and a man from Japan they call Godzilla (Hideki Matsui), who's two-run double in the eighth inning last night gave the A's a 4-0 lead on their way to a 5-0 burial of Boston.

But there was something for the many Bay Area Boston transplants to cheer about last night. Their beloved Celtics were saved the embarrassment of losing to a New York team in the final seconds of an NBA playoff game. Boston's Kevin Garnett would be the Celtic savior as he hit the go-ahead basket with 14 seconds left in the game, then stole the ball from New York Knick Jared Jeffries to seal the win with four seconds left.

The NFL released the regular season schedules and the Raiders and 49ers both appear to face a good percentage of medium-light competition. But this could all be for null if the NFL Owners, yes Owners, can't overcome their GREED disease and do what's right for the sport of professional football.

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