Thursday, April 21, 2011

L.A. Dodgers Ownership A Mess

Teacher: Okay students here's today's assignment. Use the terms Divorce, Takeover and Internal Revenue Service in a sentence.

Students: While in the midst of a brutal divorce, L.A. Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt are facing the teams' takeover by Major League Baseball as well as financial investigation by the Internal Revenue Service.

Teacher: Very good my students. In using the preprositional phrase "as well as," you've cojoined two actions (takeover and investigation) taken against the perpetrators...........I mean the subject.

In the meantime, fans and rivals of the Los Angeles Dodgers can send their get well or you still suck cards to the patient at Chevez Ravine headquarters.

I'm not a doctor, but my training in CPR has taught me to recognize when resuscitation of a patient is needed. We should all stand back while baseball commissioner Bud Selig puts the cardiac paddles on the chest of the Dodgers in attempts to jolt that dead horse back to respectability.

Condolences From World Series Champion

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