Monday, April 04, 2011

The Hangover II

Either you saw The Hangover and thought it a silly movie about loser white guys doing things too dumb to watch, or you saw it as one of the funniest bachelor movies of the millenium and screamed for more. I screamed for more, and soon that second dose of stupid-comedy overdose pays a visit to theaters near you.

The Hangover II is slated for release this May. As with the first Hangover, there's mayhem, mystery and laughter all along the way. The first one had a tiger mysteriously appear on the scene, this one uses a monkey in what looks like an even funnier effect. Keep an eye out for Mike Tyson, he just might make another crazy cameo appearance. You gotta love Iron Mike onscreen. He makes any scene memorable.

The Hangover II
May 2012

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