Monday, January 08, 2007

Tony Romo Incites Jet Blue Passengers

Where were you when Dallas Cowboys QB-FG Holder, Tony Romo, fumbled away sure victory? I was flying Jet Blue, the airline with little televisions on the back of each seat for rider viewing pleasure. When the idiot, I mean when Romo mishandled the snap I and about five other travelers screamed as if the plane were about to go down. Our reaction to the play some 34,000 ft above sea level unnerved some passengers until word got out about the idiot on channel 2. By the 10th replay of the Cowboys heartbreak play 90% of passenger televisions had tuned into channel 2 to see what all the hype and holler had been about. My apologies to Jet Blue and its non-sports passengers for jumping a foot out of my seat and causing unnecessary stress to innocent travelers. I should have been wearing my seatbelt I suppose. Who Knew? But as a sports fan it was a play that ranks right up there with the Bill Buckner bonehead moment. One guy actually held his hands over his eyes or on his head for the remainder of the trip, a Dallas fan no doubt. Even through the no-more-tears post game Tony Romo interview, passengers flipped back and fourth to see if the QB would breakdown and cry, he didn't, but he sure sounded pretty choked up about it, who wouldn't.

Here is the best write-up I found about Tony Romo. In the infamous words of Denny Green, "You can crown him if you wanna" but it seems Tony Romo is just another young football player who we may have thought too much of. And as one sporting columnist commented: Its a play that'll live in sports-tv infamy.

Chris Baldwin
Watching Dallas Cowboys blow one as Tony Romo pulls a Bill Buckner better than even a
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There are fewer pure pleasures as a sports fan today - with steroids in and out of the shadows, hype lording over substance and many multi-millionaire athletes who simply don't care nearly as much as the fans. But then, every once in a while sports gives you something great.

Like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo going Bill Buckner on a perfect snap on a gimmie field goal that would have sent the second most annoying fan base in sports history into playoff win celebration.

Sometimes sports justice is served. The unfathomable blunder could not have happened to a more deserving group of blowhard fans. Or overrated quarterback.

Don't shed no tears for Tony Romo. This guy is one of the most overhyped figures in sports outside of Michelle Wie. Romo has a few good games in a row and suddenly he's being compared to Peyton Manning and getting named to the Pro Bowl?

That's as much of a joke as Romo's hands are slippery in the clutch. Could the guy have been any more smug when those dating Jessica Simpson rumors broke too?

If you want to ache for a Cowboy, hurt for Terrell Owens, who gutted it out nearly the whole season with a busted up hand that requires surgery. TO's the rare modern athlete who truly cares. No tears for Tony Romo. No matter how good he sounds in the postblunder conference.

Yes, sometimes sports is still good.

The only thing that could make this sports weekend any more complete is if Vijay Singh somehow blows another big lead at the Mercedes Championship.

Sleep tight Cowboy fans. Especially the ones who've never even been to Dallas and yet worship a blue star.

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